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SITES: Cockyboys, Helix Studios

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Aiden Ward & Shane Cook (BAREBACK)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Shane Cook

February 19, 2020

"Shane Cook & Aiden Ward are into each other from the get-go,especially when their desires mesh: Aiden wants to be controlled & manhandled and that's just what Shane likes. Wrapped in his arms Aiden is extra-excited watching this and everything going forward happen in the mirror. As Shane grinds his bulging crotch against him he releases Aiden's big boner and it isn't long before Shane is choking him the way he wants it while Aiden jacks his cock excitedly.

Shane soon sits back and gets Aiden show him his hole so he can play with it while Aiden teases his cock. After a little more passionate manhandling makes Aiden even harder, Shane takes the challenge of sucking & swallowing his big dick. He perseveres prompting Aiden to take the "bigger" challenge of sucking Shane's beercan cock. He too persists, only stopping for an acrobatic 69 and Shane's rimming, before sitting on his cock and riding him.

Aiden rides Shane's cock both ways before giving up control. Shane savors Aiden's stretched out hole, then lays him on his tummy to slobber on his cock. He then pounds him in a version of the "bumper cars" position before pounding Aiden on his back. Adding a little choking & toe sucking spice, Shane doesn't stop until he's fucked a load out of him. Finally as Shane lies back, he pumps his cock giving Aiden a big thick facial and sharing a big kiss.

And still Shane is rock hard presenting Aiden with a temptation he can't resist so of course goes back to sucking him. Did this lead to an off camera "round two"? Our lips are sealed."

Aiden ward-shane cook-8937

Aiden ward-shane cook-8972

Aiden ward-shane cook-8982

Aiden ward-shane cook-9017

Aiden ward-shane cook-9035

Aiden ward-shane cook-9044

Aiden ward-shane cook-9069

Aiden ward-shane cook-9095

Aiden ward-shane cook-9101

Aiden ward-shane cook-9114

Aiden ward-shane cook-9139

Aiden ward-shane cook-9157

Aiden ward-shane cook-9199

Aiden ward-shane cook-9228

Aiden ward-shane cook-9341

Aiden ward-shane cook-9373

Aiden ward-shane cook-9396

Aiden ward-shane cook-9414

Aiden ward-shane cook-9433

Aiden ward-shane cook-9465

Aiden ward-shane cook-9475

Aiden ward-shane cook-9525

Aiden ward-shane cook-9579

Carter Dane & Shane Cook (BAREBACK)

Featuring Carter Dane & Shane Cook

January 22, 2020

"Shane Cook & Carter Dane enjoy condom-free morning with four cumshots even before they have breakfast! Shane's morning wood needs such attention he can't wait for Carter who's sleeping next to him! BUT, the rustling of Shane stroking under the sheets rouses Carter, who's just as horny. So much so that after they give each other blowjobs they stroke each other with Shane milking a load out of Carter and shooting his own over Carter's chest.

Carter goes back to sleep but Shane is still horny and goes off to watch porn alone and jack off. He's not alone for long because Carter wakes up hard too and pleasures himself before joining Shane. Kisses lead to Carter to relentlessly suck Shane and drive him wild. And, after lusting for his ass Shane finally gets to rim Carter as he sits on his face and returns to sucking him. It's not long before they go all the way and Carter rides Shane's thrusting cock.

With their boundless energy undiminished Shane eventually takes Carter on his back to pound him deep and hard. Before they go over the edge, Shane slows down by sucking Carter before using the sofa for another round of acrobatic fucking, including a pile-driver. Carter soon resumes sucking & jacking him until Shane takes over and gives his open mouth a thick load. In turn Carter glazes Shane's chest with a thick load and slurps up some of it and shares a creamy kiss with him. Who needs breakfast?"

Carter dane-shane cook-3321

Carter dane-shane cook-3338

Carter dane-shane cook-3376

Carter dane-shane cook-3399

Carter dane-shane cook-3419

Carter dane-shane cook-3438

Carter dane-shane cook-3454

Carter dane-shane cook-3458

Carter dane-shane cook-3466

Carter dane-shane cook-3518

Carter dane-shane cook-3577

Carter dane-shane cook-3601

Carter dane-shane cook-3623

Carter dane-shane cook-3634

Carter dane-shane cook-3641

Carter dane-shane cook-3685

Carter dane-shane cook-3689

Shane Cook & Ben Masters (BAREBACK)

Featuring Ben Masters & Shane Cook

January 7, 2020

"Ben Masters is excited to be with Shane Cook and watch him get hard as he sucks him enthusiastically and this energy and his technique works VERY well! Shane's cock gets thick fast and Ben's relentless sucking lights a fire for the condom-free ass pounding to follow. But first Shane reaches around to play with Ben's cute ass and in no time flip him over and feast on it.

