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Elder Herring: The Covenant Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Dylan Herring

Elder Herring: The Covenant

Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Dylan Herring
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

June 30, 2020

"Elder Herring has turned heads his whole life. Tall, pale, and strikingly handsome, the redheaded boy garners attention from men and women wherever he goes. Even when he would rather maintain a low profile, the boy can’t seem to escape the gazes of his admirers. So, after a lifetime of trying to blend in to his surroundings, he has decided to enter the mission. He believes that if he studies hard enough and learns the ways of a good missionary boy, he will be able to make it out on the other side a more confident, resilient individual who can cast away the doubts created by the prying eyes of outsiders. Whether the opinions are positive or negative, they affect the boy deeply, and he’d rather do away with them altogether. However, things are not that simple. Even as he dons the standard pressed white shirt and black slacks, Herring can’t seem to blend in with the other boys. He’s just too attractive and his hair is too striking. He quickly becomes known throughout the mission halls as the boy who wants to disappear but can’t because of his dashing good looks. What a shame, his companions lament. If only he knew how much of a treasure he is. That is why President Oaks has taken such a strong interest in the boy. He wants to show him that it is alright to stand out, and that he should be rewarded for shouldering so much attention for so long. He oils the boy’s body, covering his cheeks in slippery lubrication. Then, he slides his bulging cock down the missionary’s throat, filling his mouth with his girth. Finally, he slams the boy from behind, making him forget all about the outside attention he so desperately hopes to eschew. All Elder Herring needs is a good distraction and he’ll be just fine."

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Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood Featuring Bill Farnsworth, Jace Madden and Mason Dean

Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood

Featuring Bill Farnsworth, Jace Madden and Mason Dean
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

June 23, 2020

"Usually relationships between boys in the mission are frowned upon. Not because of any inherent impropriety, but because such relationships can lead to the need for secrecy. The need for transparency amongst the missionaries has been declared over and over again and has been made one of the top priorities of boys on their journey towards the upper ranks of the priesthood. Ironic, considering there is no transparency offered from the Order. Nevertheless, boys continue to have relationships with each other and continue to go against the word of the Order by doing so. That is why the case of Elder Madden (Jace Madden) and Elder Mason is so exceptional. The Order has kept an eye on these two for months, as they seem to have a clear affinity for each other. But no matter how many opportunities they’ve been given, how many times they could have easily slipped away into the night without anyone knowing, they’ve seemingly made no advance towards each other. It’s assumed that this is because of their desire to keep in line with the Order’s rules. This obedience is impressive, and it is not something to be taken lightly. Such loyal boys should be rewarded for their behavior. Little does President Oaks know, these two boys have indeed experienced each other’s bodies physically, and under the supervision of one of his colleagues nonetheless. It has been kept a secret from Oaks and several other prominent members of the Order, and it remains a secret as the boys play along with the charade. They act as though they’ve never laid eyes on each other’s bare bodies as Oaks tells them to undress. Oaks and Mason spitroast Elder Madden aggressively, and as Oaks watches cum drip out of Madden’s asshole, he is more certain than ever that these boys would go to the ends of the earth for the priesthood."

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Missionary Boys Elder Madden: Interview Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Jace Madden

Elder Madden: Interview

Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Jace Madden
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

April 28, 2020

"Elder Madden (Jace Madden) has been making waves with every passing day. With his beautiful blonde hair, his masculine presence, and his toned physique, it’s hard for his fellow missionaries to keep their cool around him. The men of the Order have heard of his effect on his companions, and they too have taken notice. Oaks in particular craves the boy’s body. Perhaps because he reminds him of himself when he was younger. Athletic, tall, strong, and with an undeniable charisma that attracts men from miles around. When all these factors come together in one youthful package, it is a powerful force to behold. So, as Oaks interviews the boy, he must work extra hard to keep his excitement to himself. Any sign of favoritism or lust can blow the boy’s head up before he’s even taken his first steps towards the higher ranks of the Order. There is nothing worse than a servant who thinks he’s too good to serve, and breeding that kind of mentality must be avoided at all costs. Oaks knows this, so he keeps an even, calm demeanor as he talks to the boy. He asks him if he’s ever had to suppress any of his urges and is impressed with Madden’s honesty. But when he finally asks if the boy has had any urges towards him, he can’t hold his hunger back any longer. He puts his hand on the boy’s thigh, inviting him to break the barrier of touch. Then, he ties the boy’s wrists together in a chair. The boy watches helplessly as Oaks disrobes and prepares to stretch the missionary’s hole with his meaty cock. Madden has never had an experience like this before - he’s only ever fantasized about it. But now that it’s happening, he’s both excited and intimidated. It’s not until Oaks is pounding his asshole that he releases his inhibitions and allows the pleasure to overcome him. It’s his honor to be bred by the famous President Oaks."

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Marcus: Altar Training

Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Marcus Rivers
Say Uncle | Yes Father

