Cockyboys | Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper | Featuring Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

Featuring Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

March 31, 2022

"Superstar Diego Sans makes his CockyBoys debut with newcomer Matthew Cooper! They have genuine chemistry and you'll find out why in their playfully sexy introduction in which Matthew reveals he had a porn crush on Diego well before they met online and had some fun together. Diego has some big reveals too, more contributing factors to their chemistry....which you will see in action.

As they make out, Matthew can't keep his hands off Diego's hot bod and he's just as eager to suck his cock. So is Diego and in little time he's in a 69 with Matthew, deep sucking him, eating his ass, and fingering his hole. Matthew soon wants more than a finger and rides Diego's cock, unleashing a torrent of wild, sexual energy and unquenchable passion.

Now that Matthew has opened up for him, Diego really takes charge and fucks him bent over with his muscle ass raised up high. Diego gets Matthew into position to drill down into the very vocal bottom for maximum pleasure. And when Diego flips him on his back, every way he fucks Matthew makes him express himself with vividly vocal pleasure.

Finally, Diego fucks Matthew from the side and as he wraps his arms around his writhing body, he thrusts in deeper and deeper. Diego soon goes over the edge and pulls out to cum, shooting his big load everywhere before pumping his cock into Matthew. As Diego kisses him, Matthew also cums, his creamy load erupting over his abs. As they lie back spent, total satisfaction registers in their sexy smiles. We bet YOU are satisfied too!!"

Diego sans-matthew cooper-1011

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Cockyboys | Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd | Featuring Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd

Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd

Featuring Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd

February 3, 2022

"Adorably hot Alex Gonzalez is VERY excited to get his shot with Roman Todd, who basically checks off all the items on Alex's want list. Alex likes a bigger muscular guy to do whatever they want and that's just what he gets with Roman. Alex runs his hands over Roman's chiseled body and sucks the big bulge in his briefs and when given the go-ahead he gets to suck his cock.

Roman enjoys Alex's mouth action and face-fucking him, but he also enjoys sucking the eager bottom, rimming him, fingering his hole and getting turn on even more with sex talk. Finally, after cock-teasing Alex, Roman gives him the fucking he craves. Roman pounds Alex's hole from behind but also slows down to wrap his arms around Alex and get him to ask for more.

Roman drills Alex again, this time with more physical dominance, some manhandling, and sweaty energy. Soon, Roman gets Alex to ride his cock and in short order he takes command again, piston-fucking his hole. Roman to passionate drilling from the side and orgasms inside Alex. BUT, still hard he fucks Alex on his back and then finger fucks him to cumming and making his dreams come true!"


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Cockyboys | Daniel Evans & Evan Knoxx | Featuring Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx

Daniel Evans & Evan Knoxx

Featuring Daniel Evans & Evan Knoxx

November 26, 2021

"CockyBoys Exclusive Daniel Evans is joined by boyfriend Evan Knoxx for a hot flip-fuck! As they tell it, two years after meeting online they hooked up and a fling turned into something real right away. Since then, this versatile duo has grown sexually, freely exploring their of which they share with you here.

After a sensual make out, Evan makes his way down Daniel's body and sucks his cock & balls, knowing exactly how to push his buttons and put him in a dreamy state of pleasure. In time, Daniel returns the favor in a slightly different way but with the same results. Soon though Evan wants more and sits on Daniel's big dick and rides him every which way. Although they love this momentum , they decide to flip.

With Daniel lying on his tummy, Evan rims him, lies on top of him kissing his brawny bod, and fingers his hole before opening him up all the way with his cock. It's not long before Evan is pounding Daniel's hole just as he knows he likes it and can take it.

And yet they soon flip again with Evan on his back being driven wild by Daniel's sensually-driven cocksucking. Daniel has a something extra for Evan: a kinky surprise! Daniel takes out some gear to strap Evan's wrists and ankles together and proceeds to eat his hole and fuck his immobilized boyfriend.

Ah, but there's more flipping! After Daniel unshackles him, Evan fucks him slow and deep from the side. But it's Daniel who tops at the end, drilling his boyfriend in a high energy piledriver until Evan cums over himself. Daniel the hoots his big load over Evan's balls and finishes up inside him. Our happy couple kisses once more, again showing us their Grindr love story come true."


