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Camp CockyBoys

Featuring Angel Rivera & Brock Banks

July 15, 2021

"The much-requested pairing of Latin lovers Angel Rivera & Brock Banks is here! This year's joyfully liberating re-opening of Camp CockyBoys finally brought these two together and they both couldn't be happier enjoying the food & fun with the rest of the guys. But when Angel & Brock get some alone time on the big hammock, their attention is only on each other. Amidst their making out and playful banter, Angel can't keep his hands and lips off Brock and when he finally gets his cock out, it disappears in Angel's mouth and throat. The only time he periodically stops is to make out with Brock.

Brock reaches around to play with Angel's ass but he really wants more cock-sucking. Brock lies Angel across the hammock with his head hanging over the edge so he can face fuck him, aided by the hammock's swing. Soon Brock bends forward for some 69 action as he sucks Angel. Soon after Brock turns Angel over to finger and eat his ass, he gets a kinky idea. He lies down under the hammock and gets Angel to stick his cock through the hammock so he can suck him like a horizontal glory hole. This also gives Angel his chance to face fuck Brock.

As much fun as they have on the hammock, when Brock wants to fuck Angel, he takes him to the patio. There in from of the fire on the outdoor hearth, they make out and then Brock puts Angel on all fours atop a table to resume eating his ass. Finally, Brock slides his cock in, fucking a very vocal Angel just how they both want it: hard & deep. With pre-cum dribbling out of his cock, Angel likes it even more when Brock fucks him standing. Angel backs up on his cock and fucks himself until Brock takes back control."

Angel rivera-brock banks-1044

Angel rivera-brock banks-1076

Angel rivera-brock banks-1105

Angel rivera-brock banks-1153

Angel rivera-brock banks-1159

Angel rivera-brock banks-1175

Angel rivera-brock banks-1185

Angel rivera-brock banks-1195

Angel rivera-brock banks-1255

Angel rivera-brock banks-1271

Angel rivera-brock banks-1280

Angel rivera-brock banks-1286

Angel rivera-brock banks-1296

Angel rivera-brock banks-1303

Angel rivera-brock banks-1428

Angel rivera-brock banks-1431

Angel rivera-brock banks-1447

Angel rivera-brock banks-1475

Angel rivera-brock banks-1484

Angel rivera-brock banks-1493

Angel rivera-brock banks-1502

Angel rivera-brock banks-1529

Angel rivera-brock banks-1581

Angel rivera-brock banks-1589
Cockyboys Let's Get Cocky Angel Rivera & Dallas Preston

Let's Get Cocky

Featuring Angel Rivera & Dallas Preston

July 2, 2021

"Fearless & fun-loving Dallas Preston makes his CockyBoys debut with super-sexy pansexual Angel Rivera! After enjoying the pizza party at Camp CockyBoys, and opening up to Jake Jaxson about themselves and what "cocky" means to them, Angel & Dallas frolic in the pool, take a sensual shower together, and relax at a cozy spot outside on a garden love seat.

Lying together their hands begin to wander and it isn't long before they kiss and whisper romantic & VERY sexy things to each other. Angel takes a semi-dominant tone with Dallas, who responds by enthusiastically sucking his big cock and happily deep-throating and gagging on it as it grows harder. Dallas keeps on giving Angel oral pleasure even as he's put into a 69 to have his ass eaten. As Dallas shows he can take it Angel gets even more aggressive, face-fucking him and even holding him down on his cock with his hands and strong thighs.

When Angel tells him to ride his cock, Dallas goes for it, readily agreeing with him that he owns his hole and takes all of his deep thrusts. With Angel now in full, verbal power top mode, he takes Dallas from behind, pounding his hole every which way on top of the sofa. With so much sexual energy being expended, they have to take a small break in which Dallas lies back and Angel gives him a blowjob. But soon enough Angel has Dallas on his back to eat his ass and probe his hole with his hands.

Angel drills Dallas on his back and they both focus on each other. Angel never lets up fucking even when he moves in to spit in Dallas' mouth. They're into total sync now so when Dallas starts to shoot his load, Angel pulls out at the same time and shoots a high-flying cumshot over Dallas. Angel finishes his orgasm fucking Dallas as he milks his cock dry, then takes him in his arms for big screen kiss! As Dallas tastes all the leftover cum and Angel fingers his hole, he is so blown away by the experience, it might be a long time before he recovers."

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0219

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0233

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0247

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0293

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0326

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0364

Angel rivera-dallas preston-0417

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9189

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9218

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9351

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9403

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9414

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9472

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9555

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9792

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9799

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9817

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9831

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9840

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9866

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9884

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9909

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9927

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9977

Angel rivera-dallas preston-9989

Angel Rivera & Avery Jones (BAREBACK)

Featuring Angel Rivera & Avery Jones

November 19, 2020

"Avery Jones returns for his first taste of NYC AND the full Angel Rivera experience! Their instant chemistry is sparked with slow & sensually passionate kissing and mutual nipple teasing and it grows as Angel reaches around and slips his fingers into Avery's hole. The intense pleasure motivates Avery to suck Angel's ever-growing thick cock and big balls and he's rewarded when Angel probes his hole more.

