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ALIAS: Julian
SITES: Cockyboys, DNA Magazine, Drill My Hole, Masqulin, NakedSword, Raging Stallion Studios

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Loaded: Give It To Me Raw!

Loaded: Give It To Me Raw!, Scene 5

Featuring Brock Banks and Zario Travezz
Raging Stallion Studios

January 10, 2020

"Zario Travezz and Brock Banks make tough but tender love on a huge outdoor bed by the edge of the swimming pool. Just when it seems the cocks couldn't get any bigger, Zario's mighty fuck stick juts out from his tall frame, and Brock's legendary, large, uncut jawbreaker is a worthy opponent. Passionate wet kisses lead to a ball-tingling blowjob swap, as Zario swallows Brock's giant meat down to his pubes, then leans back so Brock can get a tonsil-crushing taste of Zario's pole. It's going to take a lot of slobber and butt munching to get Brock ready for this massive dick, so Zario demonstrates his particular talent for tonguing a hot hole until it is begging for his unrelenting tool. Sure enough, Brock's ass gets the lapping and licking of a lifetime, bucking back into Zario's sloppy skewer with enthusiastic zeal. Edging to the brink, they stop and go inside, where Brock gets his revenge on Zario and plunders his tight hole with equally unforgiving prowess. Through a variety of positions, Zario rides and bounces on Brock's cock till he blasts a load skyward and Brock bends him over for one last anal invasion, frosting Zario's amazing azz with sizzling jizz."

WATCH Loaded: Give It To Me Raw!, Scene 5 Featuring Brock Banks and Zario Travezz
















Movember Moment

Featuring Brock Banks and Ian Greene

November 14, 2019

"It’s Movember. And time for Ian Greene to get his mustache ready so that he can grow the perfect mo!

Ian has found a particularly friendly barber named Brock Banks to help him. The two chit-chat and become acquainted while Ian’s tight cut leads to a close shave. He has never had a professional barber shave his face before, and he is seriously impressed with the smooth result. As Brock makes a final assessment of his work, he comes face to face with Ian; it’s too much to resist a kiss or the passionate fucking that follows (right in the barber’s chair). There’s a good chance that Ian will become a repeat client.

Special Note: We encourage you to help raise vital funds to change the face of men's health. Visit for details."






















Scared Stiff 2: Amityville Whore Episode 5 Featuring Brock Banks & Link Parker

Scared Stiff 2: Amityville Whore Episode 5: “Eat Some Pork, Boy”

Featuring Brock Banks & Link Parker
NakedSword Originals

November 14, 2019

"The Gardener Brock Banks is tending to the mansions yard when he hears a disturbing noise emanating from the house. He looks up only to see The Pig, Link Parker, a beefy stud in a leather harness, jock and a pig mask, standing on the mansion’s terrace. The Pig summons Brock inside. Overcome by an eerie attraction, Brock enters to find The Pig at the top of the spiral staircase. The Pig saunters down and thrusts the bulging leather jock in Brock’s face. The leather and man musk of The Pig gets Brock wanting more and he quickly pulls out The Pig’s huge hard cock, taking it all the way down his throat. While Brock is managing his meaty cock, The Pig is helping him out of his clothes, and Brock eventually rises up to kiss the masked stud. Link removes his mask and lays back for some more making out, before welcoming Brock’s hefty, uncut meat into his mouth. Balancing on the staircase, Brock delivers his dick deep in Link’s mouth and then sits his hot Puerto Rican bubble-butt on Link’s face. Returning Link’s favor of an intense rim job, Brock opens Link’s legs wide so he can eat his hole deep, before drilling him bareback. Wanting to give Link the ride of his life, Brock lays back on the stairs so Brock can ride reverse cowboy and then they flip it to doggie and the climb the stairs with a trust for each step. Finally, Link, back on all fours, pushes his inviting white ass onto Brock’s dark cock until he milks a load out of it, leaving a pool on Link’s ass. Brock eats half of it and shoves the other half back in with his dick. They share a cummy kiss, an evil laugh fills the house and Link disappears, leaving Brock completely perplexed. What in this house is of the natural world and what is supernatural? Find out when the scene fast forwards one year later!"






