Shane is just as relentless rimming, fingering & tongue-fucking Ben's hole and learns Ben can't get enough. After spit-lubing his hole Shane maneuvers in his beercan cock and once it jolts his prostate, Ben is in giddy ecstasy. Soon Shane turns Ben on is back and lets go with energetic deep-pounding that puts Ben in a state of breathless euphoria, heightened even more when Shane chokes him & edges him closer.

Shane delights Ben with some toe sucking, then flips him to drill him from behind. Ben loves it but soon rides Shane deep in both directions, easily taking his deep dick thrusts. Finally Ben cums over Shane's chest and the cum hungry top sucks the rest off his dick. In turn Ben takes control and sucks Shane & jacks his cock until he pumps a massive load all over Shane, milking him dry. And as they lie together Shane has one more little surprise: he saved up that big load for Ben!"

Ben masters-shane cook-17

Ben masters-shane cook-7

Ben masters-shane cook-8

Ben masters-shane cook-9

Ben masters-shane cook-2

Ben masters-shane cook-2-2

Ben masters-shane cook-3

Ben masters-shane cook-4

Ben masters-shane cook-5

Ben masters-shane cook-6

Ben masters-shane cook-11

Ben masters-shane cook-12

Ben masters-shane cook-13

Ben masters-shane cook-14

Ben masters-shane cook-15

Ben masters-shane cook-16








Dim the Lights, Scene 1

Featuring Mateo Vice & Shane Cook

December 18, 2019

"The days may be shorter & colder at this time of year but in this new series "Dim The Lights" our guys find ways to overcome their moods, lift their spirits and have some hot fun in the process! In episode one Mateo Vice is feeling a little down because the darker, colder days, so supportive Shane Cook surprises him with a romantic, candlelit bedroom....and passionate sex in this condom-less scene!

Shane's wet kisses and sensual sucking definitely warm up Mateo who goes down on Shane's thick monster and gets treated to hot rimming in return. Shane turns up the heat positioning Mateo so he can watch himself in the mirror getting his ass eaten and probed.

In short order Shane kicks things up a notch by getting up on the bed and drilling down into Mateo spit-lubed hole. After lying on top of Mateo fucking him deep, Shane flips him on his back to commandeer his hole faster & deeper and closer to the edge. Shane stops to suck Mateo who decides Shane's cock needs the attention.

Mateo works the big dick with his mouth & throat and totally impresses Shane. But soon Mateo wants it back inside him so Shane fucks him from the side and on his back again. He pounds a thick load out of Mateo and then creams over his hole. What doesn't cascade below gets fucked back into Mateo. Think Mateo feels better now? You better believe it!"


Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9711

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9389

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9397

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9414

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9425

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9432

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9443

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9454

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9460

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9491

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9507

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9577

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9599

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9651

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9666

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9673

Dim the lights- mateo vice-shane cook-9681


Shane Cook & Troy Accola (BAREBACK)

Featuring Shane Cook & Troy Accola

November 22, 2019

"Shane Cook returns and to finally get together with Troy Accola months after they met and flirted! As this condom-free scene starts there's no doubt they're both excited: they can't keep their hands off each other and they're rock hard! They take their making out to bed where Shane's lip and fingers roam over Troy before he gets his cock out to suck him deeply & lovingly.

After they kiss again even more passionately, Shane gets Troy naked and kneels above him with his cock ready to rip through his briefs. After teasing him, Shane finally takes out his beer-can cock to let Troy suck it his own way and enjoy it. Soon, Shane turns him over to rim & finger his hole and finally slide his cock in. He doesn't ploy Troy hard but still it takes him a little bit to get used to the monster inside him.

They change positions so Troy can ride Shane and this time he finds his own comfort level and gets into a groove. When dismounts, Shane eases into him on his back to drill hi. One he finds that sweet spot inside Troy, Shane fucks a big load out of him and moments later shoots his own load over his hole. He fucks as much as he can back into Troy and engages in some in & out cum play before he lies next to him. Worth the wait? Shane vocally declares it so, while a speechless Troy says it with a euphoria grin."

