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SITES: Falcon Studios, NakedSword

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BARE: Hookups And Fuckdowns, Scene 3 Featuring Beaux Banks and Colton Reece

BARE: Hookups And Fuckdowns, Scene 3

Featuring Beaux Banks and Colton Reece
NakedSword Originals

December 4, 2019

"Horny Colton Reece and sexy Beaux Banks waste no time getting each other out of their clothes. Beaux goes for it first and pulls Colton’s jeans to his ankles to reveal his thick, big dick. Beaux gets straight to working his mouth all around Colton’s shaft. When Colton sees how much Beaux loves sucking cock, he grabs the back of Beaux’s head and holds it all the way down to the base of his dick, making Beaux gag. Beaux pushes Colton back into a sling to keep deepthroating his monster cock. When Colton wants a taste, Beaux climbs into the sling and sits on Colton’s face. In a passionate 69, Beaux gags himself on Colton’s cock while Colton uses his tongue to probe Beaux’s smooth hole. Beaux wants more, so he spins around in the sling and impales himself on Colton’s fat meat. Showcasing his expert bottoming skills, Beaux grabs onto the frame of the sling and bounces as hard as he can on Colton’s cock. He keeps riding until Colton switches it up and gets out of the sling to fuck Beaux, delivering an all-out drilling. Colton keeps pounding Beaux hard until his cock is ready to burst and he sprays Beaux’s hole with a thick load. Colton takes his spent cock and glides it back into Beaux’s hole to help him get to the edge where Beaux strokes out a thick load that lands all over his heaving abs. Colton makes sure to lick up the leftovers and seal it with a cummy kiss."










Falcon Studios 7 Minutes In Heaven

7 Minutes In Heaven, Scene 4

Featuring Colton Reece and Dakota Payne
Falcon Studios

September 13, 2019

"When a group of friends decides to play a game, Dakota Payne pulls Colton Reece's name on a piece of paper. The lucky couple takes it to the bedroom where the two of them strip down as Dakota drops to his knees. He can't wait to get Colton's girthy cock down his throat and eagerly sucks the stud until his thick dick is nice and hard. Colton returns the favor with a quick blowjob before bending Dakota over to open his ass with his tongue. When Colton senses that Dakota is ready for his dick, he slips inside the eager stud and pounds his ass hard and raw. Colton is relentless and doesn't let up the pace as he keeps giving Dakota all he can handle. Dakota wants to look Colton in the eyes as he pounds his ass and flips onto his back to watch Colton fuck him bareback. Dakota's hole feels amazing wrapped around Colton's cock and soon, Colton can no longer hold back. Colton lets loose and shoots his load on Dakota's used-up hole before taking a taste of his jizz and sharing it with the Dakota. Colton wants to see Dakota cum and fucks his jizz into the stud until he makes his buddy drop his load all over himself. The two studs share a kiss and collapse onto the bed after an amazing and liberating fuck."

WATCH 7 Minutes In Heaven, Scene 4 Featuring Colton Reece and Dakota Payne















Falcon Studios 7 Minutes In Heaven

7 Minutes In Heaven, Scene 2

Featuring Colton Reece and Michael Boston
Falcon Studios

September 2, 2019

"Colton Reece and Michael Boston are wandering around the house when they find a secluded bathroom. Colton makes a pass at Michael, and they two lock lips. Michael is eager for cock and strips Colton's shorts down to wrap his wet lips around Colton's thick cock. With spit dripping from Michael's mouth, Colton grabs the back of his head and crams every inch of his meat down Michael's hungry throat. Colton is relentless with his cock and he shoves it down Michael's throat, making him gag and gasp for air. Returning the favor, Colton pulls down Michael's shorts to bury his face in Michael's insatiable bubble butt. Michael's ass is so plump, Colton has to spread Michael's ass cheeks wide to get his tongue in the hole. When Colton has had his fill of ass on his tongue, he turns Michael around to deepthroat his cock while Michael teases his nipples. Michael decides he wants one more taste of Colton's meat and gets down to take the monster cock down his throat again. Colton can't hold back any longer and paints Michael's face with a thick load. Making sure to lick up every drop, Michael stands up and dumps his load all over Colton's spent cock. Leaving now cum behind, Michael licks up his jizz from Colton's cock."

