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Tales From the Locker Room, Scene 1

Featuring Avery Jones and Dillon Diaz
Falcon Studios

March 20, 2020

"For a hot young twink like Avery Jones who fantasizes about sports heroes and stealing their dirty underwear from the laundry, a job as Towel Boy is a dream come true. Heavy on the cum, it turns out, for just as he thinks the locker room is deserted and he can bust one out sniffing and sucking on sweaty jockstraps, he gets busted by Coach Dillon Diaz. This isn't the first time, and Avery was warned what would happen: buff Coach Dillon slowly strips down to nothing but his whistle, feeds the boy his thick hard dick, eats his ass upside down, tonguing him deep to get him wet and ready, then delivers a slow and intense raw, bareback fuck that leaves Avery a quivering heap of grateful cum covered power-bottom."

WATCH & DOWNLOAD Tales From the Locker Room, Scene 1 Featuring Avery Jones and Dillon Diaz
















Uncle Bobby, Scene 4: Step Uncle 3 Way

Featuring Adam Ramzi, Avery Jones and Jake Nicola

February 27, 2020

"On this quiet night at home reading a book, Avery is joined by Adam Ramzi and Jake Nikola. A view reveals that their little secret about hooking up is not such a secret. Avery expresses how hot he thinks it is and new step-uncle Adam, asks if he wants to join in the fun. Without missing a beat, Avery gets right on those big hairy daddy dicks. The three of these horny men take care of each other‘s cocks and holes with extreme vigor. Avery ends up covered in hot cum and the trip has come to a delicious end."


















Uncle Bobby, Scene 2: Kissing Cousins

Featuring Avery Jones and Dylan Herring

February 13, 2020

"After taking a dip in the beautiful pool, the two friends, Avery Jones and Dylan Herring, want to make each other wet. These two young horny guys explore each other’s cocks and holes with stunning foreplay escalating to hardcore sex!"















Avery Jones & Johnny Ford

Featuring Avery Jones & Johnny Ford

July 6, 2021

"Sometimes getting together is really worth the wait as Johnny Ford and Avery Jones discover months after meeting! When versatile Johnny tops, he is a total power top who knows exactly the kind of bottom he likes...and Avery fits all the criteria! Once they start kissing Johnny starts to finger Avery's hole, giving him clear pleasure, and it isn't long before he's sucking the cock that Johnny feeds him. When Avery shows how deeply he sucks him, Johnny face fucks him over the edge of the bed while fingering even more and rimming his juicy hole.

Johnny's take-charge style grows as he flips Avery on his back, slides in his cock and pounds him. He keeps things lively, kissing Avery passionately in between manhandling him by gripping his throat and finger fucking his throat. When Johnny turns him on all fours, Avery excites him more by tugging on his underwear and reaching around to tearing open his briefs and present his hole for more fucking. Johnny resumes fucking Avery and drills down when he raises his ass higher. And when Johnny commands him Avery works his hole on his cock.

Johnny can't get enough of Avery, fucking him from behind, holding his wrists behind his back while drilling down again and screwing him from the side. Johnny also wants Avery to sit on his face and when Avery leans forward to suck his cock, Johnny opens his hole more with four fingers. Finally, Avery mounts Johnny's cock and rides him without stopping until he shoots his load. Johnny goes over the edge too, pulling out to cum on Avery's hole and fuck it into him. They both make sure to get that cum into Avery who keeps it there by sliding Johnny's cock back into his hole."

Avery jones-johnny ford-2565

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Avery jones-johnny ford-2714

Avery jones-johnny ford-2745

Avery jones-johnny ford-2760

Avery jones-johnny ford-2804

Avery jones-johnny ford-2821

Avery jones-johnny ford-2877

Avery Jones & Roman Todd

Featuring Avery Jones & Roman Todd

June 11, 2021

"Summer at CockyBoys means outdoor sex in fun places and for Avery Jones & Roman Todd it's a hammock. As they dreamily rock in the hammock, Avery is curled up next to Roman while his busy hands and lips trace the contours of his muscles and bulging crotch. Of course, Roman gets hard and it isn't long before Avery gets him naked, strokes his growing cock, and goes down on him. Roman luxuriates in Avery's perfect sucking and deep-throating and he is very vocal in letting him know how good it feels.

