Colby's Crew | Come and Play With My Balls… Basket Balls | Featuring Brett Dylan and Joey D

Come play with my balls... (16)

Come and Play With My Balls… Basket Balls

Featuring Brett Dylan and Joey D

May 11, 2017

"Joey D is waiting on the court for Brett Dylan and his buddies to show up to shoot a few hoops. Brett, arriving a bit late and alone, explains that the rest of the guys bailed. So, with little time left, they get down to shooting some hoops. After a while Joey announces that he needs to get going. Brett asks if he’s off to hook up with his GF and Joey’s, pretty bluntly, replies that he’s dropped her because she wouldn’t blow him. Brett laments Joey’s predicament. As Joey tanks back some water, Brett senses an opportunity and makes a move on his ball buddy. Out in the open, on the court, the boys lock lips. Joey seems quite pleased as Brett gets down on his knees and springs lose Joey’s stiff curved cock. As Joey’s muscled body and washboard abs tilt back against a post, he is lost in the ecstatic blow job his buddy is providing. The stud wastes no time in getting his cock-sucking buddy to turn and offer up his butt for a hot tongue lashing. Brett’s hole is getting lubed up and worked up for the impending fuck. He squirms and pants as Joey is spreading his cheeks and prodding his boy’s hole open. Joey is ready to fuck and proposes that they hit the shower. As they move inside, Joey takes his turn at his buddy’s dick, blowing Brett’s stiff tool. There’s no water running, but the heat still rises in this shower stall. Brett is just itching to get a stiff cock in his ass, and Joey is more than happy to oblige. The hungry bottom bends forward, first grasping the wall, then clasping his knees as his studly fuck buddy takes him for a ride. Brett still needs more cock. He moves onto all fours, giving Joey even easier access to his hungry hole. As they keep shifting positions, Brett is loving every thrust he’s getting! He jacks off a load in no time, spewing his jizz across the stall. Spent, he spins around onto his knees with Joey’s cock whiskers away from his mouth. Joey then fires off his load, shooting streams of white batter all around, as his buddy plays with his emptying balls. Now’s the time to get the water running!!"

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Colby's Crew | Don't Tell Mom - Part 3 | Featuring Abe Andrews, Colby Jansen, and Jaxton Wheeler

Don't Tell Mom - Part 3

Featuring Abe Andrews, Colby Jansen, and Jaxton Wheeler

May 2, 2017

"Revenge is sweet. After Colby Jansen admitted to Jaxton Wheeler that he had to fuck his stepson to protect their secret little affair from the dark-haired jock’s wife, Dad promptly calls home the devious Abe Andrews for a scolding. But no typical scolding that will be! Confronted by his stepdad about blackmailing Colby, the wicked teen denies any wrongdoing. This only pushes the two jocks into horny anger. They manhandle the kid, tearing off his jeans, hitting his butt hard and getting him to suck some serious man cock. While he’s sucking on Colby’s stiff boner, Jaxton strips down and starts fucking his stepson’s burning red marked ass. Drawn into servitude, Abe doesn’t seem to mind his predicament all that much. In the face of harsh name calling and a hard fuck, he sucks admirably. No whimpers, no squealing, just plain and simple gagging on a hard cock while his ass gets firmly busted. This incestuous affair is getting intense. There’s no letting up. He sucks, he gets fucked, he gags bopping back and forth. The bosses then move in on each side of Abe’s face, getting him to swap cocks from left to right. Verbal abuse and name calling only seem to add to the little devil’s determined effort. It’s Colby’s turn to fuck the budding videographer while his stepdad watches on. Straddling the back of the couch, this boy toy takes it like a trooper. Jaxton and Colby then trade places. Abe’s left with a non-stop dick assault of his tight little butt hole. The leather couch creaks progressively louder as the fucking intensifies. There appears to be no love lost between the cheating stepdad and his wife’s scheming little bastard son as Jaxton lets his anger loose on the kid’s sizzling butt. The whole scene comes to a head (so to speak) when Abe lets loose a stream of jizz while his stepdad’s cock is still firmly pounding his ass. And Colby stands tall hovering above the kid jacking his hard cock. Dad then unleashes his baby batter all over the kid’s hairless sperm-covered body. He’s followed by his buddy Colby, who smothers the boy’s face, neck and mouth with his loving jizz. Now the tables are turned. The kid’s cum-dripping lips will be sealed forever."

