Pure Taboo | Shared Hobbies | Featuring Colby Jansen, Eliza Eves, and Joel Someone

Shared Hobbies

Featuring Colby Jansen, Eliza Eves, and Joel Someone
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

March 17, 2022

"Lindsay (Eliza Eves) rings the doorbell of a home, where she is greeted by Sal Baxter (Colby Jansen), Lindsay's neighbor. They have never met before and Sal, while seemingly normal, is somewhat of a recluse. But this doesn't worry Lindsay as she cheerfully announces that she's there to get pledges for an upcoming charity event.

That's when Ed Hoskins (Joel Someone), another man who lives with Sal, comes to the door and introduces himself to Lindsay. He is much more approachable and smooth as he invites Lindsay in to talk about her charity. Lindsay agrees and cheerfully steps inside, though when her back is turned, there are hints that Sal and Ed are hiding something dark...

Ed and Sal lead Lindsay deeper into the house towards a dim room. There are more and more hints that Sal and Ed's intentions for Lindsay are less than pure. While Lindsay is a bit nervous, she's also intrigued by the change of atmosphere. There is something electric about the air that's undeniable.

As she tries to focus and talk about her charity, Ed and Sal sit on either side of her, keeping close. As they chat, she questions if the men are husbands, but they cryptically insist that they are just two men with similar interests... And right now, they are both interested in HER.

While Lindsay is initially surprised and hesitant, there's something about having the attention of not one but TWO older men that awakens something deep inside her..."

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Pure Taboo | Bronze Anniversary | Featuring Natasha Nice, Charles Dera, and Dante Colle

Bronze Anniversary

Featuring Natasha Nice, Charles Dera, and Dante Colle
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

July 27, 2021


SCENE OPENS on Mrs. Walker (Natasha Nice). Wearing some sexy lingerie, Mrs. Walker paces around the room impatiently. Finally, she hears the front door opening and excitedly sits down on the couch. A moment later, Mr. Walker (Charles Dera) walks into the room. He sits down next to Mrs. Walker, wishing her a happy 8th anniversary.

He moves in to kiss her, but she stops him by placing a finger on his lips, saying teasingly that she hopes he hasn't forgotten her gift. Mr. Walker laughs and assures her that he would never forget their yearly tradition, and her gift should be arriving soon. Mrs. Walker is delighted, saying that she's looking forward to her SPECIAL treat.

There is the sound of the doorbell ringing, and Mr. and Mrs. Walker both grin. Mr. Walker leaves the room to answer the door.


Mr. Walker - a college professor - opens the front door, revealing that the visitor is one of his students, Jason (Dante Colle). Jason thanks Mr. Walker for inviting him to his home to help him study for midterms. Jason feels honored that his professor is taking such an unusual step to give him extra help, and Mr. Walker assures him that it's a pleasure to do this for one of his most promising students.

Mr. Walker brings Jason into the living room, and Mrs. Walker rises from the couch to greet them. Mrs. Walker looks intensely intrigued as Mr. Walker introduces Jason to her. Jason seems a bit taken aback by how much interest Mrs. Walker has towards him. She walks around Jason as if inspecting him from all angles, telling her husband that he brought home a good one.

Mr. Walker invites Jason to sit down. As they all sit on the couch, Mrs. Walker continues to gaze at Jason as if inspecting him, and asks him to talk about himself. Jason talks a bit about his interests and his hopes for the future, but starts to get nervous and flustered as Mrs. Walker keeps gazing intently at him. Jason looks over at Mr. Walker, but Mr. Walker is just observing the whole thing with amusement. Eventually, Mrs. Walker chuckles and tells her husband that it's time to let him know what's going on.

Jason's about to find out that HE'S Mrs. Walker's anniversary gift...and Mr. Walker will be there EVERY step of the way as his wife enjoys her special treat..."

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Pure Taboo | Unqualified | Featuring Cherie DeVille, Joanna Angel, and Dante Colle


Featuring Cherie DeVille, Joanna Angel, and Dante Colle
Adult Time | Pure Taboo

June 8, 2021


SCENE OPENS on Cherie DeVille's office. She is an important CEO, talking on the phone. Dante Colle, the new employee, peeks into her office holding a bunch of papers. She waves him in and ends the phone call. She signs the papers Dante brought her, saying that she has to sign off on pretty much everything in this company, but he doesn't have to be afraid of her. She likes employees with initiative. Dante says he will do his best, because he wants to do a good job. Before he leaves, Cherie admires how he looks from behind.


