Kristen Bjorn: Lovers Lane 11 (Condomless) Featuring Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria


Lovers Lane #11 (Condomless)

Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vittoria

November 2, 2012

"Diego & Wagner invite us into their home to see how a really hot couple spend the evening. There is always something different when you watch a couple in love as opposed to watching a couple of hot guys having sex. There is a magic and sparkle that occurs between the two. Diego & Wagner and perfectly matched, both have perfectly sculpted muscular bodies, handsome faces, piercing eyes, big round asses and huge cocks. When we see Diego & Wagner they are already in their underwear and semi-erect. Things quickly change as the two begin to orally pleasure each other. Both are equally gifted when it comes to sucking each other’s cock, you can tell they have done this before, many times! Diego helps his partner to relax by penetrating him with 2 fingers, then 4, then his big fat cock. Wagner loves to be fucked in many positions, he quickly flips himself over so that Diego can take him from behind. To see Wagner’s huge muscular ass being penetrated by his lovers huge cock is a sight to behold, poetry in motion. Lovers know exactly what buttons will push their lover over the edge and Wagner does exactly that and has Diego blowing his huge load all over Wagner’s muscular ass just to tease us. Diego continues to fuck Wagner, then pulls out and wipes up the cum with his cock and then penetrates his lover again. Wagner then takes Diego’s dripping cock in his mouth and licks up all the love juice. Diego has worked up an appetite for his ass to be pleasured as well. He squats down over Wagner’s handsome face and fucks himself on his lovers hot tongue. Diego slides up next to Wagner and has his lovers fat cock penetrating him deeply up impact. Wagner then takes Diego’s legs and spreads them wide open for us to have a perfect view of him penetrating Diego’s beautiful hole. He teases us by pulling his super hard cock out and flexing it for us before diving deep within Diego again and again. Wagner’s cock is on overload with pleasure from his lovers hot ass and erupts his creamy load on Diego’s hole for our viewing pleasure before he shoves his load and cock back into Diego. There is a certain magic in the air when lovers have this type of amazing sex."

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1351611151020 1351611166021











FEATURED MODELS Diego Lauzen Diego Lauzen Wagner-Vittoria Wagner Vittoria FEATURED SITE

Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch 279 Featuring Jean Franko and Roman


Casting Couch #279

Featuring Jean Franko and Roman

August 23, 2012

"Roman has arrived in the city for a well deserved holiday. He has been doing some research prior to his trip and has arranged to meet with his favorite porn star: Jean Franko. Jean meets Roman at his opulent hotel and the two immediately find a deep interest in one another. Roman is very excited to get his hands on Jean’s hairy chest and abs. Jean can feel Roman’s desire swelling in his pants and quickly releases his engorged cock. The head of Roman’s hard cock is treated to a tongue bath by Jean that leaves Roman panting for more. Jean then takes a seat and unleashes his substantial and impressive fat cock to Romans delight. Roman quickly gets on his knees to service his idol. He has dreamt and fantasized about this day, this moment for a long time. Now that huge cock is just inches away awaiting him to live out his dreams. Jean takes Roman’s head in both hands and forces him down on his fat cock. Roman is taken to his extreme limits with Jean’s cock stretching his hungry throat. The feel of total pleasure while sucking on a hot cock that you have jerked off to for years has Roman so hot that he blows his load while sucking on Jean’s fat meat. The invitation of a hot fat cock in front of him only begs Roman to do what came naturally in his fantasies. He sits down on top of Jean and begins to ride Jean’s cock with intense fury. Jean then turns Roman around so he can penetrate that hot ass from different angles. With his balls getting heavy and full Jean takes this man’s fantasy to the level that Roman will be dreaming of for a long time. Jean continues pounding Roman hard as his balls draw up tight and close to his body ready to ejaculate his hot load. With each thrust he comes one step closer. Roman feels the sensation building in his ass as Jean’s cock appears to get harder and fatter deep within him. He sucks at Jean’s cock with his ass muscles and Jean can no longer hold out, he erupts his hot load all over Roman’s hungry ass. Never stop dreaming and never stop living out your fantasies."