Dont Tell Mom Part 3 (1)

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Colby's Crew | Don't Tell Mom - Part 2 | Featuring Abe Andrews and Colby Jansen

Don't Tell Mom - Part 2

Featuring Abe Andrews and Colby Jansen

April 7, 2017

"Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler are being played. Young Abe Andrews, Jaxton’s step son, filmed the two making out the day before. As Colby arrives at Jaxton’s house to hang out with Jaxton, the innocent-looking yet devious teen stepson confronts Colby and threatens to send the video he shot to his mother. Abe is alone. With the threat of being exposed and his ongoing affair with Jaxton unravelling, Colby offers to do anything to prevent Abe from acting on his threat. The boy’s demand is simple. He wants to be fucked like his dad was one day ago. He agrees to delete the video if Colby accepts. This time though, Colby is not going to be the one on the receiving end of another guy’s cock. The little devil and Colby start to kiss. They undress and the teenage mouth works his way onto his stepdad’s fuck buddy’s bone-hard cock, deep throat and all! This is obviously not Abe’s first shot at sucking dick. He knows how to work a boner like it’s his second nature. Once Abe’s gotten the burly adult quite horned up, Colby motions the kid onto the bed, face forward, ass raised and ready for a trouncing. Colby compliments Abe’s nice round bubble butt, while slapping it and prepping it for a lusty pounding. Colby’s got the conniving teen under his grip. He moves in and starts to plow the kid’s ass. Abe is a real cock whore. He’s in ecstasy, begging for more as he grips the upper bunk for stability. Colby then instructs Jaxton’s kid to ride his rock-hard cock, while he lies on his back. Abe’s ass swallows Colby’s butt-hungry tool. Keeping up with the intense mood of the moment, they switch positions and Colby dives his cock back into the deep warmth of the kid’s willing hole. The hairless teen is moaning and groaning his way to heaven and, after a proper pounding, his bone-hard dick explodes with joy. Colby soon follows suite, spilling his seed atop Abe’s cum-covered stomach. Colby got his way and just saved his fuck buddy Jaxton from some serious shit."

Dont tell mom part 2 (1) Dont tell mom part 2 (3)

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Colby's Crew | Don't Tell Mom - Part 1 | Featuring Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler

Don't Tell Mom - Part 1

Featuring Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler

March 27, 2017

"Jaxton Wheeler and Colby Jansen appear to have a thing going. The dark-haired and bearded Jaxton calls his buddy and tells him that the wife and kid are out. He invites a receptive Colby over, indicating that he’d leave the door open… Home alone, Jaxton patiently, yet very horny, waits for Colby’s arrival. As his guest enters the room, few words are needed to explain where this is going. They kiss and huddle on the bed, then start to strip. Jaxton’s stiff cock springs out of his cargo pants and Colby reaches down and sucks his hairy and muscled jock buddy. Colby does a bang-up job of getting a horny Jaxton even more wound up. Sucking and jacking his buddy’s tool, Colby does as he’s told. They moan, they growl, then Jaxton returns the favor sucking his bud’s rock hard prick. This cheating stepdad can sure suck a mean cock, but his own man meat is itching for a tight hole to ram. Jaxton goes from sucking to rimming Colby’s starved butt hole in seconds. Once he’s lubed it up into a shiny target, the six-foot plus stud gets up off the bed as Colby positions himself on all fours at the edge. Jaxton slowly pokes his way in, but progressively pounds his buddy’s hole harder and harder. This hunky man’s man presses all of Colby’s sex-starved buttons. From short deep blasts to long rhythmic thrusts, he knows how to drive Colby deeper into his horned-up trance. Jaxton then lies on the bed and Colby moves up to ride him like a cowboy riding his horse his body straddling his partner in a reverse position. Jaxton’s cock is indeed quite a piece of fat horse meat. Colby keeps riding until his fuck buddy stands and moves again to the edge of the bed, ramming a lying Colby deeper and deeper. Colby is being ridden hard, which pushes him beyond the breaking point. He jacks off and unleashes a load of cum that lands on his hairy stomach and forearm. This pushes the other hairy stud, Jaxton, to pellet his own baby batter… As the air calms, from a distance, from beyond the bedroom window, this whole scene is being played out on film, shot by a young smiling spectator. Obviously, this story is not over yet!"

