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Austin Wolf & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

Featuring Austin Wolf & Carter Dane

November 27, 2019

"Austin Wolf & Carter Dane are back together for the first time...on camera, that is. In this condom-free scene they recreate their previous hook-up, starting with an electric kiss. Carter's mouth wanders back & forth from Austin's lips to his well-muscled chest while Austin fingers Carter's hole in just the right spot. And it isn't long before Carter is sucking and choking on Austin's cock...just the way he likes it.

After much mutual pleasuring Austin makes out with Carter next to the staircase while fingering his bubble butt even more, then takes things to the next level. On the stairs themselves Austin fingers and rims Carter then fucks him with his cock hitting the spot just as intuitively. Austin's control over Carter increases as he soon stands him up to drill him. And,with his cock throbbing inside Carter, Austin gets him to agree to ride him.

Back on the sofa Carter happily rides Austin and works his hole on his cock, periodically kissing him just as passionately. Carter takes a pause but Austin does not as he picks him up and thrust fucks him on his back deep and hard. Mixing manhandling with affection Austin's focused fucking results in Carter shooting a thick load. Austin keeps drilling until pulling out to coat Carter's hole with a creamy glaze and fuck it into him.

Their euphoric post-sex high lingers well after they cum and as they lie together. Better than the first time? Only Austin & Carter can say..."

Austin Wolf & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

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All Saints Chapter 2: Calvin Banks & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

All Saints Chapter 2: Calvin Banks & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

Featuring Calvin Banks and Carter Dane

November 1, 2019

"Worlds collide again as we circle back to the beginning of ALL SAiNTS, take a couple of revealing side trips and jump forward in time! It's now two years after part 4 when at the religious studies institute in New Orleans Adrian (Calvin Banks) de-briefed The Banker (Ricky Roman ) about his encounter with a celestial being (François Sagat). A pivotal de-briefing in which many secrets were uncovered including one punctuated by a mysterious phone call.

Adrian (Calvin Banks) has now returned to New Orleans where he and the auditor (Carter Dane) are reunited and though they've moved on in unexpected ways, there's still an unresolved attraction. Adrian also does not come empty-handed, bringing to the auditor certain important items he's ambivalent to take. He also allows Adrian/Calvin to crash at his place BUT he makes him sleep on the sofa.

In the middle of a moonlit night, Carter has a strange experience and by morning he's had a change of heart. He goes to Calvin, who is already playing with his morning wood and takes the giant cock in hand to stroke it. Whispered words of affection and passionate kissing lead Carter to deeply & sensuously suck Calvin, who in turn excites Carter more when he reaches around to play with his bubble butt & smooth hole. The keep going only to stop twice and engage in increasingly passionate kissing.

On their second stopping point Carter turns around so Calvin can bury his mouth & tongue in his deep crack and spit lube him for some powerful condom-free fucking. As Calvin pulls Carter closer he pounds him deeper and harder and grips him by the neck and throat. Willingly dominated by Calvin, Carter sits on his cock and rides him.

Carter soon wants to see Calvin's face and after he turns around and gets deep-throated, he lies on his back for a final fucking. Calvin drills him with intuitive accuracy with deep thrusts he makes Carter shoot his load. He keeps going and pulls out just in time to cream over his hole and back in. As they lie together in the romantic afterglow, a melancholy mood descends from a seemingly innocent observation...

Meanwhile an unexpected figure finds the special place that several other ALL SAiNTS characters have discovered over the years. And as he concentrates he has a vivid vision of a surprising truth. Pursuing it further results in a heart-pounding climax and a psychic scream that echoes across the centuries."

