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Bruce LaBruce's Uber Menschen

Featuring Calvin Banks & Colby Keller

March 16, 2018

"A chance encounter on a hot summer day in Madrid alters the lives of two men: Mariano (Colby Keller) a professor (last seen in Diablo In Madrid) on sabbatical and Arturo (Calvin Banks), a taxi driver who takes his fare on a fateful trip. It begins at a busy sidewalk cafe where everyone is lively, except for Mariano who sits alone reading and contemplating his drink. Arturo arrives to take Mariano to the Segovia Viaduct and on the way the chatty driver purposely engages the sullen and distracted professor in conversation.

Even after Arturo drops off his fare, the seemingly pesky and nosy young man winds up following Mariano to the top of the viaduct as dusk descends. Arturo persists in chatting with Mariano until he finally convinces the professor to join him on a tour of the city. Later that night the tour ends parked at Arturo's favorite place, a remote spot overlooking the city. It's here that the veil of truth is partially lifted and the two men begin to make out. However, it's outside the car on top of a blanket in front of the headlights that they let loose.

Passionate kissing leads to Arturo (Calvin Banks) going down on Mariano (Colby Keller) and sucking him completely. A newly unfettered Mariano returns the favor with equal fervor and takes the reins as he fucks Arturo from behind. It's Arturo though who brings their late night outdoor sex to a sweat-soaked climax as he rides Mariano's cock and spurts over his semi-hairy torso. And, after he dismounts Arturo's face and mouth are there at Mariano's cock as he erupts in a thick volcanic load. A cummy kiss ends their encounter...but what's the next stop for this spontaneous coupling?"














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Vice, Scene 1

Starring Colby Keller and Damian Taylor
Raging Stallion Studios

February 16, 2018

"Damian Taylor is part of Vice and he has his perp, Colby Keller, behind bars. Colby won't nark unless he gets a taste of Damian's dick. Colby gets on his knees to suck and does such a good job that Damian enters the holding cell to take it a step further. 'It's your turn man,' Damian declares as he gets down between Colby's thighs to service the hung stud's big hairy cock. The taste of Colby down his throat gets Damian revved up and needing Colby inside him. Colby opens Damian up with his tongue before Damian hops on to get what he wants most. Colby slides his throbbing dick deep into Damian's furry ass as Colby bounces up and down taking it balls deep. Colby wants control and bends Damian over the bench to pound his ass from behind. He builds up to a frenzy, pumping in and out as Damian moans with each thrust from behind. 'Make me cum!' Colby demands, as he pulls out to spray Damian's lips and beard with ropes of thick white cum. All of the cum on his face makes Damian ready to blow his load and he lets loose to shoot his jizz all over the holding cell floor."

WATCH Vice, Scene 1 Starring Colby Keller and Damian Taylor

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Colby Keller

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