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Fraternity Fantasies: The Glory Hole

Featuring Jacob Acosta and Masyn Thorne
ASGmax.com | Next Door Studios

April 10, 2024

"Masyn Thorne has been working hard crafting a glory hole to have some fun with the Sorority girls! Fellow Fraternity brother Jacob Acosta isn't so sure Masyn's plan is going to work, but he sees his chance to 'test' the glory hole out for himself. Will Masyn be interested in a trial run with his new creation?"

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Fraternity Fantasies: The Glory Hole Featuring Jacob Acosta and Masyn Thorne
















ASG Auditions - Calvin, Canyon & Jacob

Featuring Calvin Michaels, Canyon Cole, and Jacob Acosta
ASGmax.com | ASGmax Originals

January 7, 2024

"Meet Calvin Michaels, Canyon Cole, and Jacob Acosta! Three new to ASG models, ready to show you what they've got! Which Amateur has what it takes to be a Pro? What do you like about each of the guys? Which shaky rookie model deserves a shot to come prove himself again? Who do you want to see them paired with? Which brands will they fit?The choice is yours! Tell us what you think in the comments. Help your favorites get another shot!"

STREAM & DOWNLOAD ASG Auditions - Calvin, Canyon & Jacob Featuring Calvin Michaels, Canyon Cole, and Jacob Acosta

ASG Auditions - Calvin, Canyon & Jacob Featuring Calvin Michaels, Canyon Cole, and Jacob Acosta
















Jacob Acosta & Theo Brady

Featuring Jacob Acosta & Theo Brady

June 28, 2023

"Jacob Acosta & Theo Brady enjoy their time at Weho Pride, but have even more fun when they're home where Theo enjoys Jacob's ginormous cock every way possible. Jacob gets hard just touching Theo's hard body and Theo keeps his beer can cock huge by sucking and virtually worshiping every inch.

Of course, eventually Theo wants that cock inside him and after Jacob eats out his hole he fulfills those desires. As Jacob fucks him from behind and later on his back, he learns Theo is a dynamite bottom who takes and loves cock no matter the position. So he's more than happy to let Theo ride him.

Jacob is turned on more by how Theo loves riding him uninhibitedly, prompting him to tell Theo, "Ride it like you own it". With Jacob verbally pushing him, Theo soon shoots all over him and that pushes Jacob closer. So, when Theo dismounts Jacob shoots his load too. As thy clean up Jacob and Theo agree "that was really nice"---that's putting it mildly, guys!"

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9069

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9117

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9130

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9143

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9147

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9164

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9174

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9184

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9199

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9214

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9218

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9252

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9299

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9260

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9269

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9279

Jacob Acosta-Theo Brady-9282

Jack Waters & Jacob Acosta

Featuring Jack Waters & Jacob Acosta

March 28, 2023

"Jack Waters makes his CockyBoys debut taking on the Jacob Acosta challenge and he not only succeeds with a smile, he masterfully expresses the experience of bottoming for Jacob's huge thick cock. Jack overcomes his nerves to go down on Jacob, sucking diligently until his jaw needs a rest with a well-deserved blowjob from Jacob.

Jack eagerly returns to sucking and perseveres until Jacob decides he wants to fuck---after he eats out his ass. Jacob goes easy on Jack at first, slowly stuffing his fat cock into his hole, before drilling him. Soon, Jack vividly shows pleasure physically and vocally, asking for cock as Jacob fucks him in a variety of ways.

The more that Jacob takes charge and pounds him, Jack gets more expressive as he escalates to a higher level of sexual ecstasy. While Jack loves being under Jacob, he takes control at the end and rides him to orgasm shooting his load over Jacob. With Jacob also about to blow, Jack makes sure he gets a facial—a thick one too, to cap off an unforgettable match-up."

Jack waters-jacob acosta-113

Jack waters-jacob acosta-127

Jack waters-jacob acosta-131

Jack waters-jacob acosta-145

Jack waters-jacob acosta-157

Jack waters-jacob acosta-161

Jack waters-jacob acosta-170

Jack waters-jacob acosta-184

Jack waters-jacob acosta-187

Jack waters-jacob acosta-212

Jack waters-jacob acosta-231

Jack waters-jacob acosta-239

Jack waters-jacob acosta-240

Jack waters-jacob acosta-245

Jack waters-jacob acosta-246

Jack waters-jacob acosta-257

Jack waters-jacob acosta-259

Jacob Acosta & Tristan Hunter

Featuring Jacob Acosta & Tristan Hunter

February 13, 2023

"Jacob Acosta bottoms for the first time at CockyBoys and Tristan Hunter gets to break him in! Jacob & Tristan play with each other's big dicks but it's Jacob who gives head first, and as he sucks and takes a face-fucking, he shows hung guys often know how to do it better.

