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It's Clone O'Clock

Featuring Jace Madden and Johnny Ford
Say Uncle | Family Dick

July 4, 2020

"When my mom goes on a trip, my loving stepdad (Johnny Ford) wants to surprise her with a special gift - a mold of his hard cock. I’m not surprised by his overt sexuality any more, I just hope he asks me to help. Luckily, he does, so I kneel down and work his dick until it’s rock solid. I slobber on the head of his boner and suck hard until it’s completely swollen and ready for my asshole. I sit on his big dick, and it fills me up completely. Then, I lap up a dollop of his creamy semen. "

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Jace: Bedtime

Featuring Father Fiore and Jace Madden
Say Uncle | Yes Father

June 26, 2020

"Father Fiore has long waited for his chance to have a private moment with young Jace. The boy’s carefree attitude and brazen personal style have attracted him from the jump, but he is not sure that he will be receptive to his come-ons. Strangely, the boy sends him right back to his time before becoming a priest. A lonely nerd in high school, strong, toned teens like Jace were always the subject of Fiore’s fantasies. There was one in particular, a blonde All-American type football player who Fiore fawned over. However, he never built up the courage to reveal his feelings to the young man, no matter how desperate he became. Years later, Fiore lives with regret. What could have happened between them if he had just spoken up, if he’d had the backbone to reveal himself to the boy of his dreams. But now all that is ancient history, and there is no changing it. Fiore can only look forward and hope that in the future, he does not fall victim to that same lack of self-assuredness. He, too, deserves happiness and deserves to feel the touch of a loving hand. Jace has stoked the fire in Fiore’s loins, and the priest is determined to do things right this time. He cannot stay away from the boy any longer, so he visits him in the dorms on the pretense of guiding him through his evening prayers. He leads the boy, touching him tenderly and sharing an intimate moment of reflection and meditation with him. Then, he works his way down to Jace’s crotch, licking and sucking his cock with voracity and sensuality. He loves the taste of the young man’s penis in his mouth, and he can’t wait to feel his tight asshole. Then, at the moment of ecstasy, he shares his warm cum with the boy in a joyous rewriting of personal history."

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Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood Featuring Bill Farnsworth, Jace Madden and Mason Dean

Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood

Featuring Bill Farnsworth, Jace Madden and Mason Dean
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

June 23, 2020

"Usually relationships between boys in the mission are frowned upon. Not because of any inherent impropriety, but because such relationships can lead to the need for secrecy. The need for transparency amongst the missionaries has been declared over and over again and has been made one of the top priorities of boys on their journey towards the upper ranks of the priesthood. Ironic, considering there is no transparency offered from the Order. Nevertheless, boys continue to have relationships with each other and continue to go against the word of the Order by doing so. That is why the case of Elder Madden and Elder Mason is so exceptional. The Order has kept an eye on these two for months, as they seem to have a clear affinity for each other. But no matter how many opportunities they’ve been given, how many times they could have easily slipped away into the night without anyone knowing, they’ve seemingly made no advance towards each other. It’s assumed that this is because of their desire to keep in line with the Order’s rules. This obedience is impressive, and it is not something to be taken lightly. Such loyal boys should be rewarded for their behavior. Little does President Oaks (Bill Farnsworth) know, these two boys have indeed experienced each other’s bodies physically, and under the supervision of one of his colleagues nonetheless. It has been kept a secret from Oaks and several other prominent members of the Order, and it remains a secret as the boys play along with the charade. They act as though they’ve never laid eyes on each other’s bare bodies as Oaks tells them to undress. Oaks and Mason spitroast Elder Madden aggressively, and as Oaks watches cum drip out of Madden’s asshole, he is more certain than ever that these boys would go to the ends of the earth for the priesthood."

