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SITES: CockyBoys, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Men at Play

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ALL SAiNTS: Chapter 2 (Director's Cut) Featuring Blake Mitchell & Carter Dane

ALL SAiNTS: Chapter 2 (Director's Cut)

Featuring Blake Mitchell & Carter Dane

November 27, 2020

"Step once more into the spiral of time, space, and consciousness as the saga which began in ANSWERED PRAYERS swirls around once last time in the finale of ALL SAiNTS. And, at least one soul learns firsthand the truth that THE END iS JUST THE BEGiNNiNG.

Return to the day in ANSWERED PRAYERS in which Puck (Levi Karter) met a most untimely first death and began his journey as an integral part of the great balance. After immeasurable time passes he seeks the help of mortals turned mystical antique dealers Buzz (Misty Meaner) & Harper (Moca Lite) for a very special reason. With a dear price paid Buzz & Harper chant and help Puck to fulfill his fondest desire.

We return to Carter Dane in his dreams and two years after the end of ALL SAiNTS Chapter One. Now residing in New Orleans, Carter is surprised to be visited by Adrian (Calvin Banks) who seeks a kind of reconciliation and brings him an inexplicable offering. Later that night under a full moon Carter is drawn to the offering and when he views it, the kaleidoscopic truth about himself is revealed.

The next morning, awakened in more ways than one Carter, at last, comes to Adrian (Calvin Banks) who is already hard and VERY horny. Free to whisper terms of affection and kiss with a sensuous passion, Carter follows by sucking Adrian's huge cock and offer up his own bubble butt.

Adrian (Calvin) rims Carter deeply and soon dominates his hole with his hard fucking. Carter welcomes the manhandling and aggressive pounding he gets from Adrian (Carter) in every position they take. Finally, Adrian (Calvin) drills him with precision to fuck a load out of Carter and then breed him with his own voluminous cum. As they lie together in the romantic afterglow, a seemingly harmless observation is made reminding Carter of his truth and looming destiny.

Carter later returns to the place once occupied by the religious studies institute and finds much has changed. Appearing out of nowhere is the building's apparent new occupant The Tailor (Blake Mitchell) who confronts Carter with cryptic queries and riddles before he himself realizes who Carter might be.

After his blind assistants cutaway Carter's old garments The Tailor angrily orders them out so that he may fashion his new attire. The Tailor only partially re-dresses Carter before turning his attention to seducing him. Carter willingly falls under the control of The Tailor (Blake), sucking him deeply and slowly undressing him before intuitively following his unspoken order to sit on his cock and ride him.

While The Tailor (Blake) can watch himself in the mirror he soon gets Carter turned around so he can watch too as he rides him. The Tailor, vocally dominates and encourages Carter and soon turns him around to eat his ass and hold him tight ass he fucks him and proclaims ownership with cocky assurance. At last, after sucking Carter, The Tailor (Blake) relentlessly fucks him on his back until Carter shots his thick load over himself. In short order, The Tailor pulls out and shoots a skyrocketing load over Carter.

And, in the intense afterglow, one final truth is revealed, one more choice is made, and as a result, a very long journey reaches its next and possible last destination."

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0058

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0073

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0160

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0253

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0266

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0288

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0305

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0314

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0362

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0368

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0432

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0466

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0485

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0487

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0492

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0499

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0518

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0551

All saints- blake mitchell-carter dane-0591

Carter Dane & Raphael Louis (BAREBACK)

Featuring Carter Dane & Raphael Louis

September 17, 2020

"Carter Dane returns to introduce you to Raphael Louis, his hot fellow Canadian! Raphael may be a little shy and intimidated by him, but Carter charms him with sincere compliments,sweet kisses and sensual body play. With that Raphael's shyness soon melts away and he buries his face in Carter's exposed bubble butt. Soon though, in a take-charge way that Raphael likes, Carter pulls off his pants and sucks him deep.

After much intuitive pleasure-giving Carter offers up his ass again and a more eager Raphael happily tongues his hole. Soon, without any prodding Raphael flips Carter on his back and drills him, fucking him without any glimmer of being intimidated and driving moans of pleasure from Carter's lips.In bed Carter sucks him again and gives Raphael what he likes: to fuck doggy style.

In time Carter wants to kiss more easily so he flips on his back. Raphael plows him and before long before he fucks a very thick load out of Carter in an intense orgasm. Raphael keep going until he pulls out to shoot a big load too and as Carter wishes, he breeds him. Carter is giddy with sexual satisfaction and he's not about to let Raphael be a one-time only experience. In other words Raphael is a keeper!"