February 14, 2020

"All the boys want to be Altar Boys, but we only chose you,” Father Oaks tells young Marcus in the training room. It is the first selection of the year, and selecting Marcus is a definite statement on the Priesthood’s behalf. It is true, every boy hopes to become an Altar Boy, but none of them know the criteria by which they are selected. It is a well-guarded secret, known only to the highest members of the Priesthood, and if word ever were to get out, it would create mayhem amongst the boys. However, their selection of Marcus provides the first clue to the rest of the boys. What can they emulate in Marcus to elevate themselves to the esteemed position of Altar Boy? Suddenly Marcus feels all kinds of attention on him. The priests, who already seemed to watch his every move, have become relentless in their observation. Not only does he feel them physically, but it is almost as though they’ve crept into his mind, watching even his innermost thoughts. He cannot allow himself to risk an impure intention for even an instant while attempting to become the first Altar Boy of the year. The responsibility is far too important and highly regarded for him to fall in front of his peers. If he was to fail, there would be no going back… Thus, as he enters Altar Training with Father Oaks, Marcus is attentive, making sure to absorb every scrap of information he can from the salt and pepper priest. If he misses even one vital step, he could throw everything away in one fell swoop. But if he can properly serve the Priesthood and prove that he is worthy of their nomination, he will become one of the Altar Boys of lore. These boys are raised up and honored as though they themselves are of the divine. Marcus will not miss his chance. Oaks commands the boy to undress him in the ceremonial fashion, letting the boy work his way around his body. Then, Marcus strips off his clothes, letting the priest touch his youthful body. Oaks bends down to kiss the eager-to-please boy before bending the boy over and probing his asshole with a finger. He kisses the boy’s hole and then feeds him his erect cock. Then, he fucks Marcus until he squeals in and shoots a large load of cum on his tummy."

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Elder Awbride: The Calling

Featuring Adam Awbride and Bill Farnsworth
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

July 26, 2019

"Elder Awbride (Adam Awbride) is one of the more innocent boys at the mission. His only ambition is to toe the line and make it through without being noticed. He comes from a long line of rule followers. His stepfather, his stepgrandfather - they instilled values of discipline and obedience in the boy. That is why it was so difficult for Awbride when he found out that he was different from the other kids at school. He thought liking boys was against the rules, so he didn’t tell anyone about it for years. He never even allowed himself to develop a crush on another boy, even though he found himself interested in many. When he finally decided to start his mission, Awbride hoped that he would find meaning in structure. The mission had a reputation of rigid rules and that was attractive to the young man. He saw the way boys left after completing their missions - their heads held high with a sense of self-respect that they simply didn’t have before. This is exactly what Awbride believes he needs in his life. With all the secrets and all the suppression, he believes that just a bit more obedience and discipline could help him live a life within the lines. Awbride will do anything to be a good boy. President Oaks can sense the confusion bubbling within Awbride as soon as he gets in a room with him. There is no question the boy has been masking his identity for years, and it’s obvious he has an incredible amount of shame attached to his desires towards other men. Oaks feels for the boy, as he remembers what it was like to feel those sensations for the first time. But to fulfill his duty as a member of The Order, Oaks cannot yet show Awbride that he sympathizes with him. He must be cold and commanding and administer an air of authority. Luckily, this is exactly what Awbride wants. Oaks approaches the boy and makes him disrobe, watching as he strips to his undergarments. Then, he makes the boy kneel and rub his face on his hard cock. Awbride is shocked at Oaks’s audacity, but he makes sure to obey every one of his demands. He feels a huge sense of relief as he buries his face in the man’s crotch, indulging in his scent and touch with reckless abandon. Finally, he can fulfill his lustful needs while following the rules of an authority figure. Soon, Awbride strips and makes his way to Oaks’s desk. He arches his back and bends over the desk, letting Oaks enter him from behind. The older man penetrates the boy’s tight hole, sliding his cock deeper and deeper as Awbride’s eyes roll back in his head. The pleasure and pain overwhelms him as Oaks begins to stroke harder and harder, fucking him passionately. It is everything the boy has ever dreamed of, and he cannot believe his luck. He will follow wherever this man leads, and he will serve until he can serve no longer. Awbride has been indoctrinated."

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Elder Dial: The Covenant

Featuring Bill Farnsworth and Jay James
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

July 19, 2019

"President Oaks (Bill Farnsworth) has been highly selective about which missionary boys he takes on these days. It seems that the man has become so popular among the boys that they have lost sight of what his role is. He is not some celebrity there to make them gush with excitement. He is a priest who has a lofty responsibility: to instill the values that make a good missionary boy. Those values include discipline, servitude, and a reverence for the men of The Order. There is no room for vanity on the path to the high priesthood, which is why he has retreated - at least temporarily.But when Oaks catches wind of one of the candidates, Elder Dial (Jay James), his curiosity is piqued. The boy is said to be tall, incredibly fit, and extremely well hung. On top of that, he has a gregarious attitude and does not seem easily distracted by the many temptations that surround him on a daily basis. He has thoroughly impressed every priest he has come across thus far, and he is one of The Order’s new favorites in the mission. There has not been so much talk about a boy in quite a while, and Oaks wants to see if the buzz is deserved. In the meantime, Elder Dial has heard President Oaks’s name before, but he has never seen or met the man. In fact, he is not even sure if he really exists or if he is just some myth passed around by the boys. An incredibly handsome, silver fox with a thick cock and unparalleled sexual prowess - it sounds too good to be true. But as he enters the room to make his way through The Covenant ceremony, he is shocked to see the myth in the flesh. The boys have described Oaks perfectly, and Dial can’t believe that he has the privilege of meeting the man face-to-face. He can only imagine what the priest has in store for him. Dial washes Oaks’s feet and then lifts his head to offer his mouth for a blowjob. He slips the priest's waiting cock between his lips and sucks, making Oaks tremble in pleasure. The boy’s cock-pleasing skills are off the charts, and Oaks can only barely keep himself from cumming in the young man’s mouth right away. He pulls the boy’s undergarments down and exposes his fat, long uncut cock and can hardly believe it. The rumors of the missionary’s dick are all true, and he can’t wait to taste it on his tongue. He climbs on the altar the two sixty-nine. Then, Dial spreads his legs wide and watches as Oaks penetrates his inexperienced hole. Oaks thrusts inside him wildly, losing himself as he plows the boy’s tight butt. Then, he drops a load of cum on the missionary’s balls before plunging his penis back inside to breed him. One thing is certain, Dial has earned yet another fan in The Order. This time, the legendary President Oaks."

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