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SITES: Bait Buddies, BiPhoria, Devil's Film, Family Dick, Gentlemen's Closet, Masqulin, Missionary Boys, Say Uncle, Trans Angels, Yes Father

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Pet Project

Featuring Andrea Zhay and Joel Someone

June 30, 2021

"Perfect girlfriend Andrea Zhay gets all excited when she notices that her boyfriend Joel Someone has been spending a lot of time on pet store websites. Will her man surprise her with a puppy? When the perverse Joel brings home is a dog collar with a cute little tag saying "cum slut" on it, Andrea's surprised but delighted. The leather collar around her neck and her man at her feet, she's in for an unforgettable fuck fest."













Shared Hobbies

Featuring Colby Jansen, Eliza Eves, and Joel Someone
Adult Time Studio | Pure Taboo

March 17, 2022

"Lindsay (Eliza Eves) rings the doorbell of a home, where she is greeted by Sal Baxter (Colby Jansen), Lindsay's neighbor. They have never met before and Sal, while seemingly normal, is somewhat of a recluse. But this doesn't worry Lindsay as she cheerfully announces that she's there to get pledges for an upcoming charity event.

That's when Ed Hoskins (Joel Someone), another man who lives with Sal, comes to the door and introduces himself to Lindsay. He is much more approachable and smooth as he invites Lindsay in to talk about her charity. Lindsay agrees and cheerfully steps inside, though when her back is turned, there are hints that Sal and Ed are hiding something dark...

Ed and Sal lead Lindsay deeper into the house towards a dim room. There are more and more hints that Sal and Ed's intentions for Lindsay are less than pure. While Lindsay is a bit nervous, she's also intrigued by the change of atmosphere. There is something electric about the air that's undeniable.

As she tries to focus and talk about her charity, Ed and Sal sit on either side of her, keeping close. As they chat, she questions if the men are husbands, but they cryptically insist that they are just two men with similar interests... And right now, they are both interested in HER.

While Lindsay is initially surprised and hesitant, there's something about having the attention of not one but TWO older men that awakens something deep inside her..."

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Bi Pool Orgy

Featuring Aften Opal, Aliya Brynn, Rose Lynn, Chad Rexx, Draven Navarro, Hatler Gurius, Joel Someone

July 1, 2022

"It's the 4th of July and Draven Navarro and his wife Rose Lynn are having a couple of swinging couples over for a bbq. Rose is a little worried that Draven's bisexual tendencies can put off some of the guests as he has a tendency to suck any cock that comes near him. After all in Draven's mind if you are in a group sex setting and you are swinging cock it's open to all mouths -- men and women included. That's not gay -- that's just the swinging way! Just a few weeks ago he had scared off a date of Rose's bff Aften Opal when he went for the cock so Rose wants him to read the room. If you know what I mean. In any case Hatler Gurius and his girl Aliya Brynn show up first. Now these two are full blown bisexual swingers so immediately Draven is checking out Hatler. Never mind the fact Draven is toasting up some sweet wieners on the grill the only meat Draven really wants is the one tucked in Hatler's thong. Hatler is getting quite turned on by the way Draven is sucking on the wieners off the grill and finds he has a man meat urge that must be met right now. Immediately he is down on his knees taking Draven's huge sausage deep down his throat. Draven erupts with a massive dollop of spunk filling Hatler's mouth with a salty treat. The girls come out and Aliya finds the distinctive remnants of semen dripping off the side of her man's mouth and becomes aroused herself and proceeds to eat some ass as Hatler starts blowing. Rose is oblivious as she goes back to working on her summer tan. It's about this time that Aften arrives with her new date Joel Someone and their obviously pan friend Chad Rexx. Imagine their surprise when they are greeted by this cock sucking spectacle.

With all the wieners abounding at lunch it is only obvious where this day is going. Everybody has a hankering for meat -- boys and girls. Soon they are lounging in the pool and Rose is sucking on Hatler. Aliya is turned on and invites the new guest Chad to suck her hubby's cock as well. You don't have to ask Chad twice. This man loves to suck dick and joins in quickly. Aliya also joins. Meanwhile Draven is in the jacuzzi serving up his cock to Aften's new date Joel. This man too is a cock sucking fiend. Aften is quite happy to find out her man is down for some bi action because afrer all what woman does not like sharing cock with her man. Sharing is caring. Soon the jacuzzi is filled with the party goers and the free for all begins. This party has to be taken inside to truly commemorate the holiday and make this a party to remember for years to come. The girls are having a blast as all the boys are taking cock as well. These are some serious fireworks being set off at this party. Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!!"

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