Let's Get Cocky

Featuring Brock Banks & Leo Grand

August 5, 2021

"The Camp CockyBoys BBQ & homemade pizza party brought together old friends and new acquaintances like Brock Banks & Leo Grand! They shared a pizza and found common ground when it comes to being "cocky". For Brock & Leo it's not letting people's expectations and assumptions define them. Instead, these two have found the freedom to be who they want to be...on camera and off!

After the party Leo & Brock get some alone time in the bedroom where Brock affectionately kisses Leo all over. He soon focuses his attention on Leo's cute ass, specifically his "honey hole" and he uses all of his mouth & tongue on it. Brock just can't get enough, and Leo loves all the pleasure including Brock cock-teasing his hole. So, when Brock wants it, Leo is happy to suck his big dick.

Leo gives Brock's cock lots of attention only stopping periodically to kiss him. At the same time Brock can't keep his hands off Leo's butt. Finally, he just has to be inside Leo, who agrees and in no time, he's sitting on Brock's cock, riding him and taking his deep thrusts. Brock still gives his hole a break by sucking his cock, while Leo reaches behind Broke to stroke him. And when asked, Leo's goes right back to sucking Brock and getting his cock spit-lubed again.

Soon Brock puts Leo into position and after a little more ass eating slides in from behind and power tops him with passionate domination and dirty talk. After pounding him every which, Brock gets Leo on his back to drill him on his back and their connection intensifies. Brock's targeted thrusts do their job and Leo shoots a thick load over himself. Brock pulls out just in time to cum on Leo's hole, a thick load they both love. Already bound together they seal it with one more deep kiss."


Brock banks-leo grand lets get cocky-1780

Brock banks-leo grand lets get cocky-1811

Brock banks-leo grand lets get cocky-1871

Brock banks-leo grand lets get cocky-1902

Brock banks-leo grand lets get cocky-1990

Brock banks-leo grand lets get cocky-2075

Brock banks-leo grand-0535

Brock banks-leo grand-0572

Brock banks-leo grand-0622

Brock banks-leo grand-0630

Brock banks-leo grand-0641

Brock banks-leo grand-0689

Brock banks-leo grand-0722

Brock banks-leo grand-0735

Brock banks-leo grand-0773

Brock banks-leo grand-0805

Brock banks-leo grand-0844

Brock banks-leo grand-0866

Camp CockyBoys

Featuring Angel Rivera & Brock Banks

July 15, 2021

"The much-requested pairing of Latin lovers Angel Rivera & Brock Banks is here! This year's joyfully liberating re-opening of Camp CockyBoys finally brought these two together and they both couldn't be happier enjoying the food & fun with the rest of the guys. But when Angel & Brock get some alone time on the big hammock, their attention is only on each other. Amidst their making out and playful banter, Angel can't keep his hands and lips off Brock and when he finally gets his cock out, it disappears in Angel's mouth and throat. The only time he periodically stops is to make out with Brock.

Brock reaches around to play with Angel's ass but he really wants more cock-sucking. Brock lies Angel across the hammock with his head hanging over the edge so he can face fuck him, aided by the hammock's swing. Soon Brock bends forward for some 69 action as he sucks Angel. Soon after Brock turns Angel over to finger and eat his ass, he gets a kinky idea. He lies down under the hammock and gets Angel to stick his cock through the hammock so he can suck him like a horizontal glory hole. This also gives Angel his chance to face fuck Brock.

As much fun as they have on the hammock, when Brock wants to fuck Angel, he takes him to the patio. There in from of the fire on the outdoor hearth, they make out and then Brock puts Angel on all fours atop a table to resume eating his ass. Finally, Brock slides his cock in, fucking a very vocal Angel just how they both want it: hard & deep. With pre-cum dribbling out of his cock, Angel likes it even more when Brock fucks him standing. Angel backs up on his cock and fucks himself until Brock takes back control."

