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It's About Dom Time

Featuring Dom King and Matthew Cooper
Men.com | MaleAccess.com

September 7, 2022

"This sex has been a long time coming! Tattooed bottom Matthew Cooper and blond top Dom King chat about their first meeting four years ago and how long they've been wanting to get it on. Matthew loves passion and wants Dom to just give it to him, and Dom has been dreaming about slipping his cock right down the middle of Matthew's defined abs. The bottom deepthroats Dom and begs for that cock till the top pounds him in doggystyle. Matthew rides that dick before Dom puts him on his back and gives it to him deep, just like he's been fantasizing about, till Matthew orgasms. Dom pulls out and cums on those abs, everything the bottom was hoping for!"

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Cristiano & Matthew Cooper

Featuring Cristiano & Matthew Cooper

April 14, 2022

"Newcomer Cristiano makes his CockyBoys debut getting topped by Matthew Cooper ! Cristiano & Matthew had flirted online and gotten to know each other well beforehand so they were more than ready for this. Lying back playing with himself, Cristiano eagerly awaits Matthew who enters the picture and proceeds to feed him his cock and face fuck him. Matthew quietly takes command, reaching over to play with Cristiano's hole before moving in front to eat out his ass, suck his cock and thoroughly work over his hole.

In addition to making out with him, Matthew gets Cristiano to suck him again before he bends him over a chair and fucks him. Dominating his ass passionately, Matthew pounds Cristiano, holds him tightly, and only relents to put him on the bed. There Matthew rims the limber Cristiano again and finger primes his hole again before pounding him again on his back in all kinds of ways. Again Matthew only stops to get into a 69 and play with Cristiano's hole again while the bottom sucks him.

Matthew changes it up once more, sitting down so Cristiano can ride his cock and really work for it. Cristiano never stops, his body glistening with sweat until his cock erupts in a thick geyser of cum. Cristiano milks his cock dry then dutifully turns around to suck on Matthew's balls as he strokes his cock. Matthew shoots his load and Cristiano is rewarded with a sweet kiss from his very pleased dom."

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Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

Featuring Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

March 31, 2022

"Superstar Diego Sans makes his CockyBoys debut with newcomer Matthew Cooper! They have genuine chemistry and you'll find out why in their playfully sexy introduction in which Matthew reveals he had a porn crush on Diego well before they met online and had some fun together. Diego has some big reveals too, more contributing factors to their chemistry....which you will see in action.

As they make out, Matthew can't keep his hands off Diego's hot bod and he's just as eager to suck his cock. So is Diego and in little time he's in a 69 with Matthew, deep sucking him, eating his ass, and fingering his hole. Matthew soon wants more than a finger and rides Diego's cock, unleashing a torrent of wild, sexual energy and unquenchable passion.

Now that Matthew has opened up for him, Diego really takes charge and fucks him bent over with his muscle ass raised up high. Diego gets Matthew into position to drill down into the very vocal bottom for maximum pleasure. And when Diego flips him on his back, every way he fucks Matthew makes him express himself with vividly vocal pleasure.

Finally, Diego fucks Matthew from the side and as he wraps his arms around his writhing body, he thrusts in deeper and deeper. Diego soon goes over the edge and pulls out to cum, shooting his big load everywhere before pumping his cock into Matthew. As Diego kisses him, Matthew also cums, his creamy load erupting over his abs. As they lie back spent, total satisfaction registers in their sexy smiles. We bet YOU are satisfied too!!"

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Daniel Evans & Matthew Cooper

Featuring Daniel Evans & Matthew Cooper

March 3, 2022

"After giving you a glimpse of Matthew Cooper in GAME ON, we now give you his full scene debut topping Exclusive Daniel Evans! Matthew is ready from the start as he lies back half-naked and gives a beckoning gesture when Daniel enters. Just like that, Daniel goes down on him and in no time his cocksucking has Matthew moaning, bucking and thrusting his hips.

Daniel is ready to go all the way too and after they exchange passionate kisses, he gets up and rides Matthew's cock. Their passionate sexual energy is off the charts as Daniel bounces up & down while Matthew piston-fucks him and they continue to make-out. They bring this same energy to bed where Matthew plows Daniel, wraps his arms around him and drills him on his stomach

Soon, Matthew flips Daniel on his back to give his cock, balls & hole the same intense oral pleasure he got and after playing with him, Matthew fucks him every which way he can. He takes the same approach when takes Daniel from the side and virtually dominate his hole. When Matthew slows down slightly, Daniel picks up the slack and rides his cock again with wild abandon as though he was topping Matthew.

Matthew takes back the reins first with upward thrusts into Daniel's hole, then by flipping him on his back again. As he relentlessly pounds Daniel, Matthew strokes his cock and totally controls him. He triumphantly makes Daniel cum and he milks him dry, licks up his cum and sucks his sensitive cock. When Matthew lies back to jerk himself to orgasm, Daniel is right there to swallow it all and tantalize his ticklish, sensitive cock too. We'd say they both got what they wanted...even more!"

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Game On, Episode 1

Featuring Dallas Preston, Daniel Evans, Kane Fox, Leo Grand & Matthew Cooper

February 9, 2022

"Video game mogul Marcus Muskburg (Matthew Cooper in his CockyBoys debut) has literally gone out with a bang and it's "Game On" for his partners & friends Daniel Evans, Kane Fox & Leo Grand! The trio has flown down to Mexico where Markus tells them in his video will that company control will go to the guy who wins his special challenge. Complicating matters, even more, is Marcus' previously undisclosed husband Houston Moore (Dallas Preston) and Leo Grand isn't about to let this merry widower cheat him out of his rightful position.

Leo Grand wastes no time going to Daniel Evans and manipulating the surly and reluctant "bro ho" into joining forces. Leo seals the deal by exerting control, first by making Daniel suck his cock and then criticize his prowess so much to spur him to get aggressive. Daniel picks up Leo and puts him on his back so he can eat out his hole, but still, Leo isn't satisfied with Daniel's level of passion.

That does it! Daniel starts pounding Leo, just as he wanted. Leo relishes the "hate fuck" he's spawned and still wants more. When Daniel sucks Leo again and chokes him, Leo's mouthiness finally produces results. Daniel gets Leo to suck him and take some face-fucking before bending him over and pounding the cockiness out of him.

In time Leo wants to ride him and show Daniel how good his dick can feel. After sucking Daniel again, Leo sits on his cock and uses his hole to make Daniel shoot his load inside him. With cum oozing out of his hole, Leo sits on Daniel's chest and gives him an open mouth facial, and orders him to swallow all his cum and share a passionate kiss. And so, Leo has formed a strong alliance with Daniel---or has he?"

Dallas preston-matthew cooper-3571

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