Dom Knight
Derek Jones (3)
Dirk Caber


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Wovr_scene01_004 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Worked Over, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

December 31, 2013

"With his cock jutting in the air, dark-haired Marcus Ruhl kisses Dirk Caber — whose salt-and-pepper beard grazes the stud’s scruffy face. Dirk rubs his hand down the jock’s bod, propping up his boner. Dirk licks Marcus’s chest, working his way down to lick up his shaft as the foreskin slides up. Dirk nibbles it, sucking Marcus deep. Spit slides down Marcus’s thick shaft and balls, dripping to the couch. Dirk’s throbber leaks as he sucks, a glistening strand of precum clinging to his mushroom head and dripping down. They kiss, Dirk standing up to feed Marcus—who takes it to the bush. Dirk lies on the couch as the sucker works, Dirk pumping his face from below and beating his boner on Marcus’s chest. Dirk works his own nips, his steel-shaft pulsing as it gets released from Marcus’s tight lips. Dirk buries his face in his bud’s hole, then fucks him from behind. Marcus sits on the top and rides, the two staring into each other’s eyes as Dirk flashes a smile. Marcus gets on his back for more, Dirk grabbing the bottom’s pec before the two release."

Wovr_scene01_010 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_014 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_015 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_018 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_019 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_021 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_023 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_024 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_027 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl

Wovr_scene01_030 Dirk Caber & Marcus Ruhl


Scruffy, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber and Jay Bentley

June 4, 2013

"Lying on top of Dirk Caber, smooth Jay Bentley kisses him before working his lips down the stud’s muscular body. Jay’s chin scruff grazes Dirk’s pulsing dick head, which is soon engulfed in his mouth. Jay wraps his lips tightly around the shaft, rubbing Dirk’s leg as he delivers a sultry suck. The two kiss, their stubbly chins grazing each other. Dirk then returns the favor—rubbing Jay’s thick dick all over his scruffy head and face before teasing it. Jay shoves his cock in the sucker’s face, Dirk’s leaking dick pressed against the couch. Jay turns around and offers his jock ass, Dirk tonguing it as his beard scrapes Jay’s cheeks. Jay moans, biting his lower lip as he gets pleased. Dirk fingers and fucks him from behind, the bottom arching back to rub Dirk’s bod. They kiss, the two gripping each other’s arm. Jay sits down and rides Dirk, who soon lifts him up and lays him on the floor for more. Jay releases a thick white wad, Dirk coming on the bottom’s chest."















Heavy Duty, Scene 2

Starring Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx
TitanMen | Titan Rough

May 28, 2013

"Bearded Hunter Mark and Dirk Caber kiss—Dirk’s big, tight sack and cock shielded in a cock cage. Hunter wraps Dirk in a leather straightjacket, the excited sub leaking a strand of precum that the dom licks. A kiss gets Dirk more worked up, Hunter fingering and tonguing more of his bud’s juice before licking his balls. Now in a sling, Dirk’s cock and balls are free—Hunter sucking the thick boner. The alpha then traps Dirk’s sac in a ball crusher, tightening the screws on it as the sub soaks up the ache: “Shit! My balls are so full already!” Jutting through the holes on the ball clamp, Dirk’s rock-hard cock impressively throbs as Hunter feeds his big meat to him at the other end. His balls now free, Dirk stays stiff as he gets fucked balls deep—Hunter holding on to the bound bottom by the neck strap and his sleeves as he fucks him, their loads soon released."

Rf22_scene02_002 Rf22_scene02_006











Pumped, Pissed And Pounded, Scene 3

Starring Dirk Caber and Will Swagger
TitanMen | Titan Rough

April 4, 2013

"With their bearded chins bristling against each other, Dirk Caber and Will Swagger kiss as boners build in their tight trunks and jockstrap. Dark-haired Will licks Dirk’s hairy pit and pec, then gets grinded on as Will holds him tight from behind and slaps his ass. Dirk releases Will’s sac and big cock, fingering the precum off his bud’s mushroom head before licking it off his own finger. Dirk deep sucks him, then puts a penis pump over Will’s cock and works the juicy slab up until its red and busting at the veins. Will then fingers and tastes Dirk’s precum before sucking him, then covers Will’s big cock with another pump. The two take turns sucking and pumping each other, Dirk slapping up Will’s encased cock and flashing a wicked smile. An out-of-breath Will then works up a nice spit strand as he slurps on Dirk, who punches his pec. Dirk eats Will before fucking him, the bottom soon sitting down on him—staying stiff as he rides. Will smiles, wrapping his arms around the bottom to stroke him and squeeze his nips before the two release their loads."


