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SITES: Cockyboys, Falcon Studios, Hot House, NakedSword, Raging Stallion Studios, Randy Blue, Thunders Arena

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Austin Wolf & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Wolf & Carter Dane

November 27, 2019

"Austin Wolf & Carter Dane are back together for the first time...on camera, that is. In this condom-free scene they recreate their previous hook-up, starting with an electric kiss. Carter's mouth wanders back & forth from Austin's lips to his well-muscled chest while Austin fingers Carter's hole in just the right spot. And it isn't long before Carter is sucking and choking on Austin's cock...just the way he likes it.

After much mutual pleasuring Austin makes out with Carter next to the staircase while fingering his bubble butt even more, then takes things to the next level. On the stairs themselves Austin fingers and rims Carter then fucks him with his cock hitting the spot just as intuitively. Austin's control over Carter increases as he soon stands him up to drill him. And,with his cock throbbing inside Carter, Austin gets him to agree to ride him.

Back on the sofa Carter happily rides Austin and works his hole on his cock, periodically kissing him just as passionately. Carter takes a pause but Austin does not as he picks him up and thrust fucks him on his back deep and hard. Mixing manhandling with affection Austin's focused fucking results in Carter shooting a thick load. Austin keeps drilling until pulling out to coat Carter's hole with a creamy glaze and fuck it into him.

Their euphoric post-sex high lingers well after they cum and as they lie together. Better than the first time? Only Austin & Carter can say..."

Austin Wolf & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

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Cockyboys A For Alpha: Austin Wolf & Francois Sagat

Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8412

A For Alpha: Austin Wolf & Francois Sagat

Featuring Austin Wolf & Francois Sagat

November 8, 2019

"After years of an online friendship and a little flirting, Austin Wolf & François Sagat finally get together in this condom-free scene filmed in Paris! The guys launch our new series "A Is For Alpha" in which we explore what it means to be an alpha. You're in for some big surprises as Austin & François first open up about themselves and about each other, and it all leads to an unforgettable pairing of pent-up attraction.

The guys take their times making out and exploring their muscular bodies before Austin sensuously sucks François' thick uncut cock & fingers him as François desires. It isn't long before Austin lifts and carries him to the bed where François swallows and chokes on his cock. He keeps on it and Austin makes sure of it while reaching over and playing with his muscular bubble butt.

Eventually Austin turns François around to eat out his ass and finger him before he gets him into position and slides into him. Austin fucks him hard from behind and slowly dominates him, easily getting François to sit on his cock and ride him and take his deep thrusts. François turbs and faces Austin as he rides him so he can play with the nipples on his flexing chest.

Austin soon picks him up again and lies François on his back with his ass in the air and pounds him relentlessly until he makes the French muscle god shoot a thick load over his chest. Austin soon pulls out and shoots over François' hole and fucks it into him. After he fingers it in deep, a spent Austin lies next to François and they're both satisfied in every way after a six year wait."

Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8411

Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8421

Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8427

Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8428

Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8453

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Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8624

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Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8898

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Austin wolf-francois sagat a-for-alpha-8992

Küper & Austin Wolf BAREBACK

Featuring Austin Wolf & Küper

October 16, 2019

"As he is held firmly by Austin Wolf, rock-hard Küper breathlessly tells him "I've been waiting for this for a long time". And just like that Küper is under his control in this non-condom scene. He grinds against Austin as they neck and doesn't hesitate when told to get on his knees. Küper eagerly sucks Austin who periodically holds his head as he trains him to deep-throat his cock. Austin loves it ---and so does Küper.

Austin takes Küper into a into 69 and as he's sucked deep, Austin sucks him back and rims & fingers his hole to get him ready for fucking. He plows Küper and soon gets him up on his knees and hold him tight to watch himself in the mirror being dominated. That just makes Küper harder and excites Austin to drill him more, flip him on his back, pound him and intensify Küper's bottoming experience with breath control.

Austin fucks Küper to the edge of the bed, then flips him up to ride his cock relentlessly. Finally Küper leans forward to shoot his load in Austin's mouth. Austin delivers it back into Küper's mouth and kisses him before turning him over again to pound him hard. He pulls out to shoot his load and answers Küper's pleas to fuck it into him. As Austin finger his own load oozing out of Küper they both are rendered speechless from their long-awaited intense hook-up."