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Cockyboys | I Vant To Suck Your Cock | Featuring Dallas Preston & Evan Knoxx

Cockyboys I Vant To Suck Your Cock Featuring Dallas Preston & Evan Knoxx

I Vant To Suck Your Cock

Featuring Dallas Preston & Evan Knoxx

October 28, 2021

"CockyBoys celebrates Halloween this week with the all-new "I Vant To Suck Your Cock" AND a CockyBoys Classic double feature on Friday & Saturday with The Haunting & Meeting Liam!

Halloween is the perfect night to sit by the fire and tell ghost stories, and Dallas Preston thinks he has one to seduce Evan Knoxx in his CockyBoys debut! It's the ghostly legend of Joe & Raif from The Haunting, which Dallas spookily tells in verse to Evan who claims he doesn't scare easily. Dallas has a trick up his sleeve to find out for sure, but does he really need it? Once Dallas kisses him, Evan has ZERO resistance.

Dallas's lips soon move to Evan's neck, then to his nipples before cascading down his hard abs. At his crotch, Dallas gets his own surprise a big bulge that he can't stop feeling up and sucking through Evan's shorts. However it's not until he practically begs for it that Evan gives permission and once he does, Dallas gives his cock loving oral attention fit for a king.

Evan loves the worshipful attention but he's craving something too: Dallas' hole. Evan gives as good as gets, using his mouth and tongue and his fingers on Dallas on his way to owning his hole. Dallas loves it so much he rides his tongue and bends over to again suck Evan can't help but slap Dallas' ass as he eats it. Finally, when Evan asks if he wants to be fucked, Dallas enthusiastically does a quick 180 and sits on Evan's cock to ride it deep and take all of his upward thrusts.

Dallas keeps riding Evan every which way he can until Evan wants to move to a comfier spot. He makes out with Dallas and sucks him generously and opens his hole once more before pounding him on his back. Evan keeps going in every position until he makes Dallas shoot his load and barely slows down to shoot HIS load over his hole, breed him with it and feed him the rest. As they kiss Dallas gets one more nice surprise from Evan. No trick, and definitely a treat."

Dallas preston-evan knoxx-1927

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Cockyboys | Let's Get Cocky | Featuring Brock Banks & Leo Grand

Let's Get Cocky

Featuring Brock Banks & Leo Grand

August 5, 2021

"The Camp CockyBoys BBQ & homemade pizza party brought together old friends and new acquaintances like Brock Banks & Leo Grand! They shared a pizza and found common ground when it comes to being "cocky". For Brock & Leo it's not letting people's expectations and assumptions define them. Instead, these two have found the freedom to be who they want to be...on camera and off!

After the party Leo & Brock get some alone time in the bedroom where Brock affectionately kisses Leo all over. He soon focuses his attention on Leo's cute ass, specifically his "honey hole" and he uses all of his mouth & tongue on it. Brock just can't get enough, and Leo loves all the pleasure including Brock cock-teasing his hole. So, when Brock wants it, Leo is happy to suck his big dick.

Leo gives Brock's cock lots of attention only stopping periodically to kiss him. At the same time Brock can't keep his hands off Leo's butt. Finally, he just has to be inside Leo, who agrees and in no time, he's sitting on Brock's cock, riding him and taking his deep thrusts. Brock still gives his hole a break by sucking his cock, while Leo reaches behind Broke to stroke him. And when asked, Leo's goes right back to sucking Brock and getting his cock spit-lubed again.

Soon Brock puts Leo into position and after a little more ass eating slides in from behind and power tops him with passionate domination and dirty talk. After pounding him every which, Brock gets Leo on his back to drill him on his back and their connection intensifies. Brock's targeted thrusts do their job and Leo shoots a thick load over himself. Brock pulls out just in time to cum on Leo's hole, a thick load they both love. Already bound together they seal it with one more deep kiss."


