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Greg McKeon


SITES: Cockyboys, Disruptive Films, Falcon Studios, Men Network, Missionary Boys


Featuring Greg McKeon and Jack Bailey

February 11, 2022

"Years after graduating, Sam Romero (Jack Bailey) gets in touch with his former English teacher, Mr. Howard Dennison (Greg McKeon). After reconnecting on social media, they decide to meet up. Sam is grateful to Howard for allowing him to be himself with him and understand that it's okay to be who you are without apologies. Their affection and tenderness turns sexual as they realize that their growing feelings are mutual."

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Disruptive Films The Nice Guy Featuring Greg McKeon and Troye Jacobs

The Nice Guy

Featuring Greg McKeon and Troye Jacobs

January 21, 2022

"Jarod Houston (Greg McKeon) is down on his luck. He's lost his wife, his job, and his home. The one bright spot in his otherwise depressing life is his step-sister Grace, who offers Jarod refuge in the basement of her home. Unfortunately, the free rent comes at a price. Grace's son Ryker (Troye Jacobs), who is home from college for the summer, can't hide how disgusted he is by Jarod's existence. Though Ryker tries to be cordial, Jarod can't feel Ryker's contempt. How much can Jarod take until he finally snaps?"

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Disruptive Films The Nice Guy Featuring Greg McKeon and Troye Jacobs















Falcon Studios Model Behavior

Model Behavior: I Spy: JJ Knight, Angel Rivera & Greg McKeon

Featuring Angel Rivera, Greg McKeon and JJ Knight
Falcon Studios

September 4, 2020

"Angel Rivera, Greg McKeon and JJ Knight enjoy each other's company on webcam and all give an enticing sex. We hope you enjoy the video as much as they did doing it."

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Elder Solano: Ordination

Featuring Cayden Solano and Greg McKeon
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

March 10, 2020

"Elder Solano (Cayden Solano) is known for his charming smile and his friendly ways. All the boys get a warm feeling when they see him walking through the halls. He is the embodiment of giving and the idea that a missionary boy should be in service all the time. Even when he was a child, Solano was this way. His parents were avid churchgoers who believed in passing on a sense of charity to their son. Solano never questioned whether or not he should be charitable. It simply became part of his makeup, something that came naturally. And it seemed to make the people around him happy, so he kept it up through his whole life. Now, he has entered the mission, and his attitude has quickly earned him a positive reputation. Even the most cynical priests cannot help but look upon him with reverence and respect. The boy represents something holy and precious that cannot be undervalued. The religious are all anxious for him to ascend the ranks and join the high priesthood. They are certain that the boy will serve as the perfect guide for young missionaries who wish to give their bodies to the Order. So as strapping President Manwaring (Greg McKeon) peers into Solano’s warm eyes, he is proud to be the man to Consecrate the boy. He hopes that the intimate physical experience will become a warm memory in the boy’s heart and mind. He takes off his clothes and the boy travels south, kissing the priest’s stiff cock with his wet lips. He slides the girthy member into his mouth and sucks lovingly, hoping to please the strong man with every lick. Manwaring wraps his fingers around the boy’s neck as he plows him mercilessly on the ground. Then, the boy strokes himself sensually as the priest thrusts to an incredible climax. Manwaring is happy to finally give back to the boy who is always giving."

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Elder Anderson: Ordination

Featuring Bishop Davies, Greg McKeon and Mason Anderson
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