Austin wolf-sean ford-1178

A Man and his Boy 2: Austin Wolf & Sean Ford (Bareback)

Featuring Austin Wolf & Sean Ford

September 5, 2019

"By popular demand, and their own, Austin Wolf takes on Sean Ford and collars him for some passionate dominance in a condom-free scene! Sean basks in the muscular arms of Austin who holds him close to kiss and fondle him and tighten the chain around his supple neck..which Sean loves. They sensuously make out and enjoy each other's bodies but soon Austin lies Sean on his tummy so he can eat out and probe his ass and suck-tease his cock.

Sean loves Austin's ass play especially when he thumb-fucks him and is even more excited when Austin flips him around to feed him cock and face fuck him. Austin enjoys Sean's hole again and his deep-throating which he rewards with more kisses. After a simple request Sean eagerly sits on Austin's cock and rides him, grinding deep and bouncing up and down. Austin alternates by deep thrusting into him and double-penetrating him with his finger, bringing Sean close to the edge.

Austin turns him around again and drills Sean from the side while engulfing him with his muscular body. Austin also loves Sean on top so he can work his hole on his cock. But finally Austin pounds Sean on his back and fucks a load out of him before pulling out and shooting over his freshly fucked hole. Austin's intense orgasm continues with his cock inside Sean and it's still going on when he pulls out! They finally are calm lying next to each other, both in a state of bliss."

Austin wolf-sean ford-1183

Austin wolf-sean ford-1201

Austin wolf-sean ford-1221

Austin wolf-sean ford-1248

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Austin wolf-sean ford-1263

Austin wolf-sean ford-1269

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Austin wolf-sean ford-1384

Austin wolf-sean ford-1420
Austin wolf-chris loan-7270

Austin Wolf & Chris Loan Bareback

Featuring Austin Wolf & Chris Loan

August 9, 2019

"Chris Loan gets the kind of top he REALLY likes: Austin Wolf! He's giddy to be with big-muscled Austin in a condom-free scene and Austin is just as eager to get his hands on Chris. Soon after they make out and are wrapped in each other's beefy bods, lusty Chris is on his knees sucking Austin and teasing his meaty pecs. It also doesn't take long for Austin to play with Chris' ass and get him to turn around for some expert rimming.

After eating him out while jacking his cock, Austin gets Chris to sit on his cock and he rides his cock with boundless energy. Austin slows him with passionate kisses and more ass eating, but even Austin can't help getting Chris excited again teasing his cock and fingering his hole. He then gives Chris a full cock thrust and pounds his juicy hole from behind, just as Chris wants. And he makes him want it more when he slows down and picks up the pace again.

Austin lets Chris ride him again and he goes from a cowboy to a reverse position in which he works his hole on Austin's cock. Chris slams his cock, building a steady rhythm and pumping his thick cock until he cums over himself. He's happy for Austin to fuck him on his back and when Austin gets close, limber Chris lifts his thick muscled legs higher. With a target in full view Austin shoots his cum over Chris's hole and finishes inside him. The intensity still hovers in the air as they kiss..both fantasies fulfilled at last."

Austin wolf-chris loan-7264

Austin wolf-chris loan-7275

Austin wolf-chris loan-7277

Austin wolf-chris loan-7299

Austin wolf-chris loan-7317

Austin wolf-chris loan-7324

Austin wolf-chris loan-7327

Austin wolf-chris loan-7337

Austin wolf-chris loan-7345

Austin wolf-chris loan-7361

Austin wolf-chris loan-7379

Austin wolf-chris loan-7388

Austin wolf-chris loan-7399

Austin wolf-chris loan-7403

Austin wolf-chris loan-7424

Austin wolf-chris loan-7438

Austin wolf-chris loan-7475

Austin wolf-chris loan-7479

Austin wolf-chris loan-7485
Austin avery  austin wolf-5378

Austin Avery & Austin Wolf Bareback

Featuring Austin Avery & Austin Wolf

July 16, 2019

"Austin Wolf & Austin Avery are together, on screen, for the first time!. Having hooked up many times before they've developed an intuitive connection & trust and they bring it on camera in this intensely passionate condom-free scene. As they stand in front of a mirror naked Austin W wraps his arms around Austin A, whispers in his ear, strips him to his boner-stretched briefs and tenderly makes out with him.Austin A then gets to knees to suck him deep, guided guided by the words and firm hands of Austin W.

Austin W is extra turned on watching this in the mirror and he takes the time to periodically kiss Austin A lovingly before standing him up to play with his tight hole. When he sits on the bed Austin W keeps watching as he gets more deep throating & he fingers Austin A, who joins in playing with his own hole. Finally Austin A sits on top of Austin W to make out and beg for his dick. With permission Austin A slides down on Austin W's cock and rides it.