Angel rivera-brock banks-1044

Angel rivera-brock banks-1076

Angel rivera-brock banks-1105

Angel rivera-brock banks-1153

Angel rivera-brock banks-1159

Angel rivera-brock banks-1175

Angel rivera-brock banks-1185

Angel rivera-brock banks-1195

Angel rivera-brock banks-1255

Angel rivera-brock banks-1271

Angel rivera-brock banks-1280

Angel rivera-brock banks-1286

Angel rivera-brock banks-1296

Angel rivera-brock banks-1303

Angel rivera-brock banks-1428

Angel rivera-brock banks-1431

Angel rivera-brock banks-1447

Angel rivera-brock banks-1475

Angel rivera-brock banks-1484

Angel rivera-brock banks-1493

Angel rivera-brock banks-1502

Angel rivera-brock banks-1529

Angel rivera-brock banks-1581

Angel rivera-brock banks-1589
Cockyboys What's Your Kink? Featuring Brock Banks & Felix Fox

What's Your Kink?

Featuring Brock Banks & Felix Fox

April 22, 2021

"Sometimes when your kink meshes with someone else's, that's everything. And that's how it is with Brock Banks & Felix Fox as our second series of "What's Your Kink?" continues. Felix loves having his muscles worshiped and is totally into a man's scent ..on his bod and his clothing. As his hands fondle Felix's ripped bod, Brock lets him know he's on board: "Baby you came to the right place". And just like that Brock makes out with Felix and his body with his distinctive brand of all-consuming passion.

Soon Felix is on his knees getting what he wants: his face stuffed with Brock's musky crotch followed by his thick cock in his mouth and throat. Felix takes it all as gasps for air and gags on Brock's cock with tears streaming. Brock gives Felix a break to thoroughly worship him all over as he flexes his sculpted muscles. Brock soon pulls down Felix's briefs and sucks his hard cock as it pops out, then turns him around to slobber all over his hard-as-marble ass.

Brock sucks and strokes Felix as he eats his hole and fingers him deep preparing him for cock. Brock plows flexible Felix from behind, going hard and deep when holding his wrists behind his back. When he's ready to move things along Brock takes Felix to the bed to rim him again and finger his smooth hole before he resumes fucking him from behind. Brock nearly gets on top of him them peels off his socks to stuff in Felix's mouth, just as he wanted, as he continues to drill him.

Finally, Brock flips Felix on his back to fuck him deep again, intensifying the experience by holding him by his neck and his flexed biceps and stroking Felix's cock. He brings Felix close to the edge then fucks a load out of him. Moments later Brock shoots a thick load over Felix's cock then fucks it into him. Brock plants a full kiss on a still-quivering Felix and makes his body spasm as he withdraws his cock. Yes, Felix definitely came to the right place!"

Brock banks-felix fox-57

Brock banks-felix fox-25

Brock banks-felix fox-47

Brock banks-felix fox-84

Brock banks-felix fox-86

Brock banks-felix fox-97

Brock banks-felix fox-121

Brock banks-felix fox-133

Brock banks-felix fox-149

Brock banks-felix fox-155

Brock banks-felix fox-163

Brock banks-felix fox-186

Brock banks-felix fox-188

Brock banks-felix fox-194

Brock banks-felix fox-212

Brock banks-felix fox-231

Brock banks-felix fox-245

Brock banks-felix fox-247

Brock banks-felix fox-295









Lucky in Love Featuring Brock Banks & Tayte Hanson

Lucky in Love: Brock Banks & Tayte Hanson

Featuring Brock Banks & Tayte Hanson

April 2, 2021

"Unlucky in love no more? In the "Lucky In Love"finale Lucky (Tayte Hanson) gets a match just minutes after the posting of his video dating profile! He loves the choice Justin ( Brock Banks) and, in spite of the bad luck signs that pop up along the way, is excited to meet him late that night. Lucky (Tayte) gets a BIG surprise when he meets Justin (Brock) in drag! Alas, Justin (Brock) has locked himself out of his own place so Lucky (Tayte) invites him home and on the way finds they both share bad luck in life.

