Sean Cody Jeb (1)
Trent Williams
Vitaliy Sens


SITES: Masqulin

Buying The Cow Part 2

Featuring Gabriel Phoenix, JP Dubois, and Vitaliy Sens

October 24, 2019

"Following his little encounter with the tailor, groom-to-be JP Dubois is feeling dandy. But his best mate wouldn’t be his best mate if that was the only surprise he had in store. Upstairs awaits a professional masseur named Vitaliy Sens, ready to help him relax. As it turns out, Vitality has another method to help get a load off JP’s mind."

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The Masqulin Project: Vitaliy Sens

Featuring Max Adonis and Vitaliy Sens

August 6, 2019

"Aspiring model Vitaly Sens has indicated an interest in joining the Masqulin Project, and it’s up to Max Adonis to help determine his potential. A horny and pragmatic Max decides to spice things up a bit by arriving unexpectedly at Vitaly’s front door, surprising him and inviting viewers to witness the unfolding of this “determination process”. Does Vitaly have what it takes to be a Masqulin Man? Fresh on the porn scene, Vitaly Sens is raring to go all in. He’s got the look, he’s got the attitude, and most importantly - he boasts an intense, insatiable hunger for sex. You’ll wet far more than just your appetite with this uncut Ukranian hunk."

MASQULIN_The Masqulin_Project_Vitaliy_Sens_42 MASQULIN_The Masqulin_Project_Vitaliy_Sens_6

MASQULIN_The Masqulin_Project_Vitaliy_Sens_5 MASQULIN_The Masqulin_Project_Vitaliy_Sens_7

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