Corbin Fisher | Connor & Cain's Flip Fuck

Corbin Fisher Connor & Cain's Flip Fuck

Connor & Cain's Flip Fuck

January 31, 2014

"This week's special bi bonus update is a big one! While this video was previously available on, ACS members now get to see the scorching hot results of some bisexual fun featuring two of our buffest, most-hung studs - Connor and Cain.

When you get these two studs in a video together, you can't only have one fuck the other. Their cocks are two perfect for that! So, in this intense bi threeway they not only take turns fucking a girl but also take turns fucking and getting fucked by one another. If there's anyone that can make Connor scream, "Fuck me! Keep Fucking!", it's Cain. If there's anyone that can make Cain moan like wild, it's Connor with his big dick. These guys do all of that and more right here!"


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Corbin Fisher | Martin & Jackie Sandwich Cain

Martin & Jackie Sandwich Cain

November 8, 2013

"This is a bonus bi video update! Previously released on, this video is now available to ACS and CF members!

Super buff bodybuilder Cain gets sandwiched between Martin and Jackie and he loves every minute of it! Jackie gets on all fours, hungry to take dick from both ends. Cain fucks her first, while she sucks Martin's cock.

"Save some for me, will ya?" Martin says. The guys switch places and Martin slams his dick into Jackie's wet pussy. She wraps her lips around Cain's huge cock.

Martin wants to fuck Cain next. Cain helps push Jackie farther down Martin's cock, then he gets on all fours, ready for Martin's dick!

Cain stuffs his cock inside Jackie as Martin drills him from behind. Then Martin wants to watch Cain fuck Jackie. Cain quickly shoots his load all over Jackie's stomach and Martin blasts his load all over Cain's ripped abs."


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Corbin Fisher | Tiffany Toys With Aiden

Tiffany Toys With Aiden

October 31, 2012

"Tiffany is fast becoming the go-to girl for kink! She's taken it in the ass from Dixon, fucked Landon with a doubleheaded dildo and now she's set her sights on muscle god, Aiden!

Aiden, of course, is no stranger to kink. He's been dominated by Ashley, and fucked hard enough to cum four times in a row. This beautiful bodybuilder loves sex and can't get enough of it. He hasn't done any guy/girl stuff for us in a long time, and he's been waiting for a chance to hook up with the lovely Tiffany.

The couple makes out. Aiden's nipples are his most sensitive body part (though we could argue his prostate is!) and he loves using his experience to pleasure other guys and girls. He kisses Tiffany's nipples before going down on her and fingering her pussy.

After some hot 69 action that makes Aiden whimper as she takes his huge cock down her throat while she teases his ass, he pounds Tiffany good and hard. Tiffany squeals as he gets her on her stomach and fucks her. That's a lot of muscle to be coming at you – but Tiffany loves every inch!

Tiffany blows Aiden again and he pounds her till he cums all over her stomach. Then, she pulls out her October Surprise – a dildo! She teases Aiden's ass until he's ready to get fucked. Tiffany pushes the toy in deeper and Aiden gets hard immediately.

Aiden talks dirty to Tiffany, encouraging her to fuck him harder. She pushes the dildo in and out and makes Aiden blows a second load all over his abs!"


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Corbin Fisher | Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney

Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney

September 14, 2012

"Cain and Cameron are all set to play with one of our newest coeds, Courtney. Connor teases Courtney that she has a crush on Cain – so he says Cain will have to tease her a little.

Cain leans over to grab Cameron and kisses him. Courtney doesn't let herself get left out and jumps in to make out with Cameron – but then he pushes her down on the bed and gets back to kissing Cain!

Cameron makes it up to Courtney by helping ger her bra off and kissing her tits as she kisses Cain's nipple. Cameron laughs, saying, “I'm so excited I don't know what to do!” He figures it out quickly, never fear!

