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SITES: Cockyboys

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Cockyboys Dim the Lights

Dim the Lights, Scene 2

Featuring Nico Leon & Sean Ford

December 20, 2019

"Continuing "Dim The Lights", the series where our guys explore ways to find ways to lift themselves up during the cold, dark days of winter, Nico Leon has his own approach: he embraces the darkness in some night time role-play with Sean Ford! Nico sets up his own fantasy in this condom-free scene by blindfolding himself and wearing only briefs as he awaits to surprise Sean.

When Sean arrives, he tantalizes Nico's sensitive body simply by touching and teasing him with his hands and mouth. Nico gets more excited & harder, moaning & squirming under Sean's increasing dominance and begs to be used. Finally Sean lets out Nico's cock and sucks him while maintaining control by holding him by the throat & mouth.

Visual deprivation heightens the sensations as Sean moves from sucking to rimming and probing his hungry hole. And after more begging for his cock Sean finally gives it to him, bringing him to the heights of pleasure. Sean soon resumes his dominantly affectionate body worship but removes Nico's blindfold and soon orders him to sit on his cock....which an obedient Nico does every which way with breathless enthusiasm.

Sean offers up the taste of his cock and soon feeds and face fucks Nico's hungry throat. Soon Sean wants to fuck Nico more and he does so with Nico's eagerly vocal subservience. After drilling him deep Sean gives Nico what he whats by cumming over his hole and fucking his load back into him. Still in control Sean strokes and milks a thick load out of Nico and kisses him, happy to get the nice surprise from which they both deep satisfaction."

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-64

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-18

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-63

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-137

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-162

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-236

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-285

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-296

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-301

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-320

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-354

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-359

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-374

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-379

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-437

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-462

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-0961

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-0972

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-1005

Dim the lights- nico leon-sean ford-1021

Brock Banks & Nico Leon (BAREBACK)

Featuring Brock Banks & Nico Leon

October 30, 2019

"Brock Banks is back to give Nico Leon the passionate power-topping they BOTH want to happen in this condom-free scene. Brock makes his intentions clear as they make out and he bends Nico over and pulls down his underwear to bury his face is his crack. His mouth, tongue & fingers open up Nico's hairy hole and Brock pulls his cock and balls free from his briefs to pound him and slam fuck him deep.

After they get fully naked, Brock fucks Nico hard on his back, exciting the vocal bottom even more. Before they both go over the edge though Brock turns Nico around to use him by fucking his throat. After he takes every inch Brock rewards him with some sucking and 69 action, but soon he wants back in his hole. Lying Nico on his stomach, slobbers on & finger probes his hole before getting on top of him to fuck him raw.

Brock uses the full force of his muscles to pound Nico deep & hard. He makes Nico work for his load by getting him on all fours so he can work his hole on his cock as he fucks him. Finally Brock drills Nico on his back again and just as Nico begged for it, Brock pulls out to cum over his hole and breed him with it. He licks up what's left and deep kisses Nico who strokes his cock until he erupts in super-thick white load. With proud affection Brock tells Nico simply, 'Good boy.'"

Brock Banks & Nico Leon (BAREBACK)

Brock banks-nico leon-2

Brock banks-nico leon-22

Brock banks-nico leon-56

Brock banks-nico leon-59

Brock banks-nico leon-24

Brock banks-nico leon-26

Brock banks-nico leon-30

Brock banks-nico leon-32

Brock banks-nico leon-34

Brock banks-nico leon-36

Brock banks-nico leon-39

Brock banks-nico leon-43

Brock banks-nico leon-45

Brock banks-nico leon-46

Brock banks-nico leon-48

Brock banks-nico leon-50

Brock banks-nico leon-52

Aiden Ward & Nico Leon (Bareback)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Nico Leon

September 26, 2019

"There's more condom-free fun at the Camp CockyBoys pool, this time with Nico Leon & Aiden Ward! After getting Aiden hard & teasing him, Nico gets him to suck him while floating atop the huge peacock pool inflatable. Soon Aiden climbs aboard the raft to relentlessly suck Nico so well that Nico just has to pleasure him right back. BUT, Aiden wants more.