WATCH 7 Minutes In Heaven, Scene 2 Featuring Colton Reece and Michael Boston















Falcon Studios London Calling

London Calling, Scene 4

Featuring Colton Reece and Gabriel Cross
Falcon Studios

August 16, 2019

"Gabriel Cross sends Colton Reece a message, and the two plan to meet out and about in London. Colton makes his way through the busy streets, navigating the streams of people and cars to finally find Gabriel, smiling and waiting. The two meet up and head down the stairs into the tube station where they take the train back to a flat. When they walk through the door, the two are already hot and horny for each other. They quickly strip down, and Gabriel starts sucking on Colton's hard cock. The site of Gabriel's sexy bubble ass drives Colton insane as he licks and fingers Gabriel's smooth hole. Colton uses Gabriel's mouth to lube his fingers as he prepares Gabriel for his huge dick. Colton needs to feel Gabriel from the inside and pushes himself deep into his British friend from behind. Gabriel moans out with each thrust from Colton's thick dick, leaving both studs short of breath. Colton flips Gabriel around to let him ride the massive dick in his ass. 'Oh fuck yeah, ride that fuck!' Colton moans out as Gabriel works his asshole around Colton's hard dick. Finally, it's more than Gabriel can take and he lets loose to shoot his load all over Colton's tight chest and abs. Gabriel leans down to kiss Colton before he says 'my turn' and gets on his knees with his mouth open wide. Colton gives Gabriel what he desires by blasting his face and tongue with a massive load of jizz."

WATCH London Calling, Scene 4 Featuring Colton Reece and Gabriel Cross















Falcon Studios London Calling

London Calling, Scene 2

Featuring Austin Sugar and Colton Reece
Falcon Studios

August 2, 2019

"Colton Reece is walking the streets of London Town when Austin Sugar spots him hanging out on the sidewalk. Colton's eyes quickly light up as Austin flashes him a smile. Curious about this cruising stud, Colton needs to know more about this sexy stranger and they head off to find a more private spot. Back at the flat, the two waste no time getting undressed. Colton looks down as Austin slowly sinks to his knees and takes Colton's thick dick in his hungry mouth. While he's feeding Austin his cock, Colton gets eager to feel Austin's ass and works his fingers inside, priming the stud's tight hole. As he caresses Austin's ass, the anticipation building inside Colton is too much to handle. Austin can sense that Colton wants to be inside of him and hops on to ride Colton hard, taking every inch of his bulging meat. The two lock eyes as they fuck, enjoying the pleasures of each other's bodies. With each thrust, Colton is brought closer to orgasm. He holds back as long as he can, enjoying the feeling of Austin's ass clenched tightly around his cock, but it proves too much for him. He pulls his hard cock out and sprays his massive load all over Austin's ass. Who knows what sexy strangers you'll find walking the streets of London?"

WATCH London Calling, Scene 2 Featuring Austin Sugar and Colton Reece

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Falcon Studios Diary of a Sex Addict

Diary of a Sex Addict, Scene 6

Featuring Christian Finch, Colton Reece, and Devin Franco
Falcon Studios

June 14, 2019

"After a fucked-up day at work, Devin Franco heads to a sex club where he puts his ass in the air for any stranger to come along and pound his problems away. Christian Finch is the lucky man who discovers Devin face-down-ass-up and bends down to rim out his eager hole. As Christian is eating out Devin, Colton Reece joins the action with his massive hard-on and takes his place in front of Devin to fill his mouth with dick. Christian is ready to fuck and stands up to shove his dick into Devin's tight hole. Devin takes a stud from each end as he gets his ass and mouth pummeled at the same time. It's everything Devin thinks he wants until Colton decides it's time for him to enter Devin's ass. Colton and Christian change places with the studs taking their positions to keep both of Devin's holes filled at the same time. The horny hunks continue switching it up to give Devin the maximum amount of dick in every hole. Devin wants everything at once so Colton and Christian mount the stud at the same time to give him an epic double-penetration that leaves Devin gaping and begging for even more. Giving Devin what he desires is all that Colton and Christian have in mind and they take turns fucking the horny stud until they fill his mouth and ass with their loads. With his body writhing and his holes filled with cum, Devin erupts with his own load and covers himself with warm, thick jizz."

WATCH Diary of a Sex Addict, Scene 6 Featuring Christian Finch, Colton Reece, and Devin Franco

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Diary of a Sex Addict, Scene 5

Featuring Colton Reece and Hunter Smith
Falcon Studios

June 7, 2019

"After leaving the bar together, Colton Reece and Hunter Smith can hardly keep their hands off each other when Colton pulls out his dick for Hunter to suck. Hunter eagerly gets the giant cock in his mouth and takes it in and out of his throat until Colton is hard and ready to fuck. The hunks move it to the bed where Hunter bends over and offers up his ass for Colton to use. Before Colton slides his cock inside, he wants a taste of the stud's smooth hole and gets in deep to tongue-fuck his crack. It's obvious that Hunter is ready for some more, so the two hunks stand up and Colton slips his thick dick deep into Hunter's tight ass. After plowing Hunter standing against a ladder, Colton throws Hunter onto the bed where he keeps up his relentless fuck by pounding Hunter's hole from behind. The studs switch it up one last time with Hunter on his back receiving all of Colton buried in his ass. With Colton pumping hard, Hunter covers himself with thick ropes of cum. Colton loves the sight of all that cum and pulls out to cover Hunter's face with a giant load of jizz."

