Chaosmen | Deryck Campbell: Solo


Deryck Campbell: Solo

August 20, 2012

Comments from Bryan:

I am not sure who talked Deryck into doing video work. His sister is an Out Proud lesbian who thinks her little bro will be popular with the dudes, plus she is a big fan of guy-guy gay porn (but NOT interested in seeing her brother!). But I think that was just coincidence as she tagged along to the shoot to make sure her brother wasn't getting in over his head.

She and her gay buddy arrived with Deryck who kind of was the typical straight guy and let everyone else dominate the conversation. He opened up once we were doing the photos, so I got to know just a little bit more about him. But over all his sister did most of the talking.

He is 18 and the girls seem to go crazy over him. He says he never says much or has game, but they clearly gravitate naturally to him.

It's kind of fun to see this country straight boy next to his rainbow flag wearing gay sister. Very different personalities but seem to get along great. When they both go looking for hot ladies they often have to flip coins on who is going home with who.

Since his sister and her friend are gay, he clearly has very few issues with gay people, and I think he is pretty certain he can do an oral video, but beyond that he is not so sure.

We will just have to wait and see!

Chaosmen_deryck_hires_06 Chaosmen_deryck_hires_11

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Active Duty | Axl and Nick Tower


Axl & Nick Tower

July 29, 2012

"Tonight, we draw the massive Nick Tower further across the line. While you may have seen him give up his ass a couple weeks ago (to Tanner, in their three way with Domenic) -- he has yet to top anyone. Well, that all changes tonight, when we get to watch him fuck Axl (and get fucked by Axl!).

We start off the scene with me telling the story of how this scene actually began -- weeks before we shot this. A while back, when both Axl and Nick Tower were at my place, I got them each alone and asked what they thought of the other. I actually was having Nick help hang the drapes upstairs (no, really!). Turns out, they were both into one another and were up to mess around.

So, I got them together that night, and Axl was on Nick Tower like a ferret. Kissing him like wild and going at it with gusto. But then, damn it all, we got interrupted right after we got started and we had to just kill the whole scene right then and there.

So now, we're back. And there will be no interruptions! Or, as I say, 'we're back today to hang those drapes!'

I step away, as usual, and let the guys get started. Now, I have to say, watching Axl and Nick Tower together is what Active Duty is all about: Two hot guys, having a great time, comfortable with one another, joking around and fucking around.

Axl and Nick lose their shirts, revealing Axl's perfect torso and Nick's massive chest and pec muscles. Axl gestures to Nick's package as they undress, asking 'what is this thing I'm gonna be working with, huh?' Nick says, 'supposedly it's pretty intimidating.' Soon enough, Axl finds out, as he hauls Nick's growing dick out of his shorts.

Axl wastes no time, diving down onto Nick's dick, slurping him up in his mouth. I think Axl forgot about where the camera was (and how I was out of the room) when he made his next move, though. He gets between Nick's legs, facing away from us, and moves up to starting making out with Nick. We get a screen full of Axl's grinding rear-end as he works his body against Nick's. Hand me a fan.

Axl rolls over, and they continue to make out a bit more, and then Axl whips off his shorts, and out pops his massive dick. 'Not too intimidating' he says to Nick. 'Yeah, I can handle that,' Nick says. And handle it, he does, as he grabs Axl's cock with his right hand and starts jerking him off. And then we get *more* kissing. And necking. And licking. And sucking. And yes, you should really watch this video.

Down Axl goes, back to Nick's dick, as Nick sighs 'oh fuck' while rubbing Axl's back and slapping his ass. Axl grabs a container of lube from the night stand, squeezes a bit into his hand, and Nick asks, 'what's that?' Axl just smiles, and starts working his lubed-up fingers around Nick's ass. 'You like that?' Axl asks? 'Yeah,' Nick responds, in a half-moan.

'That's a big fuckin' cock,' Axl says, between gulps. And really, Nick's dick is about 80% the thickness of Axl's wrist, or, seemingly as tall as Axl's head. It's just that dang big. Axl finger-fucks the hell out of a groaning Nick whilst also slurping down his massive meat. It's pretty incredible, troops -- and we're not done yet!

'Let's do this,' Axl says to Nick, pushing him back onto the bed, lubing his ass up some more with his fingers. Next thing you know, the guys on their sides, with Axl working his dick up Nick's ass. And oh yes, Nick is raging hard while getting fucked -- clearly, something is to his liking. Seeing Nick's massive thighs wrapped around Axl's legs is pretty fantastic. It's just muscle upon muscle in this scene. Axl reaches around to jerk Nick off while fucking him and I swear that takes Nick to another level of enjoyment.