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Cockyboys | Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

Featuring Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

August 3, 2021

"Aiden Ward returns and he's with Sebastian Green making his pro porn debut with us at CockyBoys! Sebastian is a dom top and versatile Aiden is more than ready do what he's told..right from the start. He watches and feels the bulge in his crotch as Sebastian lies back on the patio, rubbing his hard chest and his growing cock. Aiden waits but when he pulls out his fully hard cock to stroke it, Sebastian gestures for him, saying "Come here, boy".

Aiden kisses Sebastian passionately making his cock jump and he takes the obvious hint to suck it. Sebastian loves it while encouraging more from Aiden with sex talk, holding him by the hair to guide him and face-fucking him to make him choke. When he does Sebastian kisses Aiden and reciprocates, marveling at his big cock and sucking every inch. He comes up for air just once to tell Aiden "damn boy!

Sebastian lays on more deep, passionate kisses and soon after turning Aiden around, he goes down to eat his hole. After prepping him with spit lube & finger probes, he makes sure Aiden wants his cock and then fucks him. Sebastian pounds Aiden's hole like he owns it...because he does! and when Sebastian deems it's time, he flips him on his back to fuck him.

Sebastian drills Aiden but also treats him like a good boy by stroking his cock and even as he pounds him, Sebastian deep kisses him. It's when he fucks him from the side that Aiden tells Sebastian what he already knows, "it's yours". Soon Sebastian pulls out, leans him back and shoots his load over Aiden's hole. Breathlessly, Sebastian gives Aiden permission to shoot his load and after he does, he gives him another big kiss. And as Sebastian looks down at Aiden's face, they both know that was GOOD!"

Aiden ward-sebastian green-5974

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Cockyboys | Edward Terrant & Manuel Skye

Edward Terrant & Manuel Skye

Featuring Edward Terrant & Manuel Skye

July 29, 2021

"Manuel Skye is back from his world travels, ready to show how he's evolved to share his sexual energy and get pleasure by giving pleasure to Edward Terrant. From the start Manuel leads the way, showing Edward how to take the slow, sensual route. As directed by Manuel, Edward orally teases Manuel's cock through his pants, once it's out, he uses his mouth and tongue on the tip and Manuel's big balls before being allowed to suck him deep.

Soon Manuel makes out with Edward passionately and picks him up before lying back to move to the next level. Edward sits on Manuel's chest and as they kiss his cock is ready to penetrate Edward. BUT, Manuel takes him into an intense 69 and as they suck each other deep, he lifts Edward and also plays with his hole. Manuel soon uses his acrobatic prowess to lift Edward upside and they continue sucking cock, now in a vertical, mid-air 59.

In time Manuel puts Edward down, gets him on all fours to eat his hole, and proceeds to own it with some deep-drilling thrusts. Soon, Manuel takes Edward to bed to rim and tease his hole every which way before flipping him over to plow him. As Manuel pounds Edward harder & deeper lubed with spit and precum, he fucks him from the side and then seamlessly he rolls him over to ride his cock and take every upward thrust.

Manuel finishes off Edward by fucking him on his back, driving an intense orgasm out of him before pulling out and shooting a massive load all over his hole. Manuel fucks some of his jizz back into Edward and kisses him tenderly, punctuating an experience he won't soon forget."


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Cockyboys | Kane Fox & Tayte Hanson

Kane Fox & Tayte Hanson

Featuring Kane Fox & Tayte Hanson

July 22, 2021

"Hot top Kane Fox wants to learn to be a better bottom and Tayte Hanson is here to help! He spends a little time getting to know Kane and he proceeds with some skillfully intuitive foreplay. After a mix of kissing and licking Kane from neck to crack, a little foot play and humping , Tayte soon tongue dives into Kane's hole.

Taking on a semi- dominant role Tayte spit-lubes Kane and teases his hole but instead of fucking him he moves in front of him to make Kane suck his thick cock. While Kane goes all in on sucking him, Tayte reaches around to finger him and soon he flips over Kane to tongue his hole one more time. Now sure he's now ready, Tayte slowly slides his cock into Kane while lovingly giving him instructions to take it.

Tayte takes his time helping Kane get used to his cock before he starts fucking him harder & deeper and helps him reach the juncture of pain & pleasure. Soon after reaching this point Tayte flips Kane on his back to lap at his hole and use his fingers to expand his hole while continue to "teach" him. Tayte also uses this time to give Kane oral pleasure, deep-sucking his cock and balls and eating his hole even more.

