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Kris de Fabio


SITES: Kristen Bjorn, Men at Play


Rough Love

Featuring Kris de Fabio and Lucio Saints

August 2, 2019

"Kris de Fabio enjoys experimenting with sex and today he wants to push his boundaries and limits, so he enlist the assistance of Lucio Saints, who has that “bad boy” reputation, when permitted to be unleashed. Kris arrives at Lucio’s flat and immediately Lucio begins by pushing and slapping Kris around. Lucio forces Kris to keep his hands behind his back as Lucio begins slapping his cock with his bare hand and massive cock. Kris is forced to his knees and immediately tries to suck on Lucio’s magnificent cock, but Lucio pulls away and instructs him that he may only lick the head of his cock, then thrusts his entire cock into Kris’ impatient mouth. Lucio withdraws and begins aggressively slapping Kris’ face with his hard cock. Once permitted, Kris devours Lucio’s cock similar to that of a wild beast that has crossed the dessert for days and finally reaches the water hole. Kris is hungry for Lucio’s cock and does everything within his powers to make sure his throat is stuffed full. Being flipped onto all 4’s, Lucio comes in from behind and buries his furry lips into Kris’ muscular ass as his tongue probes deep within. Lucio gives Kris some incredible ass play, not only with his tongue, but with his fingers, finding out just how tight that hot hole really is. Lucio then moves into position, lines up his cock head with that wet ass then slams his cock deep within Kris’ tight ass. Lucio retracts his cock numerous times, demanding that Kris keep his hole open as Lucio plunges forward again and again. The guys swap up and as Lucio is lying on his back Kris places his feet on Lucio’s knees, which opens him up perfectly and the viewing of this fucking is spectacular. Kris then turns around and lowers his ass all the way down to Lucio’s ball sac and begins fucking himself with every centimeter of that imposing cock of Lucio’s. Kris is then moved onto his back; this is the position that gives Lucio full vantage to fuck to his fullest desires. Kris gets slammed deep, then Lucio pulls out, eats his ass then continues with slamming his ass deep and rough. This aggressive and rough style of fucking goes on for some time until Kris grabs his cock and shoots his load of cum. Just at the same moment Lucio pulls his cock out and unloads his thick creamy load of cum down Kris’s throat. Lucio’s cum has coated Kris’ lips and tongue and Lucio leans in to share the gloriousness of the taste of his own load of cum. Rough love is not just sex with abandon, but is sex with mutual respect."


























Kristen Bjorn

Fit To Fuck

Featuring Kris de Fabio and Salvador Mendoza

June 8, 2019

"You spoke and we listened, we joined together two of your favorite models Kris de Fabio and Salvador Mendoza. Kris and Salvador were wondering why this took so long to happen and were very excited to be a part of this project. The guys stripped down to their KB’s and the intensity in their eye gaze told us this was going to be a really hot encounter. As the electricity flowed from one to the other it was the kiss that ignited the flames of desire. As Salvador’s lips get a taste of Kris’ smooth cock he is hooked and can’t get enough of it. His lips run up and down the shaft as his teeth turn their attention to chewing on his ample foreskin then back to swallowing his cock. The guys swap and Kris’ tongue is wagging before he even gets to Salvador’s robust cock. The pleasure that Kris is experiencing shows all over his face and his rock-solid cock. Kris masterfully sucks his cock, forcing the full length into his mouth and down his throat. Salvador bends Kris over and delves into his picture-perfect pink hole tongue first. Being a connoisseur of ass eating, Salvador has an appetite that can’t be satiated. Kris then feels Salvador’s scorching cock pierce his wet ass and Kris lets out a moan that signals Salvador that he is ready for all has to give him. Salvador thrusts in and out several times before he sets his rhythm for a deep, hard ass fucking and Kris responds with sheer blissful rapture. With all this hot fucking, Salvador’s ass is hungry for some action as well and Kris flips him and rams his raw cock into his Colombian ass. Kris gets flipped and finds himself on his back, legs wide open and Salvador’s cock penetrating him perfectly. We paced the guys as best as possible, but the passion and chemistry was stronger than any possible control. Salvador’s aggressive fucking has thrust Kris into ecstasy as his thick load of cum flows up and out of his cock and onto his hot six pack. As Kris’ cum splatters forth, Salvador intensifies his fucking before he pulls out and showers Kris’s open mouth with his scorching load. Kris sucks Salvador’s cock dry of the remainder of his cum. When the chemistry is intense so are the explosions of cum."


