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Austin Wolf


SITES: Cockyboys, Falcon Studios, Hot House, NakedSword, Raging Stallion Studios, Randy Blue, Thunders Arena

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Austin Wolf & Grayson Lange (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Wolf & Grayson Lange

February 21, 2020

"Grayson Lange is back and gentle giant Austin Wolf is here to wrap his arms around him and make his fantasies come true. Austin seduces him with strong caresses & kisses while fingering his hole and taking control. Grayson is eager to please Austin with deep sucking that's so good Austin barely has to work to keep his cock in Grayson's throat.

Soon though Austin takes more control by fingering Grayson's tight hole for what's next. With Grayson on all fours Austin rims him and strokes his cock before sliding his cock slowly in. Grayson works his hole on Austin's dick until the muscle top takes over and pounds him from behind and lifts him up with ease. He gives Grayson a break to suck him and hold him in his arms but soon wants back inside him. Grayson pleases Austin again by riding him with seemingly boundless energy.

When Grayson does slow down, Austin takes over. He holds him & thrusts into him like his sex toy. In time he roles Grayson to the side to fuck him hard. Finally, after worshiping his muscles and sucking him again Grayson rides Austin who soon drills into him. Austin goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot on his crack and up into him. In return Grayson shoots an intense big load over Austin's abs which pleases Austin greatly. His smile says it all. Welcome back Grayson!"

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Austin wolf-greyson lange-7080

Austin Wolf & Avery Jones (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Wolf & Avery Jones

January 15, 2020

"Avery Jones has had a longtime dirty fantasy about daddy Austin Wolf while also being nervous about being with someone so big and intimidating. Those nerves fade though as Austin seduces Avery with loving kisses and partially strips him down. Avery melts as Austin tongues and fingers his tight hole before teasing it with his hard cock and slowly working it in as they stand next to the bed.

With Avery moaning against his massive body Austin lets him work his hole on his cock. Austin asserts more control picking up Avery and using the bed's footboard to fuck him mid-air & standing up before turning him around for more mid-air fucking. As Avery holds the bed rails, Austin thrusts deeper until he picks up Avery with his cock still buried in him and lays him on the bed to continue. But soon Austin lies back for Avery to suck him.

After enjoying Avery's devoted deep sucking Austin has him ride his cock and take his thrusts & more kisses. Using his power Austin fucks Avery upside down and on his lap before lying him down to suck him sweetly. It isn't long before he lies next to Avery and holds him close to drill him. Soon Austin pulls out, shoots his load and finishes inside Avery, still pumping until he makes him cum. Austin has a quivering second orgasm but gains his composure to again kiss Avery, definitely no longer nervous."

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Austin wolf-avery jones-2415

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Austin wolf-avery jones-2494

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