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SITES: Cockyboys, Drill My Hole, Gods of Men, Str8 to Gay

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Kane Fox & Tayte Hanson

Featuring Kane Fox & Tayte Hanson

July 22, 2021

"Hot top Kane Fox wants to learn to be a better bottom and Tayte Hanson is here to help! He spends a little time getting to know Kane and he proceeds with some skillfully intuitive foreplay. After a mix of kissing and licking Kane from neck to crack, a little foot play and humping , Tayte soon tongue dives into Kane's hole.

Taking on a semi- dominant role Tayte spit-lubes Kane and teases his hole but instead of fucking him he moves in front of him to make Kane suck his thick cock. While Kane goes all in on sucking him, Tayte reaches around to finger him and soon he flips over Kane to tongue his hole one more time. Now sure he's now ready, Tayte slowly slides his cock into Kane while lovingly giving him instructions to take it.

Tayte takes his time helping Kane get used to his cock before he starts fucking him harder & deeper and helps him reach the juncture of pain & pleasure. Soon after reaching this point Tayte flips Kane on his back to lap at his hole and use his fingers to expand his hole while continue to "teach" him. Tayte also uses this time to give Kane oral pleasure, deep-sucking his cock and balls and eating his hole even more.

Tayte fucks Kane on his back, focusing even more on how he responds and kissing him to relax him even more. In one more lesson, Tayte has Kane to ride his cock and he raises the intensity by getting Kane to choke him...which Tayte reciprocates. Finally, Tayte lies back to stroke out a big load and give a facial to Kane who soon shoots his own load all over himself. Kane kisses Tayte, genuinely grateful to him for the memorable bottoming experience he craved."

Kane fox-tayte hanson-5167

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Camp Cockyboys

Featuring Eli Bennet & Tayte Hanson

July 8, 2021

"Returning to Camp CockyBoys is a memory -triggering homecoming for Tayte Hanson and he's happy to help newbie Eli Bennet make some memories too! The guys spend time together with Tayte showing Eli around before they relax in the hammock getting to know each other. After a fun, unexpected visit By Kane Fox , Tayte & Eli retreat to the patio,where things get interesting...

It's Eli who's the seducer, running his hands over Tayte's body and fulsome crotch and kissing him on the neck to the point Tayte gets goosebumps. Soon Tayte kisses him back with increasing passion and control just as Eli likes and Tayte ramps it up getting him to suck his cock. Eli sucks him deep and Tayte gets more dominant as he face fucks him and holds him on his cock and verbally commands Eli's actions.

After Eli has taken Tayte's cock & balls every which way he can, Tayte flips him on his tummy and eats his hole. Tayte can't get enough and soon puts Eli on his back to continue rimming him in addition to sucking his cock. Once Tayte has spit-lubed Eli to his satisfaction, he starts fucking him with building momentum and depth, still dominating his hole but kissing him passionately too. When he wants Eli to ride him, Tayte simply flips on his back with his cock still buried inside Eli, who leans back as he rides him.

Soon, when Tayte offers him the chance, Eli sucks him more, then turns around to ride him again. This time they angle themselves to kiss as they fuck and Tayte strokes Eli as he rides him. Tayte can sense when Eli is close and he keeps jerking him until he shoots a big thick load. Tayte is close too and gets Eli to suck him again and when he blows he gives Eli a facial they both get to savor. They're both on a post-sex high as they lie together, expressing just how hot their afternoon was."

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-3930

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-3951

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-3983

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4013

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4026

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4044

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4236

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4181

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Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4220

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4112

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4127

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4133

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4148

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4160

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4353

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4373

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4385

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4393

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4443

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4454

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4476

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4499

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4528

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4538

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4566

Eli bennet-tayte hanson-4637
Lucky in Love Featuring Brock Banks & Tayte Hanson

Lucky in Love: Brock Banks & Tayte Hanson

Featuring Brock Banks & Tayte Hanson

April 2, 2021

"Unlucky in love no more? In the "Lucky In Love"finale Lucky (Tayte Hanson) gets a match just minutes after the posting of his video dating profile! He loves the choice Justin (Brock Banks) and, in spite of the bad luck signs that pop up along the way, is excited to meet him late that night. Lucky (Tayte) gets a BIG surprise when he meets Justin (Brock) in drag! Alas, Justin (Brock) has locked himself out of his own place so Lucky (Tayte) invites him home and on the way finds they both share bad luck in life.