The guys get up on their knees, with Axl behind Nick, when Axl jokes about Nick's ass, 'that's one tight little son of a bitch.' All Nick does is just grunt and pant in return, holding on dearly for life as Axl continues to fuck him. Nick is just a heaving mess for the duration, and then, Axl reaches under, grabs Nick's dick, and says, 'I wanna ride this thing.'

The guys switch around, with Nick on his back, and Axl grabs a condom and tries to get the thing over Nick's engorged, thick dick. Do they make condoms in Cadillac Size? They must, because the boys get it on, and then, they get it it ON.

Axl hops on top of Nick, facing him, and straddles his ass over his waiting dick. 'Oooh, fuck! Oh my god, that hurts so bad,' Axl says. And yet, he pushes his ass farther down on Nick's cock. Well, once he gets into a rhythm, all is right with the world as he tells Nick to 'fuck that ass' as he grinds and RIDES Nick's dick. When I say ride, I mean ride. Axl's a bucking bronco on Nick's dick. Axl keeps pumping until he shoots his load all over Nick's chest. Once he's shot, Axl energetically jerks Nick to completion on his own, spewing Nick's load across his groin.

But wait . . . we have outtakes. And these are some pretty hilarious ones too. They are the kind that make you like the guys even more. (And, you'll hear that maybe a five-guy gang-bang could be in Nick Tower's future. . . "

WATCH Axl & Nick Tower at Active Duty!

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Active Duty | Domenic, Nick Tower, and Tanner


Domenic, Nick Tower, and Tanner

July 15, 2012

"And now, for our feature presentation tonight, we have the return of Domenic! We match up him with two of our muscle men, Nick Tower and Tanner, and watch the sparks fly. This scene also marks Nick's first time bottoming, so you know it's going to be something extra special. Ready?

I ask Domenic when the video opens, 'where you been?!' And he just says, 'I've been around. Here there and everywhere.' I tell him, 'Been everywhere but here!' And ain't that the truth. Domenic is reclining on the bed to the right of hunka hunka burning love Nick Tower, who is sitting next to Tanner. I joke with Domenic that we're going to make Nick -- who I refer to as a 'big slab of meat' -- the 'center of attention.' And you know me, I cut right to the chase, instructing Nick to show us what's he got that makes him worthy of being the center of attention.

And wham! Out springs his dick of death from under his shorts. I temporarily lose my breath and frankly, watching this back again, I'm amazed I didn't drop the camera. Nick just smiles a sly smile, knowing he's got us in the palm of his large hands.

Aside from a few new tattoos, Domenic looks pretty much the same as when we last saw him. And he hasn't seemed to have forgotten how to suck a dick either, as he swiftly dives down onto Nick's thick one. Domenic blurts out in a moment of levity, 'I can hardly get my mouth around it. It's huge.'

Domenic sarcastically jokes to Tanner about Nick, 'Since he's the center of attention, I guess we gotta show him all the attention.' Domenic goes back to work on Nick's cock, while jerking Tanner with his left hand. Soon we see Nick's right hand creep under Domenic, giving his dick a spin. The guys switch things up a bit, re-arranging themselves on the bed. (Which is actually kinda funny to watch, since there is *just* enough room for all three of the big boys on the mattress.)

Tanner starts sucking on Domenic, while Domenic continues to work on Nick. So far, Nick's got the easy job of just sitting back and relaxing, but don't worry -- he'll have to do some 'work' soon enough.

Nick stands up on the side of bed, making it easier for Domenic to suck him off. Soon, both Tanner and Nick are on their knees on either side of Domenic, giving him easy access to suck and stroke both gents. While Domenic focuses on Tanner for a spell, Nick takes it upon himself to jerk Domenic off.

After a few minutes of that, Domenic slides his hand under Nick and between his legs and in goes a finger into Nick's undoubtedly tight ass. That's just a teaser though, as the guys switch it up again, letting Domenic rest for a bit as Tanner goes to town on his dick. All this time, Domenic has a finger up Nick's ass, getting him ready for what's about to happen. . .

After a little more sucking and stroking, the guys get into position, readying Nick for entry. Tanner gets behind him and wastes no time, leaving Nick breathless. He's a trooper though, as we watch him concentrate on getting used to the sensation of having Tanner's dick up his ass. We swing the camera around to the front so we can see both Nick and Tanner's faces. Nick's face goes through about seven different emotions at the same time while he says 'oh god,' while Tanner is steady-as-he-goes in the back.

Now, Tanner has barely only gotten into the bottoming business -- having only recently had his cherry popped in a scene with Jake -- but we make sure that his ass gets some attention in this scene, too. We sandwich him in the middle for a bit, where he's fucking Nick while getting fucked by Domenic. While that doesn't last too long, we isolate just Tanner and Domenic together so they can have some one-on-one action.