Angel soon gets Avery into a 69 so he can tongue fuck his hole while getting sucked and while he's at it, he face fucks Avery's willing throat. Angel is in such control all he has to do is say "Sit on it" and Avery slides his spit lubed hole on his cock and rides him. And once Angel is inside him, he slaps and fucks Avery's ass every which way he wants.

Angel's domination takes another turn as he goes back to sliding in more fingers into Avery's hole and prying him open..even getting Avery to help by using his own fingers. And after spit-lubing him, Angel starts drilling Avery from behind and from above. He also shows the giving side of a power top by taking a time-out to give Avery sensual blowjob.

It isn't long before Angel resumes topping Avery, pounding him in a pile driver position. His targeted thrusts eventually work and Avery cums, shooting a load all over himself. Soon after Angel pulls out to shoot a major load over Avery's ass and breed it deep into him. With his cock still buried inside Avery, Angel leans forward to kiss him and when he rises up, spent and in a light-headed afterglow, he knows the power of hot bottom!"

Angel rivera-avery jones-2

Angel rivera-avery jones-2-3

Angel rivera-avery jones-2-4

Angel rivera-avery jones-2-7

Angel rivera-avery jones-159

Angel rivera-avery jones-187

Angel rivera-avery jones-242

Angel rivera-avery jones-285

Angel rivera-avery jones-312

Angel rivera-avery jones-322

Angel rivera-avery jones-366

Angel rivera-avery jones-374

Angel rivera-avery jones-424





Angel Rivera & Levi Karter

Featuring Angel Rivera & Levi Karter

October 1, 2020

"Levi Karter & Angel Rivera have some tips to share on good topping/bottoming and outdoor sex and what better way to offer these tips than to show you! Fortunately we've made it easier for Angel & Levi to carry out their outdoor sex fantasy on a big comfortable bed in the woods. It's here where they make out and Levi licks & sucks Angel's cock through his briefs and makes it grow hard. In no time Levi gets out and sucks Angel's still growing cock and shows his uncanny deep-throating prowess.

Levi takes Angel's hip-thrusts easily and eagerly follows his soft-spoken commands by licking Angel's big balls, stripping down and getting into a 69 so Angel can rim his bubble butt. Levi keeps sucking as he rides Angel's mouth and literally sits on his face. And when his hole is nice & juicy Levi does as Angel wishes and sits on his cock.Levi rides Angel's cock every which way, always deep and readily taking all of Angel's powerful piston-fucking.

Eventually though Levi lies back to give control to Angel control who does with relentless deep-pounding before flipping Levi over to drill the cute ass offered up. Levi craves Angel's load and when Angel pulls out, he spreads his cheeks to give him a tempting target. Angel shoots his thick load over Levi's hole and pumps it into him. He then pounds Levi from the side and fucks a load out of him with both guys relishing their deep satisfaction in the dreamy aftermath."

Angel rivera-levi karter-2

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-5

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-6

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-7

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-8

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-9

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-10

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-11

Angel rivera-levi karter-2-15

Angel rivera-levi karter-13

Angel rivera-levi karter-83

Angel rivera-levi karter-255

Angel rivera-levi karter-259

Angel rivera-levi karter-277
Cockyboys At Long Last Featuring Angel Rivera & Max Konnor (BAREBACK)

At Long Last

Featuring Angel Rivera & Max Konnor (BAREBACK)

September 10, 2020

"Join Angel Rivera & Max Konnor as they escape the confines of NYC for the joyous sexual freedom of Fire Island! In this special scene directed by Max Konnor himself, he and Angel & Max had met before but real world circumstances postponed their filming together. Now months later, Angel & Max explain that there have been profound personal and professional changes and as a result they make the kind of scene they want which reflects those changes.

On Fire Island Angel & Max soon find common traits and they enjoy each other's company, leading to them getting playfully sexual in the pool. Angel doesn't even try to resist deep-sucking Max's cock just as Max can't help but kiss him with sensual passion. That's all Angel needs to join Max in the outdoor shower, drop to his knees and suck him with enthused lust..which only grows as Max fucks his face.

Max continues to respond with soulful kisses but his hungry mouth and tongue are also drawn to Angel's succulent hole for an acrobatic rimjob on the nearby bench. Soon though the guys wordlessly agree it's time for the inevitable. Max slides in his cock and fucks Angel who is positioned just right to ride him too. When they move to the more comfortable lounge chair, Max resumes fucking Angel from behind AND gets on top to drill him as deep as he can.

At one point Max turns over Angel and flips his legs back to thrust into him and watch his hole twitch & swallow his dick. But Max also moves to another bench to let Angel ride him at his own pace. Max resumes control and deep drills Angel standing up and it isn't long before Angel shoots his big load on the deck. And in short order an eager Angel is on his knees to receive a facial from Max and milk his cock. As the slightly giddy duo kiss again you just know this is just the start of a sex-filled getaway."