Aiden flips over Nico to rim his hot ass and get it wet for fucking...just as Nico begs. Aiden slides in his cock and fucks him slow and deep, but soon picks up speed with a rhythm created by the rocking pool toy. And actually Aiden's pounding propels the raft forward in the water. After deep drilling him, Aiden flips Nico over on his back to propel them into the middle of the pool!

Eventually they return to the shallow end where Nico returns to hungrily suck Aiden as he lies back on the side of the pool. Soon though Nico mounts Aiden's cock and rides it, along with taking his deep thrusts...in perfect sync. In no time Aiden pulls out and gives an eagerly open-mouthed Nico his load and is just as read to get a mouthful from Nico. Aiden keeps sucking Nico, stopping only to tell him this was 'so fuckin' hot'."

Aiden ward-nico leon-4007

Aiden ward-nico leon-4100

Aiden ward-nico leon-4186

Aiden ward-nico leon-4232

Aiden ward-nico leon-4251

Aiden ward-nico leon-4271

Aiden ward-nico leon-4426

Aiden ward-nico leon-4669

Aiden ward-nico leon-4724

Aiden ward-nico leon-4838

Aiden ward-nico leon-5001

Aiden ward-nico leon-5011

Aiden ward-nico leon-5036

Aiden ward-nico leon-5060



Max konnor-nico leon-8840

Nico Leon & Max Konnor Bareback

Featuring Max Konnor & Nico Leon

July 30, 2019

"Nico Leon & Max Konnor finally met at the CockyBoys pool party and hit it off so they just knew they had to do a scene. And not just any scene! In this condom-free outdoor scene Max makes new by sucking cock! First though, Nico charms Max & tantalizes his cock with enthusiastic deep-throating, devoted to "making him feel good".

After getting oral pleasure, Max takes his turn by rimming & fingering Nico's hole. Then turns him around and decides to make Nico feel good too by sucking him! Nico loves the attention so much it makes him even more eager to give Max his ass. Max fucks him deep and gets further, breathless vocal encouragement to throw his muscular body into his hard, deep thrusts. Nico then rides Max, working his hole to match his cock's thrusting action, much to Max's delight.

He turns Nico around again and pounds him deep, getting him in just the right position to give them simultaneous pleasure. Max soon pulls out just in time to shoot his thick load over his hole and slide it into his hole. Nico fingers it in deeper and when he lies on his back Max takes over fingering his hole. This pushes Nico over the edge and he shoots a thick load over himself as Max kisses him. When Nico comes down top reality from his orgasmic trance he and Max share kisses & smiles of total satisfaction."

Max konnor-nico leon-8844

Max konnor-nico leon-8860

Max konnor-nico leon-8882

Max konnor-nico leon-8893

Max konnor-nico leon-8902

Max konnor-nico leon-8909

Max konnor-nico leon-8928

Max konnor-nico leon-8932

Max konnor-nico leon-8942

Max konnor-nico leon-8944

Max konnor-nico leon-8976

Max konnor-nico leon-8980

Max konnor-nico leon-9013

Max konnor-nico leon-9016

Max konnor-nico leon-9028

Max konnor-nico leon-9047

Max konnor-nico leon-9051

Max konnor-nico leon-9095

Kuper- nico leon-5626

Küper & Nico Leon RAW

Featuring Küper & Nico Leon

July 5, 2019

"Statuesque duo Nico Leon & Küper spend a fun & affectionate summer day together which leads to some condom free porch passion in the late afternoon. First though Nico rouses Küper from his nap and it doesn't take long. A little kissing leads to making out as Nico grinds his ass on Küper's bulging crotch. But it's when Nico starts his fat cock that Küper is wide awake and sucking him back enthusiastically.

In little time they've switched places with Nico lying back and Küper swallowing his cock and deep diving on his savory hole. In even less time Küper slides his steel cock into Nico and pumps into him and as he goes harder & faster Nico loves it even more. Küper jacks Nico as he thrusts into him, bringing them both to the edge before slowing down. Nico uses this time to suck Küper again and get his cock spit-lubed before turning around for mire fucking.

Küper pounds Nico from behind with increasing verbal & physical dominance only taking time out to periodically eat his ass. Nico obeys when Küper tells him to ride his cock and he takes every hard thrust of his ass-splitter. Soon they're both ready to explode and with Küper' urging Nico leans forward to give him a thick creamy facial. Küper cums over Nico's hole and slides his cock right back in to stay. Now they're both ready for a nap...or are they?"

