Stephen Mann
Brock Perry
Lukas Redic


ALIASES: Chip, John Cruise, Martin Dejdar, Thomac Cruise
SITES: Bare Foot Bound, Bare Foot Guys, Lucas Kazan, My Friends Feet, TitanMen, William Higgins

Summer Blaze, Scene 3

Featuring Brian Brower and Thomac Cruise

April 18, 2020

"Cute Brian Brower and muscle stud Thomac Cruise are another pair of gardeners that Marco Blaze orders up after the first guys failed to get the lawn cut. As soon as the new guys arrive, Otto and Marco leave to do some errands; no sooner are Marco and Otto out of sight than Thomac and Brian strip down to their briefs and start sucking face. Obviously, the guys have more pressing business at hand that mere yard work—some work ethic! Thomas inhales Brian’s cock, slobbering on his hard rod and licking and sucking on his balls. Brian returns the favor, gagging on Thomac’s thick member while Thomac grabs his head and thrusts his cock down Brian’s throat. Thomac takes matters into his own hands and strokes off a load of hot cum, splattering Brian’s hard chest while Brian jerks his meat and showers the grass with sperm. Thomac lies back on a picnic table and offers up his meaty ass to Brian, who tongues Thomac before rolling on a rubber, lubing up and shoving his cock into the bottom’s quivering hole. Brian sits on the table and Thomac climbs on top, riding up and down on Brian’s cock, sliding Brian’s shaft in to the hilt. Finally, Thomac lies on his side while Brian slides deep into his hole and pounds the cum clear out of Thomac before pulling out and shooting his load all over Thomac’s thick, muscular thighs."











Farm Fresh

Featuring Jak Black, Petr Majer and Thomac Cruise

"Blond, smooth and strapping Petr Majer’s hard at work splitting wood, gearing up for one of those cool Czech nights. It’s hard work, even for a guy as sturdily built and brawny as Petr. He’s got a he-man of a helper in Jak Black, who’s busy bringing him more wood, but one glance at smooth, hunky Petr is enough to make Jak forget all about bringing more wood for Petr’s chopping block. A little playful roughhousing leads to some skillful cocksucking, as Petr and Jak dive down on each other’s throbbing tools. They’re not alone for long. The farm’s crawling with young studs like Thomac Cruise, who brings a hunk of wood of his own to add to the pile and quickly finds himself kneeling on the floor of the barn, sucking the fat, uncut cocks of his buddies. It’s just too much, and before long, the guys join together for a sensational jack off session, with Jak’s huge meat busting open in spectacular sprays of jizz. So creamy and juicy, you could fill a milk bucket with it. The guys saunter outside for the next round, with Thomac a fertile field to plow for Jak and Petr, who take turns filling him up with their mammoth tools. Petr and Jak bust out gigantic loads of hot man-juice over Thomac, who adds his sweet spunk to the gooey mix."

Side Tracked

Featuring Igor Braun, Sergej Ural and Thomac Cruise

January 1, 2012

"Blond basketball player-sized Sergej Ural and handsome Thomac Cruise passionately kiss; Thomac climbs all over Sergej like a cat in a tree, licking and sucking all over ‘til he finds what he’s looking for—his long tree trunk of a dick. Thomac sets his sights on sucking it down to the root! Sergej then swallows down Thomac’s cock, and the camera pans across to show hot and horny Igor Braun, who’s been hungrily watching. He can’t just watch any more at the sight of the studs going at it, and jumps into the action, dangling his thick and meaty monster in front of the cock-worshipping Thomac, who goes back and forth between the two tops – so hot and excited to taste and tease the guys’ tools that he pops a load of jizz all over his furry thighs. Thomac lands on his back as Igor tightly plugs his hairy ass with his massive
cock, and Sergej dangles his ample meat in Thomac’s waiting mouth, tapping his tongue with his rigid tool. What a position to be in! But there one that’s even better, as Thomac perches above Igor’s crotch, sliding down on his dick and jamming it home. He swings around into a 69 position with Igor as Sergej pounds into Thomac from behind. Thomac can barely get half of Igor’s huge rod into his throat, but he’s a pro at what he can do and soon has Sergej pulling out and sending a spray of cum shooting out all over Thomac’s tightly muscled back and butt. Igor follows suit by pumping out a fistful of cum, with Thomac standing to send his own load spurting over Igor’s smoothly broad chest."


Lukas Redic's Czech Up

Featuring Bjorn Gedda, Lukas Redic and Mirek Voight

August 8, 2007

"Gosh, this is a wonderful Czech Up. It features Doctor Bjørn Gedda, Sister Mirek Voight. The lucky patient is Lukas Redic. Lukas has, perhaps, the most intense blue eyes I’ve ever encountered. We worked with him at that factory last week and it was a real pleasure."








Lukas Redic's Training

Featuring Josef ''Killer'' Socher and Lukas Redic

March 18, 2007

Model Name: Lukas Redic (age 21)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Home City: Havirov
Height: 168 cm / 5'6'' Foot Size: 8
Weight: 63 kg / 140 lbs Penis Size: 16 cm / 6.3''
Profession: Waiter
Hobbies: Fitness, Sex, Sport, Family
Favorite Sports: Fitness, Sex, Box
Active Sports: Fitness, Sex, Box
Favorite Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Mike Tyson, Steven Seagal
Visited Countries: Italy, Slovakia

Model Name: Josef ''Killer'' Socher (age 27)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Home City: Pilsen
Height: 178 cm / 5'10'' Foot Size: 8
Weight: 75 kg / 167 lbs Penis Size: 17 cm / 6.7''
Hobbies: Sport, Cars
Favorite Sports: Box, Fitness, Climbing
Active Sports: Box
Favorite Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Daniel Landa, Vin Diesel, Mike Tyson
Visited Countries: Whole Europe
Want To Visit Countries: South America
Life-Dream: World champion in box, Climb up on K2










Lukas Redic

Featuring Lukas Redic

May 31, 2006

"Lukas Redic, stunning guy. He really knows how to work a camera. Reminds me of Rosta from several years ago. Look at those burning eyes. I don’t remember for the moment who brought him to us, but it was someone special. He also taught us about a new kind of baby oil that works much better on camera."










Martin Dejdar

"If you think Martin looks like Lukas Ridgeston, you are not alone: shorter, more compact (and much less endowed), Martin could very well be Lukas' baby brother. We didn't know he had appeared in several low-budgeters prior to THE SCHOOL FOR LOVERS: in fact, we thought he was about to lose his cherry to Jean Franko's 9-inch dick and we all gasped, witnessing it. To this very day, however, there's something magical about their scene together: "Beauty" and the "Beast", if you will: Martin's 'innocent' youth and Jean's masculinity."

Country: Czech Republic
Sign: Aries
Height: 5' 6"
Cock: 5 1/2"
Sexual Role: Bottom






Chip's Size 10 1/2 s In Black Socks & Bare

"Chip is very much the guy next door. Possibly more fit and his size 10 1/2 feet are superb. Chip kicks back to show off his hot feet for us all in these sexy photos. Chip's eyes are stunning and suck a person right into his mysterious mind as he looks at you. When he does that with his feet in the foreground it's enough to drive a foot fetish freak insane!"







Chip's Soccer Slides, Bare Feet & Naked Body

"Gorgeous jock Chip is back! This time he is in his favorite soccer slides that he wears around the locker room. Those size 10 1/2 feet look so hot and masculine. We just want to bury our faces in them after he plays a game. Maybe one day I'll have that pleasure, but today we're content just to take photos of those gorgeous feet, sandals, and his naked body!"








College Jock Chip Gets Naked In Socks & Bare Feet

"Twenty year old Chip is one of those natural born jocks. He loves sports and has been playing all of his life. Now that he's in his second year of college he is busier than ever with soccer, martial arts, rugby (his true love) and football. His body and his feet take a beating every day, so we were surprised to see how gorgeous his wide size 10 1/2 feet are. They are amazing! His body is pretty amazing too it's nice to see a guy with some hair on his chest again. Another thing we love about Chip is that he is not shy in the least and had no problem dropping those shorts and showing off his uncut cock with those bare feet. Tough and beautiful that's Chip!"







John Cruise

Bare Foot Guys | Bare Foot Bound

Age: 21
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Brown/Hazel
Shoe Size: 9

Young hottie John Cruise gets his first taste of bondage...