Sitting sideways on the hammock Roman gets the fully focused cock & balls worship from Avery, and in this position, he can face fuck him as well as reach over to finger his hole. In time a still-seated Roman stands up to Avery to rim & tongue his hole then bend him over to fuck him. At first, Roman uses the hammock's swinging motion to guide his cock deep into Avery, but he soon wants full control.

Roman slips out of the hammock and using his entire body plows Avery on all fours. He only stops his relentless ass-pounding to finger probe Avery's still-tight hole before lying him back on the hammock to fuck him with unbridled lust. Roman is so strong he can hold the hammock steady while deep fucking Avery who loves it all. Roman's deep thrusts do their job and he fucks a load out of the happy bottom. Roman is close too but stops, telling Avery, " I'm not done using your fucking hole".

Roman takes him out of the hammock to pound him against the tree. Again, Roman becomes a vocal, non-stop fucking machine until he goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot his massive load, some of which he aims at Avery's hole. And as Avery wants Roman slides his thick cock back in. Our super-satisfied duo return to where they started, lying on the hammock where Roman simply states, 'Best way to end the fucking day.'"

Avery jones-roman todd-2950

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Avery jones-roman todd-3178

Avery jones-roman todd-3186

Avery jones-roman todd-3215









Avery Jones & Felix Fox

Featuring Avery Jones & Felix Fox

May 27, 2021

"Felix Fox is back to switch it up by topping Avery Jones! Felix summons up a little of his inner dom, but really Avery is pretty much in charge. His hands lightly caress Felix's ripped bod and get him hard and soon Avery's lips go from Felix's mouth down to his exposed hardon.

Avery sucks and deep throats Felix whose approval spurs Avery to go all in. He strokes and sucks Felix's cock & big balls and puts him into a state of writhing, back-arching breathless pleasure, which he enhances by playing with his nipples. Soon, when Avery turns around and plays with his hole in front of his face, Felix takes the "offer" and eats and fingers his hole.

Avery takes the lead and sits on Felix's cock and rides it. Felix thrusts up into Avery and gets close to orgasm, but Avery shifts position and rides Felix's piston-pumping cock sideways. Felix follows his lead by fucking him deep from the side...just as Avery wants. Felix's cock puts a smile of pure pleasure on Avery's face and he intensifies it by holding Avery by the throat. As they get close to going over the edge again, Felix flips Avery to pound his hole from behind.

Felix soon bears down to drill him downwards before pulling Avery to his knees to fuck him faster. This time before he blows, Felix flips Avery on his back to fuck him and with Avery's vocal prodding Felix pulls out and shoot his loads and finish inside him. He keeps going and finally fucks the cum out of Avery. He gobbles up the thick load from Avery's fingers and Felix kisses him with the passion of total satisfaction...which they BOTH experience at the end."

Avery jones-felix fox-4150

Avery jones-felix fox-4161

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Avery jones-felix fox-4422

Avery jones-felix fox-4475

Avery jones-felix fox-4482

Avery jones-felix fox-4494




Angel Rivera & Avery Jones (BAREBACK)

Featuring Angel Rivera & Avery Jones

November 19, 2020

"Avery Jones returns for his first taste of NYC AND the full Angel Rivera experience! Their instant chemistry is sparked with slow & sensually passionate kissing and mutual nipple teasing and it grows as Angel reaches around and slips his fingers into Avery's hole. The intense pleasure motivates Avery to suck Angel's ever-growing thick cock and big balls and he's rewarded when Angel probes his hole more.

Angel soon gets Avery into a 69 so he can tongue fuck his hole while getting sucked and while he's at it, he face fucks Avery's willing throat. Angel is in such control all he has to do is say "Sit on it" and Avery slides his spit lubed hole on his cock and rides him. And once Angel is inside him, he slaps and fucks Avery's ass every which way he wants.

