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SITES: CockyBoys, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Men Network, Randy Blue, Raging Stallion Studios

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Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran (BAREBACK)

Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran (BAREBACK)

Featuring Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran

April 2, 2020

"Sean Zevran & Rhyheim Shabazz are together again...for the first time at CockyBoys! In this condom-free rematch Sean returns to welcome Rhyheim, self-produced porn star and though they've filmed before, they have all the enthusiasm of first timers. Their friendly but powerful sexual chemistry abounds from the start as Sean gulps down Rhyheim's long boner while Rhyheim fingers and devours Sean's big muscular ass...and neither can get enough!

At one point Rhyheim lifts Sean upside down while rimming him and Sean sucks him back in a vertical 69 before they're in horizontal position Sean taking as much cock in his throat while Rhyheim eats his ass. Soon it's just Sean sucking him deep, with a little help, before Rhyheim gets behind him and drills down on his wet hole. Rhyheim owns Sean's hole and body before flipping him back against him to thrust up into him and let Sean ride his powerful cock.

Rhyheim soon plows Sean from the side and on his back right to the edge of the bed. With his cock imbedded inside him Rhyheim picks up Sean and sits on the love seat so the muscular bottom can ride him hard in both directions and take his powerful thrusts. With super-human sexual stamina Rhyheim turns Sean around to fuck him in a pile driver.

Rhyheim soon pulls out to spill his cum over Sean's hole and breeds him with continuous deep fucking. Rhyheim slurps up what jizz remains and gives Sean a protein kiss. Then Rhyheim lets him suck his still-hard cock which excites Sean to the point of lying back and shooting his own thick load. Before he's even finished Rhyheim slurps it up, drools some over Sean's hole, fucks it into him, and fingers his hole with a little more jizz...all just for Sean!"

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Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-8965

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-8982

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-8990

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9015

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9025

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9039

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9044

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9056

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9061

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9065

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9068

Sean zevran-rhyheim shabazz-9073

Carter Dane & Sean Zevran RAW

Featuring Carter Dane & Sean Zevran

May 9, 2019

"You know that post-sex look of contentment you've seen on the faces of models here? Carter Dane & Sean Zevran have it before they even get going! In fact they're so happy lying together kissing, they're giddy and they stay playful to the very end. Their prolonged, sensual & arousing making out is only interrupted twice: when Sean sucks Carter and soon after when he feeds his cock to Carter's eager mouth and face fucks him.

Carter wants more cock but his ass is hungry too. He flips over into a 69 to suck Sean & slobber on his big balls while Sean's mouth and tongue tantalize Carter's hole and get him wet. Carter soon wants it all and sits on Sean's raw cock to rides him vigorously. Sean's curve gets Carter where it counts, especially as he piston-fucks him.They reach near-maximum intensity but Carter slows things down to take Sean to the window.

Sean pounds him hard from behind and wraps his arms around him. But in time Sean takes Carter back to bed on all fours to continue his deep drilling. Soon he has Carter face down, then slightly sideways, and when Carter is close Sean turns him on his back to fuck a big thick load out of him. Sean turns over a still breathless Carter who spreads his ass cheeks for Sean to glaze his crack and slide back in. Once again they're giddy but lie down with Sean fingering Carter's freshly-fucked hole before drifting into a nap."

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