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SITES: Cockyboys, Falcon Studios, Guys In Sweatpants

Afternoon Affairs, Scene 1

Featuring Cade Maddox and Kuper
Falcon Studios

November 1, 2019

"When Cade Maddox comes down the stairs and notices his sexy pool boy, Kuper, cleaning up, he steps outside and gets in a lounge chair. Turned on by Küper, Cade starts rubbing his cock that's already bulging thru his speedo. When Küper notices the throbbing meat, Cade signals him inside to the couch. Without hesitation, Küper heads straight for Cade's thick cock with his lips. Cade feeds the willing pool boy his meat, making Küper gag on his thick pole. To show his appreciation, Cade puts the Küper's cock in his mouth while continuing to stroke his dick. Küper gets on all fours on the couch to give Cade total access to his hairless hole. Cade spreads Küper's cheeks and gets to work with his fingers and tongue, opening up the pool boy's ass. When Cade has Küper's hole nice and prepped for what's to come, he picks the stud up and carries him to the bedroom. Once on the bed, Cade takes a few more licks on Küper's hole before sliding his bare cock into the willing stud. On his back with his legs in the air, Küper grabs ahold of his cock and strokes it while Cade works the hole over with his cock. Switching positions, Küper rolls over and takes Cade's meat doggy-style. Cade continues the bareback pounding of the horny stud until Küper gets on top and rides Cade's cock. After Küper's ride, Cade throws Küper back on his backside and thrusts his full weight on top of Küper. While Cade is stretching out his hole, Küper lays back and works his load out of throbbing cock onto his abs. Seeing Küper bust his nut makes Cade let loose and shoot a thick load on Küper's ass. After swirling the load around with his cock, Cade slides back into Küper one last time."

WATCH & DOWNLOAD Afternoon Affairs, Scene 1 Featuring Cade Maddox and Kuper
















Küper & Ty Mitchell (BAREBACK)

Featuring Küper & Ty Mitchell

January 29, 2020

"Are a Cancer and an Aries compatible? Küper & Ty Mitchell make the case for it in a condom-free scene that takes you sensuous to wildly hot & sweaty sex. The guys get to know each other in a warm bath in which Küper can't get enough of sucking Ty's toes. In return Ty plays footsie with Küper's cock before they make out extensively, only stopping so Ty can suck Küper's big dick.

Küper turns his attention to Ty's bubble butt which he rims & teases several ways before taking him to the bathroom. Lying Ty on his back Küper eats his hole some more before plunging deep into him over and over until he gets used to it. Soon after, with his cock buried inside Ty, Küper carries him to the living room to have him put on a butt show. Küper rims Ty who soon is riding him and energetically taking his deep thrusts.

In time Küper brings them down a bit so he can feed and face fuck Ty. Ty deep throats him and soon Küper spins him around and flips him over to fuck him from behind and screw him to the bed. Küper works up a sweat jack-hammering into Ty and pulling out just in time to glaze his ass and pump back into him. Küper pulls Ty back to ride his cock and soon shoot HIS load all over himself. Küper feeds it back to Ty and they just lie back, spent and content."

Kuper-ty mithcell-0031

Kuper-ty mithcell-0131

Kuper-ty mithcell-0052

Kuper-ty mithcell-0060

Kuper-ty mithcell-0066

Kuper-ty mithcell-0098

Kuper-ty mithcell-0105

Kuper-ty mithcell-0123

Kuper-ty mithcell-0127

Kuper-ty mithcell-0150

Kuper-ty mithcell-0160

Kuper-ty mithcell-0167

Kuper-ty mithcell-0175

Kuper-ty mithcell-0177

Kuper-ty mithcell-0184

Kuper-ty mithcell-0193

Kuper-ty mithcell-0197

Kuper-ty mithcell-0201

Kuper-ty mithcell-0219

Kuper-ty mithcell-0236

Kuuper-ty mithcell-0231

Küper & Austin Wolf BAREBACK

Featuring Austin Wolf & Küper

October 16, 2019

"As he is held firmly by Austin Wolf, rock-hard Küper breathlessly tells him "I've been waiting for this for a long time". And just like that Küper is under his control in this non-condom scene. He grinds against Austin as they neck and doesn't hesitate when told to get on his knees. Küper eagerly sucks Austin who periodically holds his head as he trains him to deep-throat his cock. Austin loves it ---and so does Küper.

