Chaosmen | Haigan & Solomon Aspen: Bossy


Haigan & Solomon Aspen: Bossy

December 31, 2012

"Solomon has been with me over a year now and he has two favorite things he has done on set. First, he loved his scene with Vander. He has been out right telling me he wants a re-match, this time with Vander fucking him instead. It could happen, but I think his eyes are bigger than his hole.

The other scene he loved was the fantasy elements in his Edge video. The dude really likes to be dominated with a lot of ouchy pain involved.

I have pretty much put Haigan in charge of the Bossy videos, and since he is naturally aggressive and dominant, it has been an awesome fit for him. Solomon has been pushing to amp up the bondage and discipline stuff and expressed very few limits, so I knew I had an amazing match set up.

I like the Bossy theme because it isn't too far into the S&M Fetish- kind of bondage with training wheels. But I knew I needed something special for Solomon to be excited about, and this little bondage/shackle thing I had seen online would be perfect for him.

I sent him some pics of the new "furniture" and he was over the top excited. Heck once he was actually in the room with it, then knelt to get in it, his cock got bone hard!

Haigan is straight, but I don't think he cares who he abuses and makes take his cock. I think he might get-off more knowing it is a dude he is fucking and then making him clean his cock.

Solomon also requested I get some candles, and he was thrilled to see how I had attached it to the cage. I am not a big fan of wax but Solomon was in pure ecstasy with it dripping all over him.

There are few over-the-top moments but it is safe to say that Solomon was having brain orgasms through-out the entire video. I am not going to go into much more detail, but if you don't like sex rough, you might want to skip this video.

It is definitely a bit different for the site but I think since it isn't "too" fetishy most viewer will really enjoy this Bossy video!"


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Chaosmen | Chaz Riley & Cruz: RAW


Chaz Riley & Cruz: RAW

December 28, 2012

"I knew Cruz had been hinting that he thought bottoming would be awesome, but I had know idea he would be a totally awesome bottom.

The dude clearly liked not only sucking on Chaz's uncut cock, but riding it every which way made his cock the hardest I have ever seen it! He jumps up and down on it, and I love seeing how it stiffly bobs up and down.

He even cums from being fucked first time out. I know he and his wife have played with other dudes, and he has topped and bottomed, but I think from now on I am going to flip-flop or have him bottom. It could be he was way into Chaz, but Cruz was truly in the moment in this video!

Not often when a bottom steals the show, but Cruz is clearly a kid in a candy store!"


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Chaosmen | Casey More & Gavin Sevin: RAW


Casey & Gavin Sevin: RAW

December 21, 2012

"Casey volunteered to bottom again. He seems to have not much interest in topping, and I think he likes to be dominated. His dick doesn't seem to be as peppy as Darius, Vander and Jet when they get fucked. Their cocks get excruciatingly hard once they are all bent over and being banged.

Gavin has always been pretty gentle when he fucks. He has bottomed before and I think he worries about going too hard. I have been putting him with guys who love to bottom, and it is awesome to see him totally unleash on a dude. Gavin can fuck with amazing ferocity!

In this video I let Gavin lead the way in terms of what positions to do. I love this humping position that he does. I believe it is the lead title image of the video. It is not exactly a great angle to show penetration, but he clearly is fucking deep and hard and truly enjoying himself. Kind of a more natural position. Poor Casey can't even scoot away if he goes too deep!

Casey is a champ! He never complains (yes some models complain) during the initial insert. He just bites down and pushes through the initial pain, and before we know it, he can pretty much take it. That is why I think he will be great for a Bossy type video. Naturally passive and can take a kicking and keep on licking!

Gavin breeds Casey at the end, and then Casey has to unload with cum dripping out of his ass. And geez! You can sure tell they both needed to nut!"


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Chaosmen | Booker & Cruz: RAW


Booker & Cruz: RAW

December 14, 2012

"Booker has officially decided he is a bottom boy. No more topping for him as he is really enjoying bottoming. He also gets a bit nervous when the pressure is on him to stay hard and top, plus he knows it is a sure-fire way to make him surely fire.

Which is kind of a shame in some ways, because Cruz has been hinting that he would like to bottom. When he has messed around with guys, he says he is usually fairly passive and likes getting fucked. So I am for sure having him bottom the next time out, but for this video, he is large and in charge.

Booker clearly likes to suck cock, and Cruz likes to receive. But when the rolls are reversed, I think Cruz shines because his dick and his brain are both totally turned on by having Booker's cock in his mouth. It helped that he was giving head to Booker while he stood, which also gave him full-access to his own cock, stroking it every now and then to keep it aroused.

Booker was in the mood to eat ass, and though he was bottoming, Cruz wasn't quite ready to take on rimming for this video. Booker tossed his salad like a hungry chef!