All Saints Chapter 2: Calvin Banks & Carter Dane (BAREBACK)

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All saints calvin banks-carter dane-6

All saints calvin banks-carter dane-9

All saints calvin banks-carter dane-10

All saints calvin banks-carter dane-11

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All saints calvin banks-carter dane-15

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All saints calvin banks-carter dane-49

All saints calvin banks-carter dane-45

Carter Dane & Sean Zevran RAW

Featuring Carter Dane & Sean Zevran

May 9, 2019

"You know that post-sex look of contentment you've seen on the faces of models here? Carter Dane & Sean Zevran have it before they even get going! In fact they're so happy lying together kissing, they're giddy and they stay playful to the very end. Their prolonged, sensual & arousing making out is only interrupted twice: when Sean sucks Carter and soon after when he feeds his cock to Carter's eager mouth and face fucks him.

Carter wants more cock but his ass is hungry too. He flips over into a 69 to suck Sean & slobber on his big balls while Sean's mouth and tongue tantalize Carter's hole and get him wet. Carter soon wants it all and sits on Sean's raw cock to rides him vigorously. Sean's curve gets Carter where it counts, especially as he piston-fucks him.They reach near-maximum intensity but Carter slows things down to take Sean to the window.

Sean pounds him hard from behind and wraps his arms around him. But in time Sean takes Carter back to bed on all fours to continue his deep drilling. Soon he has Carter face down, then slightly sideways, and when Carter is close Sean turns him on his back to fuck a big thick load out of him. Sean turns over a still breathless Carter who spreads his ass cheeks for Sean to glaze his crack and slide back in. Once again they're giddy but lie down with Sean fingering Carter's freshly-fucked hole before drifting into a nap."

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Carter Dane & Chris Loan RAW

Featuring Carter Dane & Chris Loan

March 21, 2019

"Bonjour! The only thing hotter than two guys speaking French during sex are the two sexy men themselves: French Twinks star Chris Loan and CockyBoys' Carter Dane. They met in Paris during the Le Garçon Scandaleux shoot and Carter was taken with Chris' charm and marble-sculpted muscles. So who else could welcome Chris to CockyBoys for a raw fuck?

Carter moves slowly on Chris, making his way from his feet to his lips. After kissing and caressing, Carter teases Chris' hardening cock through his briefs before taking it out. Carter frenches the thick uncut rod and deep-throats it as he sucks and licks every inch as well as Chris' big balls for extensive oral pleasure. Chris wants Carter's beautiful ass but first makes out with him, worships his muscular chest and shows him that sucking cock & deep-throating are a French spécialité!

At last Chris gets Carter's ass. He has him sit on his face to rim & tongue fuck him before turning him around to finger him. Chris wastes no more time and energetically fucks Carter hard before letting him ride his raw cock almost to the point of orgasm. But Chris waits till he pounds Carter on his back and fucks a thick load out of him. And while Carter is lying there Chris gives him a facial spurting from his helmet-head cock. Giddy Chris kisses a spent Carter and the two finish with bilingual gratitude. Au revoir, Chris!"

Wecarter_dane-chris_loan-0543 Wecarter_dane-chris_loan-0547

Wecarter_dane-chris_loan-0592 Wecarter_dane-chris_loan-0612



















Jake Jaxson Presents: Le Garçon Scandaleux

Jake Jaxson Presents: Le Garçon Scandaleux Part 3

Featuring Carter Dane & Doryann Marguet

February 15, 2019

"Mild-mannered Carter Dane has a unexpectedly surreal, sex-filled night to remember by accepting an invite to Sean Ford's party. Sean and fellow models Ben Masters & Cory Kane strut right in to the seemingly unassuming Paris club which hosts the party. Not Carter! He has a problem getting in due to unpleasant doorman Doryann Marguet giving him a hard time. Once inside Carter finds himself in a dimly lit labyrinth to discover it's a kinky sex club! And, from out of the darkness, doorman Doryann mysteriously appears to lead him further in...

