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ALIASES: Coby, Jonah J
SITES: Men Network, MilitaryClassified, My Friends Feet

Off Duty Part 2: Bareback

Featuring Jax Thirio and Jonah Reeves
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October 19, 2020

"Jonah Reeves just got done fucking Johnny Rapid's ass, but he's still got six months of horniness to make up for, so luckily Jax Thirio is around to help. When Jax sees Jonah rubbing his cock as they chat on the couch, he tells the sexy soldier to pull it out so he can watch, then starts sucking him. Jonah wants to see Jax's muscular body and has him get naked, then tells Jax to hop on and ride his cock. Jax loves the feel of Jonah's big cock in his ass and can't stop saying so as the hunky troop tops him in spoon and doggystyle. The guys sit back to jack off, and each covers his abs with a thick load of cum."

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Off Duty Part 1

Featuring Johnny Rapid and Jonah Reeves
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October 5, 2020

"After six months in the army, Jonah Reeves is gonna have some very full balls, and Johnny Rapid knows he won't be able to drain them all by himself, so he calls his buddy Jax Thirio for some backup. Before Jax can arrive, Jonah's knocking at Johnny's door and asking why everything from Johnny's appearance to his room is so messy. At least Johnny did clean one thing before Jonah arrived -- his ass! Jonah tells Johnny to clean up his cock with his mouth too, and Johnny gets to his knees right away. Jonah pounds Johnny's ass doggystyle, and the twink has definitely missed that meat! Jonah's dick hits the right spot as he fucks Johnny mish till the bottom cums, and then Jonah unleashes a massive load all over Johnny's cock! The soldier isn't done yet, and luckily Jax arrives just in time to take over..."

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Coby (Blowjob 2)

June 16, 2020

"COBY is back and looking fucking hot I might add! Today is a special day because Coby has had a taste of Rob's talents and is returning for more and even more interesting things to get into between a dominant gay guy with a submissive straight guy out of his element. Watch as I blow Coby away and give him the orgasm of his life and I caught it all on tape!

On this occasion I had Cody up on the bed with his legs spread wide and his feet just dangling from the edge of the bed. Once the cameras started rolling i sat down in front of his feet and began massaging his feet through his socks and slowly removing the socks to an aroma that made my dick twitch. I licked and sucked his toes, one by one, then all at the same time almost but I drenched his feet with my juices.

Once I was done there I made my way to his cock and that was only the beginning, Cody was rock hard within minutes and I was bent over the bed blowing like there was no tomorrow and edging him continually we drew closer to the point of no return. I quickly switched up the situation and asked him to pull his legs behind his head so i can eat that ass of his.

I ate his ass like it was the last ass I was going to eat and the quiet demeanor of Coby was telling because the eyes don't lie and Coby was now clinched fists and stiff body as he pointed his toes as I sucked and sucked this boy. Soon he was beginning to give me warnings that he was getting close to cumming and i knew it of course.

As I sat him down on the edge of the bed and knelt down in front him him sucking his cock, I was on a mission and I wasn't going to stop until I had Coby's straight man juices either on my person on in my mouth. YOU be the judge!"













Coby (Anal)

May 25, 2020

"Well I've had this little stud in the pack for a few weeks now and COBY is a mild mannered straight guy who is now out of the Army and living life on the east coast trying to make his mark in life! Today I've detoured him for a minute as he learns the ways of "gay for pay". Watch as Rob devirginizes this stud and let's him handle Rob'a ass!

On this occasion I was all ready for COBY. You see Coby traveled from Florida and now in California for the first time and sticking his dick in a dude's ass for the first time as well. Of course we negotiated this in advance and today we are actually putting the deal to the test. I had Coby fill out the paperwork and when we talked about the movie and the amount Coby smiled when I told him how much he was making.

Once we got the paperwork out of the way, we made our way to the bedroom where I had everything set up and ready to go. I began by taking photos of his hot stud and I have to say he's very photogenic. Once we got the pics out of the way I wasted no time in getting started and that began with a blowjob. Quel surpise?!! Well the sucking took off to a great start because I could tell by the size and hardness of that cock that Coby was enjoying the head. I am meticulous when I suck cock and don't skip a beat and I know Coby, although starring at the screen, was definitely keeping tabs on what I was doing through his peripheral vision. I was sucking cock like it was my first day.

In the end I took Coby through various fucking positions, first it was the side saddle which shows his expressions just right. Next came the doggie style which as you know looks great from the floor looking up as he drives his cock in my ass but in the end it was the side saddle that did the trick and before long Coby was giving me the warning he was about to cum.. music to my ears!"









Coby (Blowjob)

May 4, 2020

"Today I'm introducing a new recruit to the MC line up and his name is Cody! This all American from North Carolina joined the military and finished his service a couple of years ago. Today he's looking to make some money while trying something he's had a curiosity about for a while now. Watch as I negotiate my way to Cody's cock and follow up with a orgasm that really shakes him loose! Another one bites the dust! Cody flew in from the east coast and hasn't been to Laguna Beach so the beach suited him just right. Once I got him settled into his room and got the paperwork out of the way, we immediately went into the first scene and got started. Cody has never done this type of work before and in fact, he's never done anything sexual with a guy so all of this is new to him!

Once the cameras were rolling I sat Cody down on the edge of the bed and had him choose his favorite porn to watch while we shoot and he followed direction very well. I wasted no time and knelt down in front of him and began to lick his balls, one ball at a time. This drove Cody crazy and as I made my way up to the shaft of his cock, he began to get hard and looking like he's in suspense of something.

As I continued my attack on Cody's cock, I was speeding up my sucking and jacking to the point that I knew I was making Cody uncomfortable. He began to tighten up his body, pointing his legs and grabbing the blanket on the bed with a fist. All of a sudden, Cody gave me a warning and his warning wasn't too far ahead of his second warning so I knew he was heading to the end.

I increased my sucking even faster now and using my hand as well as lube that wet his cock making it feel like a vagina which drove Cody nuts. He warned me again and this time he was like a "deer in headlights", his stare with a blank look on his face as he uttered the words "i'm about to cum" preceded the nut he blew everywhere!"

Jonah's Socks & Barefoot Wank

April 4, 2020

"Has this ever happened to you? You come home after a long, hard day at work and check your email on your phone. Your shoes come off and a sexy pic on your phone catches your eye. The next thing you know you're rubbing one out with abandon. Jonah is certainly no different. Check out his dress socks and his size 11 feet while he indulges in a stress-relieving wank..."





















Jonah's First Tickling

March 19, 2020

"Jonah is a cute Southern boy with size 11 feet, a sweet smile and an adorable accent. He's bi and had never done any foot fetish exploration before, but he was completely open and curious about it. He knew he was ticklish but it had been a long time since anyone "touched him that way." He knew he got in over his head once I started on his feet - even through the socks he was wearing. His armpits and sides are also great places to concentrate on to make Jonah laugh and squirm. Those gloves and the brushes on his soles were the worst for him he said. Everything about getting this man tickled and laughing was the best part for me."