CC_Scene-Dont tell Mom - Part 1 - Photos (1) CC_Scene-Dont tell Mom - Part 1 - Photos (2)

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Colby's Crew | The Ex-Girlfriend (Being There for Your Bro) | Featuring Colby Jansen and Tobias James

CC028_The Ex Girlfriend_Scene Images_0386

The Ex-Girlfriend (Being There for Your Bro)

Featuring Colby Jansen and Tobias James

January 18, 2017

"Women. Ugh! Colby’s is really frustrated with his girlfriend. He’s on the phone with her haggling over unpaid bills and her non-stop long hours at the job. And, obviously too much work means too little sex. Colby hangs up, knowing nothing has been settled. She’ll be home late, exhausted and ready for bed. Breaking this mood of desperation is studly Tobias James, as he walks in with two beers in hand. He gives one to Colby, keeps the other, sits next to him and asks what’s up. Colby vents, and ultimately admits to having gone without sex “forever”. Ok, in fact he means “months”. It’s still a chilling feeling for such a hot-blooded stud in his prime. Tobias is in disbelief and lends a sympathetic ear to his sexually frustrated buddy. Tobias is even willing to sacrifice himself and provide his buddy with a helping hand. “Well, you know, I have a mouth and an ass,” he says. Colby spontaneously laughs it off. But Tobias persists. As the idea sinks in, Colby relents and without giving Tobias a clear signal to go ahead, he doesn’t ward him off either. “Whatever,” he responds nonchalantly, giving Tobias an “all-clear” as he chugs back on his beer. Tobias moves into position, on his knees, in between Colby’s seated legs. He starts to unzip his bud’s jeans and presses in with his mouth pulling at the briefs-covered crotch. Tobias then stands back and removes his shirt, revealing his hunky upper body, while Colby removes his pants and briefs, letting his bone-hard cock spring free. Tobias moves back in again, this time unimpeded by any clothing and swallows his buddy’s stiff cock. Colby is responding well to Tobias’s deep throat action, groaning like a buck. His dick disappears time and again as his bro plunges in non-stop. This goes on and on as Colby is feeling the intense relief he so desperately wanted from his girlfriend. Tobias is on his game. As they get up to strip the rest of their clothes off, Colby’s impressed by what he sees and compliments his friend as soon as he gets an eyeful of Tobias’s large curved uncut cock. They now switch roles. It’s Colby’s turn to give his friend an intense blow job, going so far as to deep throat Tobias’s massive prick. Colby is obviously releasing quite a bit of pent-up anxiety and ends up taking it out on the willing Tobias. Tobias’s butt hole is as hungry as they get, and Colby fills it up aggressively. He fucks his buddy throughout and Tobias’s constantly stiff dick tells the story of a happy camper. The aggressive fucking eventually gets the best of Tobias and he blows his load on his chest, while Colby keeps pounding his tight hole from above. As Tobias is lying on the sofa, Colby then moves to face fuck his buddy and delivers a heaping load of jizz on Tobias’s chest, face and lips. Colby’s buddy slowly strokes and licks his cum covered cock, as he’s coming down from his orgasmic high… Never say never when your best bro offers a helping hand, or “a mouth and an ass” when the GF is MIA."

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Colby's Crew | The Internship - Part 3 | Featuring Colby Jansen and Jackson Grant