Shane cook-troy accola-3112

Shane cook-troy accola-3148

Shane cook-troy accola-3174

Shane cook-troy accola-3203

Shane cook-troy accola-3212

Shane cook-troy accola-3219

Shane cook-troy accola-3232

Shane cook-troy accola-3247

Shane cook-troy accola-3274

Shane cook-troy accola-3292

Shane cook-troy accola-3329

Shane cook-troy accola-3332

Shane Cook & Levi Karter (BAREBACK)

Featuring Levi Karter & Shane Cook

October 25, 2019

"Shane Cook brings his sexual enthusiasm to CockyBoys in a condom free scene with one of HIS faves Levi Karter! As they make out Shane is excited by lively Levi and his hot bod and he's in awe of him when he relentlessly & effortlessly sucks his thick cock deep. He lights up when Levi asks him to fuck his throat and is in heaven when he obliges that request.

While getting constant deep-throat pleasure Shane bends forward to suck Levi whose mouth is locked on his cock---even when Shane lifts Levi up vertically to rim him. Levi flips back on his stomach to suck him, but Shane wants more of his ass. He sidles next to Levi finger and tongue his hole before taking him over the bed to eat his ass and fuck him with his beercan cock--which Levi takes to quickly.

Shane pounds him harder finding the spot that makes Levi ask for more. Shane kicks it up a notch by fucking Levi in a pile driver and soon bringing him back to bed to ride his cock. again his thrusting cock finds the spot. Shane fucks Levi on his back and it isn't long before he pulls out and shoots a massive load over him. Shane returns to fucking him Levi who eats his load and in short order explodes with a cum geyser. As they kiss it's clear from his smile tjat Shane got the best CockyBoys welcome possible."

Shane Cook & Levi Karter (BAREBACK)

Shane cook-levi karter-2

Shane cook-levi karter-15

Shane cook-levi karter-17

Shane cook-levi karter-59

Shane cook-levi karter-67

Shane cook-levi karter-1766

Shane cook-levi karter-1806

Shane cook-levi karter-1840

Shane cook-levi karter-1875

Shane cook-levi karter-1895

Shane cook-levi karter-1904

Shane cook-levi karter-1994

Shane cook-levi karter-2000

Shane cook-levi karter-2082
Helix Studios Dicking to Remember Featuring Jacob Hansen and Shane Cook

Dicking to Remember

Featuring Jacob Hansen and Shane Cook
Helix Studios

October 25, 2019

"After an incredible weekend together, Jacob Hansen is already missing boyfriend, Shane Cook, and his beer can thick dick on their way to the airport. Fortunately, Shane laid it down like an ass smashing, action hero before saying goodbye, giving Jacob an extra large, uncut, man fucking that left his hot, little hole more than satisfied, and, filled with cum.... until next time. Saying goodbye never felt so good!"
















Helix Studios Shane Cook and Ashtin Bates

#Helix: Shane Cook and Ashtin Bates

Featuring Ashtin Bates and Shane Cook
Helix Studios

October 9, 2019

"We’re back with another edition of #Helix, our super popular series where you get to know our new models, AND fan favorites, DEEPLY! This episode pairs new boy on the block, Ashtin Bates, with Shane Cook and his Coke can cock! The chemistry between these boys is off the charts, which lends itself to a funny, flirty round of answering all your Twitter questions. The questions run the gamut, from serious subjects to frisky fun subjects about porn, and.... Shane bottoming! The heat turns up even more as the guys act out your special requests, which include tickling, and even spanking! Cook’s heavy hand on Bates backside heats the tatted hottie up, and the porn perfect pair REALLY get goin’! Cook can’t keep his hands off Ashtin’s amazing ass, and Bates is addicted to the diesel dude’s extra large, uncut appendage. Ashtin swallows Shane’s shaft whole, while the top dawg fingers his horny fuck hole, getting him ready for his girthy gift. Then, our masculine man candy makes a meal of Bates’ bone while the camera steals a peek at the masculine man’s pretty, pink hole. Shane moves his bottom bitch exactly where he wants, then stuffs him chock full of uncut cock. Shane masterfully works his meaty, mega monster deep into Bates’ tight, twink, butt hole. He stuffs the tattooed pretty boy every which way, stretching that hole till his schlong spits fresh cream all over his own cock after a rowdy, rough ride. Cum lover Ashtin goes next level, licking his own bone batter off Cook’s king sized dick, then deep throating his thick, cum covered cock till he gets another gooey mouthful!"

















