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Jesse Santana


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Jesse Santana

Paragon Men February 2016

February 1, 2016

JESSE SANTANA back in action

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Retreat, Scene 2

Featuring Jesse Santana and Trent Locke
Falcon Studios

September 2, 2011

"Lounging on the deck, Jesse Santana is relaxed and happily preoccupied stroking his thick cock. Trent Locke watches him with a sly grin and gets so turned on that he crawls up between Jesse's legs to begin sucking him off. Holding Jesse's big pole at its base, Trent opens wide and swallows it down, getting so aroused that his nipples stand out perky and erect. The guys move inside and Trent continues dazzling his buddy with his oral skills. While Trent is servicing him, Jesse reaches over to play with Trent's furry ass, grabbing and spanking the round mounds before fingerfucking the sphincter. Then he begins rimming Trent, his tongue foraging through all the butt hair to get to the tasty manhole. Wanting more, Jesse pushes Trent face down on the bed, his hands clamped onto his butt cheeks for balance, and starts screwing Trent's fine ass. Trent flips over onto his back, and Jesse continues fucking him hard until one after the other, they both shoot their wads."

WATCH Retreat, Scene 2 Featuring Jesse Santana and Trent Locke

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Falcon Studios Indiscretion

Indiscretion, Scene 3

Featuring Colby Keller, Dylan Roberts, and Jesse Santana
Falcon Studios

July 29, 2011

"Knowing that he's been an unfaithful boyfriend, Jesse Santana's only way to deal with the guilt is to drown himself in mindless frenzied sex. He hits up his bartender buddies Colby Keller and Dylan Roberts just as they're getting ready to open shop and with no debate, the three horndogs sneak off to a backroom to get it on. Colby and Dylan ease Jesse into a state of euphoria as they take turns sucking his engorged cock and then it becomes a frantic free-for all as the trio twist themselves into different positions so everyone can get their licks in. Then, with Jesse in the middle greedily nursing on Dylan's cock, Colby rams him up the ass. They switch it up again with Dylan now as the center of this meaty manwich. Ready to blow, Colby, Jesse and then Dylan take turns jacking themselves off and finally shoot their loads."

WATCH Indiscretion, Scene 3 Featuring Colby Keller, Dylan Roberts, and Jesse Santana

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Falcon Studios Indiscretion

Indiscretion, Scene 1

Featuring Dakota Rivers and Jesse Santana
Falcon Studios

August 5, 2011

"Jesse Santana lays naked in bed, his tits and dickhead pierced with enough hardware to suggest what a badass he is; but he's really just a pretender suffering with guilt. When Dakota Rivers finally returns home, Jesse is more than ready to apologize for being a cheat. He wraps his arms around his lover and their make-up sex lovingly and passionately plays out. Unaware of Dakota's unfaithful tryst, Jesse is turned on by his partner's energized command and renewed sexual prowess. It's like a new man is gobbling him up and the excitement is baffling yet absolutely appreciated. The two men lose themselves completely in their sexual skirmish, lavishing each other with enough blows to rival a cage match. Both studs are invigorated with rediscovering their hot manlove for each other, and only after they each shoot their loads, do they realize what they really mean to each other. Jesse's turnaround driven by guilt and Dakota inspired his own little indiscretion."

WATCH Indiscretion, Scene 1 Featuring Dakota Rivers and Jesse Santana

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Longboard, Scene 1

Featuring Dean Monroe, Derek Brodie, and Jesse Santana
Falcon Studios

"Derek and Jesse head over to Dean Monroe's house, but he's still at work so the two pass the time with some man-action. Jesse takes every inch of Derek's thick cock. Dean Monroe (non-sexual role)- the 'king of the waves' - returns home after a long day at work to find Jesse and Derek hanging out and having beers. They all are psyched when Zackary Ryan (non-sexual role) shows up, who doesn't really know the score."

Big Dick Club 2, Scene 4

Featuring Albert Long, Cort Donovan, Jesse Santana, Luca Alexander, and Nickolay Petrov
Falcon Studios

"Once inside the Big Dick Club, Cort Donovan joins Albert Long, Jesse Santana, Nickolay Petrov and Luca Alexander for a five-man orgy highlighted by double-penetration as these big-dicked studs enjoy every inch of their talents."

Members Exclusive

Featuring Jesse Santana and Trent Locke
Falcon Studios

November 16, 2011

"The muscled Jesse Santana is getting his cock swallowed by Trent Locke. Taking it like a trooper, Trent lets Jesse drive and then takes over bobbing on his stiff rod over and over, totally pleasuring Jesse to gasps and moans. Trent is a true cocksucking pro who loves to take a stiff staff down his throat, and Jesse really tests his prowess when he lays Trent down and fucks his mouth while holding a push up stance and thrusting his cock down Trent's throat repeatedly. Getting Trent rock hard with his sexual acrobatics, Jesse decides to share the oral fun by twisting it around into a spectacular 69 that ends with both guys simultaneously jerking out loads into each other's mouths."

