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Hole 2, Scene 3

Featuring Jesse Santana and Mitchell Rock
Raging Stallion studios | Monster Bang Productions

November 29, 2013

"Jesse Santana is splayed out on the prison bed and wrapped in red plastic. His ass is raised and immobilized. There's a man standing nearby, also encased in plastic. His cock is erect due to the intense need to fuck the ass before him. The standing man claws away the plastic. It's Mitchell Rock, a stud of behemoth musculature and bright tattoos. He crosses to the ass that's beckoning. Shredding the plastic, he grabs a cheek in each hand and begins to feed. A hand reaches back to finger the hole Mitchell is eating. Mitchell sinks his cock in the ass. Jesse finally breaks free. A meaty hand grabs his neck, pulling him up for a kiss. Jesse's hole clasps Mitchell's cock like a glove. Jesse flips over and hooks his legs through leather straps hanging from the ceiling. His abs stand out in high definition and he has rings in his nipples. Mitchell stops fucking to suck Jesse's cock and sit on his face, then they trade positions. Mitchell uses the same straps under his armpits to lower himself onto Jesse's cock. They trade positions again. Mitchell fucks Jesse's face before fucking his ass one last time before Jesse screams and cums on the mattress while Mitchell coats Jesse's enticing buns with cream."

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Fucked Down, Scene 1

Featuring Adam Killian and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion studios

July 16, 2013

"Who let the dogs out? Exclusives Adam Killian and Jesse Santana have a blast pawing and sniffing around each other like a pair of frisky pooches on the prowl. The two muscled studs play-act tugging at a pull toy while they grapple and roll about with self-gratifying smugness. They lick and slobber each other's sweaty assholes with their snouts snugly burrowed up their butt cheeks. Then they grab ahold of each other's chunky boners, guzzling the entire length of the meaty firmness down their throats. Jesse's slick muscularity is a stunning complement to Adam's massive frame with those thunder thighs and awesome butt cheeks. It's 'no pain, no gain' as Adam and Jesse work each other ragged taking turns sucking, rimming and fucking with sheer abandon. And their rabid dogfight comes to a satisfying end when both of them finally bust their nuts, cumming in spurts all over each other. Woof!"

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Cock Tease, Scene 1

Starring Jesse Santana and Trenton Ducati
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

April 16, 2013

"'It's beautiful,' Trenton Ducati says of Jesse Santana's ass. Jesse teases him by tossing over his sweaty wife beater, lifting the pouch of his jockstrap to show a testicle and jamming two fingers in his hole. Trenton's cock is so hard, it reaches past his navel. Jesse has some of the most primo ass cheeks on the planet and Trenton aims to use them. He kneads, he spreads; he licks, sniffs, tongues and fingers. He mounts his prize. Jesse is an award-winning horseman, and when he straddles Trenton's loins in the cowboy position with that pillar of flesh punching his prostate, he moves like no bottom you've ever seen. Jesse snaps his hip flexor muscles, grips with his thighs and arches his spine. He leaps onto Trenton's face, quivering his hole low over Trenton's mouth. Then he scoots back for a kiss and slides down Trenton's pole again. When Jesse needs to rest, he buries his face and fingers in Trenton's crack and swallows the cock that just deep-fucked him. Every defined muscle in his manly back ripples with gusto. On to more fucking: nearly every position in the playbook, and sweat sufficing for lube. Jesse screams as his cock spews scalding spunk across his torso. Trenton aims his own hot load at Jesse's mouth, adding a final kiss to share the creamy goodness."

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The Woods: Part 2, Scene 3

Starring D.O. and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion Studios

February 1, 2013

"Jesse Santana and D.O. venture deep in the woods for a scorching tryst. Jesse is backed against a redwood, locked in an intense embrace. The seat of his jeans is shredded and fiercely kneading those scrumptious buns. Scrumptious means D.O. can't wait to bury his face in that musty crevice. He licks it, chews it, spits on it and plugs it with his thumb like corking a wine bottle. Jesse is overcome with the need to be taken. He ferociously face-fucks himself on D.O.'s engorged cock until the blood vessels in his neck seem likely to burst. D.O. has to stop him or bust a nut. Then D.O. claims the rest of his prize, pushing Jesse against the tree again and fucking him through the torn pants he is still wearing. Jesse reaches through his legs to finger his hole and clasp D.O.'s cock while he's getting fucked.When Jesse can barely stand any longer, they move to a stump. Jesse hyperventilates when D.O. tongue-fucks his freshly-fucked ass, then plunges his nose into the relaxed and yielding hole, and then give Jesse a second serving of cock. When Jesse grabs his swollen cock, it spews jism all over his chest and pierced nipples. D.O.'s mighty orgasm follows,arcing high and long onto Jesse's face and hair and into The Woods beyond."