WATCH Diary of a Sex Addict, Scene 5 Featuring Colton Reece and Hunter Smith

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Diary of a Sex Addict, Scene 2

Featuring Casey Jacks and Colton Reece
Falcon Studios

May 17, 2019

"Colton Reece is walking down the street looking for a man to satisfy his sexual hunger when he meets Casey Jacks who's entering his building. The two share a moment before Casey invites Colton up to his place. The studs don't mince words and don't waste a second getting naked once inside. As their clothes hit the floor, they make their way to the bedroom and Casey's ass goes in the air so Colton can open it up with his tongue. Once Casey is revved up, he knows it's time to get Colton's dick rock-hard. Casey offers up his mouth to let Colton fuck his face and takes the big dick in and out of his mouth until Colton is ready to slide it in his ass. Colton bends Casey over and pumps his ass with his extra thick dick. Pounding away hard, Casey screams out with each thrust from Colton's hips. Colton wants to see the look on Casey's face as he gets pounded and flips the stud over to keep his rhythm going. Colton fucks Casey until his cock is ready to explode. He pulls out and blasts Casey's sore hole with a thick load before shoving his cock back inside to push the cum in all the way. Feeling his hole filled with Colton's cum makes Casey blow his own load all over himself. When he's finished up, Colton goes back down on Casey's ass and licks his own cum out before giving Casey a jizz-filled kiss to thank him for the fun."

WATCH Diary of a Sex Addict, Scene 2 Featuring Casey Jacks and Colton Reece

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The Pledge, Scene 5

Featuring Colton Reece, Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Trevor Miller, Zak Bishop
Falcon Studios

April 5, 2019

"On the night of the Final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, 'The Pledge' has been made. Whoever gets through the ceremony will be initiated into the brotherhood. The ceremony starts after Devin Franco reveals the ultimate betrayal from one of the brothers that puts Trevor Miller into a submissive position. The rest of the fraternity goes along with the turn of events, and soon the group is naked and going wild with blowjobs shared all around the room. As the initiation continues, the cock sucking quickly turns into rimming and bareback fucking. Devin is the first to make his move and rams his dick deep into Trevor's ass. The entire brotherhood lines up to teach Trevor a well-deserved lesson and every single dick in the room ends up in one of Trevor's holes. After Devin has his way, Colton Reece gets to have his turn on Trevor's hole as Zak Bishop jumps in to suck more cock. Brandon Wilde is up next and jumps in to get his dick wet before surrendering to Nic Sahara's desires to be the next in line. After all five frat studs have their way inside Trevor's tight body, the guys are ready to finish the hazing. Colton is the first to blow his load all over Trevor's face and chest. One-by-one, each of the guys cover Trevor with jizz as Devin keeps pounding a raw rhythm to his ass. After all the guys blow their loads, Devin pulls out to deliver the last shot, leaving Trevor dripping with cum. After the humiliating power play by Devin, will Trevor be allowed to stay in the fraternity, or will the renewed bonding of a frat orgy be enough to save his position in the brotherhood?"

WATCH The Pledge, Scene 5 Featuring Colton Reece, Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Trevor Miller, Zak Bishop

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The Pledge, Scene 4

Featuring Colton Reece and Devin Franco
Falcon Studios

March 29, 2019

"Colton Reece blindfolds Devin Franco and drives him to an undisclosed location to use him as Colton sees fit. When they arrive, Colton keeps the blindfold on Devin and cuts right to the chase, bending the sight-deprived Devin over a bed to rim his vulnerable ass. The taste of Devin's hole gets Colton rock hard and when Devin begs for the hunk to enter him bareback, Colton can't resist and slides his fat raw cock in deep. He pounds away on Devin, making him moan out as Colton hits the perfect spot. Colton wants to see what Devin can handle and rolls the stud onto his back to continue the hardcore pounding. Colton gets more and more aggressive the harder he plunges into Devin's stretched hole, even pile driving Devin from above before aggressively finger fucking his loose ass. The frat brother decides to remove the blindfold, so Devin can enjoy the view of himself getting pounded. After a long hot session, Colton can no longer contain himself and pulls out to ooze his load on to Devin's bubble butt. Devin is still horny and goes ass-to-mouth on Colton's dick, sucking out any remaining jizz before he rolls over and lets Colton pound the cum out of him. After the two spent studs are finished, Devin confides in Colton with a huge secret about the fraternity."

WATCH The Pledge, Scene 4 Featuring Colton Reece and Devin Franco

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