At Lucky's place Justin (Brock) showers up and when he gets out, he gives Lucky (Tayte) another surprise: he's hot as well as pretty! When they kiss and make out, their chemistry is electric, and they act on their palpable attraction: Lucky (Tayte) fingers the muscled ass of Justin (Brock) who in turn strokes his date's big dick. And soon Justin (Brock) sucks Lucky (Tayte) just the way he wants and teases his hole. After getting total, worshipful attention, Lucky (Tayte) returns the favor and eats out Justin (Brock) and finger-primes his hole.

Lucky (Tayte) finally starts fucking Justin (Brock) from behind, his every thrust giving him pleasure. Lucky (Tayte) gets close to the edge so switches gears and sits Justin (Brock) to suck him with deep-throated passion. Soon it's Justin (Brock) who gets close to cumming and asks him to stop. Lucky (Tayte) just picks him up and carries Justin (Brock) to bed to plow him on his back. He accentuates the pleasure by double-penetrating Justin (Brock) with his finger and sucking his feet while drilling him.

Lucky (Tayte) keeps it up as he pounds flexible Justin (Brock) from the side and in the midst of this, he sucks his thick, veiny cock between his legs. Lucky (Tayte) then flips Justin (Brock) on his tummy and drills him to the bed. He gets close again but this time he flips Justin (Brock) on his back to give him a big thick, facial. And while Lucky (Tayte) feeds him cum, Justin (Brock) shoots HIS load! Our gleeful duo snuggles up together, happy to have made such a seemingly perfect connection.

End of story? Well, stick around because Lucky & Justin have an update for you ...and some encouragement for those of you who might also be unlucky in love."

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3730

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3735

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3740

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3745

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3774

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3796

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3813

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3882

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3891

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3954

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3966

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3973

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-3987

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4041

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4070

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4162

Lucky in love- brock banks-tayte hanson-4192

Brock Banks, Sharok & Tannor Reed (BAREBACK)

Featuring Brock Banks, Sharok & Tannor Reed

October 29, 2020

"Tannor Reed returns in a big way being shared by best buds, Brock Banks & Sharok, AKA "The "Brock-Sharok Tag-Team"! Tannor is excited to be in the hands of two considerate tops and let them do whatever they want, while Brock & Sharok are just as happy to make sure they ALL have fun. And so, after much making out and teasing Tannor's hole, they go for it and before long Tannor goes down on Brock while getting his hole rimmed and opened up by Sharok.

Brock wants his turn and Sharok turns Tannor around to switch places with Brock. In the middle of getting good head Sharok is drawn back to join Brock in feasting on Tannor's hole and his dominant side heats up as face fucks Tannor. He again turns Tannor and pounds his hole while Brock makes out with him. In time Brock & Sharok join forces, holding Tannor upside down for him to suck Brock while Sharok eats out his ass. Then he holds Tannor by the arms while Brock drills him in a mid-air missionary position.

They soon bring flexible Tannor to the sofa to flip his legs back so Brock can drill his hole in a reverse pile-driver. Tannor relishes being used and soon he's flipped on his back for more of Brock's cock. As he's fucked hard Tannor sucks on Sharok who in turn deep kisses him passionately to enhance the pleasure But Sharok's dominant nature returns as starts to plow Tannor.

Brock joins in to make Tannor their verbal sub and face fucks him. Soon the double pleasure pushes Tannor over the edge he shoots a high flying geyser of cum. Sharok can't hold back either and he breeds Tannor's hole while Brock gives Tannor a thick facial. As Brock adjourns Sharok is still hard and as Tannor shows off his owned hole, Sharok pumps out another thick load all over it and slides his cock back in. Who's the most satisfied here? In this tag team match, it's definitely a draw."

