Kristen Bjorn | Casting Couch 457 | Featuring AJ Sloan and Babylon Prince

Casting Couch 457

Featuring AJ Sloan and Babylon Prince

December 24, 2021

"AJ Sloan meets up with Babylon Prince and gets inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The guys meet up after the gym and begin stripping as they expose their lean muscular bodies. Babylon moves in and frees AJ’s long cock shaft from his mesh jock. With amazing cock sucking skills, Babylon runs his lips up and down the full length of AJ’s curved cock that gently slides down his throat. The guys swap positions as Babylon grabs hold of his ball sac and tugs them hard while AJ is stuffing his mouth full with his thick cock. As his balls begin flooding with juice and drawing up tight, Babylon bends AJ over and shoves his moist cock deep into his raw ass. Babylon builds his rhythmic fucking and pulls out before exploding too soon. Swapping positions Babylon lowers his mocha-colored ass down onto AJ’s throbbing cock. Babylon finds himself reaching overload as his rock-hard cock slaps against his abs, AJ slams his ass with his granite cock and chews on his responsive nipples. Another flip and Babylon finds himself with his legs spread open and AJ grinding his ass deep and hard. AJ grabs hold of Babylon’s cock and strokes it in unison with his fucking. With each deep thrust Both men take another step closer to bliss. AJ’s deep thrusts and cock stroking has Babylon showering cum all over his abs as AJ continues with his unrelenting fucking. Babylon reaches up and begins stimulating AJ’s nipples and sends him over the edge as his huge, creamy load of cum flies across his chest and abs. Babylon laps up the tasty load then shares the creamy flavor with AJ. AJ has proven his is no longer a beginner."


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Kristen Bjorn | The Best of Me | Featuring Max Hilton and Sir Peter

The Best of Me

Featuring Max Hilton and Sir Peter

November 12, 2021

"Max Hilton and Sir Peter are checking out the other’s profile pics carefully because we all put the best of ourselves forward in our profiles and you know you eventually have to show up in person and the truth will always be revealed. Well, these two sexy men have the goods to back up each of their photos. The guys hook up and are thrilled to see that they both match up to what was in the photo and what is live and in person. Max takes a seat next to Sir and then takes his hand and assists him in exploring his muscular body. Max quickly removes his sexy underwear and Sir takes his cock into his hot mouth and begins lavishing him with a deep throat cock sucking. The guys swap positions and Max eyes up Sir’s cock before opening his mouth farther that he has ever done before and sucks in the head of Sir’s monster cock. Max tries his best to suck his way up and down the gigantic width of Sir’s cock shaft, and with sheer determination he keeps sucking. Sir flips Max around and spreads his hairy, muscular ass cheeks revealing his pink pucker hole and then dives in for a taste. Savoring all the delicious flavors swirling around Max’s ass has Sir’s mammoth cock throbbing and hungry for a tight, muscle ass. Max is bent over and Sir begins to gently slip his cock into his ass. Eager and willing, Max quickly finds out just how thick this cock is going to stretch him open. Max yells out in an anguish that is filled with more pleasure than pain and encourages Sir to go further. Sir flips Max onto his side and is able to get a better angle that will accommodate both men. Working on his breathing, Max finds that with each new thrust forward Sir’s cock opens him up that much more. Another swap and this time Max takes more control by squatting his ass down onto Sir’s monster cock. As Max rides the giant his own cock responds by rising to full staff and bouncing about in full satisfaction. Sir’s balls have drawn up tight and are ready to deploy when Max hops off and positions himself to be fed. Before Sir is able to fill him up, Max erupts his thick load of cum in anticipation of tasting Sir’s hot load. Sir’s creamy load of cum saturates Max’s beard before he can get a taste. Always represent the Best of You!"