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1559898166016 1559898159020

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Dog Eat Dog

Featuring Kris de Fabio and Lex Anders

March 30, 2019

"The weather has finally broke and Kris de Fabio and Lex Anders use the opportunity to break away from all the stressors of life and work. While on a walk in the bright sun and cool air nothing stands in the way of their attraction for one another. All the fresh air has caused a lot of arousal and when they return home their desires turn carnal. Passionate kissing turns to a strip down, which leads to a cock battle for attention. Lex takes Kris’ cock into his mouth and begins to worship him and his cock with his expert sucking skills. After fucking Lex’s magnificent mouth, Kris swaps positions as Lex towers over Kris and he too begins with some oral fucking. Kris is enthralled with Lex’s cock in his mouth and stretching his throat open that he only wishes to pleasure Lex. Swapping up again, Lex lets his lips lubricate Kris’ hot ass as his tongue begins darting in and out and it is his scruffy beard that really stimulates Kris. With his ass dripping with saliva, Lex stands up and rams his raw cock deep inside of Kris’s beautiful ass. Lex goes back and forth a couple of times, fucking Kris’ ass with his hot cock and then with his probing tongue, so that he is sure Kris is fully lubricated and stimulated. Lex surprises Kris today and flips around and tells him to “fuck me”. Kris’s cock just jumped to a higher level of firmness as he approaches Lex’s ass and slides his cock inside of the muscle man’s firm ass. Letting his hunger take over, Lex begins gyrating on Kris cock, feeling every last bit of the hard flesh filling him up. One more swap and Kris finds himself on his back and Lex on top, with Lex’s cock pulsating pleasure throughout his entire body. Lex forces Kris to keep his ass open as he retracks and plunges his cock deep within over and over as each new thrust brings both men closer to an explosive encounter. With one last deep thrust, Lex is unable to hold back any longer and erupts his thick, creamy load of cum all over Kris’ smooth, tight ball sac. Lex scoops up the cum with his cock and continues to fuck Kris and brings him to the brink of total pleasure. Kris grabs his cock and strokes out his own hot load of cum. It’s a “Dog Eat Dog” world, be kind to one another and treat your buddies to a hot fuck."


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Three Of A Kind

Featuring Diego Summers, Kris de Fabio, and Marcos Oliveira

December 7, 2018

"Kris de Fabio has decided to have an intimate party at his house and invites his two favorite guests, Marco Oliviera and Diego Summers. Its one of those parties where everyone knows that a good time will be had by all. Being the good host that he is, Kris is the first to expose his hard cock and to drop to his knees to greet his guest meaty, uncut cocks. Kris expertly works his way from one hot cock to the other and back again as he lavishes them with his skillful cock sucking skills. This is one hot and horny group of guys, Diego bends over and Kris sucks on Marcos’ cock to make sure that it is perfectly lubed up as he shoves his cock into Diego’s ass. Marcos can’t decide which he likes better, Diego’s ass or Kris’ hot mouth, so he chooses both and pulls his cock out of Diego’s ass as Kris sucks on his cock and re-lubes it for him. You do realize this has nothing to do with lubricant, but just to watch Kris suck his cock. Kris then moves around to the front and Diego is then feed cock from both ends. Finding himself on the verge, Kris is surprised to find himself this hot so fast and blows his creamy load all over Diego’s hungry mouth. This party has just gotten started and Kris is not about to miss anything, actually he decides to be the center of the party as he sits down on Diego’s meaty cock and Marcos slips his cock in from behind to give Kris a wild double penetration. Kris wants to make sure that his guest have a great time and so with both Diego and Marcos laying with their cocks facing each other, Kris lowers his smooth ass down onto both men’s cocks. Grinding down onto those 2 throbbing cocks makes Kris’ own cock equally as hard. The sensation of another cock massaging your own cock inside of an ass has turned this party up and out. Diego and Marcos have reached the pinnacle of pleasure together as they both coat their cocks with their hot loads of cum as Kris again lowers his hot ass down onto the cum drenched cocks. Now that is a party we all want invitations to!"