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-0066

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-0045

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-0050

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-24

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-25

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-0073

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-0157

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-3

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-4

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-6

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-29

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-7

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-9

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-2

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-11

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-13

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-19

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-20

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-22

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-26

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-27

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-32

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-37

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-39

Brock banks  sharok _ tannor reed-40

Brock Banks & Max Konnor (BAREBACK)

Featuring Brock Banks & Max Konnor

October 6, 2020

"Summer lingers on with Brock Banks & Max Konnor enjoying some poolside fun at Camp CockyBoys! The timing is perfect for Brock & Max meeting up very hot for each other, knowing much more about themselves and the pleasure dynamics of topping and bottoming. And yet they start off with deep, slow & sensual kissing and Brock gradually taking out Max's growing cock.Brock takes the sensual approach, sucking Max slowly and as he gets him hard.

Brock picks up the pace and deep throats him and Max makes it clear he loves the Brock's attentive oral pleasuring. Eventually though Max takes his turn and as Brock gets on all fours he eats out his muscled ass in the same deliberate manner. Brock wants something more, buy Max calls the shots and tongue his hole more before flipping him over to face fuck him. Max probes Brock's throat to the limit before he flips him over again to tongue his hole.

This time after a little extra teasing Max eases his rod into Brock's hungry hole. Max opens him up going faster and deeper with Brock's moans of pleasure as an incentive to ride up on him to drill deeper with his ass lifted up higher. Soon,when Max wants Brock to ride him, he readily complies.Brock easily bounces up and down on the long thick cock, with some of Max's help, and drives his hole even deeper.

As their momentum edges them closer they slow down and as Brock wants, Max tilts him backward to drill him on his back. Finally he gets Brock into position for a steady prostate pounding. But just before Max blows his load he pulls out for an intense orgasm and gives Brock an open mouth facial. Brock sucks him dry and soon erupts in his own thick load. To be sure they're both spent but still have the drive to end as they began with deep, affectionate kissing."

Brock banks-max konnor-27

Brock banks-max konnor-4

Brock banks-max konnor-29

Brock banks-max konnor-31

Brock banks-max konnor-8

Brock banks-max konnor-17

Brock banks-max konnor-37

Brock banks-max konnor-19

Brock banks-max konnor-44

Brock banks-max konnor-20

Brock banks-max konnor-21

Brock banks-max konnor-24

Brock banks-max konnor-49

Brock banks-max konnor-67

Brock banks-max konnor-50

Brock banks-max konnor-58

Brock banks-max konnor-73

Brock banks-max konnor-59

Brock banks-max konnor-77

Brock banks-max konnor-60

Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok

July 30, 2020

"Brock Banks & Austin Avery reunite with their sexy friend Sharok, in his CockyBoys debut, who helps tag-team & double-penetrate one of his hot co-stars! After a day of fun & sun at the beach, the guys recall more serious & injurious days of BLM protests, the pandemic, and becoming even closer...much more than friends with benefits.

Later, Austin joins Brock to make out with him in the shower and soon after follows him to the bedroom where Brock's hard cock awaits him. Austin easily gulps it to the root while Brock fingers him and passionately kisses him, but they keep it quiet as Sharok is in the next room napping. Except he's not. He's jacking off while listening in. As Austin starts riding Brock's cock they get louder and Sharok can't resist checking them out.

Austin happily greets Sharok by sucking while continuing to ride Brock. But Sharok wants more and soon he's drilling Austin as he lies against Brock. Sharok takes more control, picks up Austin, lies him on the bed & deep-fucks him on his back while sucking his feet. Brock soon goes from watching to climbing on top of Austin to face-fuck him..while getting rimmed by Sharok, then sitting on Austin's face! Sharok takes over again and gets Austin to ride him.

Brock soon moves in and gives Austin a taste of double-penetration before sitting back to watch...but not for long. Brock flips Austin on his back so he and Sharok can DP him. They then take turns pounding Austin until Sharok strokes & fucks the cum out of him. Austin then helps his buddies get off. He receives a facial from Brock and gets rimmed again Sharok who goes over the edge and shoots a mind-boggling thick load over himself! Welcome to CockyBoys Sharok!"






