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Kristen Bjorn | Casting Couch 454 | Featuring Kyle Fox and Nicholas Bardem

Casting Couch 454

Featuring Kyle Fox and Nicholas Bardem

November 5, 2021

"The sultry Kyle Fox is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the incessantly handsome Nicholas Bardem. Nicholas walks up to Kyle with only his jeans on and begins working his hot mouth across Kyle’s lips, bearded cheeks, smooth neck and down his long, muscular torso until he reaches the prize that he is after. Kyle’s jeans are undone and his semi-hard cock jumps out demanding attention. Nicholas is right there to catch as it falls out and into his awaiting, hungry mouth. Working his mouth up and down the ever-growing cock shaft, Nicholas can feel the head of Kyle’s cock jabbing at the back of his throat as it gains full strength. Nicholas’ expert cock sucking skills has brought Kyle’s lengthy cock to full attention and his heavy ball sac is full and fat. Stepping up and onto the table, Nicholas’ thick cock is released and Kyle leans in to suck the fat cock demanding his attention. Nicholas presses his sneaker on Kyle’s throbbing cock as Kyle presses it down even harder, stroking his cock between the sole of Nicolas’ shoe and the hard table. Kyle gets a good face fucking before he flips Nicholas around and slips his vibrant cock deep into Nicholas’ hairy ass. As Kyle slams his cock in and out of Nicholas’ ass, Nicholas’ cock remains steadfast and firm. Kyle realizes that he has fucked with such intensity that he has to back off before those fat balls explode. Nicholas flips him and begins eating his smooth ass, giving him a wet tongue fucking before ramming his thick cock into his slippery ass. Nicholas finds that it isn’t wet enough for him and pulls out and begins tongue fucking again. Once Nicholas has had his fill of tongue fucking, he slips his cock back in and begins a hard fucking. Kyle’s ass proves to be really sweet for Nicholas as he blows his load all over Kyle’s bearded chin and Kyle laps the last of his load. With the hot cum lingering on his tongue, Kyle begins shooting his hot load and Nicholas drops to his knees and catches every drop on his hungry tongue. Welcome to the Society Kyle."


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Kristen Bjorn | Tie Me Up | Featuring Felipe Ferro and John Rodriguez

Tie Me Up

Featuring Felipe Ferro and John Rodriguez

October 28, 2021

"John Rodriguez and Felipe Ferro have been talking about tonight for a long time, setting boundaries, establishing a bond so that John can step across the threshold of his deepest, darkest desire. John is already lying-in bed in his jockstrap when Felipe arrives. Felipe walks in with an air of authority about him as he stares down John and begins to disrobe without a word being spoken between the two, yet communications are being fully expressed and understood as they gaze upon one another. As Felipe unstraps his boots, he also removes the straps and snaps them taught as John looks on with a nervousness that falls across his handsome face. Felipe pounces upon the bed and takes command immediately, silencing John with his one hand while using his bootstraps to secure John to the bed rail. John’s cock is already at full attention as Felipe rips the jockstrap from him. Felipe’s furry chest brushes against John’s smooth thighs as he leans in and begins sucking on his ragging hard cock. As Felipe works his hot mouth up and down John’s cock, John is moaning with such pleasure in the realization that he has given his control of his pleasure over to Felipe, yet being in full control of his decision. John thrashes about with all the pleasure that he is feeling, yet unable to touch or stroke his mate. Finally, Felipe allows John to suck on his hard cock and John sucks on his cock with such a thirst that it seems as if it is the last drink of water in a massive desert. Felipe is here to taunt, tease and please John and lowers his furry ass onto John’s straining cock. As Felipe fucks his ass with John’s cock, he continuously reminds John who is in charge with some smacks across his face to keep him focused. John gets flipped over and Felipe instantly begins making a feast of his smooth, tight hole. Felipe rises up and slams his raw cock deep into the depths of John’s ass, bringing him to a new level of pleasure. John’s ass is starting to turn red as Felipe’s hand keeps landing firmly upon it, causing John’s hole to constrict and relax, milking his cock. John is released from the bootstraps, yet he still remains under Felipe’s commands. With John on his feet now, Felipe continues with his intense, animalistic fucking, driving John closer and closer. Felipe then lays down on the bed and John finally has the opportunity to pleasure himself as he begins fucking himself on Felipe’s granite cock. John rides him hard and fast until he is beyond any further control and positions himself as he shoots his thick, creamy load of cum into Felipe’s mouth. As Felipe is sucking the last of John’s cum, he also erupts his hot load of cum. Boundaries, trust, and communication lead to some of the hottest sex ever."