Rf21_scene03_005 Rf21_scene03_008












TitanMen Extra Firm

Extra Firm, Scene 3

Featuring Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman

March 5, 2013

"Coming home after a long day, Jesse Jackman is in need of some loving. He grabs hold of Dirk Caber in the kitchen, their scruffy chins scraping as they kiss. Jesse towers over his boyfriend, licking Dirk’s chest and nips before working his way down. He smiles up as Dirk, whose cock gets sucked slow and deep. Dirk moans as Jesse’s snake-like tongue tickles the underside of his shaft. The two switch positions, Dirk burying his head in Jesse’s massive chest before engulfing the stud’s curvy cock. Dirk rubs Jesse’s bod as he sucks, the muscle hunk smiling down at him. Jesse’s eyes roll up in his head as he gets deep-throated, the two holding each other’s hand over his stomach in a romantic display. Jesse tongues Dirk’s hole, teasing it before fucking him doggie style. Jesse picks up the pace and plows faster, getting sweatier with each thrust as Dirk buries his head in the sheets—his ass rippling as the two grunt. Dirk arches back to steal a kiss before fucking Jesse on his back, his hand gripping Jesse’s giant pec before the two squirt."

TitanMen Extra Firm, Scene 3 Featuring Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman





















Shove It!

Starring Dirk Caber & Jeof Pierson

September 19, 2012

"Donned in a harness and latex, muscular Dirk Caber directs lean Jeof Pierson down to his throbbing cock. “All the way down,” instructs the dom, who grabs hold of the light-skinned sucker’s head and shoves his dick all the way in. Dirk growls as he gets serviced, reaching over to smack Jeof’s ass before turning him around and slurping his hole. Dirk’s boner throbs as he eats, multiple strands of precum leaking from his rod. They glisten as Dirk dildo-fucks Jeof, warming it up for the top’s cock. “Good boy,” says Dirk as he pounds away, a low shot catching his deep penetration and banging balls as the bottom’s wet ass hairs cling to the shaft. On his back, Jeof’s face lets off expressions of extreme pleasure as Dirk fills his hole with dildo after dildo, the bottom’s ass gaping and begging for more as he gets fucked fast. Dirk gives him the real thing again, grabbing hold of Jeof’s harness as he plows—the two soon releasing their loads."

Loud And Nasty

Starring Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman

May 16, 2012

"Testosterone-fueled Dirk Caber ties big stud Jesse Jackman to a St. Andrew's Cross, then breaks out a violet wand. He runs it along the tender skin of Jesse's hard, hairy chest, inching its charged tip over his armpit and his nips as Jesse’s eyes roll back in his head and he noisily growls. The two men swap spit, laughing in the moments between each shock. Dirk frees their rock-hard tools from their leather jocks, touching the heads together and pulling back, a string of precum connecting them. With other tools that turn him into a human conductor, Dirk strokes his bare hand against the massive slabs of Jesse's chest, his fingertips shooting jolts over Jesse's skin. Dirk unties Jesse from the cross, throws him back on a bench, lifts Jesse's muscular legs, then proceeds to feast on his hairy hole, getting it wet and ready for his thick meat, which he slides into Jesse’s tight and hungry hole. Dirk flips him on his belly and pounds him mercilessly from behind, holding tight to Jesse’s harness and laughing at the noises Jesse makes as Dirk plunges balls-deep into the muscle butt. But now Jesse revolts, aiming a stun gun at Dirk's leg and growling as Dirk falls to the floor. Jesse pisses all over Dirk's chest, cock, and balls, soaking him before pointing the stun gun at Dirk's wet flesh and shocking him in sweet revenge. Jesse throws Dirk on the bench and shoves his own thick meat into his former tormenter's twitching hole. Dirk gives into the pleasure of the big man's butt plowing, stroking his throbbing cock until his cum rains down on his black jock. This pushes Jesse over the edge, and he screams as he unloads all over Dirk's wet, still-hard cock."

Punched And Pounded

Starring Archer Quan and Dirk Caber
TitanMen | Titan Rough

December 15, 2011

"Dirk Caber bends Archer Quan over a leather bench and spanks his ass, getting him to count out the punishing blows. Dirk's one of porn's most vocal tops, pushing Archer to test his limits, Archer grunting in fear and anticipation as Dirk plunges his thick fingers up Archer's tight hole. Archer's legs, clad in high leather boots, shudder during the assault. Dirk opens up Archer’s hole, preparing him for a thick, ridged dildo. Dirk's hard pipe drools a steady string of pre-cum as he watches Archer take the big toy deep in his ass. Archer then gets down on his knees and Dirk fucks his nice thick meat in and out of Archer’s mouth, before pushing him back onto the bench. bench. He finally plunges his aching tool into the ass he's been abusing, holding firm to Archer's cock and ankles, punching and spitting on the bottom's chest. Dirk's balls bounce off Archer's reddened ass as he pounds him relentlessly, pulling out just long enough to aim a throbbing geyser of piss all over Archer. Dirk slams back into his hole as Archer jerks his meat to the steady pounding, Dripping sweat all over the bottom beneath him, Dirk flips Archer around, fucking him every which way until shooting his big thick creamy load all over Archer’s chest and stomach."