In a small room Doryann orders an easily subdued Carter out of his clothes and sees this is a turn-on for him. After gripping and stroking Carter's hard cock, Doryann takes out his own throbber and pushes Carter to his knees to suck him deep. Doryann face fucks him in addition to smacking his rump and feeding him his balls. And when he's had enough he stands Carter up to aggressively neck with him. Bending him over Doryann rims and probes Carter's bubble butt and sucks his cock and balls from behind, sending the impending bottom into moaning ecstasy.

Doryann teases Carter with his cock and continues to manhandle him and goad him into begging to be fucked. When he does, the French top finally gives it to him hard. Using his belt as a bridle on Carter's neck, Doryann powers on, bringing him to the edge. But then he takes Carter into another empty room and sits him on a bar stool to make out with him and suck his cock with pure passion.

As they kiss like longtime lovers Carter gets Doryann's shirt off, makes out with the hairy-chested top and lies back on the stool so the masterful top can resume fucking. Doryann plows Carter harder and lifts him to fuck him in mid-air as he bounces on his cock. Doryann then drills Cartrer against the wall until he shoots his load on the floor. He turns around to get a facial from Doryann and suck the jizz off his cock before they share a cummy kiss. Doryann walks off leaving a near-dizzy Carter spellbound, and certainly no longer a "stick in the mud"."

















Jake Jaxson Presents: Le Garçon Scandaleux


Jake Jaxson Presents: Le Garçon Scandaleux Part 1

Featuring Ben Masters, Carter Dane, Paul Delay & Sean Ford

February 7, 2019

"CockyBoys & Pink X invite you on a trip to Paris where three models embark on sexual adventures instigated by Sean Ford, The Scandalous Boy. Seemingly aloof Sean is inspired by a famous gravestone visit to make the most of their Paris Fashion Week trip by issuing a challenge to his fellow models Cory Kane & Ben Masters. They're all to make old school sexual conquests "fairly & without restrictions, on the street & in the dark".

Late one afternoon a fitting yields a first conquest...for Ben Masters. His head is turned by the arrival of French Twinks star Paul Delay whose provocative undergarments and a flirty look drive Ben to pursue him. He follows Paul to a bedroom where they make out and Ben rims him, still wearing his black lace garters & sheer black stockings! Ben pounds his ass, grips his long hair, holds him by the throat ad totally owns him.

Paul sits on the bed to give some full deep head to Ben who in turn slowly removes his fetish wear to lovingly suck him into further submission. Ben soon turns to sliding his cock into Paul and thrusting him from the side and drilling the moaning bottom on his back. Ben's cock finds its target and fucks a load out of Paul before gushing an even bigger, thicker load over the sweet Frenchman. They lie together afterward, happily gazing into each other's eyes. Oh, l'amour!

Meanwhile on his first night in Paris tourist Carter Dane passes by a gay book store where inside he sees Sean Ford & Cory Kane browsing. Cautiously entering and eavesdropping on the couple, Carter speaks up to chat with Sean, the guy he recognizes. Sean pretends he needs his memory jogged, but soon recalls a "interesting" encounter he had with Carter at a destination wedding...

Late at night is horny and restless and has to masturbate while in his bedroom. In the throes of his intense pleasure Sean knocks & enters and, well aware of Carter's sleepless dilemma, offers to help him out. Sean has a kinky idea. He ties Carter's wrists over his head and teases his body with the luscious lips Carter confesses had been thinking about all day.

Sean tortuously edges Carter by sucking his cock, grinding his ass on it, kissing him passionately. Sean ratches up the edging by feeding his cock to Carter, turning around and giving him his ass to eat out, and humping his abs. Finally though he turns around and seemingly without effort milks a thick load out of his cock.

Back in the present Sean invites Carter to join them at a party and brazenly cajoles Cory to give "stick in the mud" Carter him a sneak peek of his cock...right in the middle of the book store! What does wickedly mischievous Sean have in mind for later? Stay tuned..."


















