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Travis Yukarin


SITES: Cockyboys, Noir Male

Extra Security

Featuring Travis Yukarin and XL

November 23, 2018

"A good deed never goes un-punished. Travis Yukarin has agreed to check on his friend's plants while he's out of town on vacation. Looking for the key to get into the house he's stopped by the hunky, sexy AF security guard, played by XL. After some interrogation XL believes Travis, but he needs to see one more thing...Travis' tight, perfect asshole. Rim jobs are followed by blowjobs and XL sticks his epic rod into Travis's perfect ass working them both to explosive orgasms."

WATCH Extra Security Featuring Travis Yukarin and XL

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Postcards From LA: Travis & Taylor

Featuring Taylor Reign & Travis Yukarin

January 5, 2018

"Taylor Reign welcomes Travis Yukarin in his porn debut at CockyBoys, but he doesn't make it easy for the slightly nervous newcomer. Taylor, who Travis thinks is "hot stuff" stands near him, naked and hard, stretching and teasing him as his hands roam over his body and lightly stroke his cock. Travis has no choice but to get up from his chair and go over to Taylor, play with his ass and rub his muscular body up against his back. Finally Travis turns him around and kisses him as Taylor's steel hard cock rubs against the the bulge in Travis's briefs.

Taylor takes his time, his mouth working its way down from Travis' pecs to suck his cock and excite him enough to take a more aggressive role. Travis kisses him pushes Taylor on the sofa and goes down on him, slurping on his sensitive cock head. He also reaches up and lets Taylor suck his fingers. When they resume kissing Taylor explores Travis' bulging muscles and when finds his huge muscular ass this triggers Taylor to take control, bend Travis over the sofa and explores his ass. He rims and fingers his smooth hole and slaps his globular mounds and even takes the time to admire Travis' brawny back. Taylor is so horny he says it out loud!

Words turn to action as Taylor slides his cock into Travis. When he starts fucking him deeper and harder Travis finally opens up and loudly moans with every thrust. Without a break Taylor flips Travis on his back to fuck him. However, Taylor, ever the versatile host, gets Travis to fuck him. Bent over on the window sill he takes Travis' aggressive pounding, driven by Travis' muscular power. Travis fucks a load out of Taylor who soon is back on his knees getting a facial from him. But that's not all! Travis is still so turned on he stands up and shoots another big load which splatters over Travis' pecs.

Travis may not be a talker but he says it all at the end exclaiming "So hot!" as he kisses Taylor with undiminished passion."

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