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Elder Argos: Missionary Shower

Featuring Argos Santini and Jason Wolf
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

November 1, 2019

"Ever since their first secret rendez-vous, Elder Wolf has been fantasizing about Elder Argos’s (Argos Santini) gentle touch. The way he grabbed his hips and pulled his ass towards his body - it drives Wolf crazy just thinking about it. While he is doing his daily prayers, trying to study, or even while he tries to fall asleep...all only thing the young missionary sees in his head is Argos’s handsome face staring back at him. The longer he goes without physical contact with the boy, the more he seems to need it. But Argos will not budge. They see each other in the hallways, and Argos acts like nothing has happened. Wolf would be happier if Argos was ignoring him altogether. At least then, he’d know that something was strange between them. But Argos won’t even go that far. He simply behaves as though everything is normal and that Wolf is just another one of his fellow missionaries. The exchanges are casual, and when Wolf tries to linger a bit longer, to make passionate eye contact with the boy, he receives nothing in return. At first it is annoying. Then, it becomes enraging. And finally, it starts to break young Wolf’s heart. This behavior should not surprise Wolf. If anyone is out of line, it is him. When the Elders had their triste, it was with the understanding that they would not alter their behavior in any way as a result. They would keep the secret by remaining neutral. They would also hold off to have their next sexual encounter so that momentum wouldn’t cause their feelings to run out of control. So, everytime he feels Wolf come near, Argos steels himself against an onslaught of emotion. He has no time to reprimand his peer, so he must turn his cheek to the advances altogether. He wishes it could be different, but he has no intention of risking his place at the mission. It is too important to him. Wolf can’t believe the coldness Argos is capable of. He can’t believe he put his faith in a boy who could act so harshly towards him. But just as Wolf is about to give up on his feelings altogether, Argos makes his move. He comes up behind the broken boy in the bathroom as he brushes his teeth. He walks out of the darkness and wraps his arms around Wolf, holding him as he has wanted to for weeks. At first, Wolf is unsure of what is happening. But as soon as he realizes that it is Argos holding him, he nearly melts. He turns around and embraces the boy before quickly undressing. Then, they collapse into each other. Wolf recalls the tenderness with which Argos entered him the last time they were together, and now he wants to return the favor. He slides his dick into the boy’s tight hole slowly, cherishing every second. Then, he begins to stroke his thick cock inside his buddy’s bubble butt, jackhammering young Wolf into submission until both boys shoot giant loads. Perhaps, Wolf will be able to keep the secret this time…"

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Elder Wolf: The Gift

Featuring Jason Wolf, Joel Someone and Marco Napoli
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

October 11, 2019

"Innocent Elder Wolf is a fast learner. Though he began his journey towards the Order as a shy, confused boy with no direction or sense of self, he has quickly caught on to the way things run around the mission. He knows when to look a man in the eyes, and he knows when to avert his gaze. He knows when to speak, and he knows when to keep his mouth shut. Most importantly, he knows what is expected of him, and how to give the men exactly what they want. In other words, he is becoming one of the priesthood’s favorite boys and he couldn’t be more pleased. Today, he has been informed that he will take part in a very special ceremony. It is not one that every boy gets to experience during their time at the mission. Wolf has been chosen because of his innocence and obedience – his willing to do anything and everything to please the men of the Order. He has been hand-selected by President Lewis to serve the indelible Bishop Napoli (Marco Napoli), a man of high honor and prestige. Only the best boys are presented to Napoli, but President Lewis is sure that Wolf, with his subservient attitude, will be able to live up to the task. Wolf is blindfolded and ushered into a dark room where President Lewis fills him in on the details of the ceremony he has been chosen for. The boy will be used by a new man, one he has never met or even set eyes on. This man will be able to use the boy’s body for whatever he desires. Wolf will have no control in this arrangement. He must only follow the man’s need and do so with enthusiasm and vigor. Anything short of perfection will not be tolerated. Finally, Napoli is shown into the room. He sees why Lewis is so fond of Wolf and is impressed with how attractive the boy is. Something about his posture exudes service. Nothing gets Napoli’s blood boiling more than discipline and obedience. He undresses quickly and introduces the still blindfolded boy to his touch, running his fingers up and down the missionary’s naked body. He sticks his fingers inside Wolf’s puckering hole, stretching it out as he readies the boy for penetration. Then, he fills Wolf up with his girthy cock, stroking slowly as the boy opens up. Wolf cries out in pleasure and pain, and it only makes Napoli more crazed. The strong man strokes until he is on the brink of orgasmic bliss. Then, he shoots a copious load all over the young man’s balls as he grunts and groans like a wild animal. Wolf is still unsure of the man’s identity, but he can feel that the man is powerful and important just by the way he touches his body. The next time he meets him, he is sure he will recognize him. No one, not even a priest, could conceal the connection they made today."

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Elder Argos: Sneaking Around the Temple

Featuring Argos Santini and Jason Wolf
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