Tanner's up on his hands and knees, getting fucked from the back by Domenic while sucking off Nick in the front. Like I said earlier -- Nick may have started off as the center of attention, but we made sure to mix things up.

Domenic starts shooting the shit to Nick about the action, and I tell Nick to 'stand up and feed his loud mouth some of that cock.' And what a good idea that was! Domenic looks good when he's in a steady rhythm of fucking-and-sucking, especially with the towering Nick above him.

Soon enough, Domenic has pulled out of Tanner and blows his load all over Tanner's back. And it's not just any load, but a six-spurt (maybe seven!) gusher. Understatement of the day: That's a big load.

We get Tanner and Nick back on the bed, side by side, as they furiously jerk their dicks. Tanner fires off a gooey load and a few minutes later, Nick practically has a coronary shooting his load on his chest.

But wait, there's more! Some amusing outtakes follow the scene, but you'll have to watch to find out what happens."

WATCH Domenic, Nick Tower, Tanner II at Active Duty!

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Active Duty | Sebastian



June 20, 2012

"Active Duty's War Chest recruit Sebastian is a former Army Ranger. He's 27 years old, stands 6' 4", has size 13 feet and weighs a rock solid 235 lbs. If that isn't enough of a man to keep you busy all night I'm not sure what is. Dink picks on him a little about his gray hair and he cuts a big smile that'll melt your heart. Not only is this stud sporting a huge uncut jewel to match his size, but he also has an interesting history. He's not only been deployed several times to Iraq and other places, but he also played college basketball, ran track in high school and loves to work out. He was born in Germany and was there when the wall came down."

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Active Duty | Kaden and Nick Tower With Toys


Kaden & Nick Tower

June 17, 2012

"You remember big, strapping Nick Tower don't you? The massive hulk of a stud debuted in the War Chest way back on Nov. 16, 2011 in a solo scene, but since then, the 6'-tall man has been off your radar.

Well, that all changes today, as I was able to get him to take the next step forward (and then some) by pairing up with a pro that knows how to handle delicate newbies: Kaden. Now, while Nick isn't ready for everything quite yet, I think you'll be surprised at what he does do. By the end of the scene, Kaden's fingered and worked a toy up Nick's ass. Damn!

We start off the 45-minute scene with the camera focused on Nick, who is already playing with himself in his shorts. I joke around with him, saying how when I picked him up in my car, I tricked him into coming over. He hits back: 'I could tucked and rolled if I wanted to.'

Now, we've tried to make a duo with Nick happen before, but his partner always ended up flaking on me. (Maybe they searched the site and saw how massive his dick was and got scared?) Anyways, Kaden's up for the challenge, so I leave the room for a bit to let the guys get comfortable.

They joke a little about the porno that's playing and Nick is focused completely on the video, occasionally stealing glances at the camera and Kaden. For his part, Kaden's busy getting himself up to speed, slipping out of his T-shirt and bringing his dick to attention. They start shooting the shit about working out, how much they can bench and how Nick was doing MMA for a while.

I come back in to the room and jokingly tell Kaden to 'attack, attack!' and he responds with a smile, 'If I have to.' Finally, Kaden leans in to help Nick takes his underwear off and he immediately starts sucking him off. Nick's still getting hard but it doesn't take long for him to fully rise to attention. And man, what a massive, thick dick Nick has!

Kaden continues to work him over, while Nick reaches around, helping Kaden out of his shorts and starts jerking him off. Kaden moves up Nick's expansive chest to lick and suck on his nipples for a bit before heading back down south again. Nick must like what's going on, his hips are grinding and thrusting into Kaden's mouth. (Honestly, I'm not sure how Kaden can take ALL of Nick -- he's just that big and thick. It's like a beer bottle or something.)

Soon, Kaden has worked a finger into Nick's ass while he continues to suck him off. Kaden picks up the pace with his digits, thrusting in and out faster while focusing on Nick's meaty head.

After a while, Kaden says 'why don't you try something different?' And reaches over to produce a beaded toy and begins to work into Nick's ass. The beefy stud is shaking and convulsing at the sensation, jerking back as Kaden forces more and more of it in. And one point, Nick shoots a look of death at the camera like, 'what the fuck did you get me into Dink?'

One thing's for sure, Nick's dick stays as hard as a 2x4 and he's trying desperately to keep his composure. Kaden keeps fucking his ass with the beads while Nick alternately grunts, pants and moans. Things switch up a bit, as Kaden gets up on his knees in front of Nick, so Nick can jerk Kaden off while Kaden continues to work the beads into his ass. Nick is two-handing both himself and Kaden now, working up to blow his load. Kaden pulls out the beads, replacing it with his finger and the boys continue to get closer to blowing. When Nick shoots, it's like he had a minor coronary, he's breathing that hard! He spews onto his stomach, completely out of breath. Kaden gets his turn, sending his load onto Nick's abs, too.