We fade in on Dante later in the day, sitting at his desk and looking rather busy. Joanna Angel from HR stops by, introducing herself and saying that it's her job to make sure all employees are treated properly, so he can talk to her if he needs help with anything. He can think of her as a friend. Dante thanks her for the information.

Over the next few days, as Dante has further encounters with Cherie while working, she behaves in ways that are increasingly bold. She calls him 'sweetie', tells him that she's not wearing a bra, and even leaves a racy photo of herself on his desk. Eventually, Dante has a meeting with Joanna, and is shocked to see that Cherie is there as well. The two women laugh at him, saying that he is totally unqualified for this job - they hired him because they liked his BODY. So if he wants to keep this job, he'll have to show just what kind of a... team player he is. Dante is willing to do anything to keep his job, so he agrees to please the ladies in every possible way..."

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Pure Taboo | Down The Rabbit Hole | Featuring Eliza Eves and Seth Gamble

Down The Rabbit Hole

Featuring Eliza Eves and Seth Gamble
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

March 16, 2021


Clara (Eliza Eves) is wandering around the room, casually chatting with her friend, Lacey, about their upcoming graduation and Prom.Clara sighs and goes on to say that she's been accepted to the business school of her dreams, which Lacey excitedly congratulates her for. Clara gloomily thanks her but admits that she doesn't know how she's going to support herself through school.

Lacey casually teases Clara about making a deal to give away her virginity. Clara is shocked but keeps it lighthearted until she hangs up.

After Clara hangs up, she laughs again to herself about the ridiculous suggestion, but trails off as a thoughtful expression crosses her face. Clara shakes her head and scolds herself, telling herself not to be so ridiculous. She is clearly fighting with herself. She talks to herself and tries to come up with other alternatives, such as finding a job at a local grocery store, but nothing seems to be enough.Finally, she looks down at herself for a few moments, running a hand lightly over her breasts and down her midriff. She looks conflicted but also a bit curious.

Clara then goes online and lightheartedly asks her friends for some advice. Most of them think it's a joke but someone posts a suspicious link.

Clara is uncertain about clicking the link. She is hesitant, biting her lip for a few moments as she hovers over the link. She then straightens up and looks determined.

She clicks it.

Clara's eyes grow wide and dart back and forth, obviously reading everything she can. It seems as though she is getting lost in a dark world. Her fingers tap frantically against the keyboard and the tension is high.

Hours later, Clara receives a text message telling her to call a number. She is apprehensive but makes the call. Someone picks up.


Later that day, Clara arrives outside of a sketchy building. She is hesitant to continue but does so, going through the front door.

Once inside, Clara is unnerved as she finds herself in a dungeon. An older man, Max (Seth Gamble) approaches and hungrily looks her up and down. He slowly walks around her, inspecting her like a piece of meat. Max starts to become possessive and lewd, but Clara stands her ground, which annoys Max.

Clara becomes more confident as she tells Max what she wants. Max is still annoyed at first but then gradually becomes intrigued by Clara's growing fire. He finally agrees.

Clara has TRULY fallen down the rabbit hole..."

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Pure Taboo | His Father's Legacy | Featuring Lisey Sweet and Codey Steele

His Father's Legacy

Featuring Lisey Sweet and Codey Steele
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

September 29, 2020

Son Corrupted By Father's BDSM Secret Wants To Practice On Mom

SCENE OPENS to a grieving widow, Natasha (Lisey Sweet), as she returns home with her 18-year-old stepson, Edwin (Codey Steele), after a will reading for her late husband (Edwin's father). She's upset about how nothing was left to her but Edwin promises to help get her back on her feet, including letting her stay at the house he inherited.

They share a warm hug.

They then part the hug as Edwin suggests getting started with clearing out his late father's things. The sooner they get started, the sooner they'll be done and won't have to deal with the will stuff anymore. They decide to begin with a storage locker that the late father owned. The next day, when they arrive at the locker and open the door, their jaws drop in utter shock.


Natasha and Edwin are horrified and repulsed as they uncover a BDSM dungeon, realizing that the father had a secret life. They feel betrayed but when Edwin sees Natasha exploring the equipment, he has a spark of sexual awakening. Disturbed, Edwin promises to clean out the room.

Over the next few days, unbeknownst to Natasha, Edwin slowly becomes corrupted by his growing interest in the BDSM dungeon. He doesn't get rid of the equipment and Natasha confronts him multiple times about it, becoming creeped out and desperate.