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Kristen Bjorn | Casting Couch 453 | Featuring Andy Star and Jota Palma

Casting Couch 453

Featuring Andy Star and Jota Palma

October 22, 2021

"The ever-handsome supermodel of the world Andy Star inducts Jota Palma into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As Jota sits on the sofa awaiting the arrival of Andy, he contemplates all that he wants and desires to happen, trying his hardest not to fan-out. Andy arrives walks over and begins kissing Jota and all of Jota’s anxiousness dissipate as Andy makes him feel like the only person in the world. The kissing intensifies as the men begin to disrobe one another. The cocks are released and Jota is thrilled to get his hands wrapped around the perfectly shaped cock of the incredible man in front of him. Andy drops to his knees and begins sucking and swallowing Jota’s straining cock, allowing it to slip across his tongue and to the back of his throat. Jota then drops to his knees, eager to get his lips wrapped around Andy’s cock. Andy gently guides him up and down his cock shaft as he begins face fucking Jota. Jota is not sure if he has newfound cock sucking skills or if it is his desire that is allowing him to swallow so much cock. Nevertheless, Jota is a cock sucking professional and is more than eager to service Andy’s cock. Andy lays back on the sofa and Jota is about to get a taste of the ultimate sweetness that each of us would love to taste as his tongue begins working its way in a circular motion and zero’s in on the glorified center. Jota makes a feast of Andy’s perfect ass and who wouldn’t. Andy flips over onto all 4’s and Jota is right there to slip his cock in and out of Andy’s wet ass. Jota fucks at a steady pace, knowing that if he increases in just the slightest that he will explode and it will all be over too fast. Andy works in tandem with Jota and the passion and pleasure are rising fast. The guys flip and Andy is on his back with Jota gliding his cock deep inside. The heat radiating from Andy’s ass is sending Jota over the edge and Jota quickly pulls out and the guys change it up again. Jota lies down and Andy lowers his ass down onto Jota’s throbbing cock. Andy takes control of the fucking and thrusts his ass down hard onto Jota’s cock and when he reaches the base of Jota’s cock, he grinds his ass down even harder. Jota takes over and begins fucking the cum out of Andy’s cock. As soon as Jota feels the hot cum splatter on his thigh he pulls on his cock and erupts his creamy load of cum. Andy lowers his ass back onto his cum slicked cock and milks the last drops out of him."


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Kristen Bjorn | Titans | Featuring Heracles and Max Hilton


Featuring Heracles and Max Hilton

October 16, 2021

"The titans: Max Hilton and Heracles clash as their bulging muscles come up against each other in a pose off. Heracles is impressed with what is swelling within Max’s shorts and releases Max’s protruding cock and takes it into his mouth. Heracles slowly works his hot mouth up and down Max’s long cock shaft until he reaches the furry base and feels his cock head probing at the back of this throat. Max’s hunger for cock has boiled over as Heracles rises and exposes his throbbing cock. Max begins sucking on the muscle titans’ hefty cock as Heracles begins to face fuck his famished mouth. Apparently, the hard workout at the gym has raised these men’s testosterone levels and Heracles is very horny as he turns around and offers up his smooth, muscular ass to Max. Max slips his rock-hard cock inside of Heracles and begins a raw, deep ass fucking. Max is feeling rapacious and flips with Heracles as he lowers his hairy, muscular ass onto his smooth, uncut cock. Max grinds down hard and the men begin to work in tandem on fucking his ass. Another flip and Heracles is on his back with Max picking up the rhythm of their fucking until Max fucks the cum right out of Heracles. Heracles’ thick, creamy load of cum continues shooting with each thrust of Max’s cock. Just as the last drops of Heracles cum drools from his cock, Max’s cock erupts a huge load of cum that flies across his fuck buddies heaving, ripped muscular torso. The Titans have clashed and two huge loads of cum are what remain."