Austin A is also excited to turn & watch himself the mirror and he can't stop looking. Soon Austin W gets him on his back to thrust into him deep just as Austin A likes it. In turn Austin A plays with the muscle man's trigger point: his nipples. But then Austin W takes a detour. He moves Austin A to his back to fondle his body, suck him and engage him in mutual foreplay before he lies next to Austin A and wraps his arms to fuck him from the side.

Austin W kisses & holds Austin A tight and strokes him, but after he drills deeper, the moaning bottom grips his own cock and soon shoots a thick load over himself. Austin W keeps on pumping and while on his knees he pulls out & shoots thick cum over Austin A's hole & slide his super-sensitive cock back in. As his orgasm slowly calms Austin W licks up his cum and kisses Austin A as he fingers the rest into his hole. And as they kiss Austin W is STILL shuddering from the intense orgasm!"

Austin avery  austin wolf-5361

Austin avery  austin wolf-5396

Austin avery  austin wolf-5408

Austin avery  austin wolf-5426

Austin avery austin wolf-5430

Austin avery  austin wolf-5463

Austin avery  austin wolf-5471

Austin avery  austin wolf-5586

Austin avery  austin wolf-5483

Austin avery  austin wolf-5490

Austin avery  austin wolf-5492

Austin avery  austin wolf-5508

Austin avery  austin wolf-5526

Austin avery  austin wolf-5531

Austin avery  austin wolf-0613

Austin avery  austin wolf-5536

Austin avery  austin wolf-5559

Austin Wolf & Nico Leon

Featuring Austin Wolf & Nico Leon

June 11, 2019

"Nico Leon plays out a dark outdoor sex fantasy with Austin Wolf! It's summer in the country and horny jogger Nico has no luck cruising...until he goes off-trail into the woods. There he spots and secretly spies on reclining naked muscle man Austin stroking his cock! Nico loses sight of Austin...who actually creeps up behind him, holds him tight and starts fucking him hard!

Austin manhandles and pounds him against the tree and it's just what Nico wants. Austin drills him into submission and soon takes Nico back to his spot to suck him. He gets his boy toy to suck him right back and Nico pleases him with deep-throating. Austin makes sure he stays on it even after Nico has begged to have his cock back inside him. Finally Austin lets Nico sit on his cock.

Nico rides Austin hard and deep and both guys get close to the edge before Austin gets him to slow down. He brings him in for soulful kissing before he picks up Nico, lies him back and deep thrusts into him. Thanks to Nico's reactions, Austin can't hold back any more, pulls out and shoots over Nico's hole. He slips his cock back in and fucks Nico who finally cums and shoots his thick load. Their sexual high keeps going with both guys basking in their incredible hookup."



















Austin Wolf & Levi Karter

Featuring Austin Wolf & Levi Karter

May 16, 2019

"Austin Wolf makes his debut as a CockyBoys exclusive and Levi Karter gives him a big welcome he won't soon forget! Actually Austin has a longtime crush on Levi, one of the many things he reveals when he introduces himself. When they get going they also learn that their mutual attraction includes uncanny sexual intuition.

Austin's "hands on" seductive foreplay is just what Levi likes and he gives it right back kissing Austin and mouth-worshiping his meaty pecs and sensitive nipples. Levi soon teases Austin's cock out of his briefs and in few seconds he deep-throats his thick cock. Levi's continued deep sucking and teasing of Austin's wired nipples puts the muscle man into a state of blissful pleasure. Austin quietly guides Levi along, but Levi takes the initiative to get into a 69 position.

As Levi sucks him, Austin tongue fucks his hole, spit-lubing him for what comes next. Levi sits on Austin's cock and rides him. Austin thrust fucks into Levi and gets him to ride him harder and they easily get into a groove of mutual pleasure. Austin takes control and fucks Levi from behind but soon is on top of him energetically drilling him to the bed. Just as quickly Austin turns over Levi to suck him and intuitively pleasure his hole and then resume plowing him hard.

When he slows down yet again, Austin picks him up to fuck him in mid-air then put him on his back. This time Austin's cock hits the target and when Levi is about to climax, he too can feel it. Levi erupts with a high-flying cum shot and Austin fucks every drop out of him. Austin slowly strokes his cock and with the help of Levi's nipple play he shoots his load in an intense quaking orgasm that leaves him shuddering. And he's ready to do it again! Welcome to Cocky Boys, Austin!"

Austin wolf-2111wm

Austin wolf-2165wm Austin wolf-2201

Austin-wolf-levi_karter-3130wm Austin-wolf-levi-karter-2981wm














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