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Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch 267 Featuring Rudolf Schneider & Miro Mendel


Casting Couch 267

Featuring Rudolf Schneider & Miro Mendel

March 16, 2012

"Rudolf and Miro enjoy a bit of bump and grind before their cocks pop out and demand attention. Relishing in sucking Rudolf's big muscle cock, Miro gives it a smooth coating of glistening saliva. Rudolf quickly feels Miro's desire and feeds him more of what he wants, what they both want. Rudolf reciprocates the pleasure for Miro while tugging on his smooth sack. Rudolf then bends Miro over and penetrates his hot, pink hole with his stiff cock. Rudolf begins to pound Miro's ass harder and deeper with every thrust. Miro's ass takes it all, the slapping, the pounding, the relentless assault. Switching up, Rudolf then has Miro sit down on his cock and go for a wild ride. Miro takes control and fills himself with pleasure. His rock hard cock bouncing all over the place as he continues to bring Rudolf's cock to the verge of ecstasy. Rudolf takes control and starts pumping Miro's ass as Miro begins pumping his hot load. Rudolf's cock is gripped tight with Miro's ass muscles, which drive his cock over the edge and he shoots his load all over Miro's cock and balls. How could you not love hot man sex?"

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Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch 219 Starring Lucio Saints and Rob Nelson


Casting Couch #219

Starring Lucio Saints and Rob Nelson

February 15, 2011

"Take a ride on the wild side in Casting Couch 219 with Rob Nelson and Lucio Saints. These two exchange a hot passion that has both men face fucking each other with a hard and deep pounding. Lucio opens up Rob’s hot hole so that you can see how pink, wet and deep he will go. Rob and Lucio devour each others cocks, mouths and asses with their huge uncut cocks. Watch as their cocks remain rock hard as they get pounded by one another. This is a hot Casting Couch not to be missed."

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Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch 194 Featuring Alex Marte and Shamo (Jalil Jafar)


Casting Couch 194

Featuring Alex Marte and Shamo (Jalil Jafar)

December 20, 2010

"Meet Alex Marte this week’s “Monday’s Model.” Alex is 6’4″, 200 pounds of versatile muscle from Milan, Italy. Alex started a modeling career when he was 17. He then became a Fitness model that quickly led to being a Cover model. Alex says that his favorite food is pizza and his favorite hobby is sex. You can see how well he has crafted his hobby in Casting Couch 194 and the hot new film Costa Brava, The Wild Coast soon to be released."

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1281622741017 1281622737020





Kristen Bjorn Productions | Champs Featuring Alexei Okatov, Braulio Duarte, François Casier, Pietro Martinelli, and more!

Champs, Scene 1

Featuring François Casier

"Bodybuilder and Mr. Brazil title holder François Casier show us how he pleasures his huge body of muscles, and milks out several loads of jism in the process."

1223995624001 1223995624002



Champs, Scene 2

Featuring Alexei Okatov

"Mr. Brazil and Mr. South America title holder Alexei Okatov shows off his muscle, and blows several loads of hot cum for his fans!"

1224353915004 1224353916003

1224353917002 1224353918001

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Champs, Scene 3

Featuring Braulio Duarte

"Movie star handsome Braulio Duarte is very horny... And here he shows us how he unloads his man juice over and over again!"

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Champs, Scene 4

Featuring Larmartim Ribeiro, Ze carlos Rego, Claudio Mattos, Reinaldo Medeiros

"Larmartim Ribeiro, Ze carlos Rego, Claudio Mattos, Reinaldo Medeiros, four handsome friends get together for some group JO, and dick rubbing action!"

Champs, Scene 5

Featuring Pietro Martinelli

"Mr. Brazil and Mr. South America title Pietro Martinelli flexes muscle, and extracts several copious loads of cum from his man-pole!"

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