Kuper- nico leon-5777

Kuper- nico leon-5794

Kuper- nico leon-5628

Kuper- nico leon-5836

Kuper- nico leon-5933

Kuper- nico leon-5948

Kuper- nico leon-5964

Kuper- nico leon-5968

Kuper- nico leon-5970

Kuper- nico leon-5978

Kuper- nico leon-5999

Kuper- nico leon-6010

Kuper- nico leon-6037

Kuper- nico leon-6049

Kuper- nico leon-6053

Kuper- nico leon-6060

Kuper- nico leon-6077

Kuper- nico leon-6089

Kuper- nico leon-6108

Austin Wolf & Nico Leon

Featuring Austin Wolf & Nico Leon

June 11, 2019

"Nico Leon plays out a dark outdoor sex fantasy with Austin Wolf! It's summer in the country and horny jogger Nico has no luck cruising...until he goes off-trail into the woods. There he spots and secretly spies on reclining naked muscle man Austin stroking his cock! Nico loses sight of Austin...who actually creeps up behind him, holds him tight and starts fucking him hard!

Austin manhandles and pounds him against the tree and it's just what Nico wants. Austin drills him into submission and soon takes Nico back to his spot to suck him. He gets his boy toy to suck him right back and Nico pleases him with deep-throating. Austin makes sure he stays on it even after Nico has begged to have his cock back inside him. Finally Austin lets Nico sit on his cock.

Nico rides Austin hard and deep and both guys get close to the edge before Austin gets him to slow down. He brings him in for soulful kissing before he picks up Nico, lies him back and deep thrusts into him. Thanks to Nico's reactions, Austin can't hold back any more, pulls out and shoots over Nico's hole. He slips his cock back in and fucks Nico who finally cums and shoots his thick load. Their sexual high keeps going with both guys basking in their incredible hookup."



















Cade Maddox & Nico Leon

Featuring Cade Maddox & Nico Leon

May 23, 2019

"Expressively submissive Nico Leon gets his chance to be used by quietly dominant Cade Maddox. And Nico doesn't have to wait long for it. As they make out and Nico worships Cade's hard-muscled body and fondles his thick cock, he's commanded to suck it. As Nico deep-sucks him even bigger, Cade reaches over to play with his hole..and they both reach mutually achieved pleasure-giving.

Cade soon bends over Nico and devotes his attention to fingering, rimming and spit-lubing his hole and sucking on his cock and balls. Nico virtually begs for cock and gets it. Quietly strong Cade slides in his raw cock from behind and gives a very vocal Nico every inch. He wraps his muscular arms around Nico and drives deep into him especially as he bares down. Cade flips him on his back to fuck deep and stretch his hole and still Nico wants it harder!

Cade gives Nico exactly what he moans for and as he goes into full power top mode he see Nico loves it. Cade shows his dominance as he picks up Nico and fucks him from the side. Gradually Nico moves on top leaning his body against Cade, whose thrusts into him make Nico erupt a thick load over himself. Soon after Cade pulls out and cums and slides some of it deep back into Nico's waiting hole. As they lie together kissing neither says a word, but their smiles say everything."

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Nico Leon & Troy Accola RAW

Featuring Nico Leon & Troy Accola

April 18, 2019

"Nico Leon wants to stay indoors on a sunny spring day for a good reason: Troy Accola is caressing his naked body. And yet Troy really wants to go out so Nico bargains to keep him inside a little longer. As Troy gives him the "head scratchies" he wants, Nico "negotiates" a longer delay to going outside by nuzzling Troy's underwear bulge and he completes the deal by sucking his cock.

Troy is all in, bending forward to play with Nico's ass and rim him and taking control as he tells him to flip over on his back. Troy then gives Nico more pleasure than he expected with sensual sucking of his cock & balls, followed by a tongue bath and fingering of his tight hole. And when he's primed with a little more spit lube Troy slides his raw cock into Nico to fuck him deep and they BOTH experience eye-rolling sexual pleasure.

Troy enjoys himself as he turns Nico around & thrusts deep into his vocally expressive friend like a power top and turns him over to make out with him like a longtime lover. Troy turns Nico on his side and fucks him deep before pulling out and jacking off a white hot thick load over his hole and sliding some back into him. Finally Nico rolls on his back and in no time pumps out thick cum over his tan lower abs. As they kiss and lie next to each other they're both happy they stayed in."