The Internship - Part 3

Featuring Colby Jansen and Jackson Grant

January 11, 2017

"It’s bummer news! As Jackson Grant plays chess with his boss Colby Jansen, his boss informs him that times up and he’s on the chopping block. After two years as Colby’s intern, this isn’t what he was hoping for. But, he appears resigned as Colby tells him it’s time to move on and go for better things. He’s been a stellar employee and Colby will be more than happy to provide references and referrals. So, they share a final drink as Colby pops open a bottle of scotch. As he moves his Queen into position for a checkmate, Colby tells Jackson to gather his things. Colby needs to make a few calls so he’ll see his leaving intern when he’s ready done. Jackson stops him in his tracks. He rushes to his boss, who is standing in the stairs. He wants to show him his appreciation for all he’s done over the past two years. Colby shrugs it off, but Jackson insists. When asked what he had in mind, Colby’s young apprentice reaches up, grabs his boss’ tie and pull it down as he reaches up and kisses his boss passionately. They kiss for a short time before Colby opens up his fly and out pops his stiff dick. Jackson spreads his lips and swallows his hunky boss’ throat-busting rod. As he laps up his superior’s stiff tool, Colby moans more and more approvingly. They kiss again and undress each other until Colby gains access to his young intern’s thick stiff cock. We don’t see Colby often on his knees and servicing a kid’s hot dick in a seemingly sub position. But he is definitely enjoying this boy’s cock and the Jackson is loving every minute of this “exit interview”. Then the boss gets his staffer on his knees, providing unimpeded access to the kid’s hairy cheeks and crack. Colby is going crazy tonguing the kid’s ass. He spits in it then plugs his finger in… Know the boss is ready to fuck! He’s now returned to his bossy attitude, completely dominating his young protege. As he draws him up for another passionate kissing session, their hairy chests merge and brush together. Jackson strokes both cocks at the same time and ready’s his ass for the bossy fucking he’s on the verge of getting. Colby starts slowly, but quickly gets into his groove and let’s Jackson know who’s still in charge. His boy is begging to get plowed more and more, as he jerks his own stiff cock and begs Colby to “Fuck me harder. Harder!” He groans and begs for more. Colby then slows down and pulls out. He lays down on the floor and, and facing him Jackson straddles Colby’s body and rides him like a bitch in heat. Jackson’s hairy ass is loving the attention. The get up and once again they kiss briefly as the boss position’s his boy-toy on his back and fucks him once more, this time in a pile driver stance. Jackson is ripping his cock up with an intense jerking, then Colby rises and shoots his load onto his laying intern. Jackson follows suit quickly as he unloads a copious amount of spunk reaching as far as his chest. As they start breathing more slowly, the boss tells the kid to get packing…"

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Colby's Crew | Pleasing the Boss | Featuring Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant


Pleasing the Boss

Starring Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant

January 4, 2017

"Jackson Grant’s skills as a laborer are somewhat dubious. Frustrated, he’s cursing his way about, trying to fix Mr. Dirk Caber’s old water heating system. The kid fumbles with his tools as he can’t seem to get anything right. It’s obvious that Dirk Caber’s hiring abilities are as doubtful as the kid’s abilities for manual labor are. When the hairy and bearded Caber arrives in the basement, he complains that the rattled kid hasn’t finished the job. He’s needed upstairs in an hour! Grilling his laborer for not knowing his ass from a hole in the ground, Jackson struggles to defend himself and wonders why Mr. Caber hired him. That’s when the owner admits that his hiring process wasn’t solely based and the boy’s skill set… or at least his manual labor skills. He admitted hiring him because of the kid’s studly look. Jackson is surprised. Indeed, Jackson seems far more adept at seducing Dirk Caber than fixing his pipes…. As they kiss, his confidence seems to be building. This is when he offers Dirk to show him what he’s really good at. Soon, he’s on his knees pumping Dirk’s blood-engulfed pipe. Jackson is proving to be quite adept at this type of pipe-fixin’. He’s moaning while sucking a grinning and groaning Dirk Caber. Jackson is now definitely getting the job done! After a generous serving of Jackson’s cock sucking abilities, Dirk strips the kid’s overalls and kneels down to give him a very talented blow job. Jackson’s cock is as stiff as the piping against the basement wall. Caber squeezes and munches on his young laborer’s sizeable balls, while pinching his hard nips. Dirks then want a view of the kid’s backside. Jackson turns and leans into the open ladder, allowing an ass-hungry Dirk to rim his boy’s hairy asshole. Jackson is in heaven, pleading for Dirk to continue his skillful tongue work. The kid is squirming and moaning like a bitch in heat, egging Dirk on. The boss then gets up and plows his fat cock into a pleading Jackson. As the kid gets his ass fully filled, he wants more, much more. And Dirk gives it to him. The hairy kid is now in his element knowing he was hired to service Mr. Caber with what he knows best. And, the owner is certainly pleased with his recruitment effort. The fucking keeps going as Dirk sits on the ladder step and the kid backs his ass right in. He’s moaning and groaning, and begging for more of Dirk’s fat cock in his ass. Finally, Jackson is instructed to lean up against the wall and brace the piping. As the bearded owner fucks his ass silly, the kid rips out a load of spunk, shooting it across the basement floor. Then, Dirk pulls out and jerk offs while Jackson gets on his knees and shoves his open mouth within inches of his boss’ hard cock, waiting to lap up the juicy load that erupts moments later."

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