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Austin Avery


SITES: Cockyboys, Falcon Studios, Hot House

Take Me To Gripland: Arad Winwin & Austin Avery

Take Me To Gripland: Arad Winwin & Austin Avery

Featuring Arad Winwin and Austin Avery
Falcon Studios | Hot House

November 4, 2020

"Muscle-hunks Arad Winwin and Austin Avery are two of the best grips in the biz, working on the set of the next hot gay porn. When the director yells 'cut!' Austin sets down his boom mic and reaches for Arad's cock growing in his shorts. Arad picks up on Austin's advances and bends him over some equipment to eat his smooth hole. Austin wants a taste of Arad so he sinks to his knees and works over every inch of Arad's meaty pole. With Arad's cock slick with spit, Austin bends over and lets Arad enter his warm center. Both glistening with sweat, Arad shows no mercy on Austin's hole as he drills the smooth stud's prostate. As Austin is getting his hole pouned he and Arad are unaware they are being watched by another horned-up crew member. Laid out on his back, Austin takes every pump until Arad fucks a load out of him. Austin's ass is too tight for Arad to hold back as he explodes with a massive load all over Austin's hole before shoving his pole back in for more."

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Hot House Flippers

Hot House Flippers, Scene 5

Featuring Austin Avery, Ryan Rose, and Wess Russel
Hot House

March 18, 2020

"In the final episode of 'Hot House Flippers', co-hosts Ryan Rose and Austin Avery are doing 'The Big Reveal' for buyer Wess Russel, as he sees the finished remodel of his new Palm Springs vacation rental. 'So, what's the first thing you'd like to get into in your new space?' asks Austin. 'Well,' says Wess, 'I mean, everybody's been fucking here. So, I mean, maybe we could fuck?' In what's sure boost their ratings, and double the market value, the three get down and dirty as the cameras roll. Ryan takes the lead as he and Austin tag-team Wess, first rimming, sucking and face-fucking the happy homeowner, then spinning him around for a raw piledrive with each of their giant fuck-poles. Wess has a huge dick too, and he and Austin take turns in the middle of a threeway train, pumping cum in a flip-fuck that shows the true meaning of being a house flipper."

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Hot House Flippers

Hot House Flippers, Scene 4

Featuring Austin Avery and Colby Tucker
Hot House

March 4, 2020

"Episode 4 of 'Hot House Flippers' continues its home-makeover show with host Austin Avery welcoming his favorite interior designer, Colby Tucker. In the newly renovated vacation rental, the two team up to stage the space with furniture and colorful decor. With everything in place, the two get naked and nasty as the reality cameras catch it all. Austin whips out his whopper of a cock and feeds it to Colby, getting his big dick hard as a rock. The two suck each other on matching loveseats till Austin bends Colby over and rims him good. Slick with spit, the hairy hole beckons as Colby pleads for Austin to fuck him raw. Austin complies with a relentless, bareback pounding that redecorates Colby's interior and makes the designer shoot his load which Austin scoops up and uses as lube for his final thrusts, which send him over the edge blasting his seed on Colby."

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Falcon Studios Fill Me Deep

Fill Me Deep, Scene 3

Featuring Arad Winwin and Austin Avery
Falcon Studios

February 28, 2020

"When hot dom top Arad Winwin meets voracious bottom boy Austin Avery, the sparks fly. Arad likes it rough, pinning a guy down and using that hole for his own selfish pleasure. All this info makes Austin's eyes light up. Austin loves having his ass eaten with lots of spit before getting drilled raw with a giant cock. Arad happily agrees, taking charge with his extra-large meat once they strip down to just their underwear. Built and heavy hung, Arad feeds the horny little cocksucker, then chows down on his hungry hole as requested. Careful what you wish for, Austin learns, after having his ass expertly rimmed. With his hole prepped for cock, Arad delivers the promised bareback, power fuck that leaves Austin's hole gaping and begging for more. Sporting a hefty dick himself, Austin shoots an impressively massive load all over his abs, then Arad hoses his hole with a barrage of jizz, stuffing it back in at the finish."