Austin takes Küper into a into 69 and as he's sucked deep, Austin sucks him back and rims & fingers his hole to get him ready for fucking. He plows Küper and soon gets him up on his knees and hold him tight to watch himself in the mirror being dominated. That just makes Küper harder and excites Austin to drill him more, flip him on his back, pound him and intensify Küper's bottoming experience with breath control.

Austin fucks Küper to the edge of the bed, then flips him up to ride his cock relentlessly. Finally Küper leans forward to shoot his load in Austin's mouth. Austin delivers it back into Küper's mouth and kisses him before turning him over again to pound him hard. He pulls out to shoot his load and answers Küper's pleas to fuck it into him. As Austin finger his own load oozing out of Küper they both are rendered speechless from their long-awaited intense hook-up."
















Ricky Roman & Küper Cam Show (Bareback)

Featuring Küper & Ricky Roman

October 1, 2019

As a perk for being a CockyBoys member, we put on LiveCam shows at our CockyBoys Clubhouse for you to watch for FREE. You'll be able to talk with your favorite and new CockyBoys and watch them get naughty just for you. Simply click here to create your account.

"Join Ricky Roman & Küper in a special bonus scene filmed during their live webcam show! In this condom-free flip-fuck, with a VERY kinky finale, these playful, uninhibited "friends with benefits" have a few secrets to share before they get down to some fun. After they make out Küper sucks & rims Ricky, then feeds him his cock and without skipping a beat, Küper reaches around and aims Ricky's cock for his hole.

Küper rides Ricky deep and in another effortless move Küper gets on fours to get rimmed and fucked from behind. Ricky is soon on top of him drilling him deep, BUT he has to stop because he's right on the edge. So he spends time relishing sucking Küper's thick cock before flipping on his back to get HIS hole eaten and fucked, eaten again and fucked deeper.

The guys flip again and Küper rides Ricky faster, purposely bringing him closer and when Ricky is ready Küper gives him the go-ahead and he cums inside him. Küper flips on his back and Ricky helps him cum by fingering his load into him, one digit at a time until his fists him! It leads to an intense, sweaty orgasm...with one more eye-opening twist they didn't see happening!"





















Küper & Sean Ford Bareback

Featuring Küper & Sean Ford

July 23, 2019

"Sean Ford & Küper both have developed the confidence to go after who they like and what they want and that's one big factor in bringing them together in this condom-less outdoor scene. Merely lounging together, kissing & caressing each other gets them hard and Küper starts stroking Sean gently. It's Sean who ignites the fire by taking out Küper's thick cock, going down on him and savoring every inch.

Soon Küper reaches around & probes Sean's tight hole and wants in..which excites an affectionate Sean even more. And after fingering & spit-lubing him, Küper lays Sean on his back and slides in his shaft. He pounds Sean fast & deep and drives his cock in and out so perfectly that he makes Sean cum hands free! Sean doesn't want him to stop and so Küper drills him from the side so he can hold & kiss Sean at the same time.

Shifting gears Küper gets Sean to ride him and work his hole before he takes control again Taking Sean from behind he holds him tight and slams his hole. Sean's moans inspire Küper to pummel him to the limit, pulling out in time to coat Sean's hole with a hot load... and push it back in. After Sean licks Küper's still-hard cock, he lies back to stroke his own cock as Küper finger him to shoot again. They kiss again still reeling and as Sean says, "It's the perfect way to end the day"."

