Kristian Bresson
Cash Mahomes


ALIASES: Ethen, Hollywood
SITES: My Friends Feet, Straight Fraternity, Thunders Arena

Ethen: 6'3" Str8 Surfer Jerking Off

May 20, 2020

"Ethen is tall, muscled and lean from all that surfing. He has a really nice cock and ass, too. It doesn't take him long to get ready to cum. I actually had to tell him to slow down and not to blow so fast. When he did cum, it was a huge load that went all over the room. I'm still cleaning the ceiling!"













Ethan Shows Off His Feet & Gives Himself A Massage

"Ethan loves his feet so much that he was willing to show them off at MyFriendsFeet and give them a personal massage. This shoot worked out perfect because no one knows Ethan's feet better than he knows them himself. He takes great care of his feet too, boasting a very nicely done pedicure. After showing them off Ethan takes each foot in his hands and loves them to sheer relaxation!"

Ethan Shows Off His Feet & Gives Himself A Massage

Ethan Tied Up & Tickled Naked

"Ethan had done a few different shoots with MyFriendsFeet before this one but one thing he had never experienced was bondage and tickle torture. Ever. To experience it from yours truly is definitely a good way to get started. Ethan is quite ticklish, too. I paid most of my attention on Ethan's gorgeous feet. They're so fun to touch and they responded so well to my fingers, feathers and tickle toys!"

Ethan Tied Up & Tickled Naked

Ethan's Size 11 Feet & Sheer Socks Worshiped

"Ethan's size 11 feet are definitely worth worshiping and that's exactly what I did to them in this hot scene from MyFriendsFeet. He likes to wear sheer dress socks and I took my time massaging his size 11s through them. They felt SO good and Ethan certainly appreciated it. Of course, he appreciated me getting my mouth and tongue on size 11s much more!"

Ethan's Size 11 Feet & Sheer Socks Worshiped

Ethan's Size 11s In Dress Socks & Bare Naked

"Ethan contacted me a few weeks ago and let me know that he would be back in town for a few days. It has been years since we saw him and his amazing feet are still a wonderful sight! He told me that he moved to Hawaii and was back for the holidays visiting his parents. He looks like a different man now bigger, buffer and more handsome than before. His size 11 feet still look great and his dress socks looked stunning on those feet. He's still not shy about his body and he was more than happy to strip down to model those feet and socks naked!"








Ethan's Dark Socks & Bare Feet

"Ethan works as a bartender most of the time, but he is trying to get into real estate. He came over all dressed up so I could get some photos of him and his big feet in dress socks. Ethan is 6' 2" with size 11 feet. His feet are really nice too and very ticklish as well! He propped his feet up on the desk and pulled his shoes off so we could get some close up shots of his socks. Then he pulled the socks off slowly to expose those big feet. His socks smelled all leathery from his shoes. Yum! The socks soon came off and we got a good look at his soles and toes. His feet are so nice I told him that we would buy property from him if he let me put them in his mouth..."