As we close out, Kaden tells Nick, 'hope to see you again,' and Nick says, 'me too.' After some lip-locking, it's a wrap."

WATCH Kaden & Nick Tower at Active Duty!

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Active Duty | Finn: Solo

Finn: Solo

Featuring Finn

June 13, 2012

"Mike's smitten, it seems, telling Finn he's a 'nice looking guy' -- and he ain't kidding. Finn has a gorgeous, toned body with smooth, milky skin. Finn's decked out in a pair of crisp white boxers and a bright blue polo shirt, but he soon escapes the confines of his clothing to get down to business. Finn stays focused on the straight porno playing in the background.

About mid-way through the scene, Mike suggests to Finn to flip over onto his stomach so we can get a good look at his ass. And it's a pretty one! Completely smooth all over, Finn spreads his cheeks apart so we can get an even closer view. Mike's impressed too, so much so that he comes in for an inspection of his own. Handsy Mike starts exploring Finn's ass and jerking him off. Soon enough, Mike has a finger up inside Finn and we're thinking Mike is doing just about everything he can to keep from turning off the camera and having his way with Finn. Mike's dirty talk is crazier than ever, telling Finn how he needs a hard cock in his ass. While Mike doesn't get a dick in there, he goes for the second best option in our second scene with him today."


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Active Duty | Nick Tower


Nick Tower

November 16, 2011

"Nick Tower is a big, beefy super-hung blonde that is just dying to show off for us. Nick starts out in the shower as the camera (and me) admire his gorgeous gym body as it glistens in the water. This man is pure all-american beef and he's packing a cock that's super thick and ready for service. I personally could watch him shower all day, but eventually I get him out and onto the bed where we get to know him better.

Once he's on the bed he gives the camera a big smile and from that point you'll fall in love. This guy is a huge show-off and he loves the camera as much as it loves him. In less than a minute he's thrown his towel to the side and starts stroking that massive monster cock of his once again. He keeps his eyes on the camera, paying it lots of attention as he works that cock for us. He loves rubbing that nice, thick body of his, too. He puts that big cock through the paces and works it over really good for us until he sprays a huge load all over his stomach.

After he shoots his juicy thick load for us I talk to Nick and get the basics from him. Nick is 20 years old, he's 6ft tall and weighs a hefty, but well-defined 210 pounds of pure man. Nick says he's always hitting the gym and anything that has to do with sports. He played football and wrestled and also power-lifted in high school. This jock is the total package and I think you'll agree."

WATCH Nick Tower at Active Duty!

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Active Duty | Maxx



January 13, 2010

"I recently met Maxx while hanging out in a downtown bar. He was trying to talk his way into the pants of some cougar in her late thirties and when he struck out, I struck up a conversation with him. Maxx is a really nice guy and built like a brick shithouse. He's 20-years old, stands 6' tall and weighs about 230 pounds. He works out everyday religiously for two to three hours and you can tell. He says his hobbies are hanging out with friends, going to the beach and soon he'll add bar hopping to that list. Maxx says he's pretty open minded and that this business sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

I leave Maxx alone for a few minutes and as soon as I'm gone he pulls his nice hard cock out of his white boxers and starts slowly stroking it. This guy is the whole package and you're gonna fall in love with him right away. I know I did. When he pulls off his wife beater he reveals some of the most gorgeous nipples. This is the second War Chest Update in a row where the guy has had exceptionally sexy nipples. If you're a nipple lover like me you'll appreciate such perfection. The boxers come off quickly after the shirt and we've got this hunk of muscle all naked and to ourselves. I get some really good shots and angles of that gorgeous muscle body as Maxx continues to enjoy pleasing himself. Trust me, you're gonna want to jump right in there and do the work for him as he teases us up into a frenzy.

Next we are treated to a nice viewing of that hot bubble butt and Maxx isn't shy about showing it off at all. He arches the back and gets right into it. All that muscle arched into a perfect picture. I get some nice close-ups of that nice hairy hole as Maxx allows total access, looking at the camera with a 'come fuck me' look on that sexy mug of his.

Once he's allowed us to drool over his gorgeous muscles, he pops a really nice load for us. But the best part of this solo session for me was the shower scene after the jack-off session. Watching his beefy body glisten in the water is something else. Just perfection. I made this shower session extra long and got shots from a lot of angles showing off his ripped abs and tree-trunk legs. This guy is hotter than a firecracker and you're going to want to savor every last inch of him."

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