Brock Banks & Cory Kane (BAREBACK)

Featuring Brock Banks & Cory Kane

February 26, 2020

"Brock Banks brings his style of passionate dominance to Cory Kane and soon figures out just how naughty he can get with him in this condom-free scene. Soon after seducing Cory with kisses from his luscious lips, Brock feeds him his cock and face-fucks him just enough so that Cory wants more. And he feasts on Brock's uncut cock even more when they move to the bed, locked in a hungry 69.

Even when Brock takes a break in the middle of their 69 Cory keeps on sucking but soon enough Brock takes his dominance up a notch. After he flips Cory over with a hearty ass slap he ties his wrists behind his back and proceeds to eat out his ass and suck his cock from behind. And after cock-teasing his hole Brock starts fucking Cory, begging to have his hole used. He pounds his ass harder and deeper, much to Cory's pleasure.

After Brock unties him Cory's power bottom side comes out and he mounts Brock's cock to ride him and take his trusts. Cory brings him so close to cumming Brock has to stop him. He retakes control deep pounding him on his back until Cory's cock erupts in a thick load. It isn't long before Brock finally pulls out and his thick load spills out and he Brock fucks his load into him. He licks up Cory's jizz and kisses him passionately...just as he began their encounter."





















Avery Jones & Brock Banks (BAREBACK)

Featuring Avery Jones & Brock Banks

February 7, 2020

"Fortunately what happens in Vegas between CockyBoys exclusives Brock Banks & Avery Jones doesn't stay in Vegas! After hanging out together in Sin City the guys cozy up in their hotel room and after Brock smooches it up with Avery, he lustfully goes for the pink hole offered up to him. Using his luscious lips & tongue Brock spends time giving Avery total pleasure before teasing him with his fat cock ...which Avery grabs and guides in on his own.

Avery fucks himself deep on Brock's cock but in time Brock takes over, getting nude fucking him on his back...with his jeans still on! Brock gives Avery the full thrust of his cock, all the way in & out and when it isn't inside him Avery fingers his hole to keep it stimulated. After power fucking him Brock sits back and gets Avery to suck him...which he does deeply to the point tears are streaming down his cheeks.

Using his own slobber Avery reaches around to lube his hole & sits on Brock's cock. Brock turns him sideways to thrust into him before letting Avery ride his cock a bit. But soon he turns him around to pound him at length until Avery shoots his load. Brock lies back and Avery sucks him right to the edge until Brock shoots a virtual hands-free high-flying geyser of cum! With his face glazed with cum Avery sucks him dry and gives a drained Brock sweet cummy kisses. As they say in Vegas: JACKPOT!"

Avery jones-brock banks-7663

Avery jones-7542

Brock banks-7439

Avery jones-brock banks-7588

Avery jones-brock banks-7601

Avery jones-brock banks-7705

Avery jones-brock banks-7727

Avery jones-brock banks-7749

Avery jones-brock banks-7797

Avery jones-brock banks-7820

Avery jones-brock banks-7837

Avery jones-brock banks-7850

Avery jones-brock banks-7865

Avery jones-brock banks-7876

Avery jones-brock banks-7902

Avery jones-brock banks-7904

Avery jones-brock banks-7907

Avery jones-brock banks-7945

Avery jones-brock banks-7974

Avery jones-brock banks-7983

Avery jones-brock banks-7989

Avery jones-brock banks-7994

Avery jones-brock banks-8044

Avery jones-brock banks-8053

Avery jones-brock banks-8076

Avery jones-brock banks-8086

Avery jones-brock banks-8108

Dim the Lights, Scene 4

Featuring Austin Avery & Brock Banks

December 27, 2019

"In the finale of Dim The Lights, Austin Avery goes all out to heat up a cold winter's night for Brock Banks...and for himself. In this condom-free scene, Brock finds a seated Austin waiting for him in a dark room, wearing nothing but a jock strap blindfolded and bound from head-to-toe. He's excited too when horny Austin expresses the desire to be used however Brock wants! At first though Brock takes it slow with deep kisses and a foot rubbing Austin's crotch.