Cameron jumps onto the bed and makes out with Cain again. Cain strokes Cameron's cock as Courtney kisses Cameron's back. Courtney goes down on Cain, filling her mouth with his thick, uncut cock, Cameron kisses Courtney's ass before Courtney flips around to suck him off.

Cain teases Courtney's pussy with the head of his dick. “You just want to slam it in there, don't 'cha?” Cameron asks Cain. Cain stuffs his cock into Courtney briefly, then pulls out saying that's all she gets.

Cain kisses Cameron and pinches his nipple, as Courtney sucks on both their dicks. Cain fingers Courtney from behind as Cameron goes down on Cain's cock. Courtney joins in and they work on Cain's balls and dick.

Cain fingers Cameron's ass, spanks it, then fingers him faster. Cameron tells him he's ready, so Cain shoves his cock into Cameron's bubble butt. Cameron laughs that his ass might be tighter than Courtney.

Courtney and Cain kiss as Cain pounds Cameron's ass. Cain fingers Courtney's pussy and fucks Cameron. Courtney lies down and kisses Cameron, then sticks her ass in the air so Cameron can eat her out.

Cameron has a tough time keeping his face buried in Courtney, though, with Cain fucking him so hard! Cain lies down and Cameron climbs on top of him to ride him. Cain drills deep up into Cameron's ass. Courtney strokes Cameron's cock as he gets fucked.

Lying down next to Courtney, Cameron gets fucked in the missionary position by Cain. Cain fucks a big load out of Cameron. Cum sprays onto Cameron's chest. Cain keeps pounding him until he's ready to cum. He pulls out and blasts his load onto Courtney's pussy."



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Corbin Fisher | Marc Fucks Aiden & Ashley

Marc Fucks Aiden & Ashley

July 9, 2012

"Aiden, Marc and Ashley jump into action when Pete asks who in the room is ready to fuck. They aren't kidding about being ready – and it turns out to be one of the hottest bi tags in a while, when Aiden cums twice, once fucking Ashley and once getting fucked by Marc!

Marc and Ashley start out by focusing their attention on Aiden. Ashley kisses him while Marc kisses his nipple. Marc and Ashley make out while rubbing Aiden – and Aiden goes right for Marc's underwear-covered cock! When Marc and Ashley both attack Aiden's super-sensitive nipples with their mouths, Aiden is in ecstasy!

“Sexy body,” Marc says as he kisses Aiden. “Look who's talking!” Aiden says, and compliments Marc on his incredible back. Ashley pushes Marc onto that well-muscled back and kisses him. Aiden plants his lips onto Marc's nipple, then kisses him, while Ashley runs her tongue up and down Marc's shaft.

Aiden takes a turn sucking Marc, and Ashley goes down on Aiden. The three move into a daisy-chain, with Marc blowing Aiden, Aiden eating out Ashley and Ashley sucking Marc.

The threeway oral goes on for a while, until Aiden sits up and stuffs his big cock into Ashley. Marc feeds her his dick as well. Ashley whimpers, her mouth and pussy filled with cock. She squeals as Aiden pulls out and blasts a load on top of her.

Aiden kisses Marc and shoves his dick back into Ashley. Marc massages her tits as Aiden pounds her. Marc switches places with Aiden, so he can fucks Ashley while she sucks Aiden. He climbs on top of Ashley, and Marc pulls out of Ashley to slides his cock into Aiden.

Marc fucks Aiden, who kisses Ashley's tits and eats her out again. Marc thrusts in and out of Aiden. Aiden moves onto his side and Ashley holds one of his legs up so Marc can shove his cock in deeper. She encourages Marc to fuck him hard, while she plays with Aiden's nipples.

Aiden blows another load, all over his ripped abs. Ashley tells Marc to keep fucking him. She squeezes every drop of cum out of Aiden's cock. Marc pulls out and blasts his load into Aiden's mouth. Aiden sucks Marc dry.

Whew! I've got to find out what Aiden eats to generate so much cum all the flipping time!"