Hellions, Scene 3

Starring Dirk Caber, Ethan Hudson, and Junior Stellano

December 3, 2011

"After brushing his boyfriend off on the phone, bearded Dirk Caber eyes Ethan Hudson as the two take a break from work in the woods. Their chemistry is undeniable as they lick, rub and kiss -- with Dirk's deep voice heating things up even more. Ethan gurgles as he plants his lips to Dirk's pubes. Dirk bends down to kiss Ethan, then sucks him back as spit slides down the shaft. From afar, tattooed Junior Stellano -- a dark and hairy mass of muscle -- catches his boyfriend cheating. He strokes his big shaft, then mounts the work table to feed Ethan. At the other end, Ethan is munched by Dirk -- whose scruffy chin makes a bristling sound against the skin. Dirk slaps Ethan's ass and strokes his boner from below, the multiple sensations eliciting a stream of moans. After feasting on Junior, a breathless Ethan sits on the stud's tongue as the three shoot -- including a rocket from Dirk that coats Junior's forearm. In the back of the SUV, Junior fucks Ethan as the bottom sucks a smiling Dirk, who soon switches places with the bottom. Dirk gets rammed hard, his rock-hard dick bobbing like crazy. He sucks Ethan, the two rubbing and spitting on each other. On his back, Dirk gets plowed by Ethan as Junior feeds the bottom and props up his boner. Junior heads to the other end, sliding inside Ethan for a hot fuck train: "Drive it!" he commands as Ethan gyrates between the two studs ("Work my dick! Atta boy!"). Ethan and Dirk rub and punch each other's chests before three more squirts end the enthusiastic threesome."











Thrill Ride, Scene 3

Starring Dario Beck and Dirk Caber

December 2, 2011

"Hunky Dirk Caber picks up beach-bound Dario Beck by the road. But when the stranger starts to slumber, Dirk pulls over by the woods for a grope. The two are soon kissing outside by the truck, the passion rising as their beards and bulges grind. Dirk takes out Dario’s thick, uncut slab, sucking it like a champ in an intense sequence. Dirk whips out his own boner, teasing it as he looks up at Dario. The sucker works out two big strands of his own pre-cum, licking it off his hand. Dario drops down, getting Dirk’s meat to glisten with spit. The grunting Dirk runs his fingers through Dario’s lush hair as he gets sucked—hot spit strands building up and sliding down his bushy shaft and sac. They jack out their loads—including a great show of restraint by Dario, who takes away his hand mid-squirt as cum continues to flow. Against the truck, Dirk gets his ass tongued before grinding it on Dario’s juicy slab in anticipation. Dirk gets fucked, his stiff dick bouncing frantically. Then with the camera looking up, the bottom slides his finger into his hole, feeling the top’s shaft plow him before stroking his own cock—which soon leaks more shining pre-cum strands. On his back, the still-smiling Dirk shows off his boner as he gets fucked—letting out more groans as Dario plows him faster, the picnic table creaking with each thrust. The two switch positions as Dirk takes charge, fucking Dario slow and steady before picking up the pace. Coated in sweat, Dirk’s wet body hair clings to his chest and stomach. Dario’s dick stays stiff, the bottom rubbing Dirk’s chest as the top varies his tempo. Dario strokes as he gets fucked, coming again as he rubs Dirk’s hairy forearm. The top then fires off a gusher, coating Dario’s cock and bod as the cum flies into the air, the perfect exclamation mark to their intense outing."