February 4, 2020

"Elder Anderson (Mason Anderson) is new to the mission, and he has yet to be properly broken in. Word has gotten around that he keeps his nose up at people when he walks around, acting like he is better than everyone. It could be his wealthy background or the belief that he has been specially chosen by some higher power to go begin his journey towards the higher ranks of the Order. And while hubris is not looked upon favorably in the halls of the mission, the boy's charisma and ability are undeniable. Every priest who meets him can see that they are most certainly interacting with a future member of the Order. The boy simply has everything it takes to become an effective priest. He may even have what it takes to become one of the top priests in the entire organization. His pride is his one defect, though if tempered properly, it could be used as a buoy to his journey. Men of confidence tend to do well with the boys, as they can transfer some of the security they have into the unsure minds of the missionaries. So, they are not trying to destroy the boy’s sense of self entirely. They are merely trying to show him that nothing and no one comes before the Order. He may keep his identity and his belief in his abilities, but only in the context of servitude to the greater good. To accomplish this delicate task, the Order calls upon President Manwaring (Greg McKeon) and Bishop Davies. Manwaring leads the ceremony, as he too displayed an inordinate amount of confidence during his rise to prominence amongst the priesthood. He and Davies meet to discuss their approach in dealing with young Anderson. Once they are satisfied with their plan, the call the boy in and inform him that they are gathered to consecrate him. They pull his slacks down, letting his stiff cock pop from his waistband and stand at attention between them. Then, they share his cock, kissing it from root to tip. The worshipping blowjob boosts Anderson’s ego, but then the men push the boy onto his hands and knees and spitroast him. Manwaring strokes inside his tight asshole mercilessly, filling the boy with pain and pleasure as he works. With every thrust, Anderson loses himself a bit more until he finally seems to understand what the Order is telling him. And as Davies takes his turn pummeling the boy’s ass, Anderson realizes how he must change. The Ordination has been a great success."

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Elder Anderson: Anointing

Featuring Greg McKeon and Mason Anderson
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

December 6, 2019

"It is rare that the Elders get a glimpse of the priests outside of the halls of the mission. But in a strange twist of fate, Elder Anderson (Mason Anderson) happened to grow up in the same small town as President Manwaring. In fact, they even went to high school together - Manwaring was a senior when Anderson was a freshman. Long before Manwaring became the strong, revered priest he is today, he had a strong impact on the boy. Something about his presence made everyone in school stop whenever he walked into the room. It was like a magnetic force surrounded him at all times."

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Family Cums First Part 2: Bareback

Featuring Bar Addison and Greg Mckeon
Drill My Hole at

January 6, 2020

"After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad, Greg McKeon, fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel out and then demands to know why Greg never came onto him. Now that Greg knows Bar is interested, he's raring to go, and Bar drops to his knees to show that he's the best cocksucker in town. Greg is impressed by his stepson's deepthroating skills, and sucks Bar's hard dick before fucking the hot twink on the dining room table! Bar loves that stepdad cock in his tight hole and he cums as Greg pounds his ass doggystyle, then takes Greg's load all over his face... right as Bar's mom gets home!"

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Family Cums First Part 1: Bareback

Featuring Daniel Hausser and Greg Mckeon
Drill My Hole at

December 30, 2019

"When Greg McKeon realizes his stepson Bar Addison's hot friend Daniel Hausser is naked in the shower, he sneaks into the bathroom to watch the blond twink and jack off. Daniel thinks his bf's stepdad is super hot, and he's been waiting to suck his big dick! Ignoring Bar's calls that the pizza is getting cold, Greg fucks Daniel in the shower in a stand-and-carry and Daniel rides that cock. They manage not to get caught when Bar comes to check on Daniel, and he even kisses his boyfriend as his boyfriend's stepdad keeps railing him doggystyle! But when Daniel sits down at the table with Greg's cum all over his face, the jig is up."

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Greg McKeon & Avery Jones

Featuring Avery Jones & Greg McKeon

December 16, 2019

"Sexy newcomer Avery Jones is excited to make in his Cocky Boys debut with Greg McKeon, BUT the rainy weather is bringing him down. Fortunately, in this condom-free scene Greg knows how to cheer him up: a good fuck that will make them both happy! Greg also has an aggressive, manhandling style that makes Avery melt. And it isn't long before Greg has him naked on top of a side table and is sucking his cock down to the base.

Greg is relentless as he sucks Avery, eats his ass, and jacks their cocks together. After another round of deep rimming Greg picks up Avery and plops him on an easy chair to keep up his ass eating. And with one spin Greg gets Avery into position to face fuck him. This sets off some sexual acrobatics where Greg rims a cocksucking Avery while holding him upside down and straddling the chair. And while he's in position Greg starts fucking him hard.