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Corbin Fisher | Cain Fucks Josh & Courtney

Cain Fucks Josh & Courtney

June 22, 2012

"Cain and Josh make out with our new coed, Courtney. Her blouse and bra come off together and Josh and Cain go straight for her nipples.

Josh pulls Cain's cock out of his jeans and starts sucking that thick, uncut dick. Josh and Cain sandwich Courtney in between them, then she bends over to suck Cain's cock. Josh tongues her ass and fingers her pussy from behind.

The guys kiss as Josh pounds Courtney and she blows Cain. Cain stands up to feed Josh his cock while he's fucking Courtney. Cain plays with Josh's nipple. They flip Courtney onto her back so Cain can stuff his cock into her.

Courtney sucks Josh's dick as Cain fucks her. She yelps as she takes every inch of his cock. Josh kisses her toes and she sucks him harder. Josh bends over to suck Cain and eat out Courtney. He climbs over her, shoving his dick in her mouth. Cain tells her to spread Josh's ass cheeks, that he wants to see his ass.

Cain pulls out of Courtney to tease Josh's ass with his cock. Josh's cheeks are red where Courtney's gripped him while Cain fucked her. Josh moans as Cain slides into him. “How good does that feel?” Courtney asks.

Courtney tells Cain to fuck Josh harder. Now Josh is sandwiched in the middle, fucking Courtney as Cain fucks him. Courtney slides out from under the two of them and smacks Cain's ass while he's balls-deep inside Josh. She pulls Josh's cheeks apart again for Cain.

Josh kisses Courtney, then lies on his side. Cain fucks him from behind. Courtney leans over them to jerk Josh's dick while he gets fucked. Cain pounds him while Courtney strokes his cock.

Courtney kisses Cain's nipple, then climbs over his face so he can eat her out. She moves over to Josh and sits on his face, then sucks his cock.

Josh pushes Courtney's head down on his dick. She strokes his cock while Cain nails him. Cain grabs Josh's throat as he blasts his load all over his abs. Cain pulls out to shoot his load onto Josh's ass, then creampie him!"



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Corbin Fisher | Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle

Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle

April 27, 2012

"I thought it was about time to put muscle god Cain and CF angel Danielle to work on relative newcomer Duncan. Duncan has been paired up with other favorites before but never these two, and never sexual powerhouses like Cain and Danielle.

The three of them kiss on the couch. Buff Cain moves to kiss Danielle's belly while Duncan and Danielle make out, then the two switch positions. Both guys unbutton her jean shorts and Cain puts a hand into her crotch. The guys remove their shirts while Danielle removes her shorts, revealing pink panties. Both guys rub on her crotch. Cain tells Duncan to lick her pussy. Cain watches briefly before joining in, both men flicking their tongues on her crotch, before tonguing and kissing each other. Cain removes his pants while Danielle helps Duncan remove his. Cain is rock hard beneath his trunks - his cock stretches the fabric tightly. Danielle notices and takes a quick grab as Duncan joins them from behind her.

Danielle is sandwiched between the two men. Danielle removes her bra then bends forward to take Cain's cock into her mouth. Duncan pulls up behind her and grinds his cock into her backside. The two guys bend forward to kiss each other, while Danielle continues to suck his thick dick. Duncan removes Danielle's panties and then his own shorts. Danielle sucks Cain's massive cock while Duncan sticks his dick into her waiting pussy. Duncan slaps his groin against her tiny ass.

"Fuck her! Fuck her! Come on," Cain commands while Duncan bangs harder. Cain bends forward to get a better view as well as kiss Duncan and suck on his nipples. Cain flips Danielle on her back so he can take his turn fucking her. He plows her deep while she sucks Duncan's cock. The two guys kiss each other while Cain fucks her. Cain spreads her legs into a wide V, drilling her hard. She whimpers with Duncan's cock in her mouth. The two guys kiss again. Cain pounds her mercilessly. Cain fucks her in a push-up position, plunging deep into Danielle while he licks Duncan's nipples and abs. Duncan's dick is rock hard between their mouths.