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Kristen Bjorn | Casting Couch #452 | Featuring Kike Gil and Nicolas Bardem

Casting Couch #452

Featuring Kike Gil and Nicolas Bardem

October 9, 2021

"The sexiest cub in all the land; Kike Gil inducts Nicolas Bardem into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As Nicholas enters the room, we can see that his natural scruffiness is equally matched by his more than impressive muscular body and a smile that will drop anyone to their knees. Kike enters the room, their eyes lock, and the chemistry between them pulls them together as their lips strike with intense passion and the flames ignite as their hips begin gyrating against one another. The guys strip down to their jock and underwear, revealing even more of their hairy, masculine bodies. Nicolas drops to his knees and liberates Kike’s fat, hard cock and immediately consumes his entire cock shaft down his throat. Kike is overwhelmed with the pleasure as Nicolas bathes his cock and balls in pure pleasure. Not to miss a beat, Kike drops to his knees and releases the magnificently shaped and curved cock that awaits his talents. Kike luxuriates in the view, the smell, and the taste of the beautiful cock in front of him. Being a cock sucking pig pays off as Kike gorges himself on Nicolas’ rock-hard cock. Nicolas is hungry and flips Kike around, spreads his hairy ass and plants his raw cock deep within that furry hole. Kike raises his foot to the countertop and exposes all the hot action to our gratification. Nicolas assaults Kike’s ass with such power that Kike can only grit his teeth and beg for more. Slamming and slapping that hot muscle ass only drives Nicolas into a savage state and only deep pleasure is registering in his mind. Lost in his pleasures, Nicolas’ cock explodes as his creamy load of cum melds into all that dark hair circling Kike’s sexy ass. Kike is still very hungry and in need of more and Nicolas is more than eager to accommodate his good friend. Kike lowers his hairy hole down onto Nicolas’ throbbing cock and Nicolas immediately thrusting his pounding cock deeper and harder. Kike grinds his ass down hard until he strikes the exact spot that will send him over the edge. Feeling the flames set ablaze deep within his ass, Kike gyrates down until his hot load of cum splatters all over his hairy thighs. Sex beasts at their best!"


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Kristen Bjorn | Sideswiped | Featuring Andreas Suarez and Gianni Maggio


Featuring Andreas Suarez and Gianni Maggio

October 2, 2021

"On a bright spring day Andrea Suarez is out for a stroll along the lane when Gianni Maggio is out for a run. It must be the weight of Gianni’s monster cock that throws him off balance and causes him to sideswipe Andrea. Andrea is knocked off his feet and Gianni immediately comes to his aid. Gianni is so upset by his actions that he insists that Andrea comes to his nearby apartment to rest and make sure there are no injuries. Along the way Andrea can’t help but notice that massive cock swaying back and forth in Gianni’s sweats. Before they even get into the building, Gianni presses himself against Andrea and begins kissing him aggressively. Once they enter the apartment, they are unable to keep their hands off of each other. The clothing is discarded and the kissing picks up where it had left off. Andrea drops to his knees and begins to suck on the impressive, meaty cock, but Gianni is in control here and pulls his cock out and begins slapping it across Andrea’s face. This cat and mouse cock sucking goes on until Andrea is on all 4’s and his magnificent ass is spread open perfectly, awaiting Gianni. Gianni is more than impressed and begins making a meal out that beautiful ass in front of him. As with the cock sucking, Gianni uses his cock as a tease to Andrea and now it is his ass that is begging for that colossal cock to penetrate deep within his ass. With Andrea’s face buried in the pillows, Gianni is gentle and slowly eases just a fraction of his rock-hard cock into Andrea’s amazing ass. Gianni can sense that Andrea is relaxing and begins to grind his cock deeper and with a more robust rhythm. Andrea is flipped onto his back and Gianni rams his massive cock deep and hard. Another swap and this time Andrea lowers his ass down onto Gianni’s throbbing cock, pounding his ass down every centimeter that seems to never end. With Gianni’s enormous cock massaging his ass like he has never felt before, Andrea is unable to hold out any longer and erupts a huge spay of cum that splatters both of his spread thighs. Gianni jumps up and shoots his load of cum all over Andrea’s face and Andrea sucks up every drop of his cum. I would say this is not only a sideswipe, but an impalement as well."