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Falcon Studios Fill Me Deep

Fill Me Deep, Scene 1

Featuring Austin Avery and Ryan Rose
Falcon Studios

February 14, 2020

"Muscle-hunk Ryan Rose and Austin Avery are longtime friends and regular fuck buds, so the attraction is mutual, and the chemistry is electric. 'I like to be owned,' says Austin. Ryan laughs and teases with a knowing wink, 'bottom.' Austin nods enthusiastically, knowing it's true. Soon the two bronzed and built buddies are naked in a big bed, with Austin devouring Ryan's amazing cock till he gets turned facedown for an epic ass eating and raw, balls deep bareback fuck from Ryan making them both spray huge loads of jizz and leaving Austin coated in cum."

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Falcon Studios Califuckinfornia

Califuckinfornia, Scene 5

Featuring Austin Avery and Colton Reece
Falcon Studios

January 31, 2020

"In the van and back on the road, Josh is shocked and judgmental about Dan's ease and comfort with having random sex with strangers. Dan tells him to loosen up and their argument leads to a real conversation about love, their lives and relationships. On the way, they take a small detour to Dan's buddy Colton Reece's cabin in the woods, where they pick up a horny little hitchhiker named Austin Avery and introduce him to Colton. Later that night, Josh can't rest and comes out of the room he's sharing with Dan only to discover Colton and Austin having sex in the den by the light of the fireplace and goes back to bed. Colton eats Austin's perky ass and gets it slick and wet with his tongue, primed for his fat cock to open him up and bareback the hole of this needy little nomad. Austin has a thick one too and they swap blowjobs till Austin demands Colton's big dick in his eager butt. The fireside fuck fest continues as Austin rides Colton's beer can to a cum splattering climax on the floor."

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Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok

July 30, 2020

"Brock Banks & Austin Avery reunite with their sexy friend Sharok, in his CockyBoys debut, who helps tag-team & double-penetrate one of his hot co-stars! After a day of fun & sun at the beach, the guys recall more serious & injurious days of BLM protests, the pandemic, and becoming even closer...much more than friends with benefits.

Later, Austin joins Brock to make out with him in the shower and soon after follows him to the bedroom where Brock's hard cock awaits him. Austin easily gulps it to the root while Brock fingers him and passionately kisses him, but they keep it quiet as Sharok is in the next room napping. Except he's not. He's jacking off while listening in. As Austin starts riding Brock's cock they get louder and Sharok can't resist checking them out.

Austin happily greets Sharok by sucking while continuing to ride Brock. But Sharok wants more and soon he's drilling Austin as he lies against Brock. Sharok takes more control, picks up Austin, lies him on the bed & deep-fucks him on his back while sucking his feet. Brock soon goes from watching to climbing on top of Austin to face-fuck him..while getting rimmed by Sharok, then sitting on Austin's face! Sharok takes over again and gets Austin to ride him.

Brock soon moves in and gives Austin a taste of double-penetration before sitting back to watch...but not for long. Brock flips Austin on his back so he and Sharok can DP him. They then take turns pounding Austin until Sharok strokes & fucks the cum out of him. Austin then helps his buddies get off. He receives a facial from Brock and gets rimmed again Sharok who goes over the edge and shoots a mind-boggling thick load over himself! Welcome to CockyBoys Sharok!"






















Dim the Lights, Scene 4

Featuring Austin Avery & Brock Banks

December 27, 2019

"In the finale of Dim The Lights, Austin Avery goes all out to heat up a cold winter's night for Brock Banks...and for himself. In this condom-free scene, Brock finds a seated Austin waiting for him in a dark room, wearing nothing but a jock strap blindfolded and bound from head-to-toe. He's excited too when horny Austin expresses the desire to be used however Brock wants! At first though Brock takes it slow with deep kisses and a foot rubbing Austin's crotch.

