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Billy Molina
Olivier Robert


SITES: Cockyboys

Olivier Robert & Raphael Louis

Featuring Olivier Robert & Raphael Louis

December 24, 2020

"You wouldn't know it to look at sexy duo, Raphael Louis and Olivier Robert, but they're a little on the shy side. They bond over this and the fact that filming erotica boosts their confidence... and turns them on. This spark leads to sensuous kissing and Olivier's lips traveling over Raphael's smooth ripped torso. And in no time Olivier is naked and sucking Raphael's cock as soon as he gets it out of his pants.

Olivier can't get enough of Raphael's cock and he just keeps going even as his ass is played with. But eventually, Raphael wants his turn and after worshiping Olivier's sculpted body he gives the French ginger a deep blowjob. Soon he turns Olivier around and bends him over to bury his mouth and tongue on Olivier's smooth hole. Finally, after fingering and cock-teasing him, Raphael slides his cock into Olivier.

Raphael drives his cock in slow and deep, in and out, until he picks up the pace and makes Olivier moan loudly with increased pleasure. Before they go over the edge though, Raphael leads Olivier to bed. There Olivier resumes his lovingly focused attention sucking Raphael, making out with him, and rimming his smooth hole. One big passionate embrace is just the catalyst for Raphael to take control again.

Raphael takes Olivier from the side and he makes Olivier cry out from the start. But soon he fucks Olivier on his back, to pin him down and pound him relentlessly, anyway he wants. Finally, Raphael pulls out to shoot his skyrocketing load over Olivier and finish inside him. He's also right there finger fucking & kissing Olivier as he lies on his back stroking himself to a breathlessly intense and euphoric orgasm. It's only when they passionately kiss once more, do these two "shy" guys finally calm down."


















Olivier Robert & Skyy Knox (BAREBACK)

Featuring Olivier Robert & Skyy Knox

December 3, 2020

"Exclusive Olivier Robert returns to show off his versatility in a passionate flip-fuck with Falcon Exclusive Skyy Knox! Beyond their palpable mutual attraction and chemistry, Olivier & Skyy see eye-to-eye on the pleasure of giving pleasure and they make a connection right from the start. The guys make out and explore their muscular bodies through their clothes, but once Olivier starts to go down on him, Skyy quickly gets naked.

Olivier goes further than sucking cock by playing with Skyy's nipples and rubbing his cock on his hairy chest...and engaging in lots of kissing.. But soon Skyy wants to give back and gets Olivier on the bed to eat his ass, suck his cock and play with his ripped body. Skyy keeps going with this extended oral foreplay even as he gets Olivier on all fours . But after teasing and humping his spit-lubed crack Skyy finally gives his cock.

Skyy drills and thrusts into Olivier deep, mixing it up while maintaining his passionate focus. And when it's time to change it up, they just know it: Skyy lies on his back and Olivier sits on his cock and rides him. The move together intuitively, each guy fixing their gaze on the other's reaction, as Olivier grinds on Skyy who also thrusts up to pound his hole.

Finally they stand up and kiss again before Olivier takes his turn topping. He matches Skyy in his passion as he drills him from behind in front of a mirror, and in his control making out with him before lying him on his back to pound him. Olivier fucks a thick load out of Skyy and he keeps fucking until he pull out to shoot a load that glazes Skyy's ripped torso. As they lock lips once more, they acknowledge this was good...just as they probably already knew it would be."






















Manuel Skye & Olivier Robert (BAREBACK)

Featuring Manuel Skye & Olivier Robert

November 5, 2020

"Sexy ginger Olivier Robert returns to CockyBoys and Manuel Skye is more excited than usual to have a go with him! Manuel isn't subtle about it either! He lets Olivier know how eager he is and what he wants to do and puts words turn to action. Manuel makes out with Olivier, gropes his ripped bod, strips him to the waist and pulls down his jeans just far enough to cock-tease his sculpted ass.Soon Manuel slips them both out of their jeans to engage in cock-centric foreplay.

Manuel proudly shows off his oozing pre-cum, feeds it to Olivier and then strokes their cocks together. But he soon turns to Olivier's hot ass and tongue fucks his hole before turning him around to suck him. The pleasure Olivier gets motivates him to give Manuel the same pleasure and before long he's getting face-fucked with Manuel drilling his throat. Manuel wants to own Olivier's ass and turns him around to pound him against the wall and brings cries of pleasure from Olivier.

Manuel is close but takes Olivier to the bed to feast on his cock, totally in control. Manuel's sexually creativity emerges and he flips Olivier over slides him to the edge of the bed to drill him in a few variations of the "reverse bulldog" position. Again he gets close but brings Olivier up to the bed. Manuel makes out with Olivier even more aggressively and orally deep-diving his hole.

Manuel begins fucking Olivier from the side relentlessly...until he partially cums inside him! He pulls out to lick up his own oozing cum and probe Olivier's hole but in short order resumes pounding him. Soon he cums again, this time shooting a huge load over Olivier's hole and into it! When Oliver lies back and shoots his load in an intense orgasm, cum-hungry Manuel licks it all up! Manuel wraps his arms around Olivier but this isn't the end: they agree they have many more rounds of sex ahead of them!"





























Gabriel Clark & Olivier Robert (BAREBACK)

Featuring Gabriel Clark & Olivier Robert

September 22, 2020

"Sexy bearded French ginger Olivier Robert makes his porn debut and Gabriel Clark gets the honor of breaking in the ripped hairy-chested stud! Chatting online, meeting & bonding over yoga leads to passionate kissing in bed and as Gabriel sucks on Olivier's sensitive nipples, he's already on the path to getting "Clark'd". Soon Olivier is just as eager to return the favor, sit astride Gabriel and make out with his bod.

It doesn't take long before an excited Olivier pulls off Gabriel's shorts to suck him and after getting obvious pleasure, Gabriel gets Olivier to feed him his cock and balls. BUT, Gabriel soon wants his ass and Olivier immediately gets on all fours to get his ass eaten. Olivier is pulled to the edge of the bed and gets fucked deep, Gabriel style. Targeted thrusts are followed by Gabriel practically on top of him drilling him even deeper.

Gabriel switches things up by taking Olivier to the window to make out, suck him again and fuck him from behind for the whole world to see. Finally Gabriel takes Olivier back to bed to pound him on his back and give the sexy ginger wide-eyed pleasure. Gabriel can't hold back and when he pulls out he showers Olivier with a torrent of jizz. With Gabriel's help Olivier gets off too, stroking out a load while on his back.

Both Olivier and Gabriel lie back in a state of obvious sexual euphoria and total satisfaction and before they fall back into making out again Olivier has one word for his first time: "Perfect"."

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