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Fucked Hard, Scene 2

Featuring Heath Jordan and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion Studios

November 16, 2012

"Jesse Santana gets hotter with every film. The torn sleeves of his plaid shirt expose the ropy muscles of his arms, and his abs rock as he pummels Heath Jordan's face. Spit rains down,helping to lubricate that fat shaft so that Heath can swallow every millimeter. Jesse's balls are heavy with jizz as he lowers his jeans, kneeling to trade positions. Heath's thighs tower like twin tree trunks. Intent on deepthroating Heath's shaft, Jesse looks up for approval through a forest of fur. The assault advances, with Heath's meaty haunches now being the target. A canvas-covered work table provides ballast for Jesse to drill and thrill Heath's bear hole in rhythmic thrusts captured from above and below so that the widening of every crack and crevice is recorded. The throbbing of the veins on Jesse's head and the sudden flush of red that overtakes Heath's face and chest signals that this encounter is about to conclude - leaving each of them drenched in the other's crossfire of cum. Like the leader of the tribe asserting his dominance, Jesse thumps with his fists on Heath's chest."

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Revved Up, Scene 1

Featuring Derek Parker, Jesse Santana, and Ty Roderick
Raging Stallion studios | Monster Bang Productions

September 28, 2012

"Evermore muscular Jesse Santana's exceptional cock has been released from his jock strap's pouch, and handsome, lean Ty Roderick devours the long, thick bone. Jesse wraps his fist around his balls and thrusts the nut sack into Ty's mouth for a good tonguing before getting back to giving Ty a raunchy face-fuck. Jesse's returning the favor, when tattooed, pierced-nipple and bearded tough guy Derek Parker arrives. The sweaty action shifts into an ever higher gear as Derek and Jesse double up on Ty's hot, veiny cock. Jesse takes a time out on Ty's cock to savor Derek's hot hole. But Jesse's ass needs action bad, and he lies back to let the Ty's stiff pole in where it's tight and warm. Jesse takes Ty's pile driving like a champ while sucking on Derek's tool, but Derek wants to switch spots with Jesse to feel the high TPM's (thrusts per minutes) that Ty's delivering. Ty and Jesse are a revved up tag team, and Derek is soon at the receiving end of Jesse's backdoor mastery as well. The double-barreled action makes Derek's cum fly, and suddenly Jesse and Ty glaze his chest with their cum. All three of their tongues meet in a final swirl with their tanks on empty."

Cockwork, Scene 4

Featuring Cavin Knight and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion studios

February 24, 2012

"Cavin Knight is a determined man on a mission as he kneels between Jesse Santana's muscular legs to suck his swollen cock. With his right hand firmly gripping the base of the thick shaft, he guides the pierced dickhead into his mouth, letting his lips slide over the mushroom tip and down the meaty length. Then Jesse takes over and skillfully deepthroats Cavin's pole, feasting on it greedily before he starts eating out his ass, juicing up the puckered hole with his spit. With Cavin then hunkering down, Jesse stuffs his engorged dick up his manhole. He gyrates in and out in a steady sensuous rhythm making them both feel the burn of pained pleasure. They continue fucking every which way and after a switcheroo, Cavin jumps into the driver's seat to drill Jesse's hungry hole. Nearing climax, the two studs jack themselves off to a gut-busting finish of a mixed cum blast onto Jesse's ripped abs ... which Cavin gleefully licks up."

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Cowboys Part 2, Scene 3

Featuring Jesse Santana and Lawson Kane
Raging Stallion studios

February 3, 2012

"Jesse Santana returns to the barn from a long day on the range. Lawson Kane helps him stable his horse, and then they get to making out. These cowboys are restless and they rub each other and kiss to the point of total excitement. Clothes start to fly off and Jesse can't wait to suck on what might be the biggest dick in porn, Lawson's cane. Jesse opens wide and slurps down on the super-humongous cock. Lawson fucks Jesse's mouth and then eats out his perfect ass, preparing him for a reverse cowboy rodeo. Riding the massive cock like it's his trusty steed, Jesse's hole engulfs Lawson's prick. There is something sexy about to cowboys fucking on bales of hay. It's been happening for hundreds of years! These cowboys are both exhibitionists. They get off on the fact that you are at home, your hand around your cock, watching them have the best sex of their lives. In a stunning reverse cowboy position, they fuck until they can hardly stand up! Its powerful porn that will leave you exhausted.....exhausted but happy! Jesse's eager hole rides Lawson's stiff pole like a champion bouncing feverishly until he gets on all fours letting Lawson go to town with punishing thrusts that Jesse welcomes with passionate groans that lead to a final earth-shaking orgasm shooting onto a saddle that Jesse licks up."