Soon Brock brings Austin's face to the bulge in his jeans and lets him know this is a huge turn-on. But he also is in control when he teases Austin's mouth with his thick uncut cock before letting him suck it. Austin slurps Brock's juicy cock to the root so well that Brock makes him take a break in the middle of his sucking. In return Brock sucks & tweaks Austin's nipples, mouth teases his jock strap bulge and fingers his hole. He lets him resume sucking but Brock goes back to teasing Austin's body.

Taking more control Brock unties Austin but leaves on the blindfold and in bed he slowly sucks and strokes his dick. And without warning Brock pushes Austin's legs up to deep rim and probe his hole. After his hungry mouth and tongue lube him, Brock cock teases his hole and slowly begins to fuck Austin...while sucking his toes. Brock goes harder & deeper, using his whole body until he turns him on his side to drill him. As they make out Brock gets pulls off the HE wants. After harder side-fucking Brock takes Austin on all fours and soon gets him to work his ass on his cock.

Soon Austin's body & his tight hole do the job. Brock pulls out and just holding his cock he shoots over and over on Austin's back, in his crack and over his hole. With his cock still throbbing and pulsing cum Brock fingers and fucks it into Austin. He scoops up the rest and jacks Austin with it while probing him before Austin takes over milk his own massive load over himself. Brock licks some up to give Austin a tasty kiss. The two happily grateful & satisfied guys keep on kissing with the cold night nowhere on their minds."

Austin avery-brock banks-5377

Austin avery-brock banks-5389

Austin avery-brock banks-5398

Austin avery-brock banks-5412

Austin avery-brock banks-5414

Austin avery-brock banks-5421

Austin avery-brock banks-5425

Austin avery-brock banks-5430

Austin avery-brock banks-5433

Austin avery-brock banks-5440

Austin avery-brock banks-5441

Austin avery-brock banks-5456

Austin avery-brock banks-5470

Austin avery-brock banks-5483

Austin avery-brock banks-5485

Austin avery-brock banks-5495

Austin avery-brock banks-5500

Austin avery-brock banks-5511

Austin avery-brock banks-5522

Austin avery-brock banks-5523

Austin avery-brock banks-5527

Austin avery-brock banks-5544


Austin Avery & Wess Russel (Bareback)

Featuring Austin Avery & Wess Russel

September 24, 2019

"Austin Avery knows Wess Russel loves morning sex, so he starts the day giving him an under the sheets blowjob, leading to condom-free flip-fuck...before their first cup of coffee. Wess thoroughly enjoys Austin's relentless sucking and in response he eagerly eats his hot ass. Plied with Wess' compliments and his tongue, and teasing cock Austin is also riveted by watching the action in the mirror.

Soon Austin gives Wess the go-ahead to slip in his cock and gets the morning plowing he's craving. They both enjoy the mirror show before Wess flips over Austin to hungrily suck him back and get him into a ball-deep 69. Austin eats his ass spurring Wess' desire. He sits on Austin's cock and rides him deep, the pleasure enhanced as Austin strokes Wess' prominent boner. Wess kisses him and just can't stop as his lips travel down Austin's body to his cock.

Wess returns to thrusting into him on his back. It's so perfect Austin fucks him back the same way. They get close but Wess' tempting cock makes Austin flip again to ride him. Wess takes charge to side fuck him & plow him off on his back with Avery gushing a thick load over himself. Wess pulls out and starts cumming and slides to to breed him. Wess plays with the load oozing out of Avery and fingers it back in before the satisfied duo kiss. Now, about that cup of coffee..."