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Kristen Bjorn | Casting Couch #451 | Featuring Max Fendez and Sir Peter

Casting Couch #451

Featuring Max Fendez and Sir Peter

September 25, 2021

"The strikingly handsome and debonair Sir Peter inducts the newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men; Max Fendez. Sir enters the room and joins Max already on the bed as they engage in some romantic kissing. As the kissing advances Max’s hands begin wandering and exploring the firm, muscular, hairy chest of Sir as he explores the smooth, taught, open thighs of Max. Max is eager and hungry as he stands, removes his underwear and presents his full, round ass to Sir to explore. Sir takes Max’s plump ass into his hands and feels the heat and pleasure radiating from within. Max drops to his knees and begins eating away at Sir’s growing cock through his underwear. Sir strips them off and we see the massive piece of meat that was held within. Immediately, Sir begins testing Max’s cock sucking skills, with both hands firmly placed and his smooth head, Sir gently glides his substantial cock into Max’s open mouth. Max finds that he must open his mouth beyond any measure that he has done before, but this is one hungry cock sucker and eager to feel the pleasure fill his mouth and throat. With both hands wrapped around Max’s throat, Sir begins face fucking him as Max works to choke every centimeter down his throat. Sir encourages and kisses Max to make sure he is still hungry and Max opens his mouth wide and the face fucking continues. The guys move into a 69 position and Sir gives Max a deep tongue fucking and thorough ass eating, while Max continues sucking on that gigantic cock. Max’s ass has been primed perfectly by Sir’s strong and stealthy tongue that he gets up and mounts Max from behind, gently easing his ass open. Within moments Sir is deep within and up on his feet with a firm rhythmic fucking. Max’s cock is busting at the seams with excitement and pleasure as Sir fucks him deep and raw. Another swap and this time Max is lowering his ass onto Sir’s massive cock, feeling the sheer girth stretch him to new limits. One more swap and this time Max is on his back and Sir is coming in full force and full depth with Max’s legs spread wide open, nothing is going to obstruct the depths of this fucking. This position has massaged Max perfectly as his balls have drawn up so tight against his body as cum drools in thick globs of creamy cum. Sir continues fucking with his granite cock the size of a towering mountain then pulls out and creams Max’s pink ass with his milky white load. Sir scoops up his cum with his cock head and shoves it back inside of Max. Now that is a man size meal of a cock!"


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Kristen Bjorn | Protected Witness | Featuring Heracles and Juancho Severano

Protected Witness

Featuring Heracles and Juancho Severano

September 18, 2021

"Juancho Severano leads a life of sex addiction and trafficking in illegal passports and on top of that he is witness to a brutal murder by the mob. A bodyguard, Heracles is hired to protect the valuable witness, but it is his addiction that threatens his abilities to be a live witness. With most all addictions they eventually take control of you unless you take control of them, but having a huge, handsome bodybuilder bodyguard only adds fuel to this fired up sex addicted until the flames are ignited and there is only one thing to do. Thankfully for us Juancho is a sexy sex addict and Heracles knows how to milk his subject to his benefit. On one such afternoon Juancho’s addiction takes over as he is caught staring at Heracles and is asked if he wants to touch it, “is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me”? The answer to that is yes and yes! Heracles knows exactly what he is doing and allows Juancho his desires as he begins a seductive striptease and Juancho is finally able to wrap his wet lips and tongue around the bodyguards throbbing cock. This is a holiday feast for Juancho, getting his first fix in a long time and it is with Heracles, the mouth-watering bodybuilder/bodyguard. Juancho works his mouth up and down that magnificent cock shaft swallowing every centimeter of it, getting his high from the sensation of it going down his throat. Heracles grabs him by the head and drives him down hard to his smooth, musky base. The more Juancho sucks the harder Heracles’ cock becomes, feeding both men’s needs and addiction. Heracles flips Juancho around and slams his throbbing cock balls deep inside of his raw ass, giving him the fucking, he has been yearning for. After some deep ass pounding, Heracles pulls his cock out and beings fucking that pink, pucker hole with his strong tongue. The guys swap up and Juancho grinds his ass down hard onto the bodyguard’s granite cock with such urgency and command that both men are quickly approaching and a huge explosion. Heracles has another trick to pull and flips Juancho onto his back and teases his ass with just his cock head. Juancho is now wild with desire and jumps and positions himself to be fed the hot, creamy juices of his protector, his bodyguard. Heracles feeds Juancho his hot load of cum as Juancho strokes out his own creamy load. With his addiction being fed, maybe he will live long enough to be a viable witness."


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