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Need It Bad, Scene 3

Featuring Dylan Hyde and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion studios | Hard Friction

December 2, 2011

"Tall, lean, newcomer Dylan Hyde worked hard for a year to get on the Hard Friction set. His persistence was rewarded with a hot hookup with Jesse Santana. These two men are obviously very into each other as the stand naked, kissing and stroking each other's thick,heavy cocks. Dylan shows off his eager newbie cock sucking skills on Jesse's big meat while stroking his own giant dick. Not wanting to be showed up by the new guy, Jesse shows him how to deep throat a massive cock and Dylan shows his gratitude by slapping him in the face with his giant tool! Jesse lays back and Dylan climb up on him to ride his throbbing cock in reverse cowboy. Dylan's stiff dick bounces up and down with each thrust of Jesse's muscled thighs. The intensity of a long, thick cock pounding his hole shows on Dylan's face as we see every inch pushing in and out. Moving Dylan onto his back, Jesse lays him on the table to he can really pound his ass. As Jesse rams away, Dylan strokes his cock to orgasm and blows his load. Jesse climbs up and pins Dylan down with his meaty legs and shoots a giant load over his head and all over his face. Dylan sucks every last drop out of his cock and then happily kisses Jesse, satisfied with his first scene."

Cowboys Part 1, Scene 3

Featuring Jesse Santana and Tom Wolfe
Raging Stallion studios

November 23, 2011

"In a run-down barn with a few minutes alone, Tom Wolfe is whacking his tool next to a tractor, he tweaks his nipple and strokes his rock hard cock. He's fantasizing about the touch of another's hand on his furry chest and perfect dick. Enter Jesse Santana, who catches Tom in the act. Tom's embarrassed at first, but he gets over it quickly as Jesse's talented mouth gets to work. His fantasies answered, Tom now has the hot mouth of a sexy, fellow cowboy wrapped around his cock, swallowing it to the base, even choking on it. Soon, Jesse strips down and lifts one leg up on the tractor so he can take Tom's powertool in his fine ass. The harder Tom delivers his jabbing strokes the louder Jesse moans, and as the volume of the grunts increases sodoes Tom's aggression. Jesse lays back on a saddle blanket, props his cowboy boot on Tom's shoulder, and Tom punishes Jesse's hole relentlessly. With just the horses as witnesses, these two cowboys goat it for almost an hour until Tom fucks the cum out of Jesse and shoots a massive stream of cum! We would dare to say that Jesse Santana may be the best performer in porn today!"

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Suited For Sex, Scene 3

Featuring Dominic Sol and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion studios

October 28, 2011

"Dominic Sol is quick to prove his cred as the company's big cocksucker so letting Jesse Santana hold onto the back of his head,he slurps up his buddy's thick shaft. Jesse's hips gyrate and thrust forward as he propels his horse dick in and out of his associate's hungry mouth. Then Dominic mounts the leather chair backwards,leaning forward to expose his firm ripe ass for Jesse to rim. The horny executive licks and wets his cohort's twitching manhole with spit,prepping it for a vigorous charge. Now ready for the big payoff, Jesse fucks Dominic up the ass in a measured cadence, pumping slow and gently at first, then fast and hard. The men reposition themselves and Dominic sits down on Jesse's lap to ride his hot rod. He bounces up and down like a frenzied piston, masturbating hurriedly until he shoots a load. Then resting between Jesse's legs, Dominic opens wide and swallows his partner's blasts of cum shooting into his mouth."

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Rugburn, Scene 3

Featuring Jesse Santana and Tyler Hunt
Raging Stallion studios | Monster Bang Productions

October 7, 2011

"Busily typing away, Jesse Santana is trying to get his work done when he's unexpectedly distracted by his goofball of a friend. Big Tyler Hunt is having fun photocopying his cock and has no problem coaxing Jesse to join him and fool around, even getting him to photocopy his ass. This is the break Jesse needs and it's turning out to be a more exciting way to spend the time. The two guys quickly go at each other with Jesse fellating Tyler's big cock like a pro, slobbering up and down and all around the hefty rod. Then they're on the floor, down on their knees with Tyler behind Jesse plugging his ass crack with his big whopper. The sensation of stuffing a hungry hole with a hunky pole overwhelms them both so much that neither want to stop; it feels so good fucking ass and it's equally satisfying getting fucked. The two friends work together non-stop, rocking back and forth in different configurations until they finally cum, blasting two goopy loads of spooge all over an exhausted Jesse."