September 27, 2019

"When Elder Wolf first sees Elder Argos (Argos Santini) on his first day at the mission, he is smitten. Everything about the boy turns him on. But he knows that he needs to hide his affection. He can’t let anyone suspect that he is interested in other boys - especially at the mission of all places. There is no doubt in his mind that if anyone is to discover his dark secret, he will be kicked out immediately and forced to return home in shame. He cannot let that happen, so he tries to push his feelings down as much as he can. But as the weeks go by, Elder Wolf finds himself drawn to Argos over and over again. It is like there is a magnetic pulse between them. Even when he doesn’t intend it, he somehow ends up alone in some room with Argos trying his hardest not to stare. Every now and then he allows himself the slightest peek at the boy, and when he does, he notices that Argos seems to be looking back. Of course, he isn’t sure. There is no way he will allow himself a long enough look to be caught. Still, he hopes his suspicions are correct. Today, the two boys can’t keep it inside any longer. They meet outside the temple, ostensibly to take a casual walk around the mission grounds and discuss some of the scripture they have been studying, but they soon wander into an abandoned corner of the mission. Once they are alone, they embrace, showering each other in the attention that they have been starving for since their first encounter all those months ago. But even though they have finally revealed themselves to each other, they cannot be caught in the act. So, they decide to steal away into the temple to find a secret place for them to explore each other’s bodies in private. They discover a hidden room within the halls of the sacred temple and make their way inside, holding each other in a loving embrace. Once they are sure they are alone, they kiss passionately, almost unable to stop themselves from pouring out their affection. Wolf has been fantasizing about Argos’s cock and can’t wait any longer to see it. He bends down and unzips the boy’s pants, pulling his hard dick out of his underwear and holding it in his hand. It is even bigger than he dreamed it would be. Elder Wolf gives the hung boy a wet blowjob, making his toes curl in pleasure. Then, he lays on his side and lets Argos bareback his inexperienced hole. As he feels Argos deep in his gut, Wolf cannot contain his moans. The two young missionaries share intense orgasms before they start putting their clothes back on. It is going to be difficult for them to pretend nothing ever happened, but they know that it is their only option if they ever want to be alone together again."

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Elder Wolf: The Interview

Featuring Jason Wolf and Joel Someone
Say Uncle | Missionary Boys

September 6, 2019

"President Lewis can be pretty tough on the young missionaries, but he knows when he needs to scale it back. Today, as he meets Elder Wolf for the first time, he can tell that the boy would benefit from a softer approach. Something about the young men exudes an air of innocence that Lewis knows better than to shatter. There is an art to dealing with a boy like this, and Lewis is the master of the form. In the meantime, Elder Wolf is going through a battery of questions in his own mind. Since he started his mission, he has heard whispers of some secret group of priests who would eventually approach him. His fellow missionaries have given him morsels of information that seem to come in codes. There are secrets in the halls of the mission, and Elder Wolf can sense that he is only walking deeper into that cloud of mystery as his meeting with President Lewis commences. Looking into the man’s eyes, Wolf can tell that he will get no real answers today. All he can hope for is some indication of what the grand design is. What do these priests want with him, and is he willing to provide it? Maybe there will be some clue as to what lies in store for him. He just can’t let his anxieties show. “You nervous?” President Lewis asks playfully. “A little,” Elder Wolf responds honestly. They both smile a bit as they recognize the awkwardness in the room. A shared smile can go a long way, President Lewis thinks. “Do you keep all the commandments?” Lewis asks. “Do you keep yourself pure? Do you keep the law of chastity?” “Yes, yes, yes” the young missionary answers. But when Lewis asks if the boy masturbates, Wolf stutters --- President Lewis has found his opening. After a bit of probing, Elder Wolf reveals that although he tries to suppress them, he does indeed have dirty thoughts. But the harder President Lewis presses, the more Wolf gives up. Eventually, the young elder finds himself revealing more than he thought he would, and he is sure that he will not make it through the Worthiness Interview at all. But rather than turning the missionary away, Lewis embraces him. He pulls his cock out of his slacks, taking it in his mouth and showing him affection that Wolf could never have imagined. The boy is shocked by Lewis’s sensuality, and as he opens his mouth to give the priest a worshipping blowjob, he realizes why his fellow Elders have been withholding information. This is an experience that can only be understood firsthand. And when President Lewis slides his cock inside Wolf’s tight hole, the boy finally understands: He is here to serve."

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Young Love

Featuring Beaux Banks and Jason Wolf
Gods of Men at

January 22, 2019

"Chiseled Beau Banks and athletic Jason Wolf can’t keep their hands off of each other as they take turns worshipping their bodies. Handsome Beau loves the taste of hunky Jason’s stiff cock sliding in and out of his mouth, all while getting some exceptionally great head 69 style. After some much-needed foreplay, Jason is ready to slide his cock between Beau’s cheeks so he can plug away until they both explode."

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Just The Right Size

Featuring Jason Wolf and Will Braun
Drill My Hole at

January 9, 2019

"Fit, boyish Jason Wolf is nervous about popping his cherry for the first time. Athletic cutie Will Braun offered to help him out by loosening his tight hole up with a dildo, but Jason couldn’t fathom such a big dick, real or fake, going inside of him. Will has Jason put on an eye mask as he undresses, and slowly slides his hard cock down his anal passage. Jason is actually enjoying it, and let’s Will know he’s doing a good job. Will removes the eye mask and Jason is stunned, but pleasantly surprised that Will is just the right size!"

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Angel Ventura and Jason Wolf

November 22, 2018

"This week, we welcome a new bait guy to the studio that has recently discovered that he's really in to men. Jason Wolf loves to surf and while surfing, he started to fantasize about having sex with other hot surfer dudes. He's only 20 so he's still learning a lot about himself but his craving for cock is getting out of control. And, that's how he ended up here!

Angel Ventura is the week's straight guy and he's one hot hunk! Angel is a Latin stud from Venezuela and he has a lot of experience under his belt when it comes to sex. He started early and he's already had multiple threesomes. Angel is 30, tall, dark, and handsome, and he has a beautiful thick uncut dick!

After both guys strip down and get hard, Gio steps out to check on the female talent. To everyone's disappointment, the girl can't make it today... But, instead of nobody making any money, Caruso throws out another offer... If both guys will have sex with each other then he'll double the money. Angel hesitates but then says he'll do it for triple the money. Caruso didn't want to let this hunk slip away so he went ahead and agreed to pay him triple!"