Gustavo Cruz
Draco Young
Zeke Wood


SITES: Cockyboys

Blake Dyson & Zeke Wood

Featuring Blake Dyson & Zeke Wood

June 22, 2021

"Zeke Wood has a romantic side and he brings it out for someone special: Blake Dyson! At the pool house he pretties up the porch and the double-sized chaise lounge, lights a fire in the outdoor hearth, and invites over Blake. Touched by the attention and taken by Zeke's hotness, Blake can't resist kissing him and in no time, shirts come off and Blake goes down on Zeke. His enthusiastic cocksucking is just what Zeke likes and Blake sucks his balls in eager response to Zeke's soft-spoken commands.

Zeke is excited to reciprocate and suck Blake, who is inspired to spout some sex talk of his own. But Zeke really wants to eat his ass and he goes to town on it while Blake goes back to deep-sucking Zeke's big dick. But after Zeke uses his fingers to probe his hole, Blake's need to have his cock inside him takes priority. He lies on his back and is thrilled to get his hole pounded, as much as Zeke is as he delivers a power topping. And when Zeke wishes it, Blake turns over so he can plow him from behind.

Again, when Zeke wants him to ride his cock, Blake delivers without fail. He bounces up and down on Zeke's cock, really working his hole and taking all the jack-hammering up inside that Zeke doles out. But Blake goes back to riding him, finding the perfect position until he shoots his load. He keeps riding Zeke, who takes over fucking and just as Blake wants, he shoots his load deep inside him. What little seeps out Zeke fingers into Blake, making sure he's bred. At the end they're both content....just another afternoon at Camp CockyBoys!"

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1163

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1171

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1195

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1230

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1267

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1293

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1334

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1354

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Blake dyson-zeke wood-1379

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1393

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Blake dyson-zeke wood-1535

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Blake dyson-zeke wood-1571

Blake dyson-zeke wood-1582

Johnny Ford & Zeke Wood

Featuring Johnny Ford & Zeke Wood

June 4, 2021

"It's Summer At CockyBoys again! We start the summer season with Johnny Ford in his CockyBoys debut and Zeke Wood in his first visit to Camp CockyBoys! These warm weather lovers enjoy a late afternoon on the porch next to the outdoor hearth, a perfect spot for Johnny to give Zeke a sensuous massage and get them both excited for more. As they make out, what little clothes they wear come off and their big dicks pop up!

Zeke goes down on Johnny and his cocksucking enjoyment increases as he keeps going. Johnny reaches over to tease and finger Zeke's ass and when he gets a taste of that hole he wants more. Johnny eats out Zeke's ass and slathers over his big cock and balls, getting hungrier as Zeke amps up the sex talk. And just as Zeke wants Johnny cock teases his hole and slowly slides in. He keeps it slow and easy until Zeke begs for more.

Soon, Zeke follows Johnny's command and pushes back on his cock. Johnny starts fucking and his cock hits the bullseye almost immediately making Zeke cum virtually hands free! Zeek stays hard though, and Johnny keeps plowing deep, getting into a groove they both want to keep going. They do until Johnny gets Zeke on his back to lick his hole and nuts and Zeke begs for more fucking. Johnny obliges and drills him deep.

Johnny soon finds the perfect position & intensity Zeke loves and he keeps going. Again, Johnny finds THE spot and he makes Zeke shoot ANOTHER hands-free load! Zeke milks his cock, extending the intense orgasm and Johnny feeds him his load and lubes his hole with the rest, Johnny fucks him from the side. And with Zeke prodding him verbally, "daddy" Johnny pulls out to shoot a huge, thick load over his hole. He slips his cock back in and leaves it inside Zeke as they kiss totally satisfied with a perfect afternoon romp."

Johny ford-zeke wood-3

Johny ford-zeke wood-12

Johny ford-zeke wood-13

Johny ford-zeke wood-25-2

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Johny ford-zeke wood-39-2

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Johny ford-zeke wood-62

Johny ford-zeke wood-60




Cockyboys New Day: Featuring Austin Avery & Zeke Wood

New Day

Featuring Austin Avery & Zeke Wood

December 11, 2020

"This week we launch NEW DAY, a series where our guys explore how every day can be a fresh start with an opportunity to live our lives the way we want. In episode one, we return to LA to introduce Zeke Wood in his pro porn debut with Austin Avery returning to introduce him!

Zeke and Austin each had their fresh start in SoCal where they both acclimated to the free-spirited lifestyle. And though they still enjoy it, the state of the world has inspired Austin to seek deeper he does here with Zeke after a fun day at the beach.

Once they're indoors Austin & Zeke are all over each other, making out and peeling off their clothes. But before they go all the way right then & there, they adjourn to the bathroom, where making out leads to Zeke hungrily sucking Austin. Soon they wind up in the shower where Austin teases Zeke's hole and rims his ass. Finally, after more teasing aside from the bathtub, Austin buries his cock in Zeke's primed hole.

Austin pounds Zeke over the tub and Zeke just can't get enough. They change it up again and in the other room, Austin sucks and rims Zeke on his back on top of a wide counter...and plows him again just as Zeke likes. But Zeke wants something more: Austin to cum inside him, so they switch it up again. In a chair, with Zeke perfectly positioned for it, Austin deep drills him.

Austin pounds Zeke non-stop until, with his eyes rolled back, erupts in a huge cum geyser of himself. While Zeke is still on his sexual high, Austin resumes fucking him until he shoots his massive load over Zeke's big balls. And, with his cock and fingers, Austin makes sure he feeds most of his cum to Zeke's hole...just as Zeke wanted. When all is said & done, they both got just what they wanted."

Austin avery-zeke wood -3949

Austin avery-zeke wood -3963

Austin avery-zeke wood -3978

Austin avery-zeke wood -4158

Austin avery-zeke wood -4140

Austin avery-zeke wood -635

Austin avery-zeke wood -750

Austin avery-zeke wood -449

Austin avery-zeke wood -556

Austin avery-zeke wood -237

Austin avery-zeke wood -274

Austin avery-zeke wood -20

Austin avery-zeke wood -59

Austin avery-zeke wood -119

Austin avery-zeke wood -364

Austin avery-zeke wood -398

Austin avery-zeke wood -399

Austin avery-zeke wood -491

Austin avery-zeke wood -493

Austin avery-zeke wood -582

Austin avery-zeke wood -632

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Austin avery-zeke wood -677

Austin avery-zeke wood -696