Cruz breaks Booker in by fucking him doggy-style, then they move to the foot of the bed to try some advanced fucking. Booker's quads get a work out as he squats on Cruz's long cock, gyrating and riding his dick cowboy and reverse cowboy style.

After the balancing act, Booker was eager to get his ankles up in the air while Cruz goes to town on his hole. Booker has an intense orgasm, clenching his powerful legs which then pushed poor Cruz out and and way. Booker has an amazing orgasm, while Cruz lost his inertia. No way was he going ramp-up to cum, so we switched gears.

Booker has done the ass in the air trick before and Cruz is good while cumming on his back, so we had him unload into Booker's hole all upside-down-like. He shot all over Booker's face too, almost blinding him!

Nice bit of cock and cum dipping at the end!"


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Chaosmen | Haigan & Jet: Bossy


Haigan & Jet: Bossy DC

December 7, 2012

"I am pretty sure I am just going to keep having Haigan do these "Bossy" themed videos. He is a dominant Top, and truly gets turned-on by making anyone be his bitch.

Jet is actually quite perfect to be dominated. He had been asking for a bit more bondage in his shoots. I was a little worried because Haigan can get very aggressive and fuck extremely hard. Jet loves to get fucked, but there is a speed and depth that keeps him hard and shooting. A couple times on previous shoots we had to cut because he was getting fucked too hard.

This time out, we never had a problem. Haigan rides him HARD! Both of them clearly got-off on their roles. Jet seemed to handle the aggressive fucking without a problem, mainly because he was so turned on by the bondage and domination. I am pretty sure he even loved gagging on Haigan's cock until tears streamed down his face!

Haigan gets a chest and bicep workout doing push-ups into Jet's ass. His body is looking amazing as he works up a sweat from the effort.

Haigan's cock does go down from the strain, so he climbs on top of Jet and makes him clean off his cock. That gets him recharged in no time, and he is back to drilling Jet's hole.

Not only is there some power fucking, but we used a new toy called an Ass Tunnel. Haigan fucks Jet until he cums, then inserts the hollow butt plug. He ramps up and does his best to unload deep into Jet's hole. What hits the sides he scoops down the chute!

We did try to do a little pee play, which I think the ass tunnel is perfect for, but Haigan kept coming up dry.

Next time for sure though!"


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Chaosmen | Gavin Sevin & Jet: RAW


Gavin Sevin & Jet: RAW

November 23, 2012

"After Jet did some topping with Bishop, he was eager to get totally fucked by an aggressive top. I love a dude who is so turned on by getting fucked that his dick is hard and dripping. Jet's cock loves the anal play, and once again we stopped 3-4 times because he was going to nut.

I knew Gavin could really hammer a guy after he went-off on Vander. I figured he might have to go slow on Jet as he has tended to yell, "Pineapple" if they go too deep, but Gavin went full-tilt on him and Jet was in piggy-bottom -heaven.

And does Gavin ever fuck him hard! There is some great rapid-fire fucking as Gavin works-up a sweat, pounding Jet's ass at full-speed. I thought for sure Jet would jump off, but his dick would just get harder.

Pretty sure Gavin was enjoying it too. He seems to have let go of his worries about hurting the other guy. This was one of those videos we shot pretty much in real-time as his cock was finding Jet's hole a nice place to park. I think the only time we stopped was because Jet was going to cum. I love it when I have real chemistry going on!

Once we had Jet on his back, he kept "suggesting" that he was ready to cum, but I had to tell him to wait. Gavin continued to dive in and out of his hole, and I finally took mercy on him and let him nut. It is just amazing to see Gavin's cock slide in and out of Jet as globs of cum spill out of his cock.

Gavin is also trying to get the breeding thing just right. He ramps up, spills a little seed on the hole, then pumps the rest inside of Jet. His cock spasms with each squirt of cum.

Gavin has got a rather long dick and he unloaded deep inside Jet, or maybe Jet's eager hole ate it up, but try as he could, we couldn't get the load to spill out (We tried!)

But if you like a total internal breeding ending, this one may not have a lot of juicy cum play, but Jet walked out of that room with an ass full of jizz!"


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Chaosmen | Booker & Troy: RAW


Booker & Troy: RAW

November 16, 2012

"Once again, I find I have two guys who really prefer to bottom. Almost grudgingly, Troy takes the lead as the top. He was really looking forward to getting fucked. :-( But Booker was even more certain he wanted to bottom this time out, so Troy steppe up to the ummm..back door.

Troy has decided to pretty much give up on the idea on dating girls. He has been talking with a guy he thinks is hot, and readily admits girls can't give him what he really wants. So out with the current girlfriend, and in with a guy-guy internet romance.