The two guys rubs each other's shoulders before Duncan tells Cain: "I want you to fuck me." The three switch positions, with Duncan straddling Danielle but leaving his ass open for Cain to enter from behind. Cain plunges into his ass, while Duncan and Danielle kiss. Cain fucks him with increasing intensity. Duncan takes it by burying his mouth around Danielle's. Cain jackhammers Duncan's ass until Duncan collapses atop Danielle. Cain continues to pound him from this plank position.

Cain flips Duncan onto his back and Duncan spreads his legs. Cain digs right in and begins pumping him while stroking his cock. Danielle is turned on by the action and leans in to kiss Duncan. Duncan strokes himself as he gets fucked. Cain pumps him harder. Cain pulls out slowly before thrusting in for another round. Duncan's cock swells and glistens with precum before he shoots his load onto his belly. Cain continues to pound him steadily, watching him cum. Cain pulls out just in time to splash his own creamy load onto Duncan's cock and abs. Duncan holds and strokes both wet cocks together, milking the last of the cum from them.

I had no doubt that Danielle and Cain would show him a good time, and I knew Duncan could hold his own, but seeing a match-up like this had to be seen to be believed."



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Corbin Fisher | Dominating Aiden | Featuring Aiden, Ashley, and Kent

Dominating Aiden

Featuring Aiden, Ashley, and Kent

February 17, 2012

"It's the domination video you've been waiting for. Well, at least I've been waiting for it! Ashley and Kent make Aiden their plaything. And since Ashley's heard about Aiden's multiple “load capacity,” you can be sure she's going to make sure they milk every last drop out of him!

Our buff bodybuilder totally gets into being submissive to Ashley and Kent! Some of our guys get nervous when Ashley takes control and starts dominating them. Not Aiden! He relishes it, doing exactly what Ashley tells him to do.

Aiden starts out blindfolded and is told to beg his mistress and master to abuse him. Once they start playing with his super-sensitive nipples, Ashley shoves a knotted rope in his mouth. Aiden is in ecstasy! Kent pinches Aiden's nipples as Ashley tickles him.

Ashley plays with Kent, getting his dick nice and hard., She tells Aiden he's talking too much and that Kent needs to fill Aiden's mouth. Kent teabags Aiden first, then shoves his dick into Aiden's mouth. He smacks Aiden and tells him to watch the teeth.

Kent feeds Aiden his cock. Ashley pushes Aiden's head down so he gags on Kent's dick. Ashley jerks Aiden. She pushes Kent down so he can blow Aiden. Ashley shoves Aiden's mouth into Kent's asshole to eat him out.

Ashley finger fucks Aiden and has him suck Kent. Kent leans over and sucks Aiden's dick. Ashley fingers Aiden even faster. Kent moves down to slide his cock into Aiden's hole. Aiden moans as Kent fucks him. Ashley ropes Aiden's feet together.

Kent pounds Aiden. Aiden eats Ashley out. Ashley strokes Aiden's dick. “Use that ass,” Ashley growls to Kent. Aiden shoots a huge load after begging his master for his cock. Kent continues jerking Aiden's cock and cum keeps spraying out!

Kent immediately shoves his cock back into Aiden, even as Aiden is still shivering from his orgasm. Kent and Ashley kiss, and then flip Aiden over on all fours. Kent fucks Aiden again.

Ashley straps on her dildo, and takes her turn fucking Aiden. She grinds up against his ass, making him take every inch of her toy. Kent reaches around and jerks Aiden's dick.

Kent switches places with Ashley. Kent nails Aiden as he begs to be fucked harder. Ashley rolls Aiden onto his back and shoves her dildo back into him.

Ashley drills down into Aiden's ass. She has Kent come down and fuck him while she holds Aiden's legs up. Kent pounds another load out of Aiden. Kent rams his dick back in to fuck Aiden until he's ready to shoot.