Angel rivera-max konnor-8248

Angel rivera-max konnor-8269

Angel rivera-max konnor-8062

Angel rivera-max konnor-8086

Angel rivera-max konnor-8094

Angel rivera-max konnor-8099

Angel rivera-max konnor-8105

Angel rivera-max konnor-8112

Angel rivera-max konnor-8119

Angel rivera-max konnor-8157

Angel rivera-max konnor-8183

Angel rivera-max konnor-8188

Angel rivera-max konnor-8201

Angel rivera-max konnor-8205

Angel rivera-max konnor-8

Angel rivera-max konnor-11

Angel rivera-max konnor-12

Angel rivera-max konnor-13

Angel rivera-max konnor-22

Angel rivera-max konnor-25

Lips Together / 6 Feet Apart

Featuring Angel Rivera & Sean Ford (BAREBACK)

August 21, 2020

"Angel Rivera makes his CockyBoys debut with Sean Ford in his long-awaited return in a love story for our times! Angel & Sean have fallen for each other but can't get together with Sean on a pandemic lockdown in his country cottage. So Angel showers him with numerous socially distanced, kind & romantic gestures including multiple visits. And as they forge a deep connection, Angel goes all in camping in his jeep outside Sean's door to wait out the 14-day quarantine.

Their days and nights of "dating" are spent enjoying and appreciating the simple pleasures of life and each other's company, while unabashedly flirting and building anticipation. Though physically apart they grow closer so when the day arrives that they can finally touch, Sean & Angel virtually leap out of bed to meet outside.

When their lips touch their passion explodes and as they make out and fondle each other their long-suppressed lust erupts. Soon in the cottage doorway, Angel turns Sean around to eat out his tasty ass. In return, Sean takes out Angel's rock hard cock and sucks him deep. Those weeks of denial lead Angel to cum quickly in a thick gusher over Sean's face & neck--which in turn triggers Sean to shoot his big load.

Naturally, the guys are ready for round two, this time in Angel's bed set up in his jeep. Sean eagerly sucks Angel's thick cock and simply can't get enough. Angel loves Sean's mouth on his dick but he also wants to be inside Sean and gets him to back up on his cock. Sean fucks himself on it and gets more excited when he's spanked, manhandled, and pounded back hard but passionately. And Sean wants more... out of the confines of the jeep.

Against the car Angel feasts on Sean's hole and resumes drilling him exactly the way, Sean likes it. Angel also brings his softer side, kissing Sean, sitting him down and lovingly sucking him before he splays him on the jeep's hood. Angel thrusts deep into until he can't hold back and pulls out to deliver another thick load over Sean's crack..and into him. Minutes later Sean turns over and erupts in a cum fountain.

Angel & Sean lie back on the hood, spent and totally content that this was all worth the wait while sharing the sublime, secluded solitude they earned."

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-2(1)

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-3

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-6(1)

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-2 copy

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-3 copy

Angel rivera _ sean ford-237

Angel rivera _ sean ford-140

Angel rivera _ sean ford-138

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-3(1)

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-6

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-7

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-8(1)

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-9

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-8

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-10(1)

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-11(1)

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-12

Angel rivera _ sean ford-2-16

Angel rivera _ sean ford-487

Angel rivera _ sean ford-561

Angel rivera _ sean ford-600

Angel rivera _ sean ford-601

Angel rivera _ sean ford-652

Taking Care Of Business, Scene 3

Featuring Angel Rivera, Bastian Karim, and Dean Young
Falcon Studios

September 9, 2022

"When a few of their coworkers sneak off for some bareback play, Dean Young and Angel Rivera decide to have their own fun by the pool. Once they begin exploring each other's bodies, Angel's hands and mouth become transfixed with Dean's smooth ass. He rims the professional's hole and right as he's about to enter him with his long cock, coworker Bastian Karim interrupts them to suggest a threeway. The two happily accept the invitation and soon Dean is being filled at both ends with Bastian only pulling out of his mouth to kneel down for a taste of Angel's pole as it's being thrusted in and out of Dean's tight ass. Once Dean has taken a ride on both of his peers, the three stand up to form a bareback train, where Angel tops Bastian as Bastian fucks Dean. Angel rapidly pumps into Bastian until he's breeding his hole and watching his cum spill out of his used ass. Angel slides his cock back inside of Bastian until both Dean and Bastian are shooting their own loads all over each other and the ground."

WATCH Taking Care Of Business, Scene 3 Featuring Angel Rivera, Bastian Karim, and Dean Young















Falcon Studios Model Behavior

Model Behavior: I Spy: JJ Knight, Angel Rivera & Greg McKeon

Featuring Angel Rivera, Greg McKeon and JJ Knight
Falcon Studios

September 4, 2020

"Angel Rivera, Greg McKeon and JJ Knight enjoy each other's company on webcam and all give an enticing sex. We hope you enjoy the video as much as they did doing it."

WATCH & DOWNLOAD Model Behavior: I Spy: JJ Knight, Angel Rivera & Greg McKeon









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