Angel's domination takes another turn as he goes back to sliding in more fingers into Avery's hole and prying him open..even getting Avery to help by using his own fingers. And after spit-lubing him, Angel starts drilling Avery from behind and from above. He also shows the giving side of a power top by taking a time-out to give Avery sensual blowjob.

It isn't long before Angel resumes topping Avery, pounding him in a pile driver position. His targeted thrusts eventually work and Avery cums, shooting a load all over himself. Soon after Angel pulls out to shoot a major load over Avery's ass and breed it deep into him. With his cock still buried inside Avery, Angel leans forward to kiss him and when he rises up, spent and in a light-headed afterglow, he knows the power of hot bottom!"

Angel rivera-avery jones-2

Angel rivera-avery jones-2-3

Angel rivera-avery jones-2-4

Angel rivera-avery jones-2-7

Angel rivera-avery jones-159

Angel rivera-avery jones-187

Angel rivera-avery jones-242

Angel rivera-avery jones-285

Angel rivera-avery jones-312

Angel rivera-avery jones-322

Angel rivera-avery jones-366

Angel rivera-avery jones-374

Angel rivera-avery jones-424




Cockyboys Hollywood & Vine

Hollywood & Vine, Scene 2

Featuring Avery Jones & Blake Mitchell

March 12, 2020

"Part 2 introduces temperamental talent agent Kevin Blake, played by Blake Mitchell as you've never seen him before, and Avery Jones as his personal assistant boyfriend...and the power behind the power. If you think you know what's going on between these two lovers, you're in for a surprise. When a movie review hints Nick Leon (Nico Leon) is gay, his domineering agent Kevin (Blake) loses it, especially when he learns Nick slept with the writer (Tayte Hanson).

In the aftermath Nick's boyfriend (Leo Grand) gets some relationship advice from Avery who also shows him by example how to handle his man. At home the sexual dynamic between Avery & Kevin (Blake) plays out on a webcam for a shocked but turned-on audience of one: Leo. Avery teases and sucks Kevin (Blake) slowly, making him beg for more more and edging him to comply with his desires. And just as Avery wants and commands, Kevin (Blake) eats out his smooth hole and teases it with his dick before letting Kevin (Blake) slowly fuck him HIS way...but only for a bit.

Soon Avery sits down Kevin (Blake) to tease his cock more and beg Avery to ride him. Avery works his hole on his cock and when he alone is ready gets Kevin (Blake) to thrust up into him. Avery maintains perfect control as he soon switches to ride Kevin (Blake) in another position working his hole to edge them both. Soon Kevin (Blake) carries him to bed for full-on 69 in which their dynamic slowly reverses.

After much mutual and affectionate cocksucking Kevin (Blake) gets Avery into position to fuck him from behind, knowing that's how he wants it, in front of the mirror. Kevin (Blake) soon pins him down and drills him harder, pulling out just as he starts cumming and fucking his jizz into Avery. Right away Kevin (Blake) rolls him on his back and Avery blows his load for him. And in the end Avery shows Leo he got just what he wanted. Lesson learned?"

Hollywood vine blake mitchell-0185

Hollywood  vine avery jones  blake mitchell-9304

Hollywood  vine avery jones  blake mitchell-9313

Hollywood  vine avery jones  blake mitchell-9337

Hollywood  vine avery jones  blake mitchell-9374

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Hollywood vine avery jones  blake mitchell-9800

Hollywood vine avery jones  blake mitchell-9816

Avery Jones & Brock Banks (BAREBACK)

Featuring Avery Jones & Brock Banks

February 7, 2020

"Fortunately what happens in Vegas between CockyBoys exclusives Brock Banks & Avery Jones doesn't stay in Vegas! After hanging out together in Sin City the guys cozy up in their hotel room and after Brock smooches it up with Avery, he lustfully goes for the pink hole offered up to him. Using his luscious lips & tongue Brock spends time giving Avery total pleasure before teasing him with his fat cock ...which Avery grabs and guides in on his own.

Avery fucks himself deep on Brock's cock but in time Brock takes over, getting nude fucking him on his back...with his jeans still on! Brock gives Avery the full thrust of his cock, all the way in & out and when it isn't inside him Avery fingers his hole to keep it stimulated. After power fucking him Brock sits back and gets Avery to suck him...which he does deeply to the point tears are streaming down his cheeks.

