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I'll Make It Up To You

Featuring Felix O'Dair and Romeo Davis
Say Uncle | Dad Creep

November 19, 2020

"Stepdad Romeo Davis is forced to miss his stepson Felix O’Dair’s soccer game when he gets called into work. When Felix gets back from his game with an injured crotch, his stepdad is ready to make it up to him by showing him the best ways in which he can take care of his rather big situation."

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Felix: Bedtime

Featuring Felix O'Dair and Myles Landon
Say Uncle | Yes Father

June 19, 2020

"Little Felix has been known to be a little on the weak side. Sometimes, he can get sick after being out in the rain for only a few minutes. People believe it’s because he doesn’t get enough sun - he prefers to stay inside for hours at a time reading and studying in the library. But today, when he has a terrible cough, the priests are truly worried about him. They send Father Landon (Myles Landon) into the dorms to check on the boy. They need to make sure that he is happy and healthy, and that he doesn’t spread his cough to any of his peers in the school. Landon handles the boy lovingly. He asks him to open his mouth so he can look down his throat. Everything seems to be in order, and even though the boy is coughing, nothing looks wrong. After Landon asks the boy how he’s feeling, he realizes that the young man has been playing games all along, pretending to be sick to get out of classes and to get the attention he so desperately craves. The whole thing has been a charade designed to get Landon to check on him in the dark dorm rooms in the middle of the night. And while Landon doesn’t appreciate being lied to, he does feel the urge to take advantage of the private time that this little trick has afforded them. He punishes the boy, making him sit on his lap and fondling his cock in his strong hands. Felix grows hard and aches for the priest’s penis. He sits on Landon’s hard dick and grinds his hips on the man’s cock, enjoying the intense friction in his asshole. Then, the priest buries his seed deep in the kid’s hungry gut, breeding him to make sure the boy learns to never cry wolf again."

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Felix: Altar Training

Featuring Father Fiore and Felix O'Dair
Say Uncle | Yes Father

June 12, 2020

"People have commented on the similarities between Father Fiore and Felix since the boy started at St. Patrick’s Cathlic School last semester. They bear a resemblance that makes it seem as though they’re brothers. Even Felix can see where people can draw the parallels. Both are from small towns, both were raised by strictly religious parents, and both have a trajectory that could potentially end in high positions in the clergy. Felix, though he is still a boy, has shown tremendous promise in his learning of scripture, and he has been encouraged to continue down the path and eventually become a religious scholar of some sort. Fiore has similarly attracted the attention of the higher ups in the Church, though he is much further along in his journey. All of this is to say, the two men share a kindred spirit and a similar road, and they can feel the attraction growing between them. So, when Father Fiore is tasked with training the boy to become an Altar Boy, he is more than thrilled to take it on. He meets the boy in the ceremonial training room, and Felix immediately develops a lump in his throat. This is one of the few times he will get to be alone with Fiore without arousing any suspicion from his classmates or the other priests. He feels Fiore’s steady gaze on his young body, and he’s sure that if he stays still and obeys the man's commands, there is a strong possibility that his fantasies will be fulfilled. He holds his breath as Fiore kisses his lips and slowly takes off his clothes. And as the man licks his tight asshole, he is sure he is in a dream. It’s only when the priest penetrates his ass and fucks him hard that Felix realizes his dreams have become a reality."

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Felix: Confession

Featuring Felix O'Dair and Myles Landon
Say Uncle | Yes Father

May 15, 2020

"As a boy, young Felix was always regarded as the class “narc.” He’d run and tell the teacher anytime somebody stepped out of line, and while it made him popular with the teachers, it made him an outcast with the rest of the students. Even when he learned that ratting on his peers would make him a pariah, he couldn’t help himself. Maintaining the rule of law and tending to the status quo is in his blood. If he sees wrongdoing, he must report it, and no repercussion can dissuade him. So, when he enters St. Patrick’s Catholic School, he is sure he will be able to remain pure and uphold the standards expected of a good Catholic boy. However, as the days progress, Felix finds himself in the throes of an unholy affair with one of the priests. The older man constantly showers him with attention, making his desire more than apparent. And after a while, Felix is no longer able to restrain himself. He gives in to his curiosity and allows the dirty religious man to explore his virgin asshole. He commits the sin of sodomy, and he cannot bear the misdeed once it’s complete. Though he loves every second, he must Confess. In Confession, Felix reveals his sin, and Father Landon (Myles Landon) is moved by his honesty. He wraps his fingers around his cock and strokes as Felix reveals the details of his transgression, the whole time planning his next moves carefully. When the boy finishes, he agrees to help him, shoving his thick cock through a window in the Confession booth. The boy seeks to dispel his desires by indulging them, taking the priests dick down his throat. Then, he screams in pleasure as the strong priest rawdogs his puckering hole. Felix never expected sinning and absolution would feel so good."

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Flash Prance

Featuring Bo Sinn and Felix Odair

October 28, 2020

"Flasher Bo Sinn is showing his stuff all over town, lurking in alleys and shocking unsuspecting passersby with his nude tattooed body and massive cock. But when he enters a polling station, he finds clean-cut Felix Odair all alone jacking his big dick. Bo goes wild to give the naughty poll worker a thrill, throwing off his trench coat and giving this flash all he's got. Felix gets hard and tries to top Bo, but Bo picks him up and carries him to the table where he fucks Felix's mouth. He puts the bottom up against the wall and fucks his ass doggystyle, then pounds him missionary and even ballerina in the voting booth! Felix rides Bo's cock reverse till he cums, and Bo gives the bottom a huge creampie."

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FamChaser 3: Car Fun

Featuring Felix Odair and Ryan Bones
Reality Dudes Network

October 21, 2020

"Felix Odair scored twice in his soccer game, and he's gonna score again when his stepdad Ryan Bones picks him up. Felix fell and bruised his ass on the field, so Ryan pulls down his shorts to give it a little massage, then offers the athlete a sweet ice pop. Ryan rubs the treat on Felix's injury to ice it, then starts teasing the twink's hole with it! Felix sucks both the cold pop and Ryan's hot dick at once, then rides his stepdad's cock as he jacks himself off and cums before taking a nice big facial."

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FamChaser 3: Car Fun Featuring Felix Odair and Ryan Bones