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Pip Caulfield (3)
Manuel Skye


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Angel Santana & Manuel Skye

Featuring Angel Santana & Manuel Skye

January 11, 2023

"Angel Santana returns, immediately ready for one of his faves Manuel Skye---who just so happens wanted Angel when he saw him. As eager as they both are, Manuel applies his brand of passionate dominance to make Angel work for it. Angel worships Manuel's muscles AND his cock, sucking him how Manuel wants. After lots of juicy sucking, Manuel then takes charge of Angel.

Manuel strips Angel, forcefully lifts him up for some air humping, then sets him down with his ass up to work his hole with his mouth and fingers. Once Angel is all spit-lubed, Manuel fucks him, starting with some acrobatic ass-drilling, then deep-pounding along with some manhandling before he makes Angel ride his cock multiple ways like Manuel's life size sex toy.

Angel is soon rewarded with mid-air fucking from Manuel---arguably the longest you've seen onscreen. When Manuel fucks him on the couch there's still an acrobatic bent to it, and he goes until he fucks a load out of Angel. Manuel then gets Angel to ride him once more to orgasm and the muscle daddy shoots a cum geyser, breeding Angel as much as he can. Angel sucks Manuel and shares a cummy kiss with him before they lie contentedly in each other's arms."

























Benjamin King & Manuel Skye

Featuring Benjamin King & Manuel Skye

August 17, 2022

"Manuel Skye finally gets his shot with dreamy UK hottie Benjamin King in his CockyBoys debut! Manuel has long been lusting after Benjamin whose last stop on his Canada trip is Manuel's home base Montreal. They're both excited, especially when they learn how well-matched they are and it's clear when they make out and Manuel hungrily worships Benjamin's hot bod--even using his cock to do it!

After Manuel teases Benjamin and gives him a precum snack, he feeds him his cock and Benjamin takes sucks it down to the base. It's not long before Manuel feasts on Benjamin's hole and keeps going as they transition to a 69 in which Benjamin deep throats him again. Soon, Benjamin wants his hole filled and makes his move hovering over Manuel's teasing cock until the Canadian slides it into his waiting hole.

Benjamin rides that cock in a reverse cowboy, but Manual quickly goes all in, using his whole body to thrust up into him into him. Manuel's high energy thrusting continues as Benjamin rides him in the opposite direction, and then Manuel takes total control power topping him on his back every which way he can, only stopping to eat his ass.

Manuel's seemingly inexhaustible stamina shows as he plows Benjamin from behind and drills him on top before fucking him on his back again. He fucks load out of Benjamin and he doesn't stop until has an intense full-body orgasm shooting over him and into him...with some cum eating for dessert. Exhausted but on a post-sex high, they're both all smiles and Benjamin literally doesn't have enough adjectives to describe the experience."



















Edward Terrant & Manuel Skye

Featuring Edward Terrant & Manuel Skye

July 29, 2021

"Manuel Skye is back from his world travels, ready to show how he's evolved to share his sexual energy and get pleasure by giving pleasure to Edward Terrant. From the start Manuel leads the way, showing Edward how to take the slow, sensual route. As directed by Manuel, Edward orally teases Manuel's cock through his pants, once it's out, he uses his mouth and tongue on the tip and Manuel's big balls before being allowed to suck him deep.

Soon Manuel makes out with Edward passionately and picks him up before lying back to move to the next level. Edward sits on Manuel's chest and as they kiss his cock is ready to penetrate Edward. BUT, Manuel takes him into an intense 69 and as they suck each other deep, he lifts Edward and also plays with his hole. Manuel soon uses his acrobatic prowess to lift Edward upside and they continue sucking cock, now in a vertical, mid-air 59.

In time Manuel puts Edward down, gets him on all fours to eat his hole, and proceeds to own it with some deep-drilling thrusts. Soon, Manuel takes Edward to bed to rim and tease his hole every which way before flipping him over to plow him. As Manuel pounds Edward harder & deeper lubed with spit and precum, he fucks him from the side and then seamlessly he rolls him over to ride his cock and take every upward thrust.

Manuel finishes off Edward by fucking him on his back, driving an intense orgasm out of him before pulling out and shooting a massive load all over his hole. Manuel fucks some of his jizz back into Edward and kisses him tenderly, punctuating an experience he won't soon forget."





