Tristan then gets the double pleasure of eating out and working over Jacob's hole and sucking his beer-can cock before plowing him. After showing he can take as much as he gives, Jacob lets Tristan go all in sucking him just as he wanted from the start.

Soon they go back to fucking and Tristan really bears down pounding Jacob with his own big dick energy. Finally though, Jacob proves his bottoming prowess once more, riding Tristan until he shoots his thick load over him. In turn, Tristan cums and gives Jacob a facial, satisfying both of them as they end this special occasion."


















Cockyboys Surrender

Surrender: Episode 5

Featuring Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox & Trevor Brooks

October 7, 2022

"In the Surrender finale as the day draws to a close, the guys gather to dance around "timely" bonfire which then leads to skinny dipping, releasing primal urges for a poolside three-way with Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox & Trevor Brooks. As they make out Trevor sucks Kane and then Jacob and as he does, Kane buries his face in Trevor's hole and sucks his cock.

Soon, Jacob joins in sucking Trevor, but when Kane starts fucking Trevor, Kane fills his mouth with his big dick. It's not long before Trevor takes on a bigger challenge of sitting on Jacob's beer-can cock and riding him. As he does, Leo Grand sees what's happening and climbs out of the pool to temporarily watch the sex show and stroke his cock---just as Kane feeds Jacob his cock and kisses Trevor.

Kane soon becomes transfixed watching and licking Jacob's cock as Trevor's hole swallows it, but then Kane takes a more dynamic role by fucking Jacob on his back. For his part, Trevor feeds his cock to Jacob then sucks him in a 69---while Kane keeps fucking. Sexual multi-tasker Kane sucks Trevor as he rides Jacob's face and strokes Jacob while pounding his hole.

Finally, Jacob and Kane take turns plowing Trevor from behind until Kane pulls out to shoot his load over Trevor's hole and breed him. On his last turn Jacob fucks Trevor on his back and breeds him too and then slides back in to make him shoot HIS load. The guys share one more three-way kiss to cap off an unforgettable night."




Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-24wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-42wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-47wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-58wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-64wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-69wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-78wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-85wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-96wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-101wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-113wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-119wm

Kane-fox -jacob-acosta-_-trevor-brooks-121wm

Jacob Acosta & Trevor Brooks

Featuring Jacob Acosta & Trevor Brooks

May 17, 2022

"Introducing TWO CockyBoys newcomers, Jacob Acosta and Trevor Brooks ...who couldn't be more compatible if we tried! Award-winning cam star Jacob Acosta has a "big ass dick" which is a challenge for some, BUT it's just what "new in '22" hottie Trevor Brooks looks for to satisfy his "big dick ass". They start off kissing as Trevor strokes Jacob's beer-can cock and makes his way between his legs to suck and stroke it.

Trevor takes Jacob as deep as he can but also uses his hand and mouth to travel over every inch of the thick shaft. Trevor is turned on more when Jacob slaps him with his cock and tells him to show him how hungry his hole is for it. Trevor makes his first run at sitting on Jacob's cock and taking it halfway, before he goes back to suck and taste his own hole. The guys get into a hot 69 before making out again with even more passion and sex talk.

All this leads to Jacob bending Trevor over to eat his hole and after thoroughly spit lubing him, Jacob slowly inches his cock into Trevor and opens him up. After he's in deeper, Jacob starts thrusting in and out and pounding Trevor every which way---which Trevor loves. He excitedly wants to ride Jacob again and this time and he does with the added thrill of Jacob thrusting up into him.

Soon Trevor gets into a reverse cowboy and lies back against Jacob and fucks himself on his cock. BUT, Jacob takes control one last time and lifts Trevor off him to make out again and drill him on his back. Jacob doesn't stop until he makes Trevor shoot his load and as he does, Jacob starts cumming too, pulling out to shoot over Trevor. As they lie back, they know they made a mess..but what a happy mess it is!"

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-0822

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-0881

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-0929

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1008

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1059

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1088

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1097

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1509

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1524

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1142

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1144

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1180

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1220

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1270

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1293

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1351

Jacob acosta-trevor brooks-1427