Helix Studios Mouthful Featuring Shane Cook and Tyler Sweet



Featuring Shane Cook and Tyler Sweet
Helix Studios

July 31, 2019

"Super stud Shane Cook and muscle twunk Tyler Sweet are absolute FIRE! Locked in pure lust, Shane spreads and spanks Sweet’s smooth muscle bubble while Tyler fondles his fat cock as their tongues tangle. Anxious to get his dick licked, Shane allows the young muscle boy to lead him to the bed. Tyler slides Cook’s seductive black Calvin’s down, allowing the stud’s famous beer can cock to flop out, right into his hungry mouth. He works the uncut monster with skill, licking the nut filled nads and cramming as much of the meaty monster into his mouth as he possibly can. Cook's hunger for cock heats up, and he deep throats Sweet's dick like a man before bending the boy over. He spits in the guy's warm pink center, spreads his cheeks, then dives in tongue first. He works Sweet's bum over good, thumbing his smooth sphincter like a bowling ball between spanks and tongue thrusts. Sweet throws ass right back at him, letting him know he’s ready for that big battering ram. Mr. Cook plants his porn star piece at pretty boy’s pucker, then bulldozes his way deep into Tyler’s tight tush. Bottom boy braces himself with his well worked out arms as he looks back at Cook decimating his dick hungry hole. After a sexy sleeper type hold in a standing smash, bossy bottom Sweet orders up a five star ride that has him moaning for more. He slams his hole down on that D hard, then heats his hips up in a circular motion that has him tossing his chiseled jawline back in absolute ecstasy. Perspiration forms on Shane’s upper lip from hammering so hard, but our boy isn't nearly finished! He pushes Sweet onto his back, then breaks back in to do some real damage. He bangs the boy out like a beast, making Tyler’s toes curl and his cock spit spunk all over his shredded six pack. Cook shoots clear out of frame and floods his fuck buddy’s center with man bust. The rest of his righteous load splatters onto Tyler’s taint, then oozes down onto his creamy cheeks before the beast bangs it deep into Tyler’s twitching tunnel."




















Helix Studios Thick and Juicy Featuring Andy Taylor and Shane Cook

Thick and Juicy

Featuring Andy Taylor and Shane Cook
Helix Studios

July 6, 2019

"Shane Cook is back with his Coke can cock and ready to rail Andy Taylor’s tight bubble butt for all he’s worth! The gorgeous guys ravish one another in a seriously steamy make out sesh, and while cock connoisseur Taylor reaches for Cook’s thick dick, Shane reaches around to spread Andy’s amazing ass and tease his sweet center. Unable to control his ravenous hunger for Cook’s uncut monster, Andy drops to he knees and gives the engorged Goliath the wet mouth worship it deserves. Shane thanks the lad with some deep throat action; but, Andy's dick desires kick back in and he goes back for seconds! He gives Shane a sloppy good groin gulping, ensuring the giant jock is slick with enough spit to slide in his hot little hole. Even though he covered that cock in nature’s lube, it takes Taylor’s tight tunnel a second to sit down on the big beast! Eventually he works the oversized appendage deep into his loins, filling his entire body with the sweet sensation of pleasure and pain as he hops up and down on the extra thick dick. Control freak Cook man handles the lil’ hottie over onto his back, then plugs his porn star sized piece back in that beautiful booty. He works Andy’s ass expertly, sliding that super sized schlong all the way in, then all the way out as Andy flips over for a dirty dogging. Shane absolutely pummels the pretty boy in this position! He wraps his hand around the naughty boy’s neck and nails away till a pounding percussion permeates the room. This takes Taylor to the edge and he launches a lusty load clear out of frame! Cook grabs his goo gun and blasts a butt load of nut right at bottom boy’s freshly banged button! However, machine fuck Cook isn’t nearly finished fucking! He crams that colossal cock back in and pumps his porn putty deep into the dude’s donk with several more steamy strokes! A delicious drop of fresh nut drips from Taylor’s hole and the boys finish this cream pie surprise with a hot kiss."






















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