Fist Deep, Scene 2

Starring Alessio Romero, Dirk Caber, and Mack Manus
TitanMen | Titan Rough

June 28, 2011

"Dirk Caber abducts Mack Manus -- clad in suit and tie -- at the door to his car. Mack wakes later in a dim room, tied to a chair with rope in his boxer shorts, as Dirk and Alessio Romero punch his beefy chest and spit in his open mouth. Terrified, Mack pisses all over his boxers. Dirk and Alessio work their captive over till his face is dripping with their piss and spit, then gets him to swallow each of their turgid rods. Mack's uncut cock betrays him as it rises under their abuse. Dirk and Alessio mark their prey, buzzing Mack's head with a pair of clippers as his thick muscles struggle against the ropes, his hair falling in clumps onto the piss-stained floor until he looks like a captive soldier. With Alessio out of the room, Mack yanks free of the ropes and overpowers his captor, pushing Dirk down on his back with the rope around his neck, making Dirk rim his hairy hole and shoving his thick uncut meat into Dirk's mouth. Alessio returns and, turned on by the scene, feeds his hard cock to Dirk. Mack tongues Dirk's furry hole, working it open with spit-slick fingers before soaking all of Dirk's chiseled body with his piss. Mack and Alessio spit-roast Dirk, taking both of his holes. Mack's balls slap against Dirk's upturned ass as Alessio pisses all over the two studs. Mack takes his aggression out on his abductor's ass, roughly slamming in and out of his hole. Then it's Alessio's turn as Mack works his meat into the Latin's hole. Alessio urges his top on with moans and curses until Dirk and Mack dump thick white loads all over Alessio's hairy tattooed chest, triggering Alessio's own geyser of cum."







Sting, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx, and Shay Michaels

June 16, 2011

"A trio of agents run surveillance on criminals, monitoring a video feed of the suspects. But when the footage turns dirty, investigator Dirk Caber can't contain his excitement -- his hand quickly on the thigh of co-worker Shay Michaels. The bearded muscle buds are soon kissing before Dirk slurps on Shay's cock, spit gobs falling to the floor. Shay returns the favor, gurgling as he deep throats Dirk down to the thick base. Hunter Marx awakens, whipping out his big banana dick and stroking on the sofa before feeding Shay. The sucker takes turns voraciously devouring both boners before pulling them down and letting them snap up in a hot sequence. The two alpha studs spit down, lubing up their cocks as their heads graze each other. The three shoot, Dirk's massive wad coating Shay's muscle pecs. Now lying on the table, Shay feasts on Hunter's beast while getting eaten, fingered and fucked by Dirk. "You like that, you pig?' asks Hunter as Dirk rams the moaning bottom. Hunter then slides his monster cock balls-deep into Shay's hole, the top's sweaty ass hair clinging to his skin as he plunges all the way in and out. Shay sucks Dirk, who kisses Hunter above the bottom. Shay then takes out his aggression, getting Dirk's ass to ripple as he rams him doggie style. Hunter encourages the duo ("Squeeze that hole!") before topping Dirk, a hot smile across the top's face. He also jacks Shay, the three tactile studs all over each other. Hunter gets Dirk on his back for more, then lets Shay back in before getting behind him for a hot fuck train. Shay gyrates between his buds as the skin of his dangling sac clings to Dirk's ass. Hunter takes over, a low shot capturing the plunging penetration and his smooth, tight balls. The three squirt again, including another rocket from Dirk that flies over his shoulder."

Stng_0009 Stng_0037

Stng_0275 Stng_0323

Stng_0854 Stng_0863










Jury Duty, Scene 3

Starring Bronson Gates, David Anthony, Dirk Caber, Ethan Hudson, Roman Wright, Scotch Inkom, Sven Norse

May 19, 2011

"The jury watches the smut at the center of their case -- and recognizes a dick on the screen. The men demand that David Anthony show off his big swinger, a sexually charged silence filling the room as the sound of his leather belt and zipper intensify the excitement. The confident hunk whips out his beast -- which gets sucked by every man in the room in an unforgettable display of cock worship, the hot action enhanced by their shadows on the wall."

Jdhd_0231 Jdhd_0206

Jdhd_0106 Jdhd_0032

Jdhd_0039 Jdhd_0064

Jdhd_0400 Jdhd_0436













Jury Duty, Scene 2

Starring Dirk Caber and Roman Wright

May 19, 2011

"After exiting the men's room, jury foreman Dirk Caber gets pulled into the utility room by tall, dark and handsome security guard Roman Wright. "Did you just jack off in there?" asks the uniformed alpha male. The bespectacled Dirk is no match for the aggressive muscle man, who demands the mild-mannered teacher "Fight or fuck, buddy!" Beefy and bearded Roman frees both of their bulges, and Dirk is soon on his knees feasting on mammoth meat. Roman wraps his hairy forearm around Dirk's head, shoving the moaning sucker further down on his dick. Dirk chugs away as his face gets fucked faster, then follows orders by standing up as his precum glistens. Pinned against the wall, Dirk gets slurped by the grunting Roman, the two soon stroking out their loads -- including a massive gusher from Dirk that flies toward the camera."

Jdhd_0317 Jdhd_0345

Jdhd_0506 Jdhd_0537





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