Soon Brock brings Austin's face to the bulge in his jeans and lets him know this is a huge turn-on. But he also is in control when he teases Austin's mouth with his thick uncut cock before letting him suck it. Austin slurps Brock's juicy cock to the root so well that Brock makes him take a break in the middle of his sucking. In return Brock sucks & tweaks Austin's nipples, mouth teases his jock strap bulge and fingers his hole. He lets him resume sucking but Brock goes back to teasing Austin's body.

Taking more control Brock unties Austin but leaves on the blindfold and in bed he slowly sucks and strokes his dick. And without warning Brock pushes Austin's legs up to deep rim and probe his hole. After his hungry mouth and tongue lube him, Brock cock teases his hole and slowly begins to fuck Austin...while sucking his toes. Brock goes harder & deeper, using his whole body until he turns him on his side to drill him. As they make out Brock gets pulls off the HE wants. After harder side-fucking Brock takes Austin on all fours and soon gets him to work his ass on his cock.

Soon Austin's body & his tight hole do the job. Brock pulls out and just holding his cock he shoots over and over on Austin's back, in his crack and over his hole. With his cock still throbbing and pulsing cum Brock fingers and fucks it into Austin. He scoops up the rest and jacks Austin with it while probing him before Austin takes over milk his own massive load over himself. Brock licks some up to give Austin a tasty kiss. The two happily grateful & satisfied guys keep on kissing with the cold night nowhere on their minds."

Austin avery-brock banks-5377

Austin avery-brock banks-5389

Austin avery-brock banks-5398

Austin avery-brock banks-5412

Austin avery-brock banks-5414

Austin avery-brock banks-5421

Austin avery-brock banks-5425

Austin avery-brock banks-5430

Austin avery-brock banks-5433

Austin avery-brock banks-5440

Austin avery-brock banks-5441

Austin avery-brock banks-5456

Austin avery-brock banks-5470

Austin avery-brock banks-5483

Austin avery-brock banks-5485

Austin avery-brock banks-5495

Austin avery-brock banks-5500

Austin avery-brock banks-5511

Austin avery-brock banks-5522

Austin avery-brock banks-5523

Austin avery-brock banks-5527

Austin avery-brock banks-5544

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-15

A is for Alpha: Brock Banks & Mateo Vice

Featuring Brock Banks & Mateo Vice

November 15, 2019

"In this episode of condom-free series "A Is For Alpha" Brock Banks explores a unique alpha experience: being a "master" to Mateo Vice as he indulges his newfound interest in pup play fetish! Mateo explains what pup play means to him and after puts on his mask and collar, Brock steps right into his role. He trains & praises Mateo with a "good boy!" and with a little discipline Brock starts to reward Mateo by rimming the ass presented to him.

Now that Mateo has been a "good boy", Brock rewards him with a "treat". He lets Mateo sniff his bulging crotch and then takes out his hard & veiny, thick uncut cock. Once he gets an obedient bark, Brock feeds his cock to Mateo who sucks him with an enthusiasm that grows with vocal approval. So eager to please Mateo hops on the sofa when Brock asks and gets a deep ass rimming and manhandling, making him bark for more.

Brock finally eases his cock into Mateo but soon gives the morning pup the full, concentrated pounding he craves. Brock gets more into his role and along the way allows Mateo to really work his hole on his cock. When Brock takes over again passion overcomes him as he fucks Mateo closer and pulls off his mask to make out with him. Soon Brock flips Mateo on his back to suck him authoritatively and then get Mateo to go back to giving him head.

Brock wants to fuck again and after kissing Mateo deeply, he gets him to ride his cock. In short order Mateo works his ass on his master's cock, just as Brock likes it. Eventually Brock gives him a break but when he's ready to fuck he gets Mateo put his mask on so can see his pup again. He pounds Mateo on his back until he shoots a big load. Brock scoops up some for more lube and in no time cums inside Mateo. He licks up his own jizz after Mateo pushes some out. And as one more treat Brock gets Mateo's mask off to share a deep, cummy kiss in their happily fulfilled afterglow."