Cade Maddox & Carter Dane RAW

Featuring Cade Maddox & Carter Dane

January 22, 2019

"Carter Dane acts out the raw, intense sexual fantasy of total submission he imagined when he first saw Cade Maddox and it all happens in the dreamy dead of night. Cade lies back as Carter sucks his full, thick cock and he makes sure that Carter swallows every thrusting inch. Cade's dirty dom talk incites Carter into a 69, sucking cock as his bubble butt is relentlessly tongue-teased. With one slap of his ass Carter swivels around again to make out and tease his own hole on Cade's cock.

Carter gets up to give Cade a full preview of his ass before sliding his hole on his super-thick raw cock. Soon Carter's ass grips and swallows Cade's pumping rod and they're in total sync, mouth to mouth, cock to ass. However, Cade wants to go back to Carter's butt and he has him bend over for full-on ass-eating. After he's had enough he slides in his veiny cock to pound Carter into total ownership.

Cade uses Carter's hole just as the hungry bottom pleads and manipulates his limber body in a variety of ways and various positions. Finally Cade gets Carter on his back to fuck him sideways and he keeps going until he shoots inside him...as Carter wants. With his warm cum inside him Cade slides his cock back in and with just a few thrusts he makes Carter shoot his load over himself. Cade licks up some and gives a quivering Carter another deep kiss, bringing a close to an unforgettable experience."












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Cockyboys Just Being Me: Alex Mecum & Carter Dane


Just Being Me: Alex Mecum & Carter Dane

Featuring Alex Mecum & Carter Dane

January 3, 2019

"Back by popular demand, it's the long-awaited rematch of Carter Dane & Alex Mecum in a fun & hot condom-free scene!! Now a real-life couple, Carter & Alex touch upon their meeting, dating afterward and their relationship now as they invite you into their bedroom. Playful and passionately sensual foreplay leads to Carter sucking Alex's picturesque cock as they continue to exchange loving compliments. Yet they also want to do something new: deep throating! And so with Carter on his back Alex feeds him his cock.

Carter takes Alex's cock into his throat and soon Alex leans forward in a 69. Soon though Alex vocalizes his desire for Carter's perfect butt and Carter's response is simple: "Come & get it". Alex rims and plays with his ass as Carter stands on the bed and holds the headboard Alex slides into him. Alex fucks Carter deep and they move together with the graceful ease of longtime togetherness while the pleasurable sensations seem fresh and new. A change in position gets Alex in deeper and Carter louder, on the verge of cumming.

After catching their breath Alex starts to plow Carter as he lies on his stomach and even in this horizontal position they move together with the same pleasurable intensity. Alex transitions to side-fucking Carter and as goes faster & deeper he brings Carter to the edge. Flipping Alex on his back Carter rides him until he cum over Alex's hairy muscles. In no time Alex pulls out and shoots his load between Carter's ass cheeks and slides in his cock again. At the end they share joyful chuckles, kisses and mouth words of affection for all to see."

















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Carter Dane



Birthday: October 26
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Penis Length: 7"
Penis Girth: 6"
Position: Mainly bottom

"A "power bottom" in the gay male world is a guy who likes being submissive but also in control at the same time. One of the most successful power bottoms in the entire gay porn industry is performer and underwear model Carter Dane.

Dane comes from a small town of only 900 people in Quebec, Canada. In fact, he grew up with simple and humble beginnings on a dairy farm. With his mesmerizing hazel eyes, thick dark hair, muscular body and plump behind, Carter is a true heartthrob. In addition to being incredibly sexy, his pleasant personality is an inspiration to all of his fans. Of course, his 7-inch penis has a way of satisfying fans as well.

As one of Jake Jaxson's and R.J. Sebastian's CockyBoys, Carter Dane says he's grateful that he became an adult entertainer. "It pushed me to be a better person," he claims. The French Canadian has been able to give back by helping young gay men from all over the world with concerns such as coming out, body issues and self-love. Being a Fleshjack Boy allows Dane to promote his positive attitude regarding masturbation. Fittingly, Fleshjack now has a line of toys inspired by this hot porn star."