Kent pulls out and blasts his load all over Aiden's hole. He shoves his dick back in, finishing Aiden off with a thick, wet creampie. Ashley tells him to shove it even deeper into Aiden's hole.

Whew! See why I was waiting for this?"


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Corbin Fisher | Ashley & Cain Dominate Marc

Ashley & Cain Dominate Marc

February 3, 2012

"Hands down (or tied, as the case may be) this may be the best domination video yet! We've watched Ashley tie up pairs of our hot guys, dominate them and make totally submit to her. Now, she's training our resident alpha male bodybuilder, Cain, to dominate people as well. Today, Marc is their guinea pig.

Marc was nervous. Ashley and I joked with Marc pretty mercilessly about what he was in for during the whole ride over to the studio. He got kind of quiet at times. Marc's a confident stud, though, and joked back with us, no matter how extreme we got. By the time we were ready to shoot with Ashley and Cain, I think he was prepared for anything.

I don't want to spoil too much of this video by describing what happens. Ashley was happy to have an eager student and plaything, Marc was willingly submissive, and Cain excelled as a dominant top.

There are so many hot touches in this video. Ashley and Cain work Marc over completely. We bring out a new toy and Ashley added a twist to an old favorite. Cain easily slips into the role of a master like he was born to it. Marc thoroughly enjoys the rough play and cums hard.

Cain later told me it was one of the most enjoyable scenes he'd done. In fact, you'll see he was hard before they ever got started. Cain said he hoped he'd get to do some more domination scenes like this with some of the other guys.

I don't know - are we ready for "Master Cain"? I have had my eye on this leather harness that would look amazing stretched across those incredible pecs ..."



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Corbin Fisher | Cain & Danielle's Kitchen Fuck

Cain & Danielle's Kitchen Fuck

January 18, 2012

"Believe me – there's nothing hotter than watching a young muscle god like Cain pound another hot guy. Especially with that massive cock (and his pecs, and his biceps that are almost as big around as Zeb's entire body!)

But it can be just as hot to watch a stud like Cain fuck a girl! For me, part of the appeal of these guys fucking other guys is the undeniable fact, that - for most of them – it's outside their comfort zone.

These guys learn a lot about themselves at CF. It also helps them discover things they personally like. Primarily, of course, we teach them how enjoyable sex can be with another guy. Still, most go home and fuck girls in their real life. Usually, those girls are the recipients of great new techniques!

While I never stop enjoying watching and filming guy/guy action, I find it's still exciting to see what guys do with a girl – especially after they've been at CF a while. Cain shows us, and Danielle, what he's learned – right on the kitchen counter!

Danielle is one of our most enthusiastic girls and she's been wanting a crack at Cain. He picks Danielle up and sits her on the counter. Their clothes come off. Cain kisses her tits. He eats out Danielle's pussy, licking it and brushing it lightly with his fingers.

Danielle sucks Cain's thick, uncut cock. He picks her up and slides her down onto his dick. Cain drills up into her, holding her up the whole time.

Cain lays her back on the counter. He grabs Danielle's tits as he slams back into her. Then he picks her up and bends her over the counter. Cain stuffs his dick back into her and pounds away. He pulls her back by the hair and fucks her faster.

Danielle tells Cain to spank her ass even harder. With that much muscle, I'd be careful what you ask for! Danielle loves getting treated rough. She reaches back to grab those huge pecs.

Cain lies on the counter. Danielle climbs on top of him and rides his cock. He jackhammers her pussy. Cain tells her to take the whole fucking dick and she grinds down on it. Danielle moves into a reverse position and bounces up and down. Cain slams up into her again.

Moving her into doggy style on top of the counter, Cain fucks Danielle until he's ready to cum. His muscles tighten and he blows an insane load all over Danielle's back.

See why I don't mind filming guy/girl stuff, too?"



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