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-4

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-2

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-6

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-5

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Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-9

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-10

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Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-17

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-18

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-19

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-20

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-22

Brock banks-mateo vice _a is for alpha_-21

Brock Banks & Nico Leon (BAREBACK)

Featuring Brock Banks & Nico Leon

October 30, 2019

"Brock Banks is back to give Nico Leon the passionate power-topping they BOTH want to happen in this condom-free scene. Brock makes his intentions clear as they make out and he bends Nico over and pulls down his underwear to bury his face is his crack. His mouth, tongue & fingers open up Nico's hairy hole and Brock pulls his cock and balls free from his briefs to pound him and slam fuck him deep.

After they get fully naked, Brock fucks Nico hard on his back, exciting the vocal bottom even more. Before they both go over the edge though Brock turns Nico around to use him by fucking his throat. After he takes every inch Brock rewards him with some sucking and 69 action, but soon he wants back in his hole. Lying Nico on his stomach, slobbers on & finger probes his hole before getting on top of him to fuck him raw.

Brock uses the full force of his muscles to pound Nico deep & hard. He makes Nico work for his load by getting him on all fours so he can work his hole on his cock as he fucks him. Finally Brock drills Nico on his back again and just as Nico begged for it, Brock pulls out to cum over his hole and breed him with it. He licks up what's left and deep kisses Nico who strokes his cock until he erupts in super-thick white load. With proud affection Brock tells Nico simply, 'Good boy.'"

Brock Banks & Nico Leon (BAREBACK)

Brock banks-nico leon-2

Brock banks-nico leon-22

Brock banks-nico leon-56

Brock banks-nico leon-59

Brock banks-nico leon-24

Brock banks-nico leon-26

Brock banks-nico leon-30

Brock banks-nico leon-32

Brock banks-nico leon-34

Brock banks-nico leon-36

Brock banks-nico leon-39

Brock banks-nico leon-43

Brock banks-nico leon-45

Brock banks-nico leon-46

Brock banks-nico leon-48

Brock banks-nico leon-50

Brock banks-nico leon-52
Brock banks-ty mitchell-0576

Brock Banks & Ty Mitchell: Bareback

Featuring Brock Banks & Ty Mitchell

August 15, 2019

"We're excited to welcome super-hot, charismatic Brock Banks, making his studio debut with CockyBoys..with Ty Mitchell doing the honors in this condom-free scene ! There's powerful sexual chemistry between the guys as they go from witty banter to passionately romantic making out. And once Brock reaches around and fingers Ty's butt hole, Ty gets Brock's thick uncut cock out to hungrily suck him to full erection.

Brock lies back and vocally luxuriates in Ty's mouth and tongue work on his veiny shaft and foreskin and deep-throating. But Brock is hungry too and gets Ty to sit on his face so he can slobber on his hole. Ty watches himself in the mirror as he rides Brock's mouth but when he turns around & sees his cock he just has to start sucking it again. They dissolve into a full 69 but Brock really wants Ty's hole.

They both turn around and watch themselves in the mirror as Ty slides down on Brock's cock and rides him deep. Soon Brock thrusts up into Ty as he rides him they're both turned on by the sight and sensation. They're almost caught up in it all until Brock takes charge. He bends over Ty and rims his ass then gets up on the bed to plow him..and they both can watch it in the mirror. Brock gives Ty's hole a break..but only for a bit.

Brock puts fucks Ty from behind, taking his time with deep focused thrusts. He then then turns him over on his back to finish him off. When Ty starts to shoot his load Brock bends in to get as much in his mouth then comes over to Ty and feed it right back to him. After sharing a cum-swapping kiss Brock lies on his back to shoot a literal geyser of cum that flies over Ty's head in addition to splattering his face. Ty sucks up what's left from Brock's sensitive cock and they share one more sweet kiss."

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0533

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0550

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0558

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0570

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0590

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0598

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0616

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0630

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0645

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0654

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0662

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0670

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0674

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0693

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0702

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0705

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0718

Brock banks-ty mitchell-0722






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