Finally, Natasha stops by the storage locker to see Edwin's progress, but is shocked when she discovers that it looks exactly the same. She gets a further shock when Edwin emerges from the shadows and steps towards her, a malicious grin on his face.

Edwin is DETERMINED to continue his father's legacy..."

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Pure Taboo | Outnumbered | Featuring Dee Williams, Dante Colle, Juan Loco, Nathan Bronson, and Robby Echo


Featuring Dee Williams, Dante Colle, Juan Loco, Nathan Bronson, and Robby Echo
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

September 10, 2020

Four Unruly Students Pressure Scared Teacher Into Rough Gangbang

SCENE OPENS on a classroom. As we pan around, we see 18-year-olds Tommy (Dante Colle), Rich (Juan Loco), Zack (Robby Echo), and Dave (Nathan Bronson). They all look bored as they doodle on paper and sigh with annoyance. It's clear that they would like to be anywhere other than where they are.

We finally see that their teacher, Ms. Norton (Dee Williams) sits at a desk in front of the class. She glances at her cell phone on her desk, checking it idly before she opens her desk drawer and puts the phone in it. She begins grading a stack of papers, periodically looking up to check on the students.

Two of the students whisper and snicker. Ms. Norton notices and scolds them. Again the boys snicker, but do quiet down.

The atmosphere seems to settle down a bit as we again focus on Ms. Norton grading papers. But after a moment, a balled up piece of paper hits her. She is furious, demanding to know who did it. At the end of her rope, she loses her temper and screams at Tommy. Wanting to cool off, she subsequently leaves the room.

Tommy is upset that Ms. Norton embarrassed him. He then comes to a realization: they outnumber her and can do as they please.


When Ms. Norton returns, the boys revolt and threateningly give her an ultimatum: fuck them all or they'll spread damaging lies about her. She ultimately relents, sinking to her knees in front of the boys as they each take their already-hard cocks out of their pants.

Ms. Norton may be the teacher, but she's the one who's about to learn a few things..."

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Pure Taboo | Wants What She Can't Have | Featuring Jill Kassidy and Charles Dera

Wants What She Can't Have

Featuring Jill Kassidy and Charles Dera
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

September 1, 2020

Aggressive Teen Waitress Seduces Unsuspecting Married Boss

SCENE OPENS on Lola (Jill Kassidy), a waitress at a bar. She looks bored as she wipes the counter of the bar. The bar isn't too full and she surveys the few patrons scattered throughout as she cleans.

Her boss Tim (Charles Dera) walks by, greeting Lola pleasantly and they make small talk. Lola is polite but standoffish towards Tim.

After Tim leaves, as Lola continues to work, a woman (Ryan Keely) enters, walking up to the bar. Lola smiles at her politely. She introduces herself as Tim's wife, Marcie. Lola didn't know that Tim was married. At that moment, Tim emerges from the back, happily greeting his wife.

As Tim and Marcie kiss and embrace lovingly, Lola stares at Tim. She was completely uninterested towards him moments ago, but something about what she's seeing now causes her expression to change. She smiles subtly to herself, licking her lips, her eyes hungry. She's not jealous... no, there's something much more unpredictable in her face. She wants a challenge.


Marcie and Tim chat. They are on the way to look at a house together. Marcie excuses herself to use the bathroom before they go,leaving Tim and Lola alone together. Lola seems very interested in Tim now, practically pouncing on him. He moves to leave and finish up his tasks, but Lola stops him with a request for help fixing the register, lying that it's been stuck all day.

Tim comes around to the other side of the bar to take a look at the register. Lola stands near him, purposefully not really moving out of the way. Not wasting any time, Lola aggressively comes on to Tim. He tries to resist but ultimately can't as she begins to suck his dick behind the bar.

As Lola sucks Tim's cock, he tries to stifle his moans of pleasure so as to not alert the other bar patrons and glances repeatedly in the direction of the washroom to look out for his wife.

Eventually, Tim's eyes go wide in fear as he sees Marcie coming back. He hurriedly pushes Lola away from his cock but she doesn't stop. Tim leans towards the counter and Lola remains kneeled so Marcie doesn't see her as Marcie walks up to talk to Tim.

It's time for Tim to make a choice. But is it already too late for him to make the right one?"