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Featuring Kris de Fabio and Manuel Skye

November 2, 2018

"Manuel Skye and Kris de Fabio were auditioning for the national touring company as premiere dancers when they noticed they could not keep their eyes off of each other. After impressing each other with their moves at the audition Manuel invites Kris back to his place. The passion is mounting between Manuel and Kris as the kissing intensifies and the cocks are set free. Manuel drops down and takes Kris’ raging hard cock into his mouth and begins working his wet lips up and down his cock shaft down to his full, smooth ball sac. The intensity of the cock sucking builds as Manuel goes from cock to ball sac and back again as Kris stimulates himself by pinching his nipples. Manuel’s tongue moves in aggressively as he flicks, licks, bites and tugs away at Kris’s foreskin. Kris backs away, knowing that he is getting to close and has Manuel stand, taking in the magnificent view of the hot man in front of him. With all that beauty before him, Kris dives right in and begins sucking Manuel’s hot cock. Kris works his way up and down his cock before swallowing it all the way to the base. After a wild and extraordinary cock sucking, Manuel spreads Kris’s legs open and begins a deep tongue fucking of his sweet ass. With Kris moaning and groaning the way he is Manuel stands up and plunges his raw cock, balls deep into Kris’s wet ass. Both men find themselves overwhelmed with the pleasure that they are experiencing, but Manuel still wants to taste more of that sweet ass and alternates from tongue fucking to deep, penetrating cock fucking numerous times. Manuel is eager to feel Kris inside of him and bends over as Kris shoves his cock in and out of Manuel’s hungry hole. The guys switch it up again and this time Kris lowers his tight ass onto Manuel’s throbbing cock. At first Kris has his ass facing us to show us how deep he likes to go then spins around so that we can see all the pleasure building in his steel rod. Kris grinds down hard, summoning his and Manuel’s cum up and out of their cocks. Kris is the first to erupt a creamy load of cum as Manuel’s cock continues fucking his ass. All the heat and friction gripping his cock sends Manuel over the edge as his huge load of cum showers Kris’ face and mouth. Kris leans in and licks the last drops of cum from Manuel’s cock head. The Stallions have danced their way into an exquisite explosion of cum."

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1541077709019 1541077713018

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Casting Couch #394

Featuring Kris de Fabio and Santi Sexy

October 13, 2018

"When we first spoke with Kris De Fabio he said he had seen Santi Sexy and that was who he wanted his first time to be with, Santi was thrilled to hear that he gets to break in the new guy and here we go. Kris is so excited that his uncut cock is protruding out the hole in his shorts, but Santi is right there to suck it all in. Unable to control himself, Kris pushes Santi off of him, strips off his shirt and shorts and begins seducing Santi. The guys get aggressive with their cock sucking as Kris fucks Santi’s hungry mouth and pinches his nipples just to heighten the experience. Santi spits and drools all over Kris’s rock-hard cock until it is thoroughly drenched in both of their saliva. Santi stands up and exposes his rich sable colored cock as Kris slaps it to full attention before he devours the entire cock down his throat. Santi turns his beautiful brown ass to Kris, who teases it with the head of his cock as it begins to descend deep within his ass. Kris has a real passion for nipple play and the more he plays with them the harder he gets and the harder Santi gets fucked by that rock-solid cock. Switching it up again, Santi puts his cock through the wrought iron bed frame and Kris takes it into his mouth and begins sucking, as if he were trapped in jail and this was his only meal. As soon as Santi’s cock is dripping in spit Kris spins around and places his ass up against the wrought iron bars and Santi shoves his cock forward as the two meet up. Santi’s cock slides right in and Kris grinds away on his cock, forcing it deeper and deeper inside of his ass. The guys switch it up again and this time Kris is on his back and Santi is coming in hard. Santi does a little ramming and withdrawing before picking up the pace and hitting Kris in the exact spot that drives him crazy. Kris takes his cock in hand and rubs out his creamy load of cum all over his ripped abs. The visual of Kris cuming is what Santi loves as he ramps up his rapid-fire fucking, which quickly turns into a flooding of cum all over Kris’s balls. Santi takes his hot load and coats his cock with it then slips his cum drenched cock back into Kris’s dripping ass."

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