Manuel Skye & Olivier Robert (BAREBACK)

Featuring Manuel Skye & Olivier Robert

November 5, 2020

"Sexy ginger Olivier Robert returns to CockyBoys and Manuel Skye is more excited than usual to have a go with him! Manuel isn't subtle about it either! He lets Olivier know how eager he is and what he wants to do and puts words turn to action. Manuel makes out with Olivier, gropes his ripped bod, strips him to the waist and pulls down his jeans just far enough to cock-tease his sculpted ass.Soon Manuel slips them both out of their jeans to engage in cock-centric foreplay.

Manuel proudly shows off his oozing pre-cum, feeds it to Olivier and then strokes their cocks together. But he soon turns to Olivier's hot ass and tongue fucks his hole before turning him around to suck him. The pleasure Olivier gets motivates him to give Manuel the same pleasure and before long he's getting face-fucked with Manuel drilling his throat. Manuel wants to own Olivier's ass and turns him around to pound him against the wall and brings cries of pleasure from Olivier.

Manuel is close but takes Olivier to the bed to feast on his cock, totally in control. Manuel's sexually creativity emerges and he flips Olivier over slides him to the edge of the bed to drill him in a few variations of the "reverse bulldog" position. Again he gets close but brings Olivier up to the bed. Manuel makes out with Olivier even more aggressively and orally deep-diving his hole.

Manuel begins fucking Olivier from the side relentlessly...until he partially cums inside him! He pulls out to lick up his own oozing cum and probe Olivier's hole but in short order resumes pounding him. Soon he cums again, this time shooting a huge load over Olivier's hole and into it! When Oliver lies back and shoots his load in an intense orgasm, cum-hungry Manuel licks it all up! Manuel wraps his arms around Olivier but this isn't the end: they agree they have many more rounds of sex ahead of them!"





























Benjamin Blue & Manuel Skye (BAREBACK)

Featuring Benjamin Blue & Manuel Skye

June 19, 2020

"Benjamin Blue is excited to be with his first older guy Manuel Skye, who is ready to take control HIS way with a balance of slow burning passion and hard, dominant sex. Manuel takes his time seducing Benjamin with sensual foreplay and subtle training as he strips him down. And soon Manuel has Benjamin where he wants him, lying back and succumbing to the pleasure of Manuel's deep-throating.

As he sucks him deep, Manuel uses his abundant spit to finger Benjamin deep and increase the pleasure. Manuel is relentless as he eats out Benjamin's smooth hole and stretches it with two fingers. Then, after teasing him with his thick dick Manuel gives it to his mouth & throat. He 69s with Benjamin only to get at his hole again with him mouth and probing fingers before finally letting him ride his cock hard.

Manuel takes over and bends over Benjamin, rims him and thrusts into him again. With spit and precum pumping into him, Benjamin can't hold back and cum rockets out of cock. Manuel keeps pounding him and a still hard Benjamin rides his cock again until he shoots another load over Manuel's chest. At last Manuel pulls out to pump out his jizz over and into Benjamin's gape. With his dick buried inside him, Manuel & Benjamin seal with their joyful bond with shared cum and tasty kisses."

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-22

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-2

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-4

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-5

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-8

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-11

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-15

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-24

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-29

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-33

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-35

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-36

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-37

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-44

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-45

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-48

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-49

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-59

Benjamin blue-manuel skye-61
Double Penetration: Alex Mecum, Carter Dane & Manuel Skye

Double Penetration (BAREBACK): Alex Mecum, Carter Dane & Manuel Skye

Featuring Alex Mecum, Carter Dane & Manuel Skye

April 30, 2020

"This is it! A wildly hot three-way with Carter Dane, Alex Mecum & Manuel Skye together for the first time in camera! It also features two milestones: Married couple Alex & Carter's first on-camera three-way AND Carter's first double-penetration in a scene!

Once they talk about what they want to do, they go for it: making out, exploring their bodies and sucking each other. It's Manuel though who boldly takes two dicks in his mouth at once! Manuel excites his buddies and Carter makes his move. Soon he's sits on Manuel's face while sucking Alex, then turns around to get into a 69 with Manuel. Alex is no casual observer either. He joins Manuel in rimming his hubby, then fucking Carter as he's being tongued.