Get Some, Scene 4

Featuring Jesse Santana and Valentin Petrov
Raging Stallion studios | Hard Friction

September 30, 2011

"Connoisseurs of big cock are going to blow their wads over this hot pairing. Jesse Santana is on his knees before a very well hung Valentin Petrov. You have to love something to truly do it well, by the look on Jesse's face he's in 'hog' heaven. And he knows how to handle every throbbing inch of Valentin's uncut Russian meat as it disappears down his throat. Valentin returns the favor with the same expert skill. Jesse's equally girthy on the dick department. Even when Jesse flips Valentin to rim him he just can't seem to get enough of that uncut prize... he's sucking the balls and cock between his legs with Valentin's ass in the air. DAMN! Just when you think the action couldn't get any hotter, the fucking drives into high gear. First with Valentin riding Jesse like a bronco, you see right up in there with every pump and thrust, even though Valentin's throbbing monster is bouncing all over the place with much weight. Jesse takes over and thrust from underneath showing he's the man in control hitting Valentin right in the spot! Sweating, grunting and pumping... Jesse flips Valentin on his back as they stay fixated, hypnotized by one another until Jesse can't take it any more and blows a white milky load all over Valentin. But Valentin's not finished yet, he climbs up on Jesse and straddles his chest with his legs blowing his load on Jesse's face. Jesse reaches up and squeezes out the load, milking his foreskin until he gets to the very last drop. The chemistry never fades even at the end they are smiling and kissing! That's a wrap...but already I'm reaching for the replay button!!"

Blue Collar, Scene 4

Featuring Dominic Sol and Jesse Santana
Raging Stallion studios

August 19, 2011

"Dominic Sol stocks the shelves speedily while Jesse Santana just slows him down because 'ain't nobody watching, so why bust a gut?'Hmmm, idle hands are the devil's playthings indeed and Dominic is quick to sell his soul to his trouble-maker cohort so they can get down'n'dirty. Dominic gobbles up Jesse's hot rod, mouthing his pierced dickhead and stiff shaft with sinful gusto. Then he finds himself standing bare-assed with his trousers piled at his ankles and with Jesse's tongue darting in and out of his asshole. Jesse stands up behind Dominic, braces himself and begins to fuck him hard, his hips pounding aggressively. They carry on as they move into different positions and finally end up with Dominic down on his back. Jesse cums, shooting his wad. Then wanting to help his pal finish up, he sits on Dominic's face and watches him jack himself until he nuts all over."

Sounding #7: RAMROD, Scene 2

Featuring Jesse Santana and Tony Buff
Fetish Force Videos

Tony Buff has a new selection of sounding toys to play with. Eager pup, Jesse Santana arrives and wants to play too. Tony chooses a super thick ribbed sound to start and slides it into the hole of his humongous cock. This cock hole can take some serious sounding and Tony's just getting it warmed up, stroking away and feeling the ribbed rod massage the insides of his dick. Jesse is getting turned on by Tony's play and he takes a sound and slides it through his urethra and his P.A. hole sliding his cock down on the rod as if it were actually piercing through his cock. Tony starts plunging a ribbed rod in and out of his hole and then lets Jesse hold the rod, while he thrusts on to it harder and faster. Taking a super long thick, smooth rod down his urethra, Jesse makes it disappear then jerks his meat until it slinks out. Not to be outdone, Tony picks up a 18 inch thick silicone sound that is well over a foot and a half long and he forces it all the way into his prostate, punishing the inner wall of his cock and stroking away. Jesse comes over and pulls it out so they can jerk off together and produce one of the hottest orgasms they have ever had. They cum simultaneously with the huge shots of cum pushing out through the inside of their raw shafts."






Sounding #7: RAMROD, Scene 1

Featuring Jesse Santana
Fetish Force Videos

This is muscled, handsome stud Jesse Santana like you've never seen him before. He sits on a saddle stroking his perfect cock,fingering his piss slit. He's prepping it with spit, wetting it with his own saliva before he takes a lubed up thick sounding rod and lathers his slit up for some real hard-core punishment. He slides the smooth,shiny rod into his urethra until there's only a small bit showing, then pulls it all the way and lets it slide back down until it disappears entirely. He slowly fucks his cock hole with an even longer and thicker rod, and you can tell by the look on his face that he's enjoying every moment. He thrusts his cock up working it over the rod and you can see the rod through the skin. Finally, he goes to even further extremes with a foot long ribbed sound that he keeps fucking his hole with until he's pushed himself to the edge and he slides in a smooth sound and jerks his cock wildly until he takes it out just moments before he shoots out a creamy load."


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