Greg soon flips him over to ride his cock and it isn't long before Greg is in control again thrust fucking up into Avery. Greg flips him on his back again drills him with a mix of tough & tender, totally focused on making him cum. When Avery shoots Greg sucks up some jizz and shares it with him in a juicy kiss. Right away Avery pleases Greg by sucking him & jacking him as instructed until his cock erupts in a geyser! As he licks and sucks Greg's cock and gets some thankful loving kisses, Avery's rainy day blues are totally gone."

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4293

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4314

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4324

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4342

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4348

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4369

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4382

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4391

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4446

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Avery jones-greg mckeon-4476

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4509

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4524

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4550

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4575

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4579

Avery jones-greg mckeon-4584

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8851

A is for Alpha: Greg McKeon & Marcus Young

Featuring Greg McKeon & Marcus Young

November 13, 2019

"In the second episode of "A Is For Alpha" Greg McKeon represents the "daddy" side of being an Alpha. It's a role he loves, not just for dominating a willing "boy" like Marcus Young, but the please of "teaching" a younger man how to be a better lover. And in this condom-free sweet Marcus Young is a very apt pupil. Marcus' passion is being dominated & fucked and he shows it right away lying down with his ass offered up to Greg. Greg buries his face in his bubble butt and relishes rimming him with a couple of slaps, spurring Marcus to declare, "It's all yours."

After giving him a thorough rimjob and a little sucking Greg quietly orders a very eager-to-please Marcus to suck him. Greg shows Marcus how to take his face-fucking while he reaches over to finger and rim his butt even more. And for good measure Greg shows Marcus in the mirror what it all looks like. This also excites Greg to fuck Marcus' throat more in a 69 until he's ready take him al the way. He lifts him up and sits Marcus on his cock to ride him.

Greg thrusts into Marcus and dominates his ass, then turns him sideways and on his back. He pins down Marcus and pounds him harder, all over the bed before turning him on his stomach. Greg drills Marcus relentlessly on the bed and over the end then pulls just out in time to shoot a massive hands-free load over his butt & back. He slides his throbbing cock in to finish cumming inside Marcus and fuck it in deep. Finally he flips Marcus on his back and helps him shoot his load before kissing him with passionate affection. No words are spoken but Greg's kisses say 'good boy'."

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8844

Greg mckeon-marcus young-9002

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8106

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8132

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8142

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8150

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8204

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8224

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8230

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8243

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8267

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8279

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8290

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8314

Greg mckeon-marcus young-8379
Greg mckeon-levi karter-0900

Levi Karter's FIRST CockyBoys Non Condom Scene With Newcomer Greg McKeon

Featuring Greg McKeon & Levi Karter

August 22, 2019

"Levi Karter is back to welcome Greg McKeon for his first CockyBoys appearance! Greg is excited to be here with Levi who is just his you'll see once they make out in a sensual, near-romantic manner. Greg gets rock hard fast and just as quickly gets naked to vividly enjoy the Levi treatment: a full, enthusiastic deep-throated blowjob and ball sucking. And as Greg vocally relishes the pleasure he starts to play with Levi's hole.

Greg turns his attention to giving back with some eager sucking of his own ..which gets Levi even more excited. In time Greg flips limber Levi's legs back so he can devour his tasty hole. Levi wants that hole filled and soon he nimbly mounts Greg and rides his cock hard & deep. And Levi keeps riding cock as strong & lusty Greg fucks him in mid-air. Before long he fucks Levi on his back bringing them both close to the edge.

A return to some foreplay doesn't last long before Levi is back riding Greg again and working his hole on his cock. Greg gets another taste of cock when Levi face fucks him, but he takes control again and fucks Levi standing up. In no time Greg is ready to cum and he gets Levi on his knees to give him a wild facial. Levi slurps Greg's mushroom head and keeps sucking until he shoots a mini-geyser over himself. As they kiss again you'll see Greg & Levi couldn't be happier."

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0921

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0788

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0792

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0868

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0882

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0889

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0895

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0933

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0946

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0954

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0962

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0969

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0977

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0981

Greg mckeon-levi karter-0995

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1020

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1031

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1039

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1057

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1065

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1074

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1076

Greg mckeon-levi karter-1114