Kuper-sean ford-8604

Kuper-sean ford-8631

Kuper-sean ford-8641

Kuper-sean ford-8667

Kuper-sean ford-8676

Kuper-sean ford-8689

Kuper-sean ford-8694

Kuper-sean ford-8695

Kuper-sean ford-8708

Kuper-sean ford-8713

Kuper-sean ford-8723

Kuper-sean ford-8727

Kuper-sean ford-8733

Kuper-sean ford-8739

Kuper-sean ford-8741

Kuper-sean ford-8744

Kuper-sean ford-8766

Kuper-sean ford-8768

Kuper-sean ford-8775

Kuper-sean ford-8781

Kuper-sean ford-8806

Kuper-sean ford-8812

Kuper- nico leon-5626

Küper & Nico Leon RAW

Featuring Küper & Nico Leon

July 5, 2019

"Statuesque duo Nico Leon & Küper spend a fun & affectionate summer day together which leads to some condom free porch passion in the late afternoon. First though Nico rouses Küper from his nap and it doesn't take long. A little kissing leads to making out as Nico grinds his ass on Küper's bulging crotch. But it's when Nico starts his fat cock that Küper is wide awake and sucking him back enthusiastically.

In little time they've switched places with Nico lying back and Küper swallowing his cock and deep diving on his savory hole. In even less time Küper slides his steel cock into Nico and pumps into him and as he goes harder & faster Nico loves it even more. Küper jacks Nico as he thrusts into him, bringing them both to the edge before slowing down. Nico uses this time to suck Küper again and get his cock spit-lubed before turning around for mire fucking.

Küper pounds Nico from behind with increasing verbal & physical dominance only taking time out to periodically eat his ass. Nico obeys when Küper tells him to ride his cock and he takes every hard thrust of his ass-splitter. Soon they're both ready to explode and with Küper' urging Nico leans forward to give him a thick creamy facial. Küper cums over Nico's hole and slides his cock right back in to stay. Now they're both ready for a nap...or are they?"

Kuper- nico leon-5777

Kuper- nico leon-5794

Kuper- nico leon-5628

Kuper- nico leon-5836

Kuper- nico leon-5933

Kuper- nico leon-5948

Kuper- nico leon-5964

Kuper- nico leon-5968

Kuper- nico leon-5970

Kuper- nico leon-5978

Kuper- nico leon-5999

Kuper- nico leon-6010

Kuper- nico leon-6037

Kuper- nico leon-6049

Kuper- nico leon-6053

Kuper- nico leon-6060

Kuper- nico leon-6077

Kuper- nico leon-6089

Kuper- nico leon-6108
Kuper  mateo-vice-5924

Küper & Mateo Vice

Featuring Küper & Mateo Vice

June 14, 2019

"It's back to the beach in Malibu as Mateo Vice welcomes Küper to CockyBoys! After spending time getting acquainted, the versatile duo settle in & get it on. Mateo straddles Küper and as they kiss, cocks come out. Küper sucks Mateo who grinds against his thick cock. And, as soon as Küper stands Mateo sucks him deep to makes him week in the knees. Küper sucks Mateo back with the same attention and Mateo responds with even more deep-throat action, smiling when he hears "Good boy."

Mateo keeps on grinning with pleasure as Küper sucks and teases his cock and he's in heaven when he sits on face and gets his ass eaten. Mateo is all that more ready and eager to ride Küper's towering cock with wild abandon. Küper thrusts back and keeps going hard especially when Mateo rides him in a reverse cowboy. They're soon in total sync and almost to the edge of cumming before Mateo switches it up.

He kneels atop a bar stool so Küper can slobber over his hole and spit lube him...and fuck him. Mateo gets what he wanted all along: for Küper to stretch his hole and pound him deep. It doesn't take long for Küper to reach the edge again and pulls out. Sitting at the feet of Mateo, Küper shoots all over his abs and soon after Mateo gives him an open-mouthed facial. They share a cum-soaked kiss and agree in words and looks, this was a one of a kind experience."

