MuscleHunks | Santa’s Helper | Featuring Laurent LeGros

MuscleHunks Laurent LeGros

Santa’s Helper

Featuring Laurent LeGros

December 19, 2012

"Powermen Muscle Pool Boy Ex-xxx-traordinaire Laurent LeGros debuts on as Santa’s helper, decked out in the traditional red Santa suit and looking for some very good boys and girls for some very special gifting. Musclehounds who want to see rippling pecs, sharp abs, noteworthy biceps, stunning quads, hard glutes, and other deliciously oversized packages in the vicinity of their holiday tree Christmas morning should tune in…..what’s that? You don’t celebrate Christmas? Well, the holidays are all about festivities, aren’t they? And Laurent just loves to please! So dig in!"

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MuscleHunks | Now THAT'S a Bodybuilder! | Featuring Rico Cane

MuscleHunks Rico Cane

Now THAT'S a Bodybuilder!

Featuring Rico Cane

December 5, 2012

"New MuscleHunks Model Rico Cane just started performing on It's no secret why this real bodybuilder is a real, big hit. He is equipped with all the beef and all the little extras (actually, rather big extras ...) you are looking for in a real man!!!

Muscleman Rico Cane was one of the original Powermen when that great muscle site was first launched. Known as "Chicago's Bad Boy", he was hot stuff - but look at him now! WOW!!! Has Rico been living in the gym, or what? Just check out that super-sized engine of love that Chicago's big, bad man is carrying between those super ripped quads! Now THAT'S a bodybuilder!"

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MuscleHunks | When Muscleboys Meet | Featuring Kevin Conrad

MuscleHunks Kevin Conrad

When Muscleboys Meet

Featuring Kevin Conrad

November 28, 2012

"Beefy, pretty LMS muscleboy Kevin Conrad recalls his recent houseguest - the proud, handsome competitive bodybuilder Sven Gronstrom. After the two musclebuddies affectionately met up at the bus station, Kevin took the big, ripped blond home and proceeded to oil him up and closely inspect his superb musculature. Later, an excited Kevin recalls the encounter with an enthusiastic self-massage of his unusually large member, all while probing his own perfect derriere. As for muscleman Sven, in future updates, we'll see close-ups of his side of the story! It's muscle heaven for worshippers!"

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MuscleHunks | Cheeky! | Featuring Joey van Damme

MuscleHunks Joey van Damme
MuscleHunks Joey van Damme


Featuring Joey van Damme

November 14, 2012

"Sensuous, good-humored, and ooooh that perfect posterior - that's the good news about muscle beauty and popular LMS star Joey van Damme! The bad news? There isn't any bad news, unless you take into account the fact that he's not triplets! Handsome, young, powerful, hung, hard, and packed with enough crowd-pleasing muscle to satisfy the hungriest bodybuilding fan, Joey van Damme delivers the goods every time. And cheeky? When this muscleman turns around to show off the goods in back, it's just as eye-popping as the package in front. Joey's a star, both coming and going!"

WATCH Preview of Cheeky! Featuring Joey van Damme at!

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MuscleHunks | Mystery Man | Featuring Leon Jackson

MuscleHunks Leon Jackson

Mystery Man

Featuring Leon Jackson

October 29, 2012

"Cool dude Leon Jackson has gained some big new size and a lotta new sweep - as we recently saw in his Powermen update - and those muscles of his are really anything BUT "creamy chocolate", as we once so foolishly wrote (see below - what were we thinking?) Leon is just about anything but a piece of chocolate. How about tawny, buff steel? Now, that's more like it!"

WATCH Leon Jackson in Mystery Man at MuscleHunks

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MuscleHunks | The Business at Hand | Featuring Macho Nacho

MuscleHunks Macho Nacho

The Business at Hand

Featuring Macho Nacho (8)

October 6, 2012

"For the powerfully packed superstar Macho Nacho it's all about building - and showing off - his superlative physique. This time out the contest-ready Uruguayan muscle devil is determined to treat his fans to an up-front and personal gym workout. After an eye-popping, sweat-drenched, balls-to-the-wall pump up, the blessedly immodest Nacho seals the deal with the satisfying monkey-spanking his fans love to see. The cherry on top? In only the briefest of posers, Macho offers us a sneak preview of his beautiful contest posing routine. For Macho Nacho, business at hand is muscle - and it's nirvana for musclehounds!"

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MuscleHunks | A Bodybuilder Prepares | Featuring Nino Sabrini

MuscleHunks Nino Sabrini


A Bodybuilder Prepares

Featuring Nino Sabrini

September 16, 2012

"Just what does a hot, hung, ripped, hung, and magnificently muscled competitive bodybuilder do just before he signs on to LiveMuscleShow to entertain his fans? Well, we know he's spent years in the gym building up that magnificent physique. But exclusive new muscle star Nino Sabrini wants to let you in on a little secret. You see, the big muscle boys of LMS want to get into just the know, mood....before they meet their fans. And the superbly built, powerful Mr. Sabrini has his own way of preparing for the show....let's watch..."

WATCH Nino Sabrini in A Bodybuilder Prepares at!

UNDERWEAR BY Andrew Christian

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MuscleHunks | Picture Perfect | Featuring Wade Trent

MuscleHunks Picture Perfect Featuring Wade Trent
MuscleHunks Wade Trent

Picture Perfect

Featuring Wade Trent

August 13, 2012

"Ingredients: take one boyish grin, add slightly tousled hair and a massive physique graced with an astonishing lat-spread sweep, cannonball delts, heavy-duty biceps, and pylon-thick quads, and what have you got? The impressive young MuscleHunks exclusive Wade Trent! When we first met the likable, lickable Wade, he was eagerly showing off his mighty musculature with youthful enthusiasm. Muscle hounds will be happy to note that none of the spark of Wade's first appearance on has dimmed in his picture-perfect return to our pages. So have at him, muscle fans, 'cause the magnificent musclepup Wade is back in the house!"

WATCH Wade Trent in Picture Perfect!

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MuscleHunks | The Gold Standard | Featuring Rocco Martin

MuscleHunks Rocco Martin

The Gold Standard

Featuring Rocco Martin

August 4, 2012

"Is MuscleHunks exclusive model Rocco Martin anything less than totally ripped, ever? We don't think so. If ever there was a physique gym-crafted by man for beach display, Rocco's got it. He's a true Adonis, dipped in gold: that perfect sun-kissed skin, those cobblestone abs, the delicious lattice-work of his roiling, thick veins, his sumptuous thighs, and the perfect curvature of his powerful butt come together in picture-perfect harmony. Ever calm - he makes it all look so easy - this time out Rocco's lost the suit and tie, hitting our mini dance stage with his trademark sly ease. Get between Rocco and his hard places…there's so many to choose from."

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MuscleHunks | Dazzle | Featuring Devon Ford

MuscleHunks Devon Ford


Featuring Devon Ford

July 25, 2012

"Home-aloner Devon the Dude is back shakin' his booty on our private studio mini-stage. Lights, camera, music, dance! Dreamy Devon does his duty diligently, dazzling muscle darling that he, as you may recall, Dude Devon is packing more than his share of delights down below, so drop by and dig in. And once again, don't miss the after-party! The dressing rooms behind's private mini-stage never seem to lack for muscle solo scenes, do they?"

WATCH Devon Ford in Dazzle at MuscleHunks!

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