So I owe him a good fucking, though he does an amazing job Topping, and he himself was a a bit surprised at how well he did. We didn't even have to resort to a butt plug. Well maybe we snuck one in for the cumshot. He really likes some anal play when he cums!

Booker and Troy were way into each others' muscular builds, and both guys got off on rimming each others' asses. Both guys also love sucking dick, and you can tell they both are enjoying themselves thoroughly.

As I mentioned, Troy Tops Booker like a pro, and ends up fucking the cum out of him. He also breeds Booker like a pro, and cum gurgles and oozes out of Booker's hole. For those that love the Internal cumshot, with messy cum oozing out of a butthole, you will love the ending on this one!"


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Chaosmen | Dorian Ferro: Solo


Dorian: Solo

November 5, 2012

"It is hard to believe Dorian is only 18 years old. He loves to body build, and his mass makes him look more mature to me.

He was very eager to do photos, and we spent a lot of time getting his muscles juuuust right. The solo was not his main interest, but once we had finished with photos, he was having a lot of fun, and totally got into showing off for the video cameras.

He is super beefy, very hung, and squirts a big 'ole load.

Pretty sure a solo was his limit, so enjoy his dude as he works his body and cock for us!"

Chaosmen_dorian_hires_01 Chaosmen_dorian_hires_04

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Chaosmen | Eli Hunter & Tatum Parks: RAW


Eli Hunter & Tatum Parks: RAW

November 2, 2012

"These two really connected! Tatum was eager to Top and as usual, Eli is just a dirty boy!

They really liked making-out and sucking each other's cocks. Eventually Eli lays on top of Tatum, and Tatum rapid-fire face-fucks his mouth. It's very hot seeing his balls jump up and down and Eli gets his face pummeled by Tatum's cock.

Both of them are way into ass eating, so we get some awesome rimming.

Eli ends up riding Tatum's cock, and there is some pretty fast fucking going on. No tentative fucking here! Eli's cock really wakes up as he rides Tatum's cock balls deep. He flips around and does some reverse cowboy action. Tatum is enjoying watching his cock slide in and out of his ass.

Tatum gets Eli doggy-style, and really fucks him hard. He gets close to cumming, and has to stop, and you can see how close he was...his dick starts twitching! This was good sign that he could do an internal cumshot. I was hoping to get Tatum to fuck Eli tell he cums, but after the close call, Tatum knew he was going to have to be fucked in order to cum. He kind of half-nutted and needed some anal stimulation to bust again fully.

So they flip-flop last minute, and Eli expertly fucks Tatum. Eli is such a pro he reaches down and literally jerks Tatum's cock till he is nutting, all the while pounding him with his cock. Tatum was one happy camper and I was pleased too as I rarely get this kind of cum shot.

There is another rarity on the ending. Eli knew he could just fuck till he came. No ramping-up with his hand needed. He fucks Tatum till he is busting out a major load. He pulls out a little, squirting juice on his hole, then dumps the rest inside of Tatum. Twitch, twitch, twitch!

Both guys look VERY satisfied with ending on this video, and I am pretty sure you will like it too!"


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Chaosmen | Eli Hunter & Severino: Serviced


Eli Hunter & Severino: Serviced

November 1, 2012

"In keeping the Monster Cock week theme going, I knew I wanted to get Severino in so we could see his long boomerang get slurped on. Eli was on hand to do the honors and one thing I know about Eli, he is not afraid of cum in his mouth.

Frankly, I think Eli kinda steals the show in this one. He has his own Monster Cock as evidenced by him appearing in another video this Friday, but he clearly is into trying to suck the cum out of Severino's cock.

Severino is typically nervous, and his cock goes up and down. He reaches in a couple times to show Eli the motion that works best, and Eli finally gets the technique down.

Severino was a little shy about showing his ass during his solo, so I took Eli aside before the shoot and told him to take extra care to showcase it. Not sure why Severino was concerned, his hole is so perfect that Eli was slobbering all over it.

I wanted to get a cum eating ending and with Severino's curved cock, I knew his cock would act like a spigot to pour his juice into Eli's mouth. That leads me to Eli stealing the show.

Sure, Severino ramps up and delivers a mighty creamy load, but Eli is such a champ and showcasing the cumshot. He strokes his cock rapidly and with cum running into his nose, and the taste and smell of uncut cock, he busts his nut.

Now for anyone who has been there before, having all that right there in your mouth and nose, it can quickly make you bust. I know most of you find the fact that most of these guys are straight dubious at best, but after years of working with Eli, I am pretty sure he plays for team hetero.

That's why I like the ending so much. I do believe all that jizz in his mouth and nose actually made him nut. Not sure what he was thinking of when he came, but it is hard to imagine it was pussy. The boy gets totally piggy on it, and I don't think this piggy was "hamming" it up!"


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