At Lucky's place Justin (Brock) showers up and when he gets out, he gives Lucky (Tayte) another surprise: he's hot as well as pretty! When they kiss and make out, their chemistry is electric, and they act on their palpable attraction: Lucky (Tayte) fingers the muscled ass of Justin (Brock) who in turn strokes his date's big dick. And soon Justin (Brock) sucks Lucky (Tayte) just the way he wants and teases his hole. After getting total, worshipful attention, Lucky (Tayte) returns the favor and eats out Justin (Brock) and finger-primes his hole.

Lucky (Tayte) finally starts fucking Justin (Brock) from behind, his every thrust giving him pleasure. Lucky (Tayte) gets close to the edge so switches gears and sits Justin (Brock) to suck him with deep-throated passion. Soon it's Justin (Brock) who gets close to cumming and asks him to stop. Lucky (Tayte) just picks him up and carries Justin (Brock) to bed to plow him on his back. He accentuates the pleasure by double-penetrating Justin (Brock) with his finger and sucking his feet while drilling him.

Lucky (Tayte) keeps it up as he pounds flexible Justin (Brock) from the side and in the midst of this, he sucks his thick, veiny cock between his legs. Lucky (Tayte) then flips Justin (Brock) on his tummy and drills him to the bed. He gets close again but this time he flips Justin (Brock) on his back to give him a big thick, facial. And while Lucky (Tayte) feeds him cum, Justin (Brock) shoots HIS load! Our gleeful duo snuggles up together, happy to have made such a seemingly perfect connection.

End of story? Well, stick around because Lucky & Justin have an update for you ...and some encouragement for those of you who might also be unlucky in love."

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3730

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3735

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3740

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3745

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3774

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3796

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3813

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3882

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3891

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3954

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3966

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3973

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3987

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4041

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4070

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4162

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4192
Cockyboys Hollywood & Vine

Hollywood & Vine, Scene 4

Featuring Leo Grand, Nico Leon & Tayte Hanson

March 26, 2020

"In the Hollywood & Vine finale Nick Leon (Nico Leon) is a changed man after his sex therapy, coming home to shower his boyfriend Chad (Leo Grand) with words of devotion & love, hot sex and a surprise: Tayte Hanson! You're in for an extra surprise too as this episode is followed by a fun blooper reel: a first of its kind for CockyBoys!

Chad (Leo) is hopeful when Nick (Nico) returns with lots of passionate kisses and sensual cocksucking. And after Chad (Leo) returns the favor Nick (Nico) unveils his surprise. While Chad (Leo) lies on his stomach Nick (Nico) brings in Nathan (Tayte) who joins in rimming Chad (Leo) and making out with both guys. But soon Nick (Nico) moves back and strokes his cock watching Nathan (Tayte) feast on Chad 's hole and lie back to get devoted cocksucking.

Nathan (Tayte) gets Chad (Leo) to deep throat him and plays with his hole and in time Chad (Leo) is sitting on his raw cock while making out with him. This pushes Nick (Nico) over the edge and he cums before he happily leaves Chad (Leo) with Nathan (Tayte). In a 69 Nathan (Tayte) again rims Chad (Leo) who sucks him deep and then just sits on Tayte's face to get his ass eaten. He also face fucks Nathan (Tayte) before he resumes sucking him and getting his cock all lubed up to sit on.

Nathan (Tayte) thrusts up into Chad (Leo) who rides him deep and soon they're in sync with a couple excursions into mid-air fucking. In time Nathan (Tayte) plows Leo on his back, expanding his hole with in-and-out precision, and sucking & stroking him. Finally Nathan (Tayte) cums over Chad's hole and drills it back into him. Chad (Leo) wants to try this too and fucks Nathan (Tayte) on his back and breeds him the same way! He is pretty proud of his newfound topping prowess, even when learning the identity of his "teacher."

Does it all work out for Nick & Leo? Let's just say they both learned some valuable lessons to further their lives. And don't forget stay tuned through the credits for behind-the-scenes outtakes & bloopers."

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1235

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1266

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1206

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1295

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1302

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1304

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1364

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1397

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1435

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1463

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1470

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1478

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1495

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1501

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1528

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1570

Hollywood  vine-  leo grand  nico leon   tayte hanson-1608
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