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Kinky Stepdad Chapter 3: Mom is Away

Featuring Jace Madden and Johnny Ford
Say Uncle | Family Dick

June 13, 2020

"Sometimes I can be a little nosy, and today it pays off. I snoop around my stepdad’s (Johnny Ford) room opening up drawers until I find his pocket pussy hidden away. The thought of him fucking his toy gets me so hard that I lay down and slide my fat cock inside his pocket pussy right on his bed. After a while, he stumbles in on me pleasuring myself, and a big smile spreads across his face. He wants to feel my boner inside his ass while his cock slides in and out of his favorite toy, and I definitely want to make his fantasies come true..."

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Jace: Altar Training

Featuring Jace Madden and Myles Landon
Say Uncle | Yes Father

June 5, 2020

"The tension between Father Myles Landon and Jace Madden has been building, and though the men have had the chance to convene in private before, it hasn’t made the anticipation between them any weaker. In fact, they seem to be a perfect match physically, and Jace has been on Landon’s mind ever since. Rarely does an encounter with a boy linger this way. As the priest falls asleep, he imagines Jace’s cock in his hands, beckoning him forward to pummel his tight hole. At that moment, Landon usually wakes up, wishing only to return to his dreamstate so he can fulfill the request and fill the boy with his hot love. Today, as he conducts Jace’s Altar Training, he is totally enraptured with the young man’s presence. He can hardly keep himself breathing steadily as he dresses the boy in the sanctimonious robes. However, when he asks the boy how he feels, Jace admits that he thinks he looks a bit silly. Landon quickly corrects him, reassuring him that he deserves to be where he is and that he looks absolutely perfect. If Jace is devoted enough, he can become one of the best Altar Boys St. Patrick’s Catholic School has ever seen. Jace is moved by Landon’s encouragement. He drops down to his knees and takes the man’s girthy cock between his lips, sucking on it like a lollipop as he imagines what it will feel like inside his tight hole. When the priest is finally ready to penetrate the boy, he bends Jace over and shoves his cock inside from behind, pounding him mercilessly as the boy’s moans fill the room. When they finally reach the moment of ecstasy, Landon pulls his cock out and shoots a load all over the boy’s balls while Jace brings himself to a creamy finish. This match is perfect, and Landon cherishes every second they spend together."

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Jace: Penance

Featuring Jace Madden and Myles Landon
Say Uncle | Yes Father

May 22, 2020

"Jace Madden is a good boy, especially when he’s in the eyeline of Father Myles Landon. The chiseled, strong-jawed man reminds him of his dad to the point where he has to double-takes just to make sure they’re not the same person. It’s both comforting, but it’s also a bit disturbing, because he finds himself inexplicably attracted to the priest. He can’t help but dawdle at him as he delivers his sermons and conducts his holy rituals. There must be some way for him to conceal it, but he has yet to discover it. All he can do is hope no one is taking notes on just how long he stares at the muscular man. Father Landon is an experienced priest, and he knows how to pick up on signals from the boys. There’s never been a doubt in his mind about Jace’s affection for him, and he’s taken to the boy as well. But the thing about establishing a strong relationship with one of the young men at St. Patrick’s Catholic School is that it’s all about timing. You let the tension build, let the attraction grow and grow and bubble up, and when finally when the dam bursts, all the passion spills out at once. Today, young Jace’s time has finally come. Landon invites him into his chambers to inform him that he’s been selected to be an Altar Boy. However, to take on such a distinct honor, he must prove that he’s worthy of the position. Landon peels the boy’s pants down and bends him over his lap. He plunges a crystal rod into the kid’s tight hole and loosens up his ass until he’s ready to take a thick cock inside. Once the anticipation is at its peak, he fucks the boy on his desk, satisfying the weeks of waiting both of them have done. Jace has never been happier."