Tayte fucks Kane on his back, focusing even more on how he responds and kissing him to relax him even more. In one more lesson, Tayte has Kane to ride his cock and he raises the intensity by getting Kane to choke him...which Tayte reciprocates. Finally, Tayte lies back to stroke out a big load and give a facial to Kane who soon shoots his own load all over himself. Kane kisses Tayte, genuinely grateful to him for the memorable bottoming experience he craved."

Kane fox-tayte hanson-5167

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Cockyboys | Leo Grand & Roman Todd

Leo Grand & Roman Todd

Featuring Leo Grand & Roman Todd

July 20, 2021

"Leo Grand's ideal summer sex fantasy comes true in the form of Roman Todd! Leo has a detailed checklist for his fantasy and Roman fills in all the boxes so naturally Leo is excited "roll around" with him. Lying together on the outdoor bed they look at a very special erotic photo book and Leo reads passages from it, putting them both in the mood. Roman sweetly kisses Leo and starts to undress him, and it isn't long before Leo is sucking him thoroughly. He knows Roman loves it because he responds with his deep sexy voice.

Soon, Leo rises up to kiss Roman and ask him in a romantic tone to "destroy his throat". That's music to Roman's ears and in no time, he has Leo on his back for some deep face-fucking. At the same time Roman soon leans forward to take care of Leo by eating his ass and sucking his cock. Roman kicks things up a notch by picking up Leo and holding him upside down for a vertical 69. But Roman's focus turns solely to Leo's hole. Flipping him on his stomach, Roman eats out his ass and when he's all spit-lubed he starts to fuck Leo.

It doesn't take long for Roman to own Leo's ass, drilling him from behind with a mix of passion & manhandling and Leo shows how he loves fucking himself on Roman's dick. Flipping Leo on his back, Roma continues to pound him without any barriers. Just as Leo wants, Roman takes charge fucking him in a piledriver and with his cock buried inside him he pulls Leo up to ride him.

Leo rides Roman and takes all his deep upward thrusts and as he grinds his hole, Roman takes care of Leo by stroking his cock. Roman brings him to the edge until Leo takes cock in hand again and shoots his load over his well-muscled bod. Roman is close too and he pulls out to stroke his cock as Leo dismounts and is right there with an open mouth to catch his thick cum eruption. He sucks him dry and Roman is very happy to be the fantasy man Leo wanted."

Leo grand-roman todd-2168

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Cockyboys | Camp CockyBoys | Featuring Angel Rivera & Brock Banks

Camp CockyBoys

Featuring Angel Rivera & Brock Banks

July 15, 2021

"The much-requested pairing of Latin lovers Angel Rivera & Brock Banks is here! This year's joyfully liberating re-opening of Camp CockyBoys finally brought these two together and they both couldn't be happier enjoying the food & fun with the rest of the guys. But when Angel & Brock get some alone time on the big hammock, their attention is only on each other. Amidst their making out and playful banter, Angel can't keep his hands and lips off Brock and when he finally gets his cock out, it disappears in Angel's mouth and throat. The only time he periodically stops is to make out with Brock.

Brock reaches around to play with Angel's ass but he really wants more cock-sucking. Brock lies Angel across the hammock with his head hanging over the edge so he can face fuck him, aided by the hammock's swing. Soon Brock bends forward for some 69 action as he sucks Angel. Soon after Brock turns Angel over to finger and eat his ass, he gets a kinky idea. He lies down under the hammock and gets Angel to stick his cock through the hammock so he can suck him like a horizontal glory hole. This also gives Angel his chance to face fuck Brock.

As much fun as they have on the hammock, when Brock wants to fuck Angel, he takes him to the patio. There in from of the fire on the outdoor hearth, they make out and then Brock puts Angel on all fours atop a table to resume eating his ass. Finally, Brock slides his cock in, fucking a very vocal Angel just how they both want it: hard & deep. With pre-cum dribbling out of his cock, Angel likes it even more when Brock fucks him standing. Angel backs up on his cock and fucks himself until Brock takes back control."

Angel rivera-brock banks-1044

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