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Elder Dial: The Covenant

Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Jay James
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

July 19, 2019

"President Oaks (Bill Farnsworth) has been highly selective about which missionary boys he takes on these days. It seems that the man has become so popular among the boys that they have lost sight of what his role is. He is not some celebrity there to make them gush with excitement. He is a priest who has a lofty responsibility: to instill the values that make a good missionary boy. Those values include discipline, servitude, and a reverence for the men of The Order. There is no room for vanity on the path to the high priesthood, which is why he has retreated - at least temporarily.But when Oaks catches wind of one of the candidates, Elder Dial (Jay James), his curiosity is piqued. The boy is said to be tall, incredibly fit, and extremely well hung. On top of that, he has a gregarious attitude and does not seem easily distracted by the many temptations that surround him on a daily basis. He has thoroughly impressed every priest he has come across thus far, and he is one of The Order’s new favorites in the mission. There has not been so much talk about a boy in quite a while, and Oaks wants to see if the buzz is deserved. In the meantime, Elder Dial has heard President Oaks’s name before, but he has never seen or met the man. In fact, he is not even sure if he really exists or if he is just some myth passed around by the boys. An incredibly handsome, silver fox with a thick cock and unparalleled sexual prowess - it sounds too good to be true. But as he enters the room to make his way through The Covenant ceremony, he is shocked to see the myth in the flesh. The boys have described Oaks perfectly, and Dial can’t believe that he has the privilege of meeting the man face-to-face. He can only imagine what the priest has in store for him. Dial washes Oaks’s feet and then lifts his head to offer his mouth for a blowjob. He slips the priest's waiting cock between his lips and sucks, making Oaks tremble in pleasure. The boy’s cock-pleasing skills are off the charts, and Oaks can only barely keep himself from cumming in the young man’s mouth right away. He pulls the boy’s undergarments down and exposes his fat, long uncut cock and can hardly believe it. The rumors of the missionary’s dick are all true, and he can’t wait to taste it on his tongue. He climbs on the altar the two sixty-nine. Then, Dial spreads his legs wide and watches as Oaks penetrates his inexperienced hole. Oaks thrusts inside him wildly, losing himself as he plows the boy’s tight butt. Then, he drops a load of cum on the missionary’s balls before plunging his penis back inside to breed him. One thing is certain, Dial has earned yet another fan in The Order. This time, the legendary President Oaks."

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Elder Dial: New Recruit

Featuring President Lewis, Elder Rim and Elder Dial
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

July 12, 2019

"President Lewis has earned a reputation as one of the most serious and intimidating priests at the mission. The myth surrounding him has grown so much that many of the boys are afraid of the man. And though he revels in the power that he has over the boys, Lewis is not a mean person. His firm demeanor is simply a tool to make sure the missionaries know how important their journeys are. Serving The Order is no laughing matter, and if he is not stern with them, they could get the wrong impression about the task at hand. But as the boys become increasingly wary around him, Lewis can’t help but wonder if his coldness has turned into cruelty? Is it truly better to be feared than loved? To get back into the boys’ good graces, Lewis has decided to drop his icy exterior and show them a bit of his fun-loving side. He chooses Elder Rim (Alex Rim) to be his prankster companion as he plans a little hazing ritual for the new recruit, Elder Dial. Nothing too harsh, of course, only a bit of fooling around in the bathroom. Lewis and Rim come in on Dial as he brushes his teeth. The boy was just about to hop in the shower, but now he is surrounded. Lewis and Rim have only one thing on their mind – Dial’s tight asshole. Lewis films with a camcorder as Rim bends Dial over to probe his tight hole. But what starts out as an exercise in helping the boy’s loosen up around him quickly turns into the most fun Lewis has had with an Elder. Rim turns out to be the perfect companion for this type of hazing ritual, and Dial is being a total sport about it all. As Lewis pushes Dial’s head down on his cock, he lets out a genuine laugh of amusement as the boy gags on his shaft. Lewis feels himself letting go for the first time in years. Suddenly, he looks at the boys with a new set of eyes. Yes, they are here to become servants to The Order. But they are also young men who desire and deserve to have fun. Who is he to deprive them of their adolescent pleasures? On the contrary, he should be a boon to the boys, someone who helps show them the joys of life along with the serious side. Lewis watches in amazement as Rim plows Dial’s tight asshole. He is thoroughly impressed with the young man’s power and physique. He loves watching the boy’s muscles ripple as he thrusts harder and harder inside Dial’s butt. He knows that what he is doing is technically against the rules of the mission, but he doesn’t care. Lewis’ days of being a stickler are over – or at least on hold. For now, all he wants is to film as Rim shoots his hot cum all over the bathroom. And as Rim and President Lewis leave the bathroom, Lewis believes that he may have found a new friend."

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