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3417

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3428

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3437

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3476

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3529

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3550

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3560

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3562

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3577

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3596

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3609

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3638

Ausitn avery-wess russel-3644
Ausitn avery-troy accola-9905

Austin Avery & Troy Accola: Bareback

Featuring Austin Avery & Troy Accola

September 3, 2019

"On a lovely summer day waking up in the arms of Troy Accola, there's no way Austin Avery is going in to work! Troy happily plays hooky with Austin on a carefree day together outdoors..and inside afterward for some fun condom-free sex! At first they're content to make out and play with each other's rock-hard cocks until Troy makes his move and starts sucking Austin. And when they see themselves in the mirror, they're even more excited.

While Austin loves the sucking and toying with Troy's hole, he wants cock too. Austin relishes his cock as Troy enjoys the mirror show and wants to watch himself get face-fucked. They move into a 69 where Troy can also rim Austin's hole. He likes it so much he soon gets Austin into a position to watch his own rimming. Troy can't hold back any more and finally fucks him deep. As much as Troy is thrilled to fuck Austin his hole needs filling too and he rides Austin...while watching himself.

Now Austin wants to be in control so he rims and drills Troy from behind over the edge of the bed. Troy is about to cum but Austin wants it inside of him so he gets Troy to fuck him on his back. Soon Troy pulls out and shoots a huge load over his hole and uses his cock to push it all inside Austin. Austin is ready to explode too and he gives Troy a big facial. No cum is wasted as Troy snowball kisses Austin and licks up the rest for another cummy kiss. No question: this was MUCH better than work!"

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9892

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9993

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9693

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9755

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9767

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9772

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9791

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9799

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9810

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9814

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9827

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9830

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9836

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9843

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9844

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9847

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9850

Ausitn avery-troy accola-9855
Austin avery-ben masters-9436

Ben Masters & Austin Avery Bareback

Featuring Austin Avery & Ben Masters

August 6, 2019

"A lazy summer day at CockyBoys? Not quite! When Austin Avery & Ben Masters lie in each other's arms and start kissing, dicks get hard and passions ignite into a condomless flip-fuck! Austin impresses Ben right away with his sucking, tongue-action and repeated deep throats his thick cock. As Austin gets more into it, Ben fingers and eats out his hot ass and temporarily puts Austin into a state of erotic pleasure. BUT, Austin wants to resume sucking cock and gets into near-vertical 69 with him.

Ben extensively shows off HIS oral prowess and soon Austin sits on his face to get an enthused rimming. Ben then expresses the pent-up desire to fuck him and Austin obliges by sitting on his cock. He expertly takes his deep thrusts and Ben can't get enough of his tight hole, especially when he drives into him sideways. Austin wants it even harder (!) and bends over for Ben's best pounding. After deep drilling him Ben resumes fingering and rimming Austin and decides HE now wants to be fucked!

Austin eats out Ben's ass and displays his versatility by fucking him like a total top and enjoying Ben's ass thoroughly. Ben flips on his back to get fucked and Austin moves on him with increasing confidence. He takes the initiative to put Ben in a pile-driver and pounds him with expert accuracy, making him stream pre-cum and explode with a intense, thick load all over himself. Soon Austin pulls out and shoot his thick load in a pool atop Ben's hole. Their post-sex bliss is summed up by Austin's simple word: 'Just what I needed.'"

Austin avery-ben masters-9455

Austin avery-ben masters-9441

Austin avery-ben masters-9465

Austin avery-ben masters-9469

Austin avery-ben masters-9484

Austin avery-ben masters-9489

Austin avery-ben masters-9497

Austin avery-ben masters-9501

Austin avery-ben masters-9506

Austin avery-ben masters-9522

Austin avery-ben masters-9524

Austin avery-ben masters-9527

Austin avery-ben masters-9541

Austin avery-ben masters-9552

Austin avery-ben masters-9574

Austin avery-ben masters-9578

Austin avery-ben masters-9604

Austin avery-ben masters-9610

Austin avery-ben masters-9648
Austin avery  austin wolf-5378

Austin Avery & Austin Wolf Bareback

Featuring Austin Avery & Austin Wolf

July 16, 2019

"Austin Wolf & Austin Avery are together, on screen, for the first time!. Having hooked up many times before they've developed an intuitive connection & trust and they bring it on camera in this intensely passionate condom-free scene. As they stand in front of a mirror naked Austin W wraps his arms around Austin A, whispers in his ear, strips him to his boner-stretched briefs and tenderly makes out with him.Austin A then gets to knees to suck him deep, guided guided by the words and firm hands of Austin W.

