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Anal Envy: Top-In-Training

Featuring Brock Banks, Gunnar Stone, and Rick Kelson
AdultTime.com | Modern-Day Sins

March 12, 2023

"Brock Banks has been dating silver fox Rick Kelson for some time now, but has never topped before. The thought had actually never crossed their minds before- not that it's ever been an issue. For one, Rick doesn't bottom, and that's been fine since Brock has been perfectly happy bottoming. However, Rick now realizes that this could be an opportunity for Brock to explore a new part of himself.

Brock seems unsure- he's kind of liked being a bit of a 'daddy's boy' to Rick, no matter what their age difference is. But Rick just smiles and wraps his arm around his younger lover, telling him he has a brilliant idea that Brock is CERTAIN to like. What if they roleplayed Brock's first time topping as a sort of teaching moment? They could pretend that Rick is preparing Brock as part of the next generation of tops. Wouldn't that be fun?

The roleplaying aspect seems to perk Brock up a bit- that DEFINITELY sounds kinky. If Rick's offering, then Brock's down. Later that day, the couple greets Gunnar Stone, a masculine and muscular man that Rick tracked down to be their bottom. Rick starts getting handsy with Gunnar, sensually instructing Brock on what it takes to deliver a good pounding. They have a steamy threesome, where Rick gives Brock the necessary training from top to bottom."

WATCH Anal Envy: Top-In-Training Featuring Brock Banks, Gunnar Stone, and Rick Kelson on ADULT TIME

Adult Time Anal Envy: Top-In-Training Featuring Brock Banks, Gunnar Stone, and Rick Kelson
















Lust Triangles: You're Making A Mistake

Featuring Brock Banks, Reese Rideout, and Vincent O'Reilly

May 22, 2022

"Brock Banks is getting ready for his wedding with Vincent O'Reilly while his straight best man, Reese Rideout, keeps him company. Brock adjusts his cuffs and smooths out his tux, asking Reese if he looks prepared for his big day. Reese gives him a soothing pat on the back, assuring Brock that he looks ravishing. Despite his supportive energy, Reese can't help but seem conflicted about something.

When Brock muses that he might be able to find Reese a girl to hook up with at the wedding, Reese shockingly reveals that he isn't interested in girls. In fact, he isn't interested in anyone else but Brock himself. He thinks that Brock is making a mistake, and declares his love for him. Brock is taken aback- he never knew that Reese was gay and this really isn't the BEST time to reveal his affections to him. Though Brock does admits that he's attracted to Reese, it's too late now to act on that attraction. He's getting married in an hour. But Reese is persistent, and Brock finally gives in.

They kiss and over-the-clothes grope each other. They start unbuttoning their shirts and kissing their chests and neck as their hands wander down to their crotches. Just then, there's a knock at the door- it's Vincent. Brock shoos Reese away and reminds Vincent that they aren't supposed to see each other before the ceremony. Vincent assures Brock that he won't come in, making sure to stay on the other side of the door. Vincent seems nervous, as if something is on his mind, but seems to decide that it's not worth bringing up and excuses himself.

Though that certainly was a close call, Brock and Reese quickly pick up where they left off, continuing to kiss and grope each other. Brock gets on his knees and gives Reese a blowjob, and then Reese returns the favor. It's his first time sucking a dick, but he's a natural at it and Brock can't help but moan with delight. They then get fully undressed, and Reese tops Brock in doggystyle against the bathroom sink. Eventually, there is another knock on the door and Vincent begins to enter the room. Brock hides and Vincent finds Reese naked. Vincent's looking for Brock, and Reese lies that Brock went to find a missing article of clothing at the venue. Vincent seems convinced and leaves the room again.

Brock and Reese have dodged disaster again, but that doesn't mean they've learned their lesson. They get back into doggystyle, with Reese topping Brock again. Reese fucks Brock until he cums all over his ass cheeks. They kiss, totally satisfied, and Brock decides that he should go tell Vincent that he's going to call off the wedding.

A few moments later, Brock and Vincent sit on the bed and have a little chat. To Brock's surprise, Vincent ALSO wants to call off the wedding. Brock is relieved, though he doesn't admit to what he did with Reese. He assures Vincent that he will take care of canceling everything, and with a sigh of release, they kiss. This gets them hot and bothered as they start making out and taking off their clothes. They give each other blowjobs and then Vincent gets into a doggystyle position on his knees and lets Brock rim him. Brock then fucks Vincent in doggystyle, after which Vincent climbs onto him in cowboy and rides him on the bed. Vincent flips onto his back and Brock tops him in missionary while Vincent jerks himself off. Both men finish the act with a pulsing, throbbing climax, putting this story- and all its mistakes- to rest."
















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