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Pure Taboo | Father Figure | Featuring Kamryn Jade, Krissy Lynn, and Tommy Gunn

Father Figure

Featuring Kamryn Jade, Krissy Lynn, and Tommy Gunn
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

August 18, 2020

A Grieving Family Starts Blurring The Lines Between Platonic Love And Lust

SCENE OPENS on Linda (Krissy Lynn) and her 18-year old step-daughter Sam (Kamryn Jade), who sit together in the living room. The air is somewhat somber as they talk about the man of the house, who has passed away, leaving Sam and Linda financially destitute. They are thankful that Uncle Jerry, the man's step-brother, will be coming to stay with them to help them.

At that moment, there is a knock on the door and Linda steadies herself by taking a deep breath. Sam assures her that everything's going to be okay, then answers the door, welcoming Jerry (Tommy Gunn) inside. Everyone's warm and friendly towards each other although still a bit somber as they greet each other.

Sam thanks Jerry for coming to stay with them. Jerry says they're family, so of course he's going to try and help them through this tough time. They have a moment of silence, but Sam ushers them along to avoid them grieving for too long. She tells Jerry where his room is, and he goes off with his luggage.

Sam turns to her mom and hugs her. She knows it's going to be hard, but they'll get through this together. Her dad couldn't have chosen a more wonderful woman to be her step-mom.

Linda hugs Sam back, smiling thinly, as though it's still hard for her to smile even if she appreciates the kind words.

'We're going to get over this together...as a family,' Sam insists.


Over time, Jerry does his best trying to be a good provider to Linda and Sam. Sam clearly admires him and begins growing attracted to him.

One night a couple of weeks later, Sam lays in bed. She is restless, alternating between tossing and turning, and staring at the ceiling. She looks troubled. Jerry walks by the bedroom door but stops when he glances in and sees Sam, asking if he can come in.

Sam says 'sure dad', accidentally calling Jerry 'dad' instead of 'Uncle Jerry'. Jerry stops at the doorway as he hears this. It takes Sam a moment to catch herself having said it, only noticing because his body language stiffened. Sam is mortified, gasping with shock and embarrassment at the mix-up. She tells Jerry she has no idea why that came over her.

Jerry comes into the room, sitting next to her on the edge of the bed. Sam sits up. Jerry puts a hand on hers and asks if she misses her dad a lot still. Sam looks conflicted, and hesitant to talk. After Jerry coaxes her further, Sam finally admits her confusion towards her feelings for Jerry, thinking of him as a father figure but also attracted to him through her grief.

Jerry tells Sam that he's never had a family as close as this until now, and it's changed his entire life. He could see this being his permanent home. But when he pauses for a moment, upset, Sam begs him to stay, insisting that she'll get over her confused feelings for him.

Jerry turns to her, and tells her no - that's not why he's upset. Sam asks him what he means, and he confesses that he's been confused by his feelings too - he's not only been having fleeting feelings towards Linda but towards Sam too, and it's blurring the lines in his mind - he wants to be everything for the family... an uncle, a father, a husband to Linda... and a lover to Sam.

Jerry moves to touch her but stops at the last second, insisting that this is wrong and tries to push away again. Sam begs him to facethe truth -- they ALL experienced so much loss, so why can't they just let themselves be HAPPY for once? Jerry seems tempted, but still resists, insisting that she's his brother's daughter. Sam reminds him that they were step-brothers, so it's okay... Jerry insists that's not what he meant, and that he's betraying his brother by doing this.

Sam says that her father would want them to be happy. She tries for a kiss once more and Jerry gives in. The kiss is tentative and explorative at first but becomes more passionate as they let go.

Jerry and Sam have obviously found solace in each other, but will Linda be able to accept this new reality?"

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Pure Taboo | The Widower | Featuring Maya Kendrick and Charles Dera

The Widower

Featuring Maya Kendrick and Charles Dera
Adult Time | Pure Taboo

July 21, 2020

Recently Widowed Man Develops Dangerous Obsession With Son's Girlfriend

SCENE OPENS on Jim (Charles Dera). He lies in bed, his eyes still closed after a night of slumber. He opens his eyes and sighs tiredly. He is clearly not excited to get out of bed. He looks over to the other, empty side of the bed. His eyes mist with emotion as he runs his hand along the empty side of the bed. His expression is one of loss, of longing.

Finally, he takes a deep breath, as if he has summoned the energy to face the day, and swings his legs out of bed.

Later, Jim chats with his son Josh (Rion King). It is revealed that they are grieving from the loss of Claire, Jim's wife and Josh's mother. Jim, in particular, seems to be having a tough time.