Members Exclusive

Featuring Jesse Santana and Tom Wolfe
Falcon Studios

October 9, 2011

"A nicely hairy Tom Wolfe is lying back on the sofa getting his thick cock worked over by Jesse Santana, who's on all fours swallowing Tom to the base. Tom holds on to Jesse's head and fucks his mouth, and Jesse wants more. Jesse can't get enough of Tom's swollen member, and he sucks it like he wants to quickly get to its creamy center. Tom's edging and he wants to continue this hot scenario so he stands Jesse up and gets on his knees so he can repay the oral favor. Tom gags himself with Jesse's perfect cock wetting it completely with his mouth, licking on Jesse's balls and then his piss slit and finally going all the way down on it repeatedly until Jesse jerks out a hot load that streams down Tom's chest, after which Tom sucks on Jesse some more to make sure he's cleaned out entirely. This excites Tom and he jerks out a load onto Jesse's chest."

Jesse's Getaway, Scene 3

Featuring Devon Hunter and Jesse Santana
Jocks Studios

April 20, 2011

"Horny Devon Hunter finds Jesse Santana resting, looking so hot and yummy that he's got to get a bite. He approaches the beauty and rouses him from his slumber with gentle nibbles and crotch kisses. Devon slides Jesse's briefs down and opens wide to suck on the big pierced cock. His tongue and mouth work hard on the tasty dick and balls before he buries his face deep between Jesse's buttcheeks and licks the puckered hole. His warm breath and intense tongue-play has his happy homie holding on for dear life. Devon then climbs aboard to facefuck Jesse, thrusting his hips to and fro to ensure every inch of his cock makes its way down his partner's gullet. Then Devon sits back and plants himself onto Jesse's cock and begins to buck up and down. They continue fucking with Devon down on his back and excitedly yanking on his cock until he cums across his belly. Jesse pulls out and jacks off quickly adding his load to the mix."

Jesse's Getaway, Scene 2

Featuring Jake Austin and Jesse Santana
Jocks Studios

"Things get really steamy in the sauna when Jesse Santana invites Jake Austin to sidle up next to him. In a flash, their towels are off and Jake is face down in Jesse's lap nursing on his big dick with gusto. Jake makes Jesse shiver with excitement as his lips tug on his silver cock piercing. The fellows trade places and Jesse shows he's just as adept sucking cock, making Jake sigh and pant as his tongue laps up his swollen lovemuscle. Then Jesse lays back so his buddy can rim his manhole. It feels so good that Jesse soon begs Jake to fuck him up the ass. The guys screw non-stop, missionary position then doggie-style. Jesse grabs ahold of his cock and masturbates until he squeezes out a warm load of cum. Jake is quick to respond as he jerks himself off and blasts a shower of jizz across Jesse's back."

Jesse's Getaway, Scene 1

Featuring Jesse Santana
Jocks Studios

"Jesse Santana spreads his towel beside a refreshing waterfall and stretches out to enjoy the afternoon. Confident that no one's around to spot him, the little devil begins to play with himself. He loosens his swimming suit and diddles with his dick. Then he shimmies out of the confining garment entirely to really get down to business. He massages the shaft of his hard cock, playing with the silver piercing at the tip. And with every firm stroke, he gets more and more aroused. Jesse leans back and fingers his asshole, shoving two digits inside while he's still contentedly jerking off. His hand slides up and down the length of his cock, going faster and faster until he can no longer hold back and he finally shoots his wad."

Escape, Scene 2

Featuring Brandon Jones and Jesse Santana
Jocks Studios

"Overwhelmed with the romantic setting, Brandon Jones and Jesse Santana kiss and quickly get naked. Soon Jesse's mouth is clamped onto Brandon's big dick, servicing the swollen pole with a ferocity that has them both grunting with excitement. Jesse just can't get enough man meat, and he licks and swallows the entire shaft, then gnaws away on the mushroom tip. He begins playing with Brandon's ass spreading his cheeks apart and then digging in deep with his tongue and a few probing fingers. Then Jesse fucks Brandon's hole fast and furious, his thighs slapping Brandon's flanks loudly. They gyrate against each other in a sexual syncopation that barely bridles their ever-increasing lust. Squatting onto Jesse's hot rod and bouncing up and down like a well-greased piston; Brandon grabs ahold of his own cock and beats off until he shoots. Climbing off, he kisses his partner's ripped stomach and the geyser of gooey man cream that Jesse lets rip outta his piss-slit."

Blind Lust, Scene 1

Featuring Jesse Santana and Mason Wyler
Jocks Studios

"Mason Wyler tells Jesse Santana, covered only with a towel, about a little plan where he's going to pair up their friends in several one-on-one lustful encounters. When Jesse realizes that he and Mason are the odd men out in this little game, he immediately gets busy with Mason. They make out feverishly before Jesse's towel drops to floor and Mason can't resist slurping up his huge stiff rod. Mason, in his pajama bottoms, gets on his knees and engulfs Jesse's cock in his mouth and swallows it deep in his throat. Excited by the hot cock he's working over, Mason's huge uncut piece peaks out of his pajama bottoms. Jesse takes notice and flips the action, pulling Mason's bottoms down and putting him in position to return the favor -- going down on Mason and teasing his hot foreskin with spit and nibbles. Slathing up his fingers with spit, Jesse inserts them into Mason's eager hole preparing it for a major fucking. Soon, Jesse is sitting down and Mason is riding his meat, bouncing up and down on Jesse's pole. Mason lets out a moan with each drop onto Jesse. On all fours, Mason provides a willing target for Jesse's smoking hot gun which he delivers with deep long strokes again producing moans of pleasure from Mason. Mason wants Jesse's juice, so after the fucking grows to its highest level he opens wide for a mouthful which gets him so jacked that he releases a load on his chest."

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