When Manuel starts pounding Carter's hole, Alex is there to get sucked as part Carter's spit-roasting and offer up his cock for Manuel to suck.And in little time Alex & Manuel have switched places in Carter's spit-roasting. Carter slowly transitions into riding Manuel's cock and before long Alex moves in to slide his cock in too, double-penetrating Carter totally. Manuel goes over the edge he rises up to give a mouthful of cum to Carter.

Manuel is far from done as he switches places again, double-penetrating Carter as he rides Alex. He pulls out again to cum on Carter's hole and the dominoes fall. Carter cums on Alex's hairy abs and in rapid succession Alex fucks from behind and erupts in a thick load of his own before sliding back in. Manuel intensifies Alex's orgasm by sucking him as he pulls out. At last they bring it down, still slightly giddy as they lie in each other's arms, totally satisfied."

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0113

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0155

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0156

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0161

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0311

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0315

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0321

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0334

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0137

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0145

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0289

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0303

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0345

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0367

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0377

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0382

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0386

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0394

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0401

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0405

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0409

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0418

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0421

Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye (BAREBACK)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye

January 25, 2020

"Aiden Ward really likes it when a hot, older takes control and tells him what to do and that's just what he gets from Manuel Skye in this condom-free scene. Not long after joining Manuel in the shower, as ordered Aiden is on his knees sucking his cock & balls. A pleased Manuel sucks him back, finger-probing & rimming him at the same time. But Manuel soon needs more room and bends Aiden over the sink to rim him more and suck his engorged cock from behind.

Manuel gives Aiden a taste of his oozing precum then eases his cock into him and fucks him hard, totally owning his ass. Manuel stops only once to give Aiden another taste of precum & eat his hole again before pounding him hard. Carrying him to bed. Manuel slides Aiden over the edge of the bed to tease his hole and get him to suck him in this acrobatic position---which Aiden stays in to take Manuel's deep cock thrusts. Manuel finally puts Aiden up on the bed to rim, suck him, and finger fuck him again before giving him more passionate pounding.

Manuel again takes a time out to probe & eat Aiden's hole before resuming his relentless drilling and pinning him down. Manuel also picks up Aiden to fuck him in mid-air, lower him slowly and feed him more pre-cum. At last Manuel fucks a big load out of Aiden, sucks him dry & licks up the rest. Manuel then turns Aiden on his tummy to screw him to the bed until he goes over the edge and erupts in a mammoth gusher all over Aiden. What Manuel doesn't feed Aiden, he fucks into him..and he again eats up and shares with Aiden is one last cummy, satisfied kiss."






















Brent everrret-9102

A is for Alpha Scene 4

Featuring Brent Everett & Manuel Skye

November 20, 2019

"In the finale of A Is For Alpha superstar Brent Everett makes his CockyBoys debut opposite Manuel Skye in his long-awaited return! Alpha Manuel exerts control from the get-go, sitting across from Brent while stroking their cocks and engaging in sex talk. As Manuel instructs him, Brent poses, strips, and puts on a teasing show which increasingly excites Manuel. After Brent plays with his ass, Manuel comes up behind Brent and hungrily eats his ass. Soon Manuel slides in his cock to fuck him and Brent responds by working his butt on Manuel's cock. Shortly Manuel turns Brent around to make out & manhandle Brent, stroke their cocks together, and get him to suck his cock. Manuel continues to exert physical & vocal as he finally sucks Brent deep and flips him backwards to rim his smooth hole. Manuel soon goes into full power top mode thrusting deep into Brent before picking him up and fucking him in mid-air.

Manuel shows off his strength, keeping Brent aloft even as bounces up and down on his cock. He then lifts him higher and effortlessly sucks his cock.sucking. Brent returns the favor, sucking Manuel when sits down. And soon he gets up and sits on Manuel's face to ride his tongue. Brent slides down onto Manuel's waiting cock and rides him, taking every deep thrust.

In the middle of this Brent stands up twice and Manuel's own precum drips out! He slurps it up and feeds to Brent before returning to eating his ass and sucking his cock. After all this Brent turns around and rides him again until Manuel puts him on his back again to suck and pound him deep until he pulls out and shoots a massive load all over his crotch and hole. He fucks it into Brent and drives a huge cum geyser out of him. Manual slurps up his own load and shares a loaded kiss with Brent and sweet, satisfied smiles."

