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SITES: DNA Magazine

DNA Magazine #236 – Sexiest Men Alive

On The Cover Alessandro Cavagnola
DNA Magazine

September, 2019

The title says it all! Welcome to one of our most popular issues, this year featuring… actors Armie Hammer, Theo Breaux and Jake McDorman, journalist Ronan Farrow, pop singer Troy Sivan, reality TV star Cory Zwierzynski, financial advisor Kurt Roberts, tennis pro Stefanos Tsitsipas, florist Robert Gonzalez, go-go dancers Eric Uchoa and Paul McNulty, athlete Simon Dunn, water polo player Shih-Ming Yao, nightclub owner Adam Simmons, underwear model Bjorn Molmans, lawyer Garrett Forrester, event producer Eddie Eduardo, PT and model Mario Rossi, photographer and model Alex Budin, DNA cover model Benji Condie, physician Frank Mallawaarachchi, flight attendant Nick Stracener and brand owner Eric Turner.

Plus check our latest cover model, Alessandro Cavagnola, meet our Straight Mate Jackson Gallagher, go beyond missionary in My best Sex Move, witness Lil Naz X coming out, and hear the lowdown from adult entertainer Alex Mecum. Plus more!





Alessandro Cavagnola

Photograhy By Roberto Chiovitti
DNA Magazine Online

February 2, 2019

"Bicep Curls and Seated Chest Press look like great exercises thanks to Alessandro, an IFBB Pro competitor from Italy. We hope Alessandro didn’t forget leg day!"






CONTEST HISTORY 2019 IFBB Yamamoto Cup Pro Men's Physique (10th)


2019 IFBB Portugal Pro IFBB Pro Men's Physique (8th)


2019 IFBB Kai Greene Classic IFBB Pro Men's Physique (14th)


2018 Dennis James Classic Germany Men's Physique Overall Winner (Earned Pro Card)