Talented in Many Ways

"True fans of adult entertainers know that many of these performers possess more than just on-screen talents. Carter Dane is no exception. He was classically trained in ballet and still takes the occasional ballet classes. In fact, you can sometimes find Dane dancing in one of the many social media videos he offers his fans. His dance training helped to give him one of the firmest and most flexible backsides. He also credits his perfect posterior and general physique to eating well, frequent visits to the gym, yoga and motivation by fitness model Bryan Hawn.

Every adult star launches his or her career somewhere, and Dane's first ever porn scene was with gay adult entertainer Diego Sans of Men, a sister company of Sean Cody. However, his first CockyBoys scene was with fellow CockyBoys performer Colby Keller. "He is the sweetest man alive, yet he had complete control over me," said Dane of Keller. Indeed, Dane played the role of the submissive, something he's perfected as an adult porn star.

By watching Carter's on-screen partners worship and play with his superb body, you may be able to quench some of your desires. However, you could take the eroticism a step further with the Carter Dane sex toy. This product from Fleshjack truly replicates Carter's most intimate of parts."





Go Deep Into Carter Dane With the Bon Appétit Fleshjack Sensation

"There are adult entertainers, and then there are top adult entertainers who are known for something unique. For Carter Dane, it's his impossibly perfect bottom. You've fantasized about what it would be like to insert your length into Carter and experience the sensation. Now you can with Carter Dane's exclusive sleeve by Fleshjack called Bon Appétit.

With an 8.5-inch insertable length, Bon Appétit contains chambers that feel just like Carter. These chambers, which are ridged for your ultimate pleasure, are sure to blow your mind. Whether you're in need of some action after a long day on the job or during a casual weekend in bed, the Bon Appétit will fulfill your desires."

Play With a Signature Replicate of Carter's Famous Penis

"Lucky for you, Fleshjack likes to provide variety. That's why there's more than one Carter Dane toy to play with. In addition to the Bon Appétit, you can enjoy the dildo, an exact replica of Carter's beautiful anatomy. Made with high-quality, platinum-cured silicone, Dane's reproduction is an accurate 7 inches from the tip to the base, including Carter's balls. Chances are no matter where you insert this life-like dildo, you'll be returning to playing with it time and time again."




Carter Dane Options Expand Your Sexual Adventures

"If you want both of Carter Dane's signature toys, go for the Carter Dane: Bon Appétit and Dildo Pack. You'll get a Fleshjack Boys CockyBoys case, Bon Appétit, Carter Dane's dildo and an 8-ounce bottle of Fleshlube Water.

All active gay men know that lube is an essential component of an intense sex life. If you really want to make things slick, you can try all of the Fleshlube products with the Fleshlube: Elements Pack. The pack includes Water, Fire and Ice, which are all made of the highest-quality medical-grade ingredients. Water produces a silky-smooth experience to enhance activity; Fire is developed from a warming-lubricant technology that gives you sensuous heat on contact; and Ice is for those who desire a cooling, tingling sensation.

One of the ways you'll probably want to use your new Fleshjack toys is while watching Carter Dane perform on screen. In the 21st century, the most popular place to find your favorite porn performances is online, and chances are your phone is one of the primary ways you get that entertainment. Now you can watch Carter Dane on your phone without worrying about how to manage it all. The PhoneStrap allows you to secure your smartphone to your leg while you play with your Carter Dane Bon Appétit or dildo. There's no juggling or trying to balance everything. You can get busy without any distractions.

Always the perfectionist, Carter Dane strives for greatness in the adult industry. "Call me old-fashioned," he said, "but I truly enjoy a storyline." Dreaming up fantasizes is one thing, but acting on them is quite another. Now you can bring your Fleshjack to bed and have sex with Carter Dane in whatever scenario you wish."

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