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Spot Me, Scene 3

Starring Jimmy Durano and Rex Regan
Hot House

March 15, 2018

"Jimmy Durano is training Rex Regan in the gym and after a few sets, Rex gets a hard-on in his shorts. Jimmy can't help but notice the giant bulge and makes his move and grabs Rex's crotch while they make out. Rex is getting everything he always wanted when both studs take off their gym gear and Jimmy sinks to his knees. Taking it down to the base, Jimmy sucks on Rex's big uncut cock and giant low hanging balls before he bends Rex over to eat his tight hole. The taste of Rex's ass on his lips is all it takes for Jimmy to get rock hard. Jimmy wants the stud bad and stands up to pound Rex from behind. Rex's loves the feeling of Jimmy filling up his hole and begs for more with every thrust from the massive uncut dick. The horny studs switch up positions a few times to find the perfect one for climax, before they settle on Rex getting plowed in his back. With Rex's legs high in the air and Jimmy at maximum depth, Jimmy pulls out and slathers Rex with a gigantic load that shoots all the way to Rex's face. When Rex sees the power of Jimmy's cock spraying everywhere, he lets loose and shoots his own creamy load all over his own body to cap off best workout session he's ever had."

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Spot Me, Scene 1

Starring Dante Colle and Jimmy Durano
Hot House

March 1, 2018

"Jimmy Durano and Dante Colle are winded from jogging in the park and stop to take a much-needed break. As Dante catches his breath, Jimmy catches his eye and before Jimmy knows what's happening, Dante's hands are up his shorts. The two look around to make sure no one is coming and then Dante gets to work sucking on Jimmy's big fat curved cock. All the sucking is making Dante crave Jimmy's uncut dick up his ass, so he peels off his shorts and offers up his hole. Jimmy licks Dante's hairy crack and gets it nice and lubed up with his prying tongue. Dante can't hold off any longer and sits down on Jimmy's big pole. Jimmy pumps away going balls deep until Dante's cock leaks cum all over the sidewalk. Dante isn't quite done yet and stands up to get railed against the fence. Jimmy's cock plows Dante's hairy hole again until he makes the young stud cum a second time. Jimmy knows he's done a good job satisfying his jogging partner and gives himself permission to finish off. He pulls out and blasts his thick, creamy load all over the ground before the two put on their shorts and run off, leaving a used condom and three loads of jizz behind."

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