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Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

Featuring Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

August 3, 2021

"Aiden Ward returns and he's with Sebastian Green making his pro porn debut with us at CockyBoys! Sebastian is a dom top and versatile Aiden is more than ready do what he's told..right from the start. He watches and feels the bulge in his crotch as Sebastian lies back on the patio, rubbing his hard chest and his growing cock. Aiden waits but when he pulls out his fully hard cock to stroke it, Sebastian gestures for him, saying "Come here, boy".

Aiden kisses Sebastian passionately making his cock jump and he takes the obvious hint to suck it. Sebastian loves it while encouraging more from Aiden with sex talk, holding him by the hair to guide him and face-fucking him to make him choke. When he does Sebastian kisses Aiden and reciprocates, marveling at his big cock and sucking every inch. He comes up for air just once to tell Aiden "damn boy!

Sebastian lays on more deep, passionate kisses and soon after turning Aiden around, he goes down to eat his hole. After prepping him with spit lube & finger probes, he makes sure Aiden wants his cock and then fucks him. Sebastian pounds Aiden's hole like he owns it...because he does! and when Sebastian deems it's time, he flips him on his back to fuck him.

Sebastian drills Aiden but also treats him like a good boy by stroking his cock and even as he pounds him, Sebastian deep kisses him. It's when he fucks him from the side that Aiden tells Sebastian what he already knows, "it's yours". Soon Sebastian pulls out, leans him back and shoots his load over Aiden's hole. Breathlessly, Sebastian gives Aiden permission to shoot his load and after he does, he gives him another big kiss. And as Sebastian looks down at Aiden's face, they both know that was GOOD!"

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