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Featuring Ashton Garner and Marco Napoli
Say Uncle | Family Dick

December 5, 2019

"When curious Ashton stumbles upon an ancient-looking pocket watch, he asks his super built stepdad what it is. The old man answers that he uses it for a very special technique that allows him to have a strong influence over his subjects. Ashton wants to learn, so his stepdad gives him a lesson that he will never forget. He puts himself in a suggestible state, and Ashton immediately has some dirty ideas. He commands his old man to pull out his thick boner and let him kiss it. Then, he sits on his stepdad’s cock and demands that he fuck his asshole raw before shooting a load of cum on his young body!"

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Talk Therapy

Featuring Marco Napoli and Mason Anderson
Say Uncle | Family Dick

November 16, 2019

"Little Mason Anderson is filled with questions about his growing body, and who better to turn to for answers than his loving stepdad Marco Napoli? He tells his muscular old man about the boners he has been getting at night, and his pop reassures him that it’s perfectly normal. To make sure the boy doesn’t feel alone, he pulls out his own rock-hard cock for the kid to play with. Anderson licks his stepdad’s dick like a lollipop, savoring every inch. Then, he bounces on the old man’s girthy rod for a bareback cock ride! Hopefully this deeply intimate talk answers all of Anderson’s questions…"

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Elder Anderson: Interview

Featuring Marco Napoli and Mason Anderson

November 15, 2019

"Elder Anderson (Mason Anderson) is a straight-laced young man. He was brought up to be an ideal student, an athlete, and a model citizen. During his senior year of high school, he was recognized as one of the most outstanding young men in his class. All this while coming to grips with the fact that he would not be attending college like his classmates. Somewhere towards the end of his schooling, Anderson had somewhat of an awakening. He realized he wanted to take a more spiritual path in life, a path that would lead him ultimately to enlightenment. The sudden change in plans was a shock to all those around him. He was expected to go to one of the top schools in the country, potentially an Ivy League college, but instead, Anderson decided at the last minute to join the mission and follow his spiritual calling. He believed that joining the mission alongside other boys who were in search of a greater vision would awaken a part of him that could help him elevate to another level of being. He didn’t want to be another money-chasing member of the rat race. He didn’t want to suppress his ideals and his beliefs to fit into a society he viewed as sick. Now that he is within the walls of the mission, living out his purpose, there is only one outstanding issue that Elder Anderson can’t get around. Everyday he studies the teachings passed down to him by the priests, and everyday he is confronted with the fact that his thoughts are impure. He has always kept his sexuality a secret, but he never felt as though his deep desires were truly wrong. Now, he must be confronted by his own passions like never before, and he is sure that they will eventually be brought forth by the watchful eye of the priests. Today, Anderson’s reckoning has come. He must face Bishop Napoli (Marco Napoli), one of the most distinguished priests in the mission. As he goes through the Interview ceremony, Anderson can tell that Napoli sees through his thin disguise. Every question seems to cut directly towards the core of Anderson’s shame. It is only a matter of time until he is found out. But just as he is sure he will be jettisoned from the mission altogether, the Interview takes a sudden turn that he could have never predicted. Napoli begins to touch his body, making the boy’s cock stiffen in his slacks. He can hardly believe what is happening, but he is powerless to stop it. In fact, he wants the man to go even further, to reach lower, to wrap his fingers around his eager cock and fulfill his fantasies. And as though he can read the boy’s mind, Napoli does just that. He kneels and sucks on the boy’s penis. Then, he bends over and lets the young man plow his tight asshole raw before covering his cheeks in sperm. It seems Anderson’s dark desires have been brought to light in a totally unexpected way…"

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Elder Wolf: The Gift

Featuring Jason Wolf, Joel Someone and Marco Napoli
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

October 11, 2019

"Innocent Elder Wolf (Jason Wolf) is a fast learner. Though he began his journey towards the Order as a shy, confused boy with no direction or sense of self, he has quickly caught on to the way things run around the mission. He knows when to look a man in the eyes, and he knows when to avert his gaze. He knows when to speak, and he knows when to keep his mouth shut. Most importantly, he knows what is expected of him, and how to give the men exactly what they want. In other words, he is becoming one of the priesthood’s favorite boys and he couldn’t be more pleased. Today, he has been informed that he will take part in a very special ceremony. It is not one that every boy gets to experience during their time at the mission. Wolf has been chosen because of his innocence and obedience – his willing to do anything and everything to please the men of the Order. He has been hand-selected by President Lewis to serve the indelible Bishop Napoli, a man of high honor and prestige. Only the best boys are presented to Napoli, but President Lewis is sure that Wolf, with his subservient attitude, will be able to live up to the task. Wolf is blindfolded and ushered into a dark room where President Lewis fills him in on the details of the ceremony he has been chosen for. The boy will be used by a new man, one he has never met or even set eyes on. This man will be able to use the boy’s body for whatever he desires. Wolf will have no control in this arrangement. He must only follow the man’s need and do so with enthusiasm and vigor. Anything short of perfection will not be tolerated. Finally, Napoli is shown into the room. He sees why Lewis is so fond of Wolf and is impressed with how attractive the boy is. Something about his posture exudes service. Nothing gets Napoli’s blood boiling more than discipline and obedience. He undresses quickly and introduces the still blindfolded boy to his touch, running his fingers up and down the missionary’s naked body. He sticks his fingers inside Wolf’s puckering hole, stretching it out as he readies the boy for penetration. Then, he fills Wolf up with his girthy cock, stroking slowly as the boy opens up. Wolf cries out in pleasure and pain, and it only makes Napoli more crazed. The strong man strokes until he is on the brink of orgasmic bliss. Then, he shoots a copious load all over the young man’s balls as he grunts and groans like a wild animal. Wolf is still unsure of the man’s identity, but he can feel that the man is powerful and important just by the way he touches his body. The next time he meets him, he is sure he will recognize him. No one, not even a priest, could conceal the connection they made today."

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