Josh tells Jim that his girlfriend, Brittany (who Jim hasn't met yet), will be staying with them for the weekend. Jim is fine with it, since both Josh and Brittany are 18 and he trusts them. At that moment, the doorbell rings. Announcing that it must be her, Josh goes to answer it. A moment later, Josh introduces Jim to Brittany (Maya Kendrick). Jim is instantly taken with her, muttering about her looking like someone. Brittany looks a little wary but hides it well, smiling warmly.


Later that day, the three of them are in the living room watching a movie. Josh and Brittany sit on the couch together while Jim sits on an adjacent chair. Josh has his arm around Brittany and they are both immersed in the movie.

Jim tries to concentrate on the movie, but his attention keeps wandering to Brittany. It's as if he can't keep his eyes off her, his expression betraying an almost-unhealthy level of interest. Soon, he gets locked into staring at her, unable to tear himself away. Suddenly Brittany glances over at him and he hastily looks away, almost caught. She gives him a slightly curious look and turns back to the movie. With her focused again on the movie, Jim's eyes wander back to her.

Later that same day, Jim walks down the hall. He hears muffled moaning coming from Josh's closed bedroom door. Jim puts his ear closer to the door. It becomes clear that what he's hearing are the sounds of Josh and Brittany having sex. His eyes widen and he looks at the doorknob with temptation.

Jim seems to be wrestling internally with what to do. Finally, he can't resist and, careful not to make a sound, slowly turns the doorknob.

We don't see what's inside the room. Instead, we focus on Jim's face as he watches through the crack in the door. We can now hear the sex sounds fully. Jim watches, an entranced, wild look coming over him.

The next day, Josh and Jim are relaxing on the couch, chatting and sipping on their morning coffees. Brittany joins them, taking her seat on the couch next to Josh. Jim again makes an effort not to stare, but it is clearly very difficult for him.

From Jim's POV, he watches Brittany. He seems like he's desperately trying to keep himself under control, until finally he can't, exhaling loudly. Both Josh and Brittany notice. Josh looks at him curiously. Jim, clearly fixated on Brittany, makes an excuse to get Josh to run out for an errand, leaving Jim and Brittany alone.

With Josh gone, there is a moment of slightly uncomfortable silence as Brittany smiles at Jim politely. Jim smiles back at her, holding his gaze for just a little too long. Jim talks to Brittany about his dead wife, saying that Brittany reminds him of her. He deliberately plays up his grief, eventually (intentionally) breaking down emotionally.

Brittany looks sympathetic, but also uncomfortable. Not knowing exactly what to do, she places a hand tentatively on his shoulder, a sympathetic gesture of support. He looks up at her and smiles. He places his hand over her hand and squeezes it. But he holds her hand for just a LITTLE too long, and she politely draws her hand away. But Jim has seen the opening he's been looking for, and continues to play up his grief and use her sympathy to convince Brittany to agree to fuck him out of pity.

This widower is determined to never be alone again..."

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Pure Taboo | Mom's Helping Hand | Featuring Codey Steele and Kit Mercer

Mom's Helping Hand

Featuring Codey Steele and Kit Mercer
Adult Time | Pure Taboo

February 25, 2020

Mom Offers To Help Injured Teen Son Pleasure Himself

SCENE OPENS on 20-year-old Aaron (Codey Steele). He is in bed and opens his eyes after a night of slumber. Both of his arms are in slings and his head is wrapped in a bandage. He tries to reach for a nearby remote but he winces in pain and sighs angrily, looking sad and frustrated.

He looks down at his lap and says 'nnnnh... not again... fuck...'

We see his legs fumble uncomfortably under his sheets as he squirms around a bit - his face looks like he's trying hard to concentrate. We get the sense he may be trying to masturbate but he has to be careful moving his upper body. He tries to move his hands lower but it's clear he can't reach.

In the midst of these attempts, his step-mom Ruth (Kit Mercer) arrives at the door and is about to pop in to say good morning. She notices what he's doing and watches for a moment in shock and a bit of sadness. He doesn't notice that she's there. Finally, Aaron gives up with a desperate cry of frustration. Ruth looks on, a sympathetic expression forming on her face.

When Ruth comes into the room, Aaron snaps at her angrily. He apologizes, explaining that the accident and the injuries have taken their toll on him. Knowing that his anger really comes from his sexual frustration, Ruth offers to give Aaron some sexual release. After some initial reluctance, he agrees.

Aaron lays back, taking a deep breath as Ruth slips her hand under the covers and begins to stroke his cock.

Ruth only wants to give Aaron some relief, but Mom's helping hand is going to have consequences that neither one of them could ever have anticipated..."

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