Austin W is extra turned on watching this in the mirror and he takes the time to periodically kiss Austin A lovingly before standing him up to play with his tight hole. When he sits on the bed Austin W keeps watching as he gets more deep throating & he fingers Austin A, who joins in playing with his own hole. Finally Austin A sits on top of Austin W to make out and beg for his dick. With permission Austin A slides down on Austin W's cock and rides it.

Austin A is also excited to turn & watch himself the mirror and he can't stop looking. Soon Austin W gets him on his back to thrust into him deep just as Austin A likes it. In turn Austin A plays with the muscle man's trigger point: his nipples. But then Austin W takes a detour. He moves Austin A to his back to fondle his body, suck him and engage him in mutual foreplay before he lies next to Austin A and wraps his arms to fuck him from the side.

Austin W kisses & holds Austin A tight and strokes him, but after he drills deeper, the moaning bottom grips his own cock and soon shoots a thick load over himself. Austin W keeps on pumping and while on his knees he pulls out & shoots thick cum over Austin A's hole & slide his super-sensitive cock back in. As his orgasm slowly calms Austin W licks up his cum and kisses Austin A as he fingers the rest into his hole. And as they kiss Austin W is STILL shuddering from the intense orgasm!"

Austin avery  austin wolf-5361

Austin avery  austin wolf-5396

Austin avery  austin wolf-5408

Austin avery  austin wolf-5426

Austin avery austin wolf-5430

Austin avery  austin wolf-5463

Austin avery  austin wolf-5471

Austin avery  austin wolf-5586

Austin avery  austin wolf-5483

Austin avery  austin wolf-5490

Austin avery  austin wolf-5492

Austin avery  austin wolf-5508

Austin avery  austin wolf-5526

Austin avery  austin wolf-5531

Austin avery  austin wolf-0613

Austin avery  austin wolf-5536

Austin avery  austin wolf-5559

Cade Maddox & Austin Avery RAW

Featuring Austin Avery & Cade Maddox

June 25, 2019

"Fresh-faced cutie Austin Avery makes his porn debut at Cocky Boys in a big way: a condomless poolside scene with sultry super-top Cade Maddox! One minute they're giving each other "the look", the next they're making out. Cade's passionate, wet kisses ignite Austin to orally worship his solid, sculpted veiny muscles and lustfully desire the hard cock stretching his shorts. Awestruck but not intimidated by his thick cock, Austin gulps it down.

Austin pleases Cade by trying to deep-throat him and in no time the fast learning cocksucker is taking Cade's full cock even as he's face-fucked. Turned on by Cade's "top energy", a vocal Austin eagerly flips his legs back so Cade slobber all over his hole and finger him. In time Austin helps guide Cade's monster cock inside him and before long Cade is pounding him deep and making Austin moan and cry out with pleasure...when they aren't kissing.

Cade grants Austin's wish to be fucked on his stomach but in a little while he makes his own request for Austin to ride his cock. Austin works his hole as Cade nearly jacks him off, but he really wants to pound Austin from behind. This brings Cade close & Austin helps by begging for his cum & urging him on. Cade pulls out to cream over Austin's hole and slide back in but takes charge again.

Cade finishes him off on his back, slowly fucking a huge load out of Austin that coats him all the way from his lower abs all the way up to his neck. An impressed Cade kisses the totally spent newcomer, though he doesn't say it we will: "Welcome to Cocky Boys Austin!"