Carter dane-raphael louis-50

Carter dane-raphael louis-43

Carter dane-raphael louis-36

Carter dane-raphael louis-56

Carter dane-raphael louis-61

Carter dane-raphael louis-72

Carter dane-raphael louis-78

Carter dane-raphael louis-85

Carter dane-raphael louis-89

Carter dane-raphael louis-107

Carter dane-raphael louis-109

Carter dane-raphael louis-118

Carter dane-raphael louis-119

Carter dane-raphael louis-145

Carter dane-raphael louis-148

Carter dane-raphael louis-150





Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux (BAREBACK)

Featuring Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark

May 21, 2020

"Lightning strikes twice as Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark reunite in a condom-free scene four years after their first sizzling hot time together! As they catch up the excitement builds and their chemistry reignites once Carter takes the lead and they make out passionately. Gabriel's lips soon move to Carter's succulent nipples and before long he has his first brief taste of his bubble butt.

With their mouths watering and their dicks hard Carter & Gabriel get into a full-throated 69 which soon propels then to go all the way. Gabriel gets Carter on his back and as his slow thrusts turn into deep ass pounding he brings an increasingly vocal and ecstatic Carter close to the edge. Gabriel decides to fuck doggy style and Carter happily obliges.

The hard pounding makes Carter moan loudly and Gabriel rises higher and drills down deeper. Soon they switch so Carter can ride Gabriel and edge himself, but soon Gabriel again takes charge. He flips Carter to relentlessly pound him and fuck a big load out of him. Gabriel keeps going until he pulls out and shoots over Carter's hole and licks up every drop to share a cummy kiss with him. And with this Carter becomes one of the few to get "Clark'd" twice."

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0143

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-07

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-030

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-082

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-089

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-098

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0113

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0121

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0219

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0223

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0236

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0254

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0260

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0271

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0297

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0300

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0342

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0360

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0368

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0409

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0416

Carter dane-gabriel clark raw redo-0430
Double Penetration: Alex Mecum, Carter Dane & Manuel Skye

Double Penetration (BAREBACK): Alex Mecum, Carter Dane & Manuel Skye

Featuring Alex Mecum, Carter Dane & Manuel Skye

April 30, 2020

"This is it! A wildly hot three-way with Carter Dane, Alex Mecum & Manuel Skye together for the first time in camera! It also features two milestones: Married couple Alex & Carter's first on-camera three-way AND Carter's first double-penetration in a scene!

Once they talk about what they want to do, they go for it: making out, exploring their bodies and sucking each other. It's Manuel though who boldly takes two dicks in his mouth at once! Manuel excites his buddies and Carter makes his move. Soon he's sits on Manuel's face while sucking Alex, then turns around to get into a 69 with Manuel. Alex is no casual observer either. He joins Manuel in rimming his hubby, then fucking Carter as he's being tongued.

When Manuel starts pounding Carter's hole, Alex is there to get sucked as part Carter's spit-roasting and offer up his cock for Manuel to suck.And in little time Alex & Manuel have switched places in Carter's spit-roasting. Carter slowly transitions into riding Manuel's cock and before long Alex moves in to slide his cock in too, double-penetrating Carter totally. Manuel goes over the edge he rises up to give a mouthful of cum to Carter.

Manuel is far from done as he switches places again, double-penetrating Carter as he rides Alex. He pulls out again to cum on Carter's hole and the dominoes fall. Carter cums on Alex's hairy abs and in rapid succession Alex fucks from behind and erupts in a thick load of his own before sliding back in. Manuel intensifies Alex's orgasm by sucking him as he pulls out. At last they bring it down, still slightly giddy as they lie in each other's arms, totally satisfied."

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0113

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0155

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0156

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0161

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0311

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0315

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0321

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0334

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0137

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0145

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0289

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0303

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0345

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0367

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0377

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0382

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0386

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0394

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0401

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0405

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0409

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0418

Alex mecum-carter dane _ manuel skye-0421

Ace Quinn & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

Featuring Ace Quinn & Carter Dane

April 9, 2020

"Instant chemistry rules as Ace Quinn meets fellow French Canadian Carter Dane! After getting to know each other a little, Carter lies back, teasingly stroking himself in front of Ace, who takes the bait and makes out with him. Ace's sensual kisses slowly move down Carter's muscular torso and down to his cock which he sucks just as sensually, much to Carter's pleasure.

Soon Carter gets on his knees and goes down on Ace, sucking him deeply and taking some of his face-fucking. Ace soon takes more control flipping Carter back on the bed to eat his ass and sit lube him. And in time Ace flips Carter on all fours to give his hole a variable speed drilling. He slows down only once to thrust deep into him and flip him back to pile-drive him over the side of the bed.

After pulling Carter back up the bed Ace slides back in sideways and drives into him deep bringing Carter closer & closer to the edge. But before he does Ace turns Carter on his back and keeps fucking him until he explodes in a thick load over himself. Ace keeps pumping and shoots inside Carter. He plays with the cum oozing out of Carter's hole and gives him one more passionate kiss for the road."



















Carter Dane & Max Adonis (BAREBACK)

Featuring Carter Dane & Max Adonis

February 14, 2020

"A mutual desire for lustful passion brings Carter Dane & Max Adonis together in this condom-free scene. And after making out in bed Carter gives himself over to Max's control. Max stands Carter in front of a mirror to play with his bubble butt and tease his hole with his fingers, tongue & rock hard cock, all while stroking Carter's cock. Max soon wraps himself around Carter and drills him deep and hard.

Before Max gets too carried away, Carter gets on his knees to service his cock, swallowing him deep with Max's help. Max still can't keep his hands off Carter's muscle butt and resumes fucking him from behind and with greater intensity and a little vocal manhandling he drills him to the bed. With gleeful lust Max soon flips Carter on his back to throat fuck him over the edge of the bed and mix in a 69 with him.

Max gets Carter on his dick to get thrust fucked as well as ride it excitedly. They both get close but Max finally takes total control. He pounds Carter lying down behind him, wrapping his arms around him and stroking his cock until he shoots. Right after fucking him from behind again Max pulls out to shoot a massive thick load over his hole, breeding him with it as much as he can. This happy duo both get more from this than expected. What a way to enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day!"

Carter dane-max adonis-9778

Carter dane-max adonis-0002

Carter dane-max adonis-0023

Carter dane-max adonis-0034

Carter dane-max adonis-0066

Carter dane-max adonis-0069

Carter dane-max adonis-0080

Carter dane-max adonis-0092

Carter dane-max adonis-0107

Carter dane-max adonis-0130

Carter dane-max adonis-0154

Carter dane-max adonis-0174

Carter dane-max adonis-0192

Carter dane-max adonis-9815

Carter dane-max adonis-9818

Carter dane-max adonis-9837

Carter dane-max adonis-9855

Carter dane-max adonis-9875

Carter dane-max adonis-9897

Carter dane-max adonis-9930

Carter dane-max adonis-9950

Carter dane-max adonis-9977

Carter Dane & Shane Cook (BAREBACK)

Featuring Carter Dane & Shane Cook

January 22, 2020

"Shane Cook & Carter Dane enjoy condom-free morning with four cumshots even before they have breakfast! Shane's morning wood needs such attention he can't wait for Carter who's sleeping next to him! BUT, the rustling of Shane stroking under the sheets rouses Carter, who's just as horny. So much so that after they give each other blowjobs they stroke each other with Shane milking a load out of Carter and shooting his own over Carter's chest.

Carter goes back to sleep but Shane is still horny and goes off to watch porn alone and jack off. He's not alone for long because Carter wakes up hard too and pleasures himself before joining Shane. Kisses lead to Carter to relentlessly suck Shane and drive him wild. And, after lusting for his ass Shane finally gets to rim Carter as he sits on his face and returns to sucking him. It's not long before they go all the way and Carter rides Shane's thrusting cock.

With their boundless energy undiminished Shane eventually takes Carter on his back to pound him deep and hard. Before they go over the edge, Shane slows down by sucking Carter before using the sofa for another round of acrobatic fucking, including a pile-driver. Carter soon resumes sucking & jacking him until Shane takes over and gives his open mouth a thick load. In turn Carter glazes Shane's chest with a thick load and slurps up some of it and shares a creamy kiss with him. Who needs breakfast?"

Carter dane-shane cook-3321

Carter dane-shane cook-3338

Carter dane-shane cook-3376

Carter dane-shane cook-3399

Carter dane-shane cook-3419

Carter dane-shane cook-3438

Carter dane-shane cook-3454

Carter dane-shane cook-3458

Carter dane-shane cook-3466

Carter dane-shane cook-3518

Carter dane-shane cook-3577

Carter dane-shane cook-3601

Carter dane-shane cook-3623

Carter dane-shane cook-3634

Carter dane-shane cook-3641

Carter dane-shane cook-3685

Carter dane-shane cook-3689
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