Brent everret-9399

Brent everrret-9365

Brent everrret-9237

Brent everret-manuel skye-18

Brent everret-manuel skye-2-2

Brent everret-manuel skye-2

Brent everret-manuel skye-3

Brent everret-manuel skye-4

Brent everret-manuel skye-5

Brent everret-manuel skye-6

Brent everret-manuel skye-8

Brent everret-manuel skye-9

Brent everret-manuel skye-11

Brent everret-manuel skye-12

Brent everret-manuel skye-13

Brent everret-manuel skye-14

Brent everret-manuel skye-15

Brent everret-manuel skye-16

Brent everret-manuel skye-17



Manuel Skye Manhandles Taylor Reign


April 22, 2017

"There's no random selection that brings together Taylor Reign and Manuel Skye. They just HAD to be paired up! Taylor likes experienced, older, muscular guys who basically know what they're doing. Plus, according to Taylor, "I swear their dicks are bigger!". Conversely, Manuel Skye likes the tight bodies of younger guys as well as making a connection and building trust in the pursuit of the balance between romantic sensuality and hard sex. Their connection begins slowly and sensually with kissing and simmering appreciation of each other's bodies: Taylor's taut frame and Manuel's thicker bulging muscularity. Taylor's mouth finds Manuel's thick cock, he savors every inch and triggers Manuel's instinct to take control and shift to higher gear.

The dominant side of Manuel Skye emerges as he pushes Taylor Reign back on the bed and almost literally takes over his entire body. Manuel sucks his cock and asserts himself verbally and physically by sitting on top of Taylor's torso and feeds him his cock. Pleased with Taylor's talented and eager sucking, Manuel makes sure to kiss him back passionately while continuing to engulf him and thrusts his cock against him. Manuel also knows that Taylor loves to be rimmed and fills that need, putting him into several positions through some sexual acrobatics. They both get what they want in the process. Taylor gets manhandled while Manuel displays his physical strength and sexual prowess. After one strength/balance position that brings them face to face and kissing, Manuel flips Taylor back on the bed to fuck him.

Manuel Skye nails Taylor Reign flattened to the bed and shows him no mercy by including some forceful butt slaps as he fucks him. If you recall, Manuel is an aerial acrobat, and he decides to include a very willing Taylor in his "act". A padded headboard comes in handy as Manuel hammers Taylor against it and it provides support for some mid-air fucking. Although Manuel eases up to suck Taylor again, he returns to acrobatically manhandling him. He nails him like art to a wall between two windows before carrying Taylor back to bed and letting him ride his cock until he shoots over his Manuel's washboard abs. For the final act Manuel Skye lies Taylor Reign on his back and erupts over him. There's so much and it lasts so long that he's able to direct his shots all over Taylor's torso! That's talent!"

Img_1933 Img_2028

Img_2248 Img_2352

Img_2540 Img_2564














Manuel Skye, Matthew Parker & River Wilson


April 12, 2017

"Manuel Skye and River Wilson make their Cocky Boys debuts, joined by returning fellow Canadian Matthew Parker, and they're ready to make a strong first impression. Spoiler alert: they do... BIG TIME, especially the explosive Manuel. He leads the opening introduction (and much of the action), whereas the other guys exhibit low-key, cosmopolitan charm... even in discussing sex. But once the super-sexy trio start kissing and playing with each other it's a non-stop fast track to passionate and wildly uninhibited three-way sex.

Manuel Skye is the center of attention as River Wilson and Matthew Parker kiss, eventually undressing him for the big reveal: his thick, hard uncut cock. It promptly disappears as River and Matthew take turns sucking it and kissing Manuel.. who himself keeps busy by periodically sucking each of his co-stars. No one is left out, shifting to Matthew getting rimmed while sucking Manuel, to River getting double-sucked by his buds before he's on his knees sucking cock as Manuel and Matthew kiss.

Vocal Manuel Skye assumes control, fucking Matthew Parker, who then sucks River Wilson, then plowing River engaged in 69 with Matthew. Not even close to being done, Manuel engineers a fuck train with Matthew, happily sandwiched in between before riding Manuel, now face fucked by River. Dusk descends as they come full circle, Manuel Skye on the sofa with River Wilson and Matthew Parker on either side, shooting their loads over his ripped torso. It's Manuel who puts the exclamation point on the scene by exploding with one of CockyBoys' biggest loads ever, erupting over his body and even hitting the guys next to him. THIS is how you make a first impression!"

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