Cory Kane & Nico Leon RAW

Featuring Cory Kane & Nico Leon

March 5, 2019

"Nico Leon is in a kinky mood and he wants Cory Kane to help him satisfy that craving. Just thinking about having his hole owned gets Nico going, but he's really excited by blindfolding himself and binding himself face down to the bed. So when Cory arrives he goes right to rimming and playing with the gyrating ass offered up. Nico makes it quite clear that he wants Cory inside him and soon he gets his wish: Cory's raw cock sliding in.

Cory starts off slow but soon dominates Nico's ass with a deep pounding...just like Nico begs loudly for. Nico's sex talk stirs Cory's dominant & verbal side and he makes Nico suck his cock. After some deep face-fucking Cory wants back inside Nico and as he drills him hard again he takes more control. Removing his blindfold and wrist restraints Cory brings Nico to his knees to fuck him and back down as he pleases. Cory flips an unrestrained Nico on his back and thrusts deep.

BUT..Nico flips the script and gets Cory on his back, binding him and sucking his veiny rod. Nico cock-feeds Cory's lips and then rides his cock to edge him with his hole and hands. Cory aches for release, but it's Nico who cums first, shooting on Cory's chest and his face. He then gives him a wild edging with his mouth and a vibrator and finally as Cory strains his wrist straps Nico milks his cock to give himself and facial. As they kiss the only question is: Will Nico set Cory free?"




















Ben Masters & Nico Leon RAW

Featuring Ben Masters & Nico Leon

January 15, 2019

"Ben Masters gets to know Nico Leon and gleefully shows the newcomer his dominant side with a raw power fuck! At first though, they engage in slow & sensuous making out which leads to Nico taking out Ben's cock and sucking him. He makes all the right moves in hitting Ben's pleasure points and putting him a state of sexual bliss with his deep-throating.

Ben shows he has the right moves too as he bends over Nico in the bedside chair, rims his hot ass, and gives him a pleasure high. A very vocal Nico wants his cock inside him but Ben eats his ass a bit longer before sliding his raw cock in and pounding him deep. Slow and fast they both reach a synchronized ecstasy and get there again when Ben takes Nico on his back.

Nico lets out gasping moans as Ben thrusts into him and takes total control. He jacks Nico's cock as he fucks him and sucks him, then flips him on his stomach to drill him to the bed. Ben doesn't stop until he cums, pumping his load deep into Nico. He isn't satisfied until he sees Nico cum and he flips the vocal bottom on his back to watch Nico jerks a thick load over his abs. As the kiss these two look like they could go for another round!"
















More Before the AfterGlow: Justin Matthews & Nico Leon (BAREBACK)

Featuring Justin Matthews & Nico Leon

November 13, 2018

"Cocky Boys is excited to present NEW Exclusive Nico Leon, making his debut in a sensually intense condom-free scene with studly Justin Matthews! In his own words Nico reveals there's more to him than his sweet & quiet facade. He's a sexually adventurous, vocal role-play loving bottom who gets turned on pleasing hot guys like Justin and being used.

From the start here Nico is all about the seduction of touching, feeling and worshipping Justin. Nico is drawn to orally teasing his cock through his briefs and Justin is totally into it, telling him what to do. Nico savors the musky taste of Justin's big balls until he finally takes out his cock to suck on every inch.

Nico surprises Justin by deep-throating him and even taking Justin's throat-fucking with ease. When Justin kisses Nico's succulent lips he's greeted with Nico's desire to be dominated...an invitation that Justin lustily accepts. After feeling Nico's tight hole he tells him to get his ass in the air and the limber newcomer obeys in the blink of an eye. With only a minimum amount of teasing Justin and Nico surprisingly start off with a version of a pile-driver!

Nico's vocal expressions of pleasure excite Justin to bend him over and fuck more out of Nico and just cut loose. He thrusts deep into Nico on his back and when he tells him how much he wants it, Justin delivers. He reaches the point of no return and cums over Nico's hole slides his cock right back in, much to Nico's contentment. But now Justin wants Nico's ultimate pleasure. He licks his balls until Nico squirts a thick load over his taut abs. Justin just can't stop kissing Nico all over and telling him how much he loved the experience."




















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