Using his own slobber Avery reaches around to lube his hole & sits on Brock's cock. Brock turns him sideways to thrust into him before letting Avery ride his cock a bit. But soon he turns him around to pound him at length until Avery shoots his load. Brock lies back and Avery sucks him right to the edge until Brock shoots a virtual hands-free high-flying geyser of cum! With his face glazed with cum Avery sucks him dry and gives a drained Brock sweet cummy kisses. As they say in Vegas: JACKPOT!"

Avery jones-brock banks-7663

Avery jones-7542

Brock banks-7439

Avery jones-brock banks-7588

Avery jones-brock banks-7601

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Avery jones-brock banks-7727

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Avery jones-brock banks-8053

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Avery jones-brock banks-8086

Avery jones-brock banks-8108

Austin Wolf & Avery Jones (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Wolf & Avery Jones

January 15, 2020

"Avery Jones has had a longtime dirty fantasy about daddy Austin Wolf while also being nervous about being with someone so big and intimidating. Those nerves fade though as Austin seduces Avery with loving kisses and partially strips him down. Avery melts as Austin tongues and fingers his tight hole before teasing it with his hard cock and slowly working it in as they stand next to the bed.

With Avery moaning against his massive body Austin lets him work his hole on his cock. Austin asserts more control picking up Avery and using the bed's footboard to fuck him mid-air & standing up before turning him around for more mid-air fucking. As Avery holds the bed rails, Austin thrusts deeper until he picks up Avery with his cock still buried in him and lays him on the bed to continue. But soon Austin lies back for Avery to suck him.

After enjoying Avery's devoted deep sucking Austin has him ride his cock and take his thrusts & more kisses. Using his power Austin fucks Avery upside down and on his lap before lying him down to suck him sweetly. It isn't long before he lies next to Avery and holds him close to drill him. Soon Austin pulls out, shoots his load and finishes inside Avery, still pumping until he makes him cum. Austin has a quivering second orgasm but gains his composure to again kiss Avery, definitely no longer nervous."

Austin wolf-avery jones-2398

Austin wolf-avery jones-2415

Austin wolf-avery jones-2462

Austin wolf-avery jones-2494

Austin wolf-avery jones-2529

Austin wolf-avery jones-2563

Austin wolf-avery jones-2584

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Austin wolf-avery jones-2634

Austin wolf-avery jones-2663

Austin wolf-avery jones-2668

Austin wolf-avery jones-2691

Austin wolf-avery jones-2768

Austin wolf-avery jones-2788

Austin wolf-avery jones-2824

Austin wolf-avery jones-2832

Austin wolf-avery jones-2919

Austin wolf-avery jones-2947

Austin wolf-avery jones-2963

Austin wolf-avery jones-2973

Greg McKeon & Avery Jones

Featuring Avery Jones & Greg McKeon

December 16, 2019

"Sexy newcomer Avery Jones is excited to make in his Cocky Boys debut with Greg McKeon, BUT the rainy weather is bringing him down. Fortunately, in this condom-free scene Greg knows how to cheer him up: a good fuck that will make them both happy! Greg also has an aggressive, manhandling style that makes Avery melt. And it isn't long before Greg has him naked on top of a side table and is sucking his cock down to the base.

Greg is relentless as he sucks Avery, eats his ass, and jacks their cocks together. After another round of deep rimming Greg picks up Avery and plops him on an easy chair to keep up his ass eating. And with one spin Greg gets Avery into position to face fuck him. This sets off some sexual acrobatics where Greg rims a cocksucking Avery while holding him upside down and straddling the chair. And while he's in position Greg starts fucking him hard.

Greg soon flips him over to ride his cock and it isn't long before Greg is in control again thrust fucking up into Avery. Greg flips him on his back again drills him with a mix of tough & tender, totally focused on making him cum. When Avery shoots Greg sucks up some jizz and shares it with him in a juicy kiss. Right away Avery pleases Greg by sucking him & jacking him as instructed until his cock erupts in a geyser! As he licks and sucks Greg's cock and gets some thankful loving kisses, Avery's rainy day blues are totally gone."