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Elder Daniels: Sneaking Featuring Chase Daniels and Jace Madden

Elder Daniels: Sneaking

Featuring Chase Daniels and Jace Madden
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

May 19, 2020

"Elder Madden has heard stories about some of the missionaries, the ones bold enough to sneak into the Temple and fool around outside of the reach of the Order. He isn’t sure if the stories about these secret rendez-vous are true or made up for dramatic effect. But when Elder Daniels comes into his life, everything suddenly gets turned upside down. The boy has no regard for the strict rules of the mission. If anyone has the gall to turn those legends into reality, it’s Daniels. Usually a good boy, Madden is turned on by the rebellious nature of his companion. He sees the boy as freedom, independence, individuality. While he himself may not have the strength to stand up and declare his identity to the world, Daniels certainly does. He wants to be around the boy, to absorb the energy that emanates from his limber body. And when Daniels reciprocates that interest, Madden couldn’t be more excited. He’s willing to follow the boy anywhere. Even if that means sneaking into the temple for an unsanctioned meeting… After creeping out of the main hall and into the Temple, the boys find themselves alone in a pristine white room. They try not to disturb anything so they won’t leave any trace of their visit. They shroud themselves in the curtains at the far end of the room, touching each other and laughing as excitement floods rushes through them. Madden can’t believe what he’s doing. He is living out the legend that has been passed onto him as Daniels sinks to his knees and unsheathes his eager cock. Daniels licks the tip and exposes his sweet asshole. Madden takes the invitation, penetrating his subversive companion with a passion he’s never felt before. Daniels has changed Madden’s life forever, and he will always be grateful for it."

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Elder Madden: Anointing Featuring Jace Madden, Jesse Zeppelin and Mason Dean

Elder Madden: Anointing

Featuring Jace Madden, Jesse Zeppelin and Mason Dean
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

May 12, 2020

"Elder Mason is a precocious, vibrant talent in the mission, and there is no ceiling on his potential. The men of the Order see it right away and firmly believe he would make a fantastic priest. They have so much faith in him, that they consider him the future of the organization. His leadership skills and his relatability to the other boys is uncanny - something that they’ve never seen before. Some of the younger members of the Order are even jealous of how much attention he has received for his innate talent. It takes years to develop the skills that he naturally displays. Talent and ability is often dished out in unfair ways. His companion Elder Madden is none the wiser as they enter the ceremonial chamber together. He has no idea the hype that surrounds his friend, all he knows is that Mason is a good listener and a loving companion. He hopes that all the good in the world comes to the boy as he has proven again and again to be a loyal and thoughtful person. So, when Bishop Jesse (Jesse Zeppelin) asks Elder Mason to help in Madden’s Anointing, Madden is honored to have such inspirational men lead him through the ritual. With a steady and smooth hand, Elder Mason drizzles the consecrated oil over Madden’s supple body, Anointing him. Bishop Jesse looks on with tender eyes, impressed at the care with which Elder Mason comports himself. Finally, after watching the boy work his magic, Bishop Jesse rewards both the missionaries with his legendary cock. The boys kneel and lick his cock from tip to root, sharing it in a worshipping embrace. Then, Jesse fucks them one by one, filling their assholes with his girth. The ceremony climaxes as Mason and Jesse spitroast young Madden voraciously, cementing Mason’s status as the next generation of the Order."