Kuper  mateo-vice-5913

Kuper  mateo-vice-5930

Kuper  mateo-vice-5358 Kuper  mateo-vice-5401

Kuper  mateo-vice-5580 Kuper  mateo-vice-5557

Kuper  mateo-vice-5412

Kuper  mateo-vice-5415
Kuper  mateo-vice-5420

Kuper  mateo-vice-5422

Kuper  mateo-vice-5425

Kuper  mateo-vice-5467

Kuper  mateo-vice-5472

Kuper  mateo-vice-5532

Kuper  mateo-vice-5663

Kuper  mateo-vice-5685

Kuper  mateo-vice-5712

Kuper  mateo-vice-5755

Kuper mateo-vice-5652

Kuper mateo-vice-5677

Boomer Breeds Küper

Featuring Boomer Banks and Küper Ryan

July 6, 2019

"There are many ways to make Kuper Ryan smile, and telling him you have a 9" or larger dick is definitely one of them. The last time we saw Boomer Banks on the site, he was getting railed out by a big dick, and loving every inch of it. Now he gets his turn on a nice smooth hole. We were out cruising in the Jeep and stopped for a chat, which is when they decided they wanted to fuck IN the Jeep. It's a surprisingly comfortable vehicle to get bred by a huge cock in a garage. Kuper is every top's dream, making eye contact with Boomer the entire time as he slid all 9.5" in to the base and didn't even flinch. You can almost feel it as Boomer thrusts from the tip of his foreskin all the way down his balls, over and over until Kuper busts his load in ecstasy just before Boomer breeds his used hole."











Küper Gets Fucked Down

Featuring Küper Ryan and Trevor Laster
Guys In Sweatpants

May 16, 2019

"Kuper loves a big dick muscle top who loves to take charge, and that's exactly what he got with Trevor Laster. Their sex went from passionate kissing to a dominate fuck down real quick. You can see the look of joy on Kuper's face as he turns around to look at Trevor, but Trevor has other plans as he forces him down and tells him to "stop moving!" Kuper is a great top, but he's also the kind of bottom you can throw around and fuck in any position however hard you want, and he'll just want more. Every top's dream!"











Küper Cums In Alonzo

Featuring Küper Ryan and Alonzo

April 6, 2019

"We've seen Alonzo top, and we've seen Kuper bottom, but this time they're switching it up. And holy shit, it couldn't be anymore perfect and hot! Kuper is an amazing bottom, but his huge dick is a beautiful fit for Alonzo's big bubble butt. Kuper does what any good top should do, and kisses, licks, and passionately eats Alonzo's hole before climbing on top and sliding his cock in that he lubed up with spit. Kuper's cock was hard before he took off his sweatpants, and stayed rock hard even after he came deep inside Alonzo's ass. There really isn't much to say except that these are two guys who love sex, and love fucking each other!"









Big Dick Fuckfest

Featuring Ash Hendricks, Küper Ryan, and Theo Brady
Guys In Sweatpants

March 6, 2019

"The title of the video says it all, and it includes some of our best versatile boys with the nicest dicks and biggest sex drives! All 3 of these boys love big dicks and they love getting fucked so you already know it's gonna hot as fuck. They were already devouring each other before the camera even started, and they never really stopped sucking, licking, eating, and fucking the entire time! Kuper might have been the most lucky as he laid Theo on his side and slid his huge cock in him, then had Ash get behind him and shove his fat cock into his pretty hole-- a hot, big dick fuck sandwich. Kuper was inside Theo and Ash was inside Kuper as they all fucked each other loads out of them at the same time in a hot, cum-filled mess!"









Fresh and Fucked

Featuring Küper Ryan and Michael
Guys In Sweatpants

January 26, 2019

"We introduce you guys to a lot of new guys, and I mean a lot. But this might be the first time we've introduced 2 new guys at the same time! Not only is this Michael's first time fucking on camera, but it's his first time fucking with a guy! He told me off camera that he was nervous, but also pretty excited to experience it for the first time. He was visibly nervous at first, but once Küper started sucking on his uncut cock and then slid it in his beautiful, smooth hole, he turned into a rock hard 200lbs fucking machine. There aren't many things hotter than a beautiful, hung, power bottom who just aims to please. And please Küper did, until Michael fucked the load out of him before glazing his freshly fucked hole."