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4293

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4314

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4324

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4342

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4348

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4369

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4382

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4391

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4446

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4449

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4458

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4466

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4476

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4509

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4524

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4550

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4575

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4579

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4584


Training the Twink

Featuring Avery Jones and Dante Martin
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

June 6, 2020

"Jock trainer Dante Martin tries to give tips on how to muscle up Avery Jones' twink body without success. When they arrive at the bench press, Dante gives a visual demonstration and ends up giving Avery more than just the tip for this very special workout."

WATCH Training the Twink Featuring Avery Jones and Dante Martin

















Featuring Avery Jones and Michael Jackman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

March 28, 2020

"Alluring Avery Jones just CANNOT change a tire if his life depends on it. While fumbling around with a... a... wait, what's that tool called? Sexy savior Michael Jackman insists on cumming to his rescue. He calls a mechanic and these two twinks ditch the car tools for a little manual tune up of their own. Enjoy!"

WATCH Breakdown Featuring Avery Jones and Michael Jackman
















Mobile Exam

Featuring Avery Jones and Johnny B
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

February 15, 2020

"Twink Avery Jones greets Dr. Johnny B into his home. This professional exam quickly turns sexual. This isn't a standard examination because this is not a standard hole. Avery will make sure Dr. B understands that. Turns out this exam took a 'hole' new turn! Enjoy!"

WATCH Mobile Exam Featuring Avery Jones and Johnny B
















Caught in the Rain

Featuring Avery Jones and Kai Locks
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

January 18, 2020

"Though they may be locked out, Kai Locks and Avery Jones aren't left with nothing to do. With the whole afternoon to kill, they have a good idea on how to pass the time together, and though the rain is cold, the collective body heat between them is enough to make it positively steamy. Their young lust knows no bounds, and with nothing but the wet afternoon in front of them, there is no reason not to explore each other's young bodies until the rain lets up or their curiosities are satisfied, whichever comes first. Enjoy!"

WATCH Caught in the Rain Featuring Avery Jones and Kai Locks
















Toys For Twinks

Featuring Avery Jones and Julian Bell
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

December 21, 2019

"'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the only creature stirring was Avery Jones rustling under the tree trying to get a peek at his Christmas bounty. Unfortunately for him, Julian Bell has caught him red-handed, and if Avery wants his holiday loot, he'll have to work for it. Julian is ready to stuff Avery's stocking with his candy cane and Avery can't think of any other way he'd like to spend this cozy Christmas eve. One thing is for sure, by the time Julian is done with him, it'll be a white Christmas for sure. Enjoy!"

WATCH Toys For Twinks Featuring Avery Jones and Julian Bell















Sneaking It In Featuring Avery Jones and Kyle Brant

Sneaking It In

Featuring Avery Jones and Kyle Brant
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

December 7, 2019

"You can try to stop young lovers from coming together, but sooner or later, their lust will find a way, and Kyle Brant and Avery Jones are no different. Though they have to keep it secret and sneak around, the juice is worth the squeeze when they are finally able to rendezvous, and they waste no time making the most of their stolen time together. Kyle might have to sneak out of his place to see Avery, but he is fearless in his lust when they are with each other. And Avery simply can't get enough of Kyle's sweet smile and kind eyes, not to mention his hard pounding cock. What their parents don't know, won't hurt them, so for now, the two of them are content to keep meeting in secret and saving up their energy for the rare times when they can unleash it. Lucky for the rest of us! Enjoy!"

WATCH Sneaking It In Featuring Avery Jones and Kyle Brant
















My Best Friend's Guy (BAREBACK)

Featuring Avery Jones and Dillon Diaz

February 21, 2020

"Avery Jones has been spending a lot of time at his boyfriend's house and it’s getting on his roommates nerves! The only thing is, Dillon Diaz has a crush on Avery and Avery’s young tight ass! After some shuttle flirting Dillon goes to take a bath and Avery follows. What happens next is some fucking hot sucking,rimming and fucking!"