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Jace: Confession

Featuring Father Fiore and Jace Madden
Say Uncle | Yes Father

May 8, 2020

"At St. Patrick’s Catholic School, the priests are familiar with the shortcomings of young men. They know what to expect, especially in the Confession Booth. Rarely do Confessions stray outside of minor transgressions, having negative thoughts towards another boy in school, or using foul language outside of the classroom. But when it comes to sexual transgressions, the boys often struggle with self control. If a boy is honest, he will Confess to the sin of masturbation at some point, and the priests will know just how to deal with it. Father Fiore is no exception. He’s dealt with many boys who have had problems with masturbation. In fact, he was one himself. As young Jace Confesses his sins, the priest takes out his own hard cock, stroking it slowly as the boy fills him in on the details of his crime. The more the boy tells him, the more turned on the priest becomes, feeling himself grow stiffer and stiffer in his own hand. He can’t wait to take the next step, to show the boy his manhood and ravish him. But first, he must discover the extent of his Sin. It’s not until he can’t hold back any longer that he shoves his cock through the curtain dividing their booths and asks young Jace to touch it. He licks the boy’s tight hole, getting him excited and ready for deep penetration. Then, he joins the boy in his booth and runs his hands over his sculpted body. He stuffs his dick inside Jace’s puckering asshole and thrusts hard, making him moan in heat as he works. The boy can hardly believe the actions of the brazen priest. But he won’t question what feels good. He gives himself up to the bareback pleasure, and strokes himself until he brings himself to euphoria. Another boy cured of his masturbation habits by confronting his lust head-on."

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Missionary Boys Elder Madden: Interview Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Jace Madden

Elder Madden: Interview

Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Jace Madden
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

April 28, 2020

"Elder Madden has been making waves with every passing day. With his beautiful blonde hair, his masculine presence, and his toned physique, it’s hard for his fellow missionaries to keep their cool around him. The men of the Order have heard of his effect on his companions, and they too have taken notice. President Oaks (Bill Farnsworth) in particular craves the boy’s body. Perhaps because he reminds him of himself when he was younger. Athletic, tall, strong, and with an undeniable charisma that attracts men from miles around. When all these factors come together in one youthful package, it is a powerful force to behold. So, as Oaks interviews the boy, he must work extra hard to keep his excitement to himself. Any sign of favoritism or lust can blow the boy’s head up before he’s even taken his first steps towards the higher ranks of the Order. There is nothing worse than a servant who thinks he’s too good to serve, and breeding that kind of mentality must be avoided at all costs. Oaks knows this, so he keeps an even, calm demeanor as he talks to the boy. He asks him if he’s ever had to suppress any of his urges and is impressed with Madden’s honesty. But when he finally asks if the boy has had any urges towards him, he can’t hold his hunger back any longer. He puts his hand on the boy’s thigh, inviting him to break the barrier of touch. Then, he ties the boy’s wrists together in a chair. The boy watches helplessly as Oaks disrobes and prepares to stretch the missionary’s hole with his meaty cock. Madden has never had an experience like this before - he’s only ever fantasized about it. But now that it’s happening, he’s both excited and intimidated. It’s not until Oaks is pounding his asshole that he releases his inhibitions and allows the pleasure to overcome him. It’s his honor to be bred by the famous President Oaks."

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Kinky Stepdad Chapter 2: Date Night

Featuring Jace Madden and Johnny Ford
Say Uncle | Family Dick

April 25, 2020

"I can’t let my stepdad (Johnny Ford) wear shorts on a date with my mom, but when I tell him to get changed, I don’t expect him to look so damned sexy all dressed up. And on top of his cute casual look, he’s wearing lacy white underwear under his jeans! I need to feel his body before he goes on this date, so I kiss him lovingly, luring him onto the bed to fool around with me. Then, I shove his cock in my mouth and let him penetrate my tight ass. Holy shit, he stretches my little boy hole out so much with his girth…"

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Kinky Stepdad Chapter 1: Easter Egg Hunt

Featuring Jace Madden and Johnny Ford
Say Uncle | Family Dick

April 4, 2020

"Little Jace’s old man (Johnny Ford) always does something to spice up Easter Sunday, and this year he’s got something extra special planned. The pervy hunk dresses up as the Easter Bunny and then his cute boy with a kinky surprise - a cock massaging toy! He slides it over his stepson’s hard dick and strokes it gently, making the kid whimper softly. Then, he puts his puckered lips on the boy’s mushroom tip, taking his shaft all the way down to the balls! After a sumptuous rimjob, the